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A warm-hearted, honest and gratifying tale that delves into the life and times of a woman who has overcome hardship, turmoil and adversity.

Dr. David Lawrence interviewed about his new book -A Dedicated Life: Journalism, Justice and a Chance for Every Child Click to listen now: . . .

A warm-hearted, honest and gratifying tale that delves into the life and times of a woman who has overcome hardship, turmoil and adversity.

Just putting it out there but, a certain someone’s amazing, , sister seems to have grown up just fine in that environment he mentioned.

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Darkness always had its part to play. Without it, how would we know when we walked in the light? It’s only when its ambitions become too grandiose that it must be opposed, disciplined, sometimes—if necessary—brought down for a time. Then it will rise again, as it must.

Clive Barker

Some days

Some days we wish for that which is old to be new:

Some days, we wish for that which is old to become a memory.

Some days, we wish for that which is old to die, because it is not what defines us or helps us.

It is okay to wish for both memory and renewal, even for the same thing.

Sometimes, it would be better by our morals to let it fade, become older, a memory, and become a long-gone phase of history.

But take heed:

Some day you may forget that memory, and if you do

That which we hated, that which plagued us, that which tore us asunder, will return by our own hand.

And then, we will weep, crying out, “How could this happen again? How, how could we let such tragedy befall us twice?”

It is, of course, our own nature.

For if it doesn’t effect us, we will let it fade, and forget.

And if we forget, it will wait, and come for us too.

“Stop trying to figure out what’s gonna make me happy. You don’t know what that is, I don’t know what that is, but it isn’t about finding a person; a man or a woman. I have to figure it out. I have to save me.”

How To Get Away With Murder


Here is a link to the first teaser. Enjoy and leave comments.

So I am back

I know 2019 started without me, at least without proper posts. Next to privat struggles, applying for university and my completly new youtube channel, I have lost sight of this blog, which is very unfortunate, but I’ll try to be active again.

I would be so grateful, if you could check out my youtube channel. It is called “90secondsofFitness”. I already uploaded a first teaser. I will make sure to upload at least 1-2 videos per week while doing posts on tumblr aswell. Please be aware, that I have multiple things to do and that life can be challenging. I do my best to cut out any form of laziness and to stay focused though. Thanks for alle the appreciation.

ilikefemalesandimproud  asked:

Why does my grandmother keep tumbling down the stairs??? I honestly think shes doing it on purpose but I keep putting her on life support and forcing her to cling to life, shes done it so much recently that she has to eat from a tube and poop in a bag... I'm just scared, pls help...

First of all, it’s impressive that your grandmother uses Tumblr. I think she’s actually tumbled me a few times. It’s not safe to message other Tumblr users when you’re on the stairs, as tumbling on the go isn’t a safe practice. Using Tumblr too much can really lead to near death experiences, as your immune systems and organs shut down the more you use it. I’m sorry to hear about your grandma, just don’t let her go on any other website for a while (especially Facebook) and she should make a full recovery.

we’re learning about monet in my culture class and it’s heartbreaking how no one appreciated his art while he were alive

i need to learn to appreciate what i have before it’s gone and all of a sudden i’m looking back at a beautiful memory. i need to live my beautiful present and love every moment and appreciate that i am here, i am alive, and i can make a difference in someone else’s reality today

if we appreciate what we have instead of striving for what will always be unattainable, we as humans would have a lot less conflict

Please do not hurt yourself.

I know that times are hard and that sometimes it seems to be the only answer.  I have been there.  But please believe me that those dark days don’t last forever.  There will be a time when you look back and realize how far you have come.  I want you to know that people care about you.  You are not alone in this struggle.  People out there understand what it is like and want to help.  Please stay strong.  

If you do end up hurting yourself today, know that it’s not the end.  Recovery isn’t a straight line.  If you relapse it is just a bump in your journey.  You are in no way a failure.  Don’t compare your beginning to someones end.  Everyone recovers at their own pace.  There is no time limit on it.  The important thing is that you always wake up and try again the next day.  

You are so important.  You matter.  People care about you.

Please don’t give up.