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     ——   𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐘 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋 ••• 🎀
    ♛ ᴀʀᴡᴇɴ ɢʀᴀᴄᴇ ᴀ. ʜᴀʟᴠᴏʀsᴇɴ ♛

      𝖀na sensualità quasi innaturale per una ragazza così giovane, con delle curve appena pronunciate — senza cadere nel volgare — e con un viso squadrato che sembrava essere disegnato da un'artista.
   Un corpo cesellato dalle lunghe ore trascorse in palestra, un seno pieno ed erotico, gambe chilometriche, ma con un atteggiamento e un portamento che gridavano grazia e sensualità ad ogni passo. Non importavano le continue e costanti critiche da parte di quella madre così presente, asfissiante e pretenziosa, Arwen nascondeva un lato carnale che le era costato molto in passato.

What if it’s just internalized misogyny?


“This to me sounds like the transmasculine version of ‘What if it’s just a fetish?’, because its the most common trnasmasculine doubt I see. This kind of doubt, I feel, is rather externally dictated.

'Women can’t be men, they’re trying to escape misogyny!’, 'Men can’t be women, they’re disgusting fetishists!’. Both of these are terribly common doubts, and the reason they’re common is because they’re the first excuses wider society would use to cast doubt upon our motives for transition.

If it was true that you were just trying to escape misogyny, wouldn’t you try literally anything else before thinking of filling your body with testosterone? Surely you would fight the good feminist fight, the way we all should? Wouldn’t you instead choose to fight the expectations of binary gender? Something tells me these would have crossed your mind, if it was about misogyny.

Or does it have more to do with you? Would becoming more physically male make you feel whole? Would it solve anxiety or depression that nag and persist, no matter what you try? Would it make you feel comfortable, finally? There are women who deal with the same issues listed here, and they don’t want to be men. Therein lies the difference. If it would bring you comfort, you should be free to try it.”


“Focus on the body. it is the body that is the telling line of inquiry.

Lack of privilege (and misogyny in general) sucks if you’re trans or cis. Wanting to enact different social roles is not a sign as well. If Susie wants to fix cars and go hunting on the weekend, Susie is probably a normal cis girl. If Susie’s partners tell her “no, that’s boy stuff, you need to learn girl stuff”, Susie might think she’s trans . But she really just needs feminism.

But if you want your body to change - independent of how you think other people might change how they treat you. That’s the true test. Do you wish you had chest hair? Does cutting your boobs off sound not bad and maybe even kind of good to you? Do you yearn for a beard? These are the kinds of questions that are definitive.

Look to the body, not to how others treat you or might treat you, or wanting to break out of traditional gender roles. (It’s okay & common if that’s there too, but it doesn’t tell you if you’re trans).”

tried to do the mother meme, and…

all i know is that ardyn’s mom was a healer (like actual…medicine healer, not healer like ardyn and the oracles) and she had the same wine-red hair as his, though a bit darker.

she was born and lived during the old calendar, after the astral war but before the darkness. she married into the izunia clan at a young age (child bride), had twins ardyn and somnus (i hc ardyn and somnus to be twins but am willing to play it otherwise if you’re a somnus that hc’s otherwise) also young, and probably died young because that’s how it goes and heaven forbid anyone in final fantasy actually have a mother.

she taught ardyn and somnus all about solheim through song and dance, taught them to revere the gods (especially ramuh and his judgement), and taught especially ardyn the art of medicine and healing.

        ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ  ⋰   👑👠  
          ━━  colour ━━

    ❝ Esco fuori e l’aria fredda rassoda
    la pelle  sulle mie  braccia nude.
    L’estate  è finita  troppo in fretta,
    e  alcune delle foglie sugli alberi
    hanno  già iniziato a bruciare
    nei   colori   della   caduta.
    I    colori    d’autunno ….
    così  luminosi e  intensi e belli. ❞
       ❪ Siobhan Vivian ❫

Oh no I just had a really bad realization. I just thought to myself, “being a butch straight girl would be really hard. good thing i’m a gay trans guy.” 

But… uh… what if that means that i actually am a butch straight girl? and i’m just convincing myself i’m a gay trans guy so that I can not have as much struggles??

((also tho i am currently feeling gross creeping dysphoria sitting in my room alone right now anyway and so i doubt it but also maybe..???))