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🥐Petit déjeuner No va a ser exactamente este pero hoy Alexa y yo vamos a desayunar como unas campeonas tras nuestra analítica🩸Empezaremos la semana con un pinchazo pero con un buen desayuno 🥰 Feliz lunes amores❤️

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Im reading it for right now 😍 you dont know what you just got yourself into

In the spirit of the where TF is GAGA? My favorite artist 👩‍🎤 inspires the world and uses her platform to promote creativity and spread 💕 Playing dress up with at

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hey guys, 

so I just ended a 2 year long relationship.

It wasn’t easy and it hurt like hell.

but im really proud of myself and wanted to share.

although I loved that person very much, they completely disrespected my view of life, my recovery, and my faith in God. They crossed my boundaries again and again, and  It took me a long time to gain the courage and strength to ask for help. Mostly because I didn’t know how to respect myself. I told someone how they were treating me and that I needed help getting out of a really toxic situation. I had so much more support then I ever thought I would.

 I finally did it. I took a stand for myself and who I am and refused to allow someone to belittle me anymore. 

No matter what you believe in, what you love, what passions you have,

please don’t ever fucking let someone make you feel like you shouldn’t because they don’t agree with it. ALWAYS fight for the things you love. They make you who you are and that is beautiful. Don’t let anyone take your fucking beauty away. There are people out there who will support and embrace those qualities. Be with those people. It seems so simple, but it wasn’t for me and if anyone is maybe struggling with the same thing, I encourage you to LEAVE that toxic ass person and EMRACE what you love. It is NOT a loss. It is you gaining yourself back and that is a VICTORY.

that’s my ted talk. bye.

friendly reminder: you are not your mom. or your dad. you are not your siblings troubles nor your grandparents ignorance. you are exactly who you want to be. you have your own beliefs and morals. your behaviour is unique. once you get over the “we have the same blood” thing you’ll realize you are so completely different and have the ability to change your bloodline forever. !

Primero tu paz y a la mierda lo demás!


Normalicemos decir “no”, así sin explicaciones, quedemos bien con nosotros mismos, no con los demás.

Está bien decir que no a tus amigos/familia cuando no quieres salir o hacer algo, o simplemente cuando no deseas contar absolutamente todo lo que pasa en tu vida. Dejemos de decir que si, solo por no hacer sentir mal a otra persona. Hagamos lo que nazca de nuestro corazón, y si eso implica decir NO, es totalmente válido!

Digamos que no a las situaciones que no nos hacen sentir bien.

Digamos que no a las personas que nos restan, incluso si las queremos. Está bien seguir queriendo de lejos si es lo mejor para tu paz mental/emocional.

Seamos egoístas, pero solo por amor, amor hacia nosotros mismos.

Establecer tus limites es infinitamente saludable, pero implica valor y respeto por quien eres, sé consciente de ello y permítete SER valiente y leal a la persona más importante de tu vida, tú!

TW: ED, Depression

Pre Logging Crap for 1/26/20:

Total for the Day: 320

Breakfast: none

Lunch: 150

½ a crustables sandwich (150)

Dinner: 95

1 Clementine (35)

2 slices of ham (60)

Snacks: 75

Green Tea (0)

½ a mini naan (75)`



50 sit ups

50 inner thigh lifts (each side)

50 Russian twists

50 3 lbs squats

50 sit ups

50 lunges

50 sec side plank

30 sec side plank (each side)

30 6 lbs squats

50 crunches