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Havn’t Uploaded anything in a while but I’ve finally got another QI: E-Tech design. I spent a literal 10mins trying to find some good Classical Music for this, and I had to wait ~30m for the vimeo upload to work because the video was too big, so this should have been up at about 3:30PM, but instead has gone up at 5:00…

Swiftly slides in before I go crash. Since my birthday is on Sunday and I’ve got birthday rewards from local eateries, I’ll be dining out for lunch after work tomorrow. However, I’ll mainly be here, on Valkyrie, and Noctis when I get home. I’ll be doing drafts and miscellaneous things. As always, IM is open to plotting and starter requests.

Five New Amazon Connect Integrations from eGain, Teleopti, WEBTEXT, HERE Technologies, ServiceNow

The AWS Quick Start team, solutions architects, and Contact Center partner segment team, in collaboration with AWS partners, are pleased to announce five new Amazon Connect integrations that offer contact center solutions: 

Amazon Macie Adds New Dashboard Making It Easier to Identify Publicly Accessible Amazon Simple Storage Service Objects

Amazon Macie now offers a new dashboard making it easier for you to identify Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets accessible to the Internet as well as Amazon S3 objects with overly permissive access permissions. 

Vote with your tips! I have to say, I’m a savory gal. Seen in San Rafael at Arizmendi bakery.

Subnautica is really good guys

3D & CGI Illustrations: Human Color Sets by G R A Z A ™

Web Development & Digital Marketing Company in Chennai | Thynkk



If you’ve ever been stuck in an airport terminal due to a delayed flight, you’ll probably find yourself wondering when you’ll ever catch a break. Well, Kit Kat listened. 

By hooking up a vending machine to an airport data system, passengers with a. delayed flight could scan their boarding pass and receive a well-deserved break, a Kit Kat!


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Roof Replacement Carpentersville IL | Innovative Home Concepts Review

AWS CloudFormation now Supports AWS Budgets as a Resource for CloudFormation Templates, Stacks, and StackSets

You can now use AWS Budgets as a resource in your AWS CloudFormation templates, stacks, and StackSets.

i’m binge watching the most recent of project runway and why? do the judges keep sucking brandon’s dick so hard

I see the notion of talent as quite irrelevant. I see instead perseverance, application, industry, assiduity, will, will, will, desire, desire, desire.
—  Gordon Lish (h/t @AdviceToWriters)