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The bros looked very sad since I forgot that Pro Artist Technique of using a reference. Even sadder sitting in monochrome next to the Menagerie Coast sunrise so I tossed on some colour. And realised using the wonders of technology I could fix their tiny sad hands ☕🍵

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Inktober Day #29: Injured He wouldn’t die--George knew that--but he would be lying to say some days he didn’t wish he could.

Inktober Day #27: Coat You didn’t hire the tailors to sew a button back on your coat...not unless you were prepared for a very odd button for a very, very steep price.

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Inktober Day #25: Tasty “It is not tasty! It’s a crime against humanity, is what it is!”

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Et oui je continue, j'ai des problèmes avec internet donc je pourrais pas la semaine prochaine MAIS je finis (j'essaye) avant novembre

Big thanks to for this awesome Jubilee! Thank you, Kevin!

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Drawing I’ve done for inktober. Sadly I couldn’t complete the month. Studying and working at the same time is hard, as I said in my last post.

Inktober Day #27: Coat

You didn’t hire the tailors to sew a button back on your coat…not unless you were prepared for a very odd button for a very, very steep price.

This year I’m focusing on practicing composition, inking techniques, and using the original characters for my upcoming webcomic!

InkTober 2019 #16


Sorry guys, I tried ^^’ Concept got lost as I wrote it. Blame the Playstation and my friends for being so late.

Villain had long since given up in trying to escape their cage. It was big enough for them to pace in quite easily, at least for now. They knew why they were here, and they had no intention of transforming without putting up a struggle. But every time they saw Supervillain, that bold streak faded. They couldn’t find the courage in them to rebel or disobey when they were staring at them. Every instinct in their body paralysed any action that wasn’t curling up in the back of the cage and trying not to listen to what they said, the taunting in a big to make them transform.

Somehow Villain knew that if they did transform, Supervillain would have a plan for them or a means of keeping them in that form. Something. They didn’t dare change, even if that was their best chance of escaping from this place.

When SuperVillain returned that day with a cattle prod, Villain knew that their streak was going to break. There was a solid look in SuperVillain’s eye.

“I’ll give you one chance to change by yourself. If not, well, I don’t think I need to explain,” SuperVillain said, gesturing to the cattleprod in their hand. Villain swallowed hard but shook their head. 

“N.No… it’s dangerous. You don’t know what you’re getting into. I can’t control it!”

“Trust me,” SuperVillain grinned, opening the cage door. They grabbed Villain and dragged them out of the bigger cage. Villain quickly realised that the shackles on their wrists were more than just bands of metal. Supervillain had a remote and pressed  “I know exactly what I’m doing.”

An hour in and Villian knew they weren’t going to be able to last much longer. Their muscles burned, their breathing was laboured and their will was crumbling. It was like suppressing an instinct, like breathing or a reflex movement, and it hurt. Villain’s body shook with exertion and their clothes were damp with sweat.

It was an itch that they weren’t going to be able to hold off much longer.

“Why do you insist on struggling against me?” SuperVillain said. “We both know you’re an animal- a monster. Show me your true colours, [Villain]. Don’t act as though you’re better than you are?!”

The words, repeated so many times and for so long where agonizing, and Villain could almost feel the cells in their body changing. They weren’t going to be able to hold off any longer. They growled in the back of their throat. One last stab with the cattle prod was enough for them to roar out like a beast. Villain tried to lunge at SuperVillain and bared their teeth but as they did their hand transformed into a clawed paw. The shackles on their wrists expanded to fit the size and instantly felt so heavy that they were forced down to the ground. No amount of strength was resulting in them getting free.

Supervillain grinned and stepped on Villain’s head, pinning them down with an iron boot. Villain whimpered.

“Finally, it’s time the world saw you as you really are.”

So yeah, sorry peeps, I tried. I’m allowed off days I think XD

Hey guys. I know this is probably begging, but I’m in a bind so so I’ll let you guys know that I do art commissions and tarot readings ranging from $5-40 depending if you want to dm me about that.


bust sketch: $5. Lined: $10. colored:$15

Half sketch: $10. Lined: $15. Colored: $20

Full sketch:$15. Lined: $20 colored:$25

Per person. Shading is and extra $5. Backgrounds are an extra $10. Will not do Mecha or hard gore. Will do NSFW.

Tarot readings are $5 a card with spreads ranging from 1-6 cards. Will not do love readings.

Please contact me and help me out any way you can.

s appreciated.