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Let me get this sorted out. comes out to so , & go to full on to instead of letting loving people adopt. This proves that they only care because they want the right to murder people!

The children did a fabulous job this afternoon practicing different body parts by going to the doctor. The 5 little monkeys song was also a hit 🙂


Let's face blood flow and left ventricle output in with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy during whole body and after rewarming! New study available here ➡️

Children’s summer clothing awaits! First time walk-in visits are Mon.-Thurs. from 9:30am-2:30pm!

Does your child have ear issues? 👂 If they are tugging on their ears plenty of times in a day, there might be something bothering them. Here are very useful tips on how to handle earwax or ear issues. 😊

Fascinating talk about and effects in infants and children by dr. Vase Toft from Denmark. Liked this quote “Placebo works, even if the patient knows it’s inactive.”

It is poster day ! Come to poster 1-42 to learn more about our hybrid type 1 implementation study on & in .

Recordeu-vos sovint on sou .El món no se'n oblida.Darrera setmana de feina. .

"AAIMH is a national organisation of professionals from many fields who work with infants, young children and their families." - Australian Association for Infant Mental Health

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Starting Your Eczema Baby on Solids!

Remember to feed only pure food at each time. Avoid packaged food because it may contain a complex profile of many other ingredients that can also be potential triggers.
Mixed foods containing various food allergens should also not be given unless tolerance to each and every ingredient has been assessed.
On a positive note, if you have performed the food introduction to your eczema baby properly, you can easily figure out their eczema food triggers and allergens through oral challenge test when they are just starting out with basic food – the direct opposite of a more complicated diet and environmental exposure seen in an older child.


Top [23] BANNED Baby Names



One of the most terrifying things is when an infant starts crying and there’s this extended period of them just. Not. Inhaling.

Just this baby trembling with their little face all screwed up in a grimace that’s not making any noise because they already used up the air in their tiny little lungs and you’re just like

“Inhale…please inhale…for the love of God inhale!”

And then they do and you feel this overwhelming sense of relief as they scream and you’re just like, “Good job breathing, tiny human. Good job.”


sch15 by Rob Jennings
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This card was very faded and the images were almost invisible. I have managed to get some of the content back but still very poor in the background. Judging by the blackboard on the floor this is Christ Church School - Group 5.

Cartilage is a form of connective tissue in which the ground substance is abundant and of a firmly gelated consistency that endows this tissue with unusual rigidity and resistance to compression. 

The cells of cartilage, called chondrocytes, are isolated in small lacunae within the matrix. Although cartilage is avascular, gaseous metabolites and nutrients can diffuse through the aqueous phase of the gel-like matrix to reach the cells. Cartilage is enclosed by the perichondrium, a dense fibrous layer lined by cells that have the capacity to secrete hyaline matrix.

Cartilage grows by formation of additional matrix and incorporation of new cells from the inner chondrogenic layer of the perichondrium. In addition, the young chondrocytes retain the capacity to divide even after they become isolated in lacunae within the matrix. 

The daughter cells of these divisions secrete new matrix between them and move apart in separate lacunae. The capacity of cartilage for both appositional and interstitial growth makes it a favourable material for the skeleton of the rapidly growing embryo. The cartilaginous skeletal elements present in fetal life are subsequently replaced by bone.

Headcanon: Infants

Angels are surprisingly cruel to their offspring. It has already been stated (in a previous headcanon) that there is one unified gender for angels, having both male and female reproductive organs, they tend not to mate for life, due to being immortal. Satan was displeased by the fact that angels would abandon their young to fend for themselves, if they came back they were deemed capable of living. If they didn’t than they weren’t worth serving in God’s army. Lucifer, who is quite fond of children, sympathizing with them, hated this fact. He also hated the fact that due to his position as God’s most beautiful and finest angel he never got the opportunity to love, not that he was the type to be a serial lover to begin with.

Satan disagreed with the idea of mating at random and not having feelings for your partner. He also disagreed with not allowing a child a chance and establishing an actual society in Heaven. All of this fueled his desire for rebellion just a bit more as the demons were simply the straw that broke the camel’s back.


One Month Old Dead Because Dad Was Losing On His Video Game #blackpeople #blackpeoplebelike #infants #baby #blackbabies #blackbabiesrock #blackfathersmatter #blackfathers

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El mNACTEC de Terrassa obre un espai de ciència permanent, adreçat als infants, perquè experimentin i descobreixin a través d'activitats pensades per a ells, el que ens ensenya la ciència. Podreu veure al vídeo a Montserrat Pedreira de Uvic.

L’ infant
és fet de cent.
L’ infant té
cent llengües
cent mans
cent pensaments
cent maneres de pensar
de jugar i de parlar
cent, sempre cent
maneres d’ escoltar
de sorprendre, d’ estimar
cent alegries
per cantar i comprendre
cent maneres
de descobrir
cent maneres
d’ inventar
cent maneres
de somiar.(…)
—  Els 100 llenguatges dels infants. Loris Malaguzzi
'What the Heck!' South Korean Babies Born On December 31st Become 2-Year-Olds the Next Day

‘What the Heck!’ South Korean Babies Born On December 31st Become 2-Year-Olds the Next Day

External image

External image

In this April 9, 2019, photo, Lee Dong Kil’s daughter Lee Yoon Seol sits to celebrate her the 100th day of the birth at Lee’s house in Daejeon, South Korea. Just two hours after Lee’s daughter was born on New Year’s Eve, the clock struck midnight, 2019 was ushered in, and the infant became 2-years-old. She wasn’t alone, though it happened for her quicker than most: Every baby born in South Korea…

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