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Day 6 of December / Pets / Knit @_Doodle_me_this_ /Wreath /Barbie

I redid the cover art for the Gwathrenost Arc since I tweaked it a bit and I was never happy with the original art. I love their hideous fashion!

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Here is the inked version of the latest piece. Started the colour before I took a picture. My bad. Which aspect of a person do you think is the most dominant in you?

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Quick fanart of the Paski species which comes from the brain housed in the skull of @wyrd66 . While I was perusing their art I had a sudden mental image of some conservative mid level politician raatasira who secretly has this Very Scary obsession with the extinct Takasira subspecies, up to and including a room full of crazy complete with Takasira remains/arifacts/replica clothing/ you really don’t want to know why she has body paint.

So here’s me midnight superquick sketchy fanart! I hope my brain’s vomiting mashup idea wasn’t too terrible. ^^’

O mau Santa passou por aqui…😕 e o Sempalavras tem que ter palavras…A coisa correu tão mal que tive que ir buscar o Natal de 2017.😬….
😏E então este ano lá está novamente o BonecoDENeve aguardar pela chegada do PaiNatal