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It's Victoria Day today in Canada, which basically means everything is closed and there are fireworks. Which makes me wonder, are there any pyrotechnics in Yerkir? Fire-breathers that are not dragons at least? Though I guess when there's witches that can control the weather, card tricks/magicians and fire-breathers aren't that much of a spectacular. ~UC

!!! Happy Victoria Day, kiddo!!!!! Oh gosh, I dunno what you guys do on your national days, but I know down here there’s a lot of food and family and face-paint, so I hope you had a truly tremendous day! 💜

Now, good question! Yes there is as much of a range of pyrotechnics here as anywhere else with incendiaries and teenagers. It’s quite popular to make home-brew fireworks and assorted flashbangs, and then set them loose in your neighbour’s yard or the school toilet. But as for fire-breathing that is very much a dragon or particularly-unlucky-cursed-sod thing. (Side note: not all dragons have the ability to create flame! It’s really only those of the Incadeum family that come with a high enough overall body temperature to create superheated breath of any kind. And it’s only the Spark class of Incadeums - Cinderbacks and such, you know - that breathe fire; other species will spew boiling water, lava, steam, superheated bile (that’s gross, don’t get in the way of it. It’s not quite acid, but you’ll wish it was).

And on the contrary! Magicians are still quite popular!! See, everyone knows how magic works; it’s a science, after all! But street magic or show magic - now that’s sleight of hand. There’s no incantations or hand wiggles - there’s just - just a card! And it’s your card!! And how did they do that??!?!?!? Card magicians and rabbits-from-hats magicians are still quite popular, and thoroughly enjoyed by many Yerkirians, if not held in the same regard as traditional magic.

Thanks much for the interest, kiddo!! I’ll see ya round

can you be in love if it’s not reciprocated? is that still love? what does it mean, to love? who decides? have I ever loved? have I ever really been in love? how do I know if the love I’ve felt is what everyone else calls love? what if it isn’t? if I feel what I understand love to be, is it still real regardless? how do I know? is anyone’s definition of love the same? how can we know? what if we all call a different colour red? what if love is the same way? have I ever been loved? has anyone ever loved me back? if no one has, have I ever really been in love? can I claim that?

the most troubling thing is,,,,, if we’re gonna have jensen in s14 as michael, that means we’re not gonna have dean ?? at all ?? as in ??????????? at all ?????  because if even for a split second  dean wakes up, then he’s just gonna kick him out so like ????????? what are we thinkin peeps

Learn to give yourself enough time. Give yourself enough space. Understand yourself. study your pet peeves which are hindering you from the growth. Learn to know that thing which is stopping you from reaching the place where you always want to be.

There is no best & there will always be a room for improvement.

Yes, this could mean cutting people off. Show no guilt or remorse it is better than being taken for granted. 

Yes, it makes you invisible which makes you invincible.

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Yeah. Sorry. Over reacting. I just get nervous. I mean these are the same writers who made Arizona into a cheater.

No, they aren’t, actually.

Shondaland is simply “producing” it and in this case Shondaland is Betsy Beers, I believe. Shonda’s team didn’t create it and doesn’t write it -TO MY KNOWLEDGE.

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How can I improve myself based on my placements: my dominant planet is mercury(in virgo), virgo rising, leo mars in 12th, also I am a virgo sun and gemini moon. Just wanna know your opinion :)

Anytime you want to gain a strong focus for your planets in astrology you have to look 7 places from itself.  That would also be the opposite sign from which where it sits. Why is this?  7 places is opposite the axis and the axis represents a general theme that is shared between the house in which the planet sits and the opposing house.  Basically the opposing house will have a place to focus the energies of the planet and strengthen it’s purpose.

Now Since your a Virgo Rising with Mercury in the first and sun there (in whole signs we are talking) you would look to the 7th house as a means of strengthening “You.”  Why do i Say you?  The first house is you and what your about.  7 places from Virgo is Pisces in the 7th house so you would look towards people who are creative, spiritual, emotional and dreamy as a means of helping complete you and make you a more dynamic person through them.  This can be like buissiness partners, marriage partners, best friends; etc.  Even your open enemies with these traits can essentially make you a stronger person.
VR Needs More Social: 77% of Virtual Reality Users Want More Social Engagement
8% of people use their thousand-dollar VR sets once every six months, and 6% use it about once a year.
By John Koetsier

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ur gay

​maya is this a headcanon or are u stating this as my established canon?

I gave up on that scarf idea btw. It was too sloppy and I kept forgetting.

Lupin III Ep. 8 is up!

(Things are getting hot! But honestly, can someone teach Goemon how to phone?)

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I watched the Furinkazan episodes the other day and at the end there was the scene where Kazuha and Ran tried to confess but failed. But the part that stuck with me was when Shinichi said "Be immovable as a mountain." And while it was sarcasm at the girl's last minute cowardice, I also relate that sentence to Shinichi's personality. I don't know how to explain it but it fits him, he's stubborn and determined and REALLY down to earth and he always stands his groud... what do you think?

Hmmm… I’d never really thought about it, but I guess you are right! 

I mean, if you go way, way back and watch or read the first episodes and chapters, you’ll see that Shinichi’s undergone a massive development. I think we often forget about it because it’s literally been spaced out so much over the years that we forget that he used to be very different and we just assume he’s always been the level-headed mature guy we see now. But he was cocky, and arrogant, and reading and watching those chapters and episodes now, with a more adult-like perspective and knowing where he ends up, actually makes him quite annoying. You’ll realize that he’s show-offy in the worst way, and that he undermines adults way too much. He doesn’t do that anymore –thankfully! 

But other than that beautiful development –I love my son– if you really think about it, Shinichi may be “immovable as a mountain.” He has pretty firm beliefs that he will defend till his dying breath, and he is incredibly determined to achieve what he wants. That, and he’s stubbornly loyal to everyone he cares about and loves. 

I never really liked that part of the Furinkazan philosophy, because while I agree that one must have certain values and stand by them, there’s also a certain grace that comes from listening to what other people have to offer and molding your beliefs accordingly. You have to be open to new ideas and be willing to understand new things, so you can’t be completely immovable. 

But I think that’s not necessarily the case with Shinichi. Despite having compelling beliefs and morals, I think he’s always willing to listen and try new things. 

But yeah, I do agree it fits him. It’s also, not only one of his strongest personality traits, but also why he makes for a great role model!

anonymous asked:

if you could switch places someone for a day who would it be and why?

( honesty day: accepting )

           ❛ haeil. i wanna switch with haeil! i wanna understand him better and i feel like the only way to do that is to get in his head a bit. also i wanna be tall for a day. 

Ugh, finally moving out and packing all my stuff up is SO HARD! 

Like, a lot of things I have to get rid of. Really I should have gotten rid of it a while ago, but, like, now that I have to pack my whole life up and take it to another location it’s so much more NECESSARY than before. Like, some of this stuff WOULD be easy to get rid of, old collectibles from fandoms I’m not a part of any more, clothes that just don’t fit, etc, except that they were gifts. Some of them have memories attached to them and that just makes it so hard. Like, what if this person FOUND OUT that I got rid of that thing they hunted down for me that they KNEW I would like? I would never hold something like that against someone but I have no idea how some people might react. :( 

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( connor ) what’s the worst trait a person can have ?

( honesty day: accepting )

            ❛ i think… i can’t think of the word for it in korean. but basically… the willingness to hurt someone else? or the knowledge that what you’re doing is hurting someone and yet you continue. whatever that trait might be called… that’s it. that’s the worst… 

@harryseyebrows thank you so much for telling me like ive been really thinking about it and there are fics two exactly im kinda proud of even tho they didnt get the recognition i wanted them to get??? but its just the one from the last exchange that has been haunting me lmao but i think im gonna wait till the authors reveal and have my friend make a trailer for it and we’ll see ajsjdjjf but it fucking sucks feeling that way but either way im just gonna try to get through it ajsjdkfk

Insight #0001

women were a mistake

Coming in this year as a CS major. Any CS majors with insight into what the normal major-specific classes are like?

I’m coming in this fall to major in Computer Science and minor in Biology. I have previous experience with AP Comp Sci, but I’m not taking the test to get credit (ridiculous mistake, I know). I’m curious as to what the standard class progression for CS is (major-specific classes) and how you felt about them. What were the topics and rigor like? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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Microsoft’s Snip Insights puts A.I. technology into a screenshot-taking tool

storygiver  asked:

If each muse on this blog had to choose a favorite genre of music for themselves, what would they be?

  • Gregory: Gregory’s music tastes follow Liv’s, but are a bit more consistent with less eclectic elements. { x | x | x }
  • Livia: Livia’s music taste is a fucking……. mess. All sorts of artists and genres. { x | x | x }
  • Marie: She thoroughly appreciates jazz. { x | x | x }
  • Kay: Jaunty and electric, but perhaps with traditional sounds tucked in. { x | x | x }
  • Shelly: A fan of tango, a trait picked up from his mentor and maybe a fondness that is one last shred of sentimentality toward the late Ella de Killer. { x | x | x }
  • Celia: idk what genre SJ Tucker is, but that’s Celia right there.  { x | x | x }
  • Klavier: It isn’t much of a surprise that our rockstar enjoys classic rock and his own music. Though, he hasn’t quite shaken his emo phase & still enjoys those tunes too. { x | x | x }
  • Vera: Really loves the Troupe Gramarye theme and anything even vaguely resembling it. Happy showmanship tunes. Also recently developed a loving of Lamiroir’s music. { x | x | x }
  • Nex: Hey do you remember what you’re edgy middle school self liked? ( Well, what at least my edgy middle school self liked… ) Meet Nex, an adult woman who is so down for all them creepy, horror tunes. { x | x | x }
  • Franziska: Is it rough and angry as all hell? Good, Franziska loves it. Surprisingly gained a tiny soft spot for country, but really only the ‘women murdering/otherwise getting revenge on shitty men’ subgenre { x | x | x }
  • Miles: Canonically likes Korean Trot. Loves a lot of other pop tunes and does have a secret soft spot for Vocaloid. Energy is the order of the day. { x | x | x
  • Manfred: He would give a stock answer of classical to continue feigning at old-fashioned class. In reality, he cares very little for music and much prefers silence.
  • Jinxie: Traditional Japanese folk music and wrestling themes. A preference for her father’s ofc. { x | x | x }
  • Latti: Anything bright, cheery, and optimistic. Prefers pop-y tunes. { x | x | x }