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Rapport Occurs When There Is A Common Ground Between "Our" Beliefs and Values!

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Technology matures by creating more linkages with other technologies. Here's a new from the team which maps out over 1,000 Asia/Pacific partnerships and how technologies in this space are collectively evolving:

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Estimated number of islands by country - Sweden really ran away with it.

Infographic Recreation

Original Version

My recreation| Data Visualisation

I enjoyed recreating this piece of data as it was rewarding exploring how data can be recreated and portrayed so simply. It wasn’t particularly challenging to create this piece, however it is not pixel perfect to the original. Data like this is recognisable to myself as it is used in a large amount of applications used on a day to day basis, such as the ‘health’ app on the iPhone or the apple FitBit app.

This is an example of a data visualisation being used in a similar way. The Graph above shows the user their average steps taken both in figures and on a visual graph, making the information more tangible. I also think that this method of displaying information makes the user more likely to continue pushing themselves as it makes their fitness journey fun and interactive.