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Be at peace with yourself and love yourself!

Meet Najat Khelil, the first woman in Texas to earn a doctorate in nuclear physics! She got her degree in 1974.

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I guess as I am getting older & wiser LOL I'm realizing that every time I try to push what I want out of life it doesn't work. lately I've been working hard but letting the universe take care

You know those mornings when your barista says 'Hey, this one’s on me!' Doesn't it feel great? The power of surprise and delight is huge, that's why we give you 8 ways to achieve that using your screens 🤗

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I just want to punch her in the face, but that would just help her sell that story

Click click click …Good morning Insta world! 💕I’m waking up grateful this morning. How about you? How about taking a few minutes to pray, meditate, or contemplate on what you’re grateful for today?💐 You may even wish to share some here and spread some smiles and positivity. ☀️ 😊I have so much to be thankful for and I take none of it for granted. 💕🙏Today’s Quote “Unplug to Stay Connected” © is something I’m truly grateful for -tuning out for a certain amount of time to the plethora of inundating information, news, and social media clutter, to let the mind be still to focus on other things and to sort (Keep, Recycle, Trash). Spring cleaning is upon us for our homes, so it would benefit also to do the same with our mind which effects our spirit. “We do not want to become mental hoarders!” (not be able to disconnect so as not to miss out). Turn it off, unplug it, put it down, walk away, breathe. Plan a date with yourself to do so and notice more keenly your space outside these electronic walls for a duration of your choice. I am unplugging today through the weekend to focus on what I am truly grateful for. I’ll see you Monday…. more to come. Please enjoy looking through my site and storyline. Her Wilde Heart is available worldwide and makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Unplugging to stay connected. //#qotd #gratefulness #unplug #spirituality #stayconnected #quotestoliveby #artemisskye //All my poetry and quotes are available for purchase. If you would like this inspirational piece please email me. They are beautifully hand embellished with artwork (photography, drawings, digital design done by me) and signed with a personal note and more.//#poetry #inspiration #readersofinstagram

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— n o t m i n e

“Honey, it’s time to move! Let’s go, let’s go!”

You bound out of bed, limbs flickering with nervous energy, eyes darting left and right with feverish excitement. The curtains filtered an abundance of light into the room that glowed with ambient iridescence. Your sheets, off-white, tackled your legs in an airtight embrace, but you kick them off and grab your fresh set of vacation clothes.

A white shirt hangs loosely against your skin, the same as the belt that supposedly fastens your large denim shorts against your slim waist. They’re comfortable enough for your thin thighs to experience the airiness of summer and for your ribs to feel the cool breath of the wind beneath the layer of pliable cotton. It’s almost as if you were wrapped in your duvet.

Ever since you’ve been more comfortable in your skin, clothes fit better, smiles are brighter and life is simpler.