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“What’s changing in the world of market research?” by Edward Appleton via

Millennials... What time do they wake up? How many times do they have takeout/ eat out a week? How do they spend their lunch break at work? Find out in our latest blog

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Your gut and lady luck have a place but when it comes to solid decision making there are 3 important advantages for weaving data analytics into the process.

: Composite leading indicators (CLIs), designed to anticipate turning points in economic activity relative to trend six to nine months ahead, continue to point to easing growth momentum in most major economies.

Performance is a by-product of the right fit for the company and good leadership, says . As leaders, you have to invest in the WHOLE person. Hear why on this week’s by .

: Composite leading indicators (CLIs), designed to anticipate turning points in economic activity relative to trend six to nine months ahead, continue to point to easing growth momentum in most major economies.

Hey 🌵 join & our guest speaker from on May 15th for a morning of inspiration, education & discussion on how they empower their customers/ employees to make better decisions w/ , &

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Want to learn how is implemented, how to set it up correctly, and how to draw intelligent, meaningful from it? Sounds like you'd benefit from our next :

In an interview with , Jay Campbell, CCO at Somark, explains how inefficiencies in early can disrupt long term . That's why you need a management like Quartesian to help get the data you need:

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My best friend and I just completed Storm Rising on Legendary, with a final score of 23.8k and two downs that I couldn’t rez. That’s literally better than what xQc and his friends got, and the two randoms who got onto our team were freaking the fuck out about how we carried. When those leaderboards update tomorrow, you bet your ass I’m screenshotting how we, two high plat/diamond players, got the literal best score in the world for this mode. And, for the record: I completed legendary on Genji too.

Vivo V15 Pro Helps You Shoot Professional-Grade Looking Images

Mobile photography is no longer limited to food shots and selfies. These days, even professional photographers rely heavily on their smartphones when capturing images that evoke a lot of emotions. A photo is a great way to communicate a message or even just to update loved ones of a recent trip. It may seem such a waste when an extraordinary location is not properly photographed. It’s almost an injustice if the colors of a beautiful garden are either too bright or overexposed. One doesn’t have to break the bank to get professional-grade images.

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A sentimental post on the power of fiction and Why This “Irrelevant” Shit Truly Does Matter:

I’ve been having an anxiety attack that’s lasted since before last night until now, preventing me from sleeping well and thinking clearly and making me want to cry constantly. I haven’t been able to stop thinking that I might never be good enough and that I’m not strong enough or smart enough to be the best, and that I’ll never be worth anything to anyone. But you know, as soon as I thought of Tony having those panic attacks in IM3, and Hana struggling with her need to prove herself, I calmed down a little — because if they could share those destructive thoughts and still kick ass, then I could get through this. That’s why fiction matters. That’s why fictional characters are so endearing. They show us the parts of ourselves we forgot, and dare us to embody them, and prove those shitty voices in our heads wrong. They matter because we need them to remind us who we are in moments like this.


I don’t want either of your ults. >:(


Yeah I’m just gonna leave this here. And this.



Cada animal selvagem se adapta a um nicho ecológico especial que ocupa para sobreviver. Cabras evoluíram para prosperar em alguns dos ambientes mais estranhos e difíceis de se alcançar: faces íngremes de penhascos.
Os animais não são loucos – as falésias nas quais eles passam a maior parte de suas vidas vêm com inúmeros benefícios, incluindo proteção contra predadores ligados à terra, forragem e acesso a seu alimento principal, que são sais minerais. Os ventos fortes que varrem a neve dessas falésias também expõem gramíneas resistentes que elas gostam de comer. Têm adaptações especiais que lhes permitem navegar por esses ambientes montanhosos íngremes com facilidade. Ao contrário de um casco de cavalo, o dessas cabras é fendido, o que significa que podem espalhar o seu peso e se agarrar ao chão. As bordas dos seus cascos são duras e os centros mais suaves, permitindo-lhes aderência a pequenas rachaduras ou a superfícies rochosas irregulares. Alguns animais até têm áreas ásperas e irregulares de pele entre os cascos que ajudam ainda mais na aderência. >>> “De um ângulo diferente ao que estão forçados a ver, seu tudo, é apenas nada!” #perspectiva #cabras #empreenda #insights

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“I walk slowly but I never walk backward.”
—Abraham Lincoln


Be it cosplaying, drawing manga, animating, critic, editing, or any passion you are pursuing — remember to always choose “constant little progress” over perfection.

I love what I am doing despite my shortcomings and that’s what really matters. So if you’re getting lazy these days, get your ass off and work towards who you want to become. Get that illustration done, try that new character, embrace new genres, and finally do the things you find worthwhile. Keep in mind that we are bounded by principles different from the norm for — We are Otakus.