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Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) September 20th 2019 |

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Well, I've made it to Sydney. Final preparations for 's Rock Star event on Wednesday. Very excited. Not registered yet? There's still time (just!)

WATCH 📽️ Street Talk Series 10 sponsored by The Innovation Company and find out how Gigi only uses on her Asian

WATCH 📽️ Street Talk Series 10 sponsored by The Innovation Company and find out how Gigi only uses on her Asian

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Always light! May it shine tomorrow!  As it does today, so luminous, opalescent and divinely glorious.


“#EMERGENCE” - It may feel like forces beyond your control have thrust you into unfamiliar territory.
It is true, we cannot control all forces or situations.
Whatever chaos reigns in your world, you can control your reactions, your perceptions, your focus.
Life presents constant opportunities to learn, #evolve and #step into who you long to be.
The #challenges will come. It is up to you to #work through them to draw all the wisdom you can from them.
It is through the events currently unfolding that your truer #nature will emerge. Who do you want to be?
A victor, a role model, a #sage?
#Align your current self with your greater self and tap into their reserves of #power, #confidence and #insight. Every challenge is daunting at the start. With time and #perseverance all falls into place. The result is a #stronger, more #confident and more #grateful you.”
-Universal Love Oracle
❤️🌊🦁🥰🎶✅🙏💯🐉🐋🐃🌱🌹Music 🎶 by @brckhmptn -Song- ( #Sugar ) ✨✨✨#lifeforce #dance #Healing’s #channeling #ancestors #spiritguides #energyhealings #dancetherapy #medium #guide #redrocks #fridaymood

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In the Name of Jesus Christ, I declare that you are fruitful and productive; you’re making progress in every area of your life. You are complete in Christ, and every facet of your life is perfected for excellence. The Spirit of God guides and inspires you to take actions that’ll guarantee evident, and unprecedented growth, increase, and prosperity. This year, you’re going to make progress, and move forward in your life like never before, irrespective of what’s been happening with you or around you. It’s your time and season of advancement. Glory to God. Hallelujah!
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I’m feeling a little sad.. I KNOW that deleting that friend request was the best thing to do but like I do miss him.. ha! It’s a toxic cycle for a reason.. the high and then the hangover..

it’s kinda like having an addiction..

You can get addicted to the way someone feels and you focus on the high and not so much on the hangover…

I’m craving that high right now.. I wanna see you.



Dear Father, thank You for awakening in me the consciousness of my spirituality through the Word. My attention is set on things above—not on earthly, carnal, mundane, or transient things. I walk in victory, power and the dominion of the Spirit, because I am spiritually minded, with my unalloyed attention on the true light of the Word. I am one with the Father; therefore, I refuse to be governed, controlled or ruled by the physical senses; rather, I see, think, talk and live by faith, and respond to issues and situations through the Word. I live in the Word and walk in the full consciousness of the spiritual Kingdom to which I belong, enjoying the full provisions of the Gospel, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
• Keep saying it, publish it everywhere; noise it abroad! In Christ, we’ve got something to shout about. Let’s flood the airwaves, internet and print media with the reality of Christ. Speak in other tongues now. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
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Right now, your plate is full and you are hard at work. Don’t be hesitant to ask for help or input from other people. While work is important, be careful not to leave yourself in a vulnerable position by working too hard and neglecting other important responsibilities (like your mental and physical health for one).

This week is a good time to spend on developing the skills that will take you closer to your goal. This card is a positive sign that the work you’ve put in thus far is good, but needs more refinement. It might be a good time to take a class or do some more research on your current projects. Keep at whatever you’re doing and work hard, and it will guarantee success.

Whatever you are working on right now, consider how it might be improved by inviting others to contribute. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of outside perspective to help bring your goals into fruition. This is also a really good sign that whatever you’re doing is working, so keep it up.

The number two also represents decisions - and not necessarily easy ones. You are faced with a choice. This card suggests that you revisit your personal philosophies and what you stand for. Straighten out your values and beliefs and it will bring you closer to making the choice that is right for you.

Finally, an important and often overlooked aspect of this card is the concept of duality, specifically combining two opposing forces to create something that is whole. Accept the ups and downs, and realize that without negativity, there wouldn’t be positivity. Balance is key.

This with the Eight of Cups are very good signs regarding work or other financial endeavors.

The deck pictured is Mystic Mondays.


KSP: Duna - inSight 2nd


Things I did today:

  • Fixed some code 12 onwards
  • Called my parents about travel plans to HK and SG
  • Aced a presentation on fast fashion
  • Worked on a pairwork digital systems assignment with my friend
  • Had dinner with friends on campus
  • Went to hackerspace to work on side projects
  • Left my car in campus and opted to walk home at 10pm because I was in no state to drive lol

I am the most tired I’ve been since I got to uni but it was a good day. I feel like I cant stress enough how important it is to make friends with your coursemates?? It makes teamwork so much better and coping with school is so much easier. When you get to enjoy the company in school, by extension your entire learning experience becomes a lot more pleasant.

I’m not one to befriend people out of habit and I am fiercely independent. But in an environment like this, having friends on campus makes a world of difference especially if you’re not surrounded by childhood friends or if you’re not learning in your home town.

I used to believe I was completely fine on my own and I didn’t believe my brother when he told me that university is where you find your lifelong friendships. But it all seems so logical now. High school friends are those you befriend in a developing age so all of you turn out to be different people after. Youre going to fall out of friendships you thought would last forever after high school and that’s okay. Work friends have their own lives and the one thing you have in common is work since there’s not much room for anything else. University is the inbetween where you find people going through the same thing you do, with a wide range of interests that can match up with yours. It may take some trial and error but it’s worth it. You’ll bond over student struggles, shoddy lecturers, road trips on school breaks or just chill times in the common area sharing pizza and watching shows.

Я сначала думала что этот год хочет меня убить…

Но оказалось, этот год хочет чтобы я прозрела наконец


- Face to Face (interview) - Carl Gustav Jung - 1959 -

(Adding Jung to my ‘cabinet of curiosities’’.  As it’s a bit ‘long-ish’, well, for this age…none need feel an obligation to watch, unless it strikes your fancy.  (Wonderful mind.))


Taurus September 💗•You Are Loved! •Aztec Ancestral Messages

Tyndale Life Application Daily Devotion

Devotional for September 10

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
- Acts 1:8


Power from the Holy Spirit is not limited to strength beyond the ordinary—that power also involves courage, boldness, confidence, insight, ability, and authority. The disciples would need all these gifts to fulfill their mission.


If you believe in Jesus Christ, you can experience the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

© 2010 by Tyndale House Publishers