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CONGRATULATIONS Saul! This win earned him a shot at day two of State tomorrow!! 🐺🤼‍♂️ @whhsasb#whhspack

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190222 Leo's Instagram Update | © leo_jungtw

ok first off sorry about the page this was the best on finding this full episode anyways today on dr phil he had this guest who was this valley girl who want to get famous on instagram  no matter what it takes including not eating anything for a hole month just so she can be more sexy wtf but fav part is as dr phil got these other people who are also famous on Instagram who try to put some since into her she ends up asking this wired question 

alique_studio: In paradise with this amazing woman. You can probably see as we cuddle up tight, we really like each other;)…and it has been far too long we were creating together. All energy, beauty and connection, I truly missed you !X @karliekloss