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The variety of available resins is creating endless possibilities. Start your product design discussion with this materials page:

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Elite Technology helps the improve fuel efficiency and value. How do we do it? Our innovative plastic process produces lightweight, low-cost, high-performance components.

is of many advantages including fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation. variety of colors, the size can be from large to small, and the size of the product is accurate.

The vacuum negative pressure technology provided by is enabling us to provide innovative solutions for our customers around the world! Find out how we deliver high-quality products while driving down production time and costs 👇

Want to know how 3D printed conformal cooling in injection molds benefits your business? This quick video gives you some clues

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Ah! , 25 years was my tour in and still can smell the . Sure won't miss chasing flow lines, burn marks and shifting cores on our thin wall bin made on a 1000 ton Mitts!

Need a quick reference to better understand the best materials available for your complex plastic part? Download the High Temperature Plastic Guide!

of Plastic Car Interior Air Conditioning Outlet. 👍👍 Welcome to visit our factory/website for more details. Any interest, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Another End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) plate made by us complete with adjustable suction cups, car cutters and side pusher plates.

Check out this great article from in the latest issue of on and our leadership in Industry 4.0 in the plastics industry!

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Rattan baby stool mold - Eiffel Mould

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Roto-a-Matic retro vending machine injection molds toys while you wait (video)


The advent of 3D printing is most certainly upon us, and its helped injection molding make the crucial transition from dated tech to a retro novelty. The Roto-a-Matic has recently gone live in toy maker Rotofugi’s store in Chicago, and will create a polyethylene plastic figurine for you in under a minute, provided you feed it a token. Rotofugi and product design company Squibbles INK have given the vintage Mold-a-Rama vending machine a new lease of life, and now they are looking for artists to contribute designs for future molds. Currently a one-eyed dragon designed by sculptor Tim Biskup is on offer for Chicago-based hipsters, but for the wind-averse, a token-to-toy video demo resides beyond the fold.

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