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New Review - C‐reactive protein for diagnosing late‐onset infection in infants 20 studies with 1615 infants, "Measuring the blood level of CRP is not sufficiently accurate to help early diagnosis of infection in newborn ."

Question of the day – Season 63 Day 2/14 Category: What is the name of the subspeciality of that deals with of ? Read the question on the photo

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Exclusive: Woobo, the Cuddly Companion Robot for Kids!

Woobo Inc is created by a small team of graduates from MIT and Carnegie Mellon, Woobo quickly becomes an engaging, educational playmate for kids and a helping hand for parents.

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At Kiddie Academy, we understand that infants are constantly learning. Every time they hear a new sound, they want to know where the sound came from. When they look in a mirror, they want to know who is staring back at them. With our New Beginnings curriculum, infants learn these skills and many others throughout the day as they play and develop.

Afterwards you had that drunk, drugged look
my daughter used to get, when she had let go
of my nipple, her mouth gone slack and her eyes  
turned vague and filmy, as though behind them  
the milk was rising up to fill her
whole head, that would loll on the small
white stalk of her neck so I would have to hold her  
closer, amazed at the sheer power
of satiety, which was nothing like the needing
to be fed, the wild flailing and crying until she fastened  
herself to me and made the seal tight
between us, and sucked, drawing the liquid down  
and out of my body; no, this was the crowning
moment, this giving of herself, knowing
she could show me how helpless
she was—that’s what I saw, that night when you  
pulled your mouth from mine and
leaned back against a chain-link fence,
in front of a burned-out church: a man
who was going to be that vulnerable,
that easy and impossible to hurt.

Kim Addonizio, First Kiss

Since Emil was born with low blood sugar and my medication won’t be good for breast milk, he needs to eat formula. Any money on my Patreon will be used to buy his formula and I’ll probably set up a wishlist with the formula if anyone wants to buy it for him.


Was this true for your baby?

Would anyone be interested in a breastfeeding blog?

It’s more for those of us with small (A cup and smaller) breasts. It will be “NSFW” because I’ll post pics of my breasts and breastfeeding my newborn. The content would mostly be

·ramblings and open thoughts about breast feeding with small breasts

·what positions work best

·pain management

·latch help/problem solving

·recipes and fun stuff for breastfeeding parents

·occasional mom/pregnancy/infant topics that are more centered for parents that are, like me, smaller than the average petite size.

Of course I’d like to start a community of support for those of us that..well.. Just dont have boobs. So every post would be completely open for discussions and questions.


Our infant room teachers provide the babies with lots of love and affection, music, and plenty of toys to play with to ensure that they can enjoy the day. All infants are held to receive their bottles, and a daily record is kept of your child’s feedings, diaper changes, naps, and overall activities.

Oh my goodness, it’s gone now but a friend showed me a picture a couple days ago of this infant baby, and OMG, it was so hideous! Moreso than babies normally are. It was, in fact, a face not even a mother could love. Looks like a Shar Pei had sex with an orangutan and the resulting child was born on top of the Ugly Tree and hit every single branch on the way down. Then the tree fell on it. Then lightning struck it.