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You are never too old and it's never to late to make a difference.

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After all these years with , even seeing last time I was there. I am EVEN more for a return vistit for some reason 😍

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Got to interact & spend time with women with different kinds of . But that didn’t stop them from going beyond & achieving. - sports, arts, singing, dance. ‘Disability a state of mind’. Celebrating women’s day with today evening.

For anyone who is going through a hard time or feeling discouraged, I’d like to share an encouraging passage (page 83) from a book that I read written by Joel Olsteen (2017) called ‘Blessed in the Darkness’. !

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is in the air inspiring us to log a 12.6 mile around the bachelorettes, pedal taverns, tourists on bird scooters. ahh Spring in lovin it! What’s you today? – at AT&T Building

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Regrann from @bbcafrica - A thousand Alices named after one - the incredible woman who delivered them.

Alice Sumo has been working as a midwife in Liberia for 30 years. In that time, she’s delivered thousands of babies, and worked through the country’s civil war and the Ebola outbreak in 2014. @carolinelyr from our children’s programme BBC What’s New? has been to meet Alice, who runs a health centre opened by @savethechildren. Her full story is on the #bbcwhatsnew YouTube channel: 📱

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Don’t forget

That even those who have reached their goals or are having huge success struggled and probably started over and over and still continue to struggle sometimes. Remember not to compare your progress to somebody else’s.

I have struggled with that a lot in my past.