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Hōt ċ̣hật with me.😜 I'm hẹrĕ ➡

Searching for Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and Australia 🇦🇺 on the world map by placing the first letter of our names where we think they are 🤔 🌍

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#happy Friyay!!!
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Antique Inspired Initial Necklaces
For just $8.50 These necklace are "Made By Miranda" for Miranda's Paparazzi Style, LLC. They are made to order. You can choose between Antique Bro…

For just $8.50
These necklace are “Made By Miranda” for Miranda’s Paparazzi Style, LLC. They are made to order. You can choose between Antique Bronze and Antique Silver Necklaces. You can chose the Oval Decorative Pendant or The Round Plain Pendant. These are one initial only pendants and you may chose upper case and lower case intials in Black, SIlver or Gold and you may choose a black background as shown in the picture. You will have to message me certain details including Initials and background color. Etsy needs more option for personalization.


Happy Friyay!!!!
#initials #handmade #giftideas #fashion #ootd #monogram #personalised #christmas #gift #style #jewelry #giftsforher #silver #gifts #luxury #supportsmallbusiness #customgifts #leather #personalised#shopsmall #christmasgifts #gold #embroidery

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Panel in my head #5
  • me 1: raindrops and roses
  • me 2: and whiskers on kittens
  • anxious me: um..guys?
  • me 3: Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
  • all mes: *because it's the only lyric we know without looking it up* brown paper packages tied up in strings
  • anxious me: wtf
  • all me: these are a few of my favourite things
  • doot doot doot doot doot doot
  • me 4: have no more boyfriend to bother us dearly
  • me 5: we'll have to make sure that he understands clearly
  • me 6: music and friendships and new beginnings
  • all mes: these are a few of my favourite things
  • anxious me: did you really come up with all those lyrics? wtf.
  • me 3: it's stuck in her head what do you want us to d-

Back when my sisters would tease me about having friends of a different gender, about how we would get “maaAAaaRriEd oOooOOo,” I was friends with this dude who’s last name started with an A. (We’re still friends rn) But, then. I thought, what if I did marry him? Because it would make my full initials AAA. I would wonder what it would be like to have that as my legal initials. To be asked what my initials were and for me to be able to simply scream in response.


Very old university por Kim


What’s your #Initials? #FloodedBlockLetters 💎💎☝🏾
• Made by @seattlegoldgrills via #FredTheJeweler (at Seattle Gold Grills)

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