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Global spending on R&D has reached a record high of almost US$ 1.7 trillion. About 10 countries account for 80% of spending by

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AkBank, one of the largest banks in Turkey started money transfer operations using Ripple technology. * Get to know Ripple and XRP *

Are you wondering which technology is going to revolutionize your business or industry? Get yourself acquainted with the top strategic technology trends for 2019.

Les technologiques, politiques et institutionnelles seront essentielles dans le remodelage des systèmes en vue de la , la , l’ et la .

Finally, the cab driver can locate exactly where we are... Now that's what we call real . Nice idea

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¿Te gustaría saber más de nuestra oficina en Puebla? Ingresa por aquí: donde podrás conocer cómo se fue consolidando el Headquaters de ECON Tech en México.

From recycled, biodegradable synthetic fabric fiber to sneaker made from discarded material from the ocean. Find out about 2018's clothing tech .

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Types of internet startups and why some of them fail

According to the Startup Genome Report covering premature scaling based on data from 3200+ high growth technology startups, we can name several types of internet startups and why some of them fail. Do you know what type your startup is referred to?
The types are created by defining a spectrum of…


may Allah reward @fivestarumrah @dawahmanofficial @knowledgecollege_events it makes me soo happy to see these youth enjoying themselves on deen, this is “youth dawah” youth dawah is speaking to youth in a way they understand and bringing their actions closer to practicing brothers, not practicing brothers sinning becoming like non practicing youth singing kuffar songs but changing a few words or doing haram beat boxing sounding exactly like musical instruments lying saying its halal because its not actual instruments, or having pop music intos to youth dawah shows etc
#QuranandSunnah #muslimyouth #youthdawah #sunni #salafi #sunnah #salafiyah #innovations #bidda

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