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Trabalho feito por Doctor Woo na pele de Justin Bieber β€’ Perfil do artista em

Good morning Madsters - Hooray for the weekend... and oh yeah, it's today. Last night was amazeballs, can't wait to see the today. Wishing y'all a peaceful day out there πŸ–‹β˜• /chugging coffee to wake up... /

Apologies for the lack of activity after inktober, deadlines for University we coming in fast. Here is a painting that I did for a final submission. 😁

Downside/Upside: Lost half a bottle of ink, spilled it directly into a paper towel. Lesson? Don't be a knucklehead like me, keep a clear workspace people!

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fredy holzer por fredy holzer


Here’s the stickers I made from those ink drawings!

These are going to be little free gifts for people who spend £10 or over on my etsy. I had been using the leftover mhw and corvid stickers but they’ve ran out. And I wanted to make something more general as a free gift. Plus I’ve had this transparent sticker paper for ages and I’ve been wanting to use it for something special.

These are hand cut stickers from a home printer and aren’t archival or waterproof, so just be gentle with them. Its just a little extra to say thanks!


Oh deer! 🦌🦌🦌🦌
Have a nice Weekend!
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#kwolff_art (hier: Hofheim In Taunus, Hessen, Germany)

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These are the concepts for the au i have been working on with @thebluescreenofdespair

This is an AU we call delta99. This au was inspired loosely by brooklin99 (tv show) and is basically a police vs criminal au but with the au travellers vs anti sans’. (so original i know)

i know this kind of thing has been done before but this is our version. Here’s a quick overview.

Dream is a police detective that works under Ink but is highly respected at the station.

Error and Ink (INK ERROR SHIPPERS DONT KILL ME) Error and ink are twin brothers in this au. This is for story telling reasons and character development. The two of them have vitiligo with error having it more on his face and ink having it more on his body. This au starts off after Error is released from jail so his personality and role is along the lines of a reformed error.

(also im not really happy with Error’s design so it’s likely gonna change it)

Fresh leads a double life. One day he’s a youth preacher and the next he works as a privet detective. He’s kind of a neutral character.

Core is a prison psychologist who also runs a group for ex-prisoners to help them re-enter society.

Dust (which isn’t his real name) comes from a ruff part of the city. He’s very quick with a knife and not scared of drawing blood. Works as a member of nightmare’s inner circle.

hope you like these guys. There are more characters which will be designed and posted if you guys want to see more.