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Inktober #7 'Before Your Time' Amidatelion, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (2009)

Inktober 2019: Day 29 - Injured At first I wanted to draw Rapunzel with Eugene wearing an arm sling but... I think crossovers are more fun 👸

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19. Sling/Lanzar Wen Chao scorned - “You’re so close to your death and you’re still playing the hero!” Wei WuXian laughed coldly - “It’s precisely because I’m close to my death that I’m so happy! What I’m scared of is that I won’t die.

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Belated day 29 of - - Been busy working on other projects lately and I know I've missed the boat on this now but I'm determined to finish these drawings!

Day 29 Dante from Devil May Cry 4. I am a little slow on sketches now because of work and I am really tired. So I am sorry for confusing with inktober stuff but I need to finish it😐

And now is completed💕 It was fun and next year I even might follow the official prompts for inktober. This year was succesful test even though drawing something everyday was sometimes hard😅

Day 31: Ripe. Finishing with a self portrait, on one of the hardest journeys an Irishman has had to make since the coffin ships. Interpret Ripe anyway you want.

Here we go~ Last arts of 🐶 I'm genuinely surprised that I finished it :D

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Inktober 14: Overgrown


Inktober Cont. Day Forty Eight: Bellis/ English Daisy

The forty Eighth day of Inktober 2019. The flower for today is bellis, a herbaceous perennial plant  that spreads easily. The leaves of the plant are edible raw and can be cooked if desired.

Inktober Day #14 - Overgrown

Inktober Day 14 - Overgrown feat. a world turtle with trees and an old house on it’s back.

A very belated Inktober drawing. Didn’t quite make it through the entirety of Inktober but it was still fun and I got further than any other year! I still have a couple I’d like to finish/draw, but they’re pushed to the back of my queue right now.


Trying to work on days 3 and 5 of the inktobers! I’ll need to sketch day 4 but day 5 was calling out to me a bit more 😅. #workinprogress #sketches #inktober2019 #stillgoing #daythree #dayfive

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