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got myself a pourover coffee maker so I dont have a bulky electric one that takes up my space

Things to do when you are bored

🌸Grab a random thing from your art box, and make something with it.

🌸You know that co-worker/classmate who is bullying you? Confront them.


🌸Draw what you are thinking.

🌸Write a story.

🌸Write on your blog or in a diary.

🌸Express yourself!

🌸Talk to friends on Discord.

🌸Read about something you like.

🌸Look outside for cool rocks.

🌸Play with your pets!

🌸Write a poem.

🌸Practice a skill.

🌸Sew a cute animal!

🌸Read your palm.

🌸Look back on your elementary school yearbook.

🌸Research something you are interested in.

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