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Through darkness, diamonds spread their richest light.

Amazing turn out educational content & delivery. Facilitation of workshop well structured. climate activist & networking the highlight. Interesting initiative soon. Watch this page.

@ Redfern town hall 2019

After a full week at Deliver in Vancouver last week. I could experience one week of local activism and life in . I love this city which is one of the most & cities I have ever experienced.

Blue Sky Lightning is a beacon of hope for the hopeless, a call to share your own story, and proof that anyone can overcome even the direst catastrophes. available at Amazon -->

Blessed to be with my two sons on Father’s Day. These guys both love God and their families.

"I found myself reading some poems two or three times and then reading them aloud to hear the words as it stirred my feelings..." ☄  Modern, sacred for positive energy and inner .

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Man - a being in search of meaning.

Don’t give up.

It’s okay not to be okay right now. It’s okay if you’re not where you want to be right now. What’s not okay is to not be actively working on things that need time and work. Keep going. Don’t give up if things aren’t lining up right now, push through the hard times and you’ll come out the other side stronger, happier, and better than you were!

From now on we live in a world where man has walked on the Moon. It’s not a miracle; we just decided to go. - Tom Hanks
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The Rollercoaster of Life

The teenage, early adult years of your life are like a rollarcoaster. You wait in line for the ride feeling mostly excited, because after all, you’ve been waiting for this and all the great things about it. Your life doesn’t truly start until you’ve been on this ride, they say. This is when the fun begins! Despite all that though, and all the great things about this rollercoaster, at least what you’ve been told, you’re also scared, and anxious, and afraid. You’ve heard a lot of things about this rollarcoaster, things like it being the most terrifying ride, that it will make you sick, that it’s so dangerous that people have died. But you’ve also heard that it’s worth it, and it’s one of the best experiences of your life. Finally, it’s your turn. You get on the ride, and it starts off bumpy and confusing, and you’re thinking to yourself, well this isn’t too great. This isn’t at all what people told me it would be. And for awhile, it continues like that, and you’re utterly miserable, and you’re so wrapped up in all of these new feelings, especially betrayal, wondering why everyone would have lied to you, that you haven’t noticed that the coaster is descending. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, you plummet. You’re screaming, and you don’t know what’s going on, and you’re even more confused and terrified, but then you reach the bottom. And it’s dark. And it feels and looks like you’re completely alone. You’re feeling a lot of things now. Loneliness, and sadness, and anger. And you just sit there, defeated. After that, the ride starts to ascend. It’s shaky, and you can feel you’re heart pounding, and you don’t know who to trust, but yet, you see a little bit of light. And as that rollercoaster climbs higher and higher, you see more and more light, and you feel better and better, and you’re thinking to yourself, hey, this isn’t too bad. You reach the top after what seems like forever. And it’s beautiful. Light is shining everywhere and the view is just… everything you could ever want and more. You feel like you’re on top of the world; that you’re unstoppable. This, you think. This is what they were talking about. You take a moment to marvel at it, but too soon, it’s gone. Even more unprepared than the first time, you plummet at an even more rapid rate, at an even steeper drop, and to an even lower point. You feel even more betrayed as you sit at the bottom. Is this where I’m always going to end up, you think to yourself, depressed and defeated and alone. The darkness is consuming you, and the ride doesn’t seem to be moving; you consider just getting off. But for some reason, maybe it’s your stubbornness, or your optimism, or your want to reach that high point again, or maybe you don’t even know why, but you decide to stay. Finally, the ride starts to move again. And when you reach the top, it’s not as high as the last, not as beautiful, but it’s still worth it. And this time, you stay up there for longer, and the next time you go down, it’s only a dip. As the ride progresses, you get used to it. You’re even having fun. And even though there are still those big drops, you’re able to move past them, remembering the highs even when you’re at your all time lows. Life goes on, and you continue to fight for those moments where you’re happy, and on top of the world, and everything is worth it. So even when you are at your darkest, lowest moment, and you feel like everything and everyone is against you, there is going to always be a time when all of that struggling is worth it, and you’ll find your light.


Terry Crews’ Reveals His Darkest Secret


This is such an inspiring story that honestly made my day.@omundovaigirando @dadbod2016richie


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Moral of the story… You can always say NO. Not all money is good money✌🏾 #TeamDL #morality #selfrespect #imgoodluvenjoy #Repost @theemindliberator with @get_repost
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“Requesting help isn’t shameful. It’s the same as climbing the stairs. Holding onto the railing helps avoid accidental slips, but you’re still the one making the climb. Ask for help without regrets. It’ll assist you, not make the advancement forward for you.”

Mandy Panic


Stopped into @jeffreydeitchgallery to check out “PLAY” by #UrsFischer and was greatly intrigued to find it was much more than just “musical chairs”. Instead it was a properly choreographed spectacle allow for a “stand still” object to control the rules of engagement. Like children in a playground or pups at a park, the chairs interacted with the viewer (me) as if it really wanted my attention, even showing off it’s “moves” in the process.

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We focus on finding love from others and forget to love ourselves.  We spend the most time with ourselves, so it is important to learn to love ourselves for who we are.