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⏰Last call for organisations, ,  & public authorities from all over the world, wishing to involve in World Heritage sites in 2019 can submit ✍🏻 their proposals by 22 January

All these stories about investing . All these about where to buy . Lots of to be made in this but it is being by its own “FAME”. It was a little of and . is not secure!

Signing Ceremony Fudan University & - , President , & Prof. SUN Jian, Director EDP of SOE Fudan University, with both along with Vice President

Reservoir Financial Pvt. Ltd. is visiting Group of , Greater Noida for the campus drive on 23-Jan-2019 , for MBA & PGDM, 2018 - 2019 Pass out Students. For more details and Registration please visit :-

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Build customized for with we are one of the top school management systems provider for all types of ( Schools & Colleges ) for more visit: Email:

I've just seen the full cover of our edited volume & Policies in -Rich Economies (with Jeff Nugent & Hoda Selim ). Am I excited? Yes!! Are you thinking of getting it? You just have to wait until May 16th.

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Heading to for conversations on restoring in , electoral and fighting online. I'll be moderating a panel on anti-corruption efforts w/focus on youth voices: send me your questions!

I Elkanah do solemnly believe that no nation is greater than the thinking of her people. When superior thinkers emerge. The stress of the people will be unearth. My job is all about schooling a and breeding superior thinking citizens, and .

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Newt has sold his , to now fawn over everything YOU say & do! You, or entities you control, are being by SEVEN separate legal , INCLUDING a ! HOW can you claim you're being treated unfairly, when NO president has been as !

We’re at orientation for our proof of concept chat w/ COO Adam Broun, partner Beth Withers, and Co-Founder , and ED “time the most important and costly variable for partnering w/

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LAST PREVIEW before the full Keynote Address goes live. How is Olympic Weightlifting connected to the Museum field?
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So according to your logic, someone who doesn’t want higher taxes is automatically a homophobe, since you stated “you can’t fully support that idea without wanting taxes raised” just wondering.

Again, you can’t fully support the LGBTQ community (or any blahalized group) if you do not acknowledge and try to stop institutions and a government run by the wealthy.

The rich pump money into conservative/centrist campaigns and organizations that blahalize the queer community. This might not be their intention, as the wealthy are probably supporting those groups for their own financial benefit and not for homophobic reasons. But the consequences are the same, regardless of intention.

The Human Rights Campaign is a great example of how money clouds an organization’s fundamental goal.

These terrors  [institutions,  religion,  politics,  as economics]  are tools that many use to prop up their illusions of security and control. People are afraid of uncertainty,  afraid of failure. These institutions,  these structures and ideologies,  are all a vain effort to create some sense of certainty and security where there isn’t any.
—  “The Shack” by William Paul Young