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Thank you for lending me your book. I can say that a marathon is aways off in the future but it is decidedly so.

living Life to the full with Autism, creative, inspiring talks to inspire communities through autism awareness in the Devon area, it is too inspiring to miss!!!

Most high street retailers won’t have Selfridges' budget for extravagant retail ‘experiences’ but it shouldn’t stop them exploring other opportunities.

Intuitive Coaching for Creative People What clients have been saying: "I was convinced to go to KC, and since I did, she has consistently helped me work through some issues..." -Small Business Owner

Award winning memoir – You can't Buy Love Like That Growing Up Gay in the Sixties. Smart and sensual with vivid scenes and precise emotional detail– Clarion Reviews. - Spring Sale Amazon $4.99 o-.

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Challenge yourself 😊

Prepare for some self-criticism - it’s necessary from time to time…

This is an easy one: 

Back in those days, when you were little, what wanted you to become?

  • a selfless superhero
  • a furious firefighter
  • a noble princess
  • a curious astronaut
  • a famous dancer, actress, singer or painter

And now what? 

All you are is a tiny bit older but you’re still the same person… 

yet you mainly care about the likes you collect, the brands you wear and the numbers on your scale or your bank statement… 

Life could be so much more… ask your past self.
Most important: it is not too late! You can still become … amazing in any way.

Your m


Inside of you is all who you were created to be. It’s complicated, it’s messy but it is you. Part of that treasure is all that you have the potential to do and be in the world. Inside of you are all the people you can impact, lives you can help change and difference you can make. It was put there for a purpose. Unleash it. Share it. Soar! #iWant2CUSoar #four4soaring #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotestoSOARby #quotestagram #quotesoftheday ##fourFORsoaring #quotesdaily #quoteoftheday #quotesaboutlife #quotestoremember #quotestagram #quotestoinspire #motivationalquotes #quoteslover #inspirational #growth #change

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