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Ballem? Un interessant article sobre els beneficis de la dansa per als infants.

🏒 L'Ajuntament de Lleida s'ha posat mans a la feina per a promoure l'acolliment d' . Des d'Intress ho valorem enormement i som a primera fila per a poder-hi contribuir. Pots llegir tota la πŸ“° fent clic aquΓ­ πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰

πŸ‘£ Safer Sleep Week messages vital as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome rises via @Sheffield Newsroom | Sheffield City Council

FAQ: What HAPPENS with the SURPLUS stuff? HY-Swap donates to three different charities that provide services to families in need. Some off-season items are held for the next swap.

The and were at yesterday’s Network of Infant Toddler Researchers (NitR). The meeting preceded this year's to bring together researchers with a focus on the important developmental period of and .

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It's great training up so many to deliver the vaccine to children and ! Super service!!

Across parties, all agree that the state should ensure that and have well-educated and compensated with the skills needed to support healthy development. Learn more:

Donations are rolling in! Don't forget, the LAST day to donate is THIS Sunday, March 24th!!! Email for locations.

We're answering six of the most common questions asked about vaccines for babies - from why do we start vaccines so early to how are they monitored for safety. Get the facts here:

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Unknown child, Sweden.

JRs Boutique 2019

JRs Boutique / Consignment Store, is a store geared towards children from various ages bringing affordable clothing convienetly to parents online. The store is undergoing construction and is currently looking for children’s clothing wholesalers and more inventory. Open to new tips on launching an online store and entrepreneurial tips as well. JRs will be launched January 2020!!!

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😚 samm what are u doin!

     she  isn’t  entirely  sure  what  she’d  been     expecting     ,  but  it  certainly ,  for  sure  wasn’t   that   .     every  molecule  of  her  body  freezes  at  the  contact ,  a   blush   blooming  quickly   –   starting  from  where  she  was     kissed     and  blossoming  outwards  .          “   w-what  was   that   for ,  sammy  ?  ”