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Find out which foods are as part of a meal or snack in the

We know that your baby loves the familiar soothing sound of your voice, so we remastered our Video Baby Monitor with superior 2-way talk-back technology.

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Happy Hour Is Over

Happy Hour Is Over
By Jeremy Aiyadurai, © 2018
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Early Childhood - Parts of the Flower 🌻

This simple, yet effective, lesson on the parts of a flower is a lovely way to introduce a young child to scientific study and observation. The child begins to learn the physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of the plant and the role it plays on earth. This study can start simply and then, as the child matures, it can be repeated in more detail. 

Baby Inflatable Swimming Ring - Safety Infant Swim Trainer – LIMBA-TRENDS

Baby Swimming Ring. Introduce water time to your baby in a safe and secure way. Designed with your baby’s safety as our main priority. Different from traditional baby swimming rings, our baby body float is equipped with a comfortable backrest, inflatable chest & buckles for extra safety. The baby body float will br

Here’s the Simpsons Family as babies from a couch gag from S18E11 (Revenge is A Best Dish Served 3 Times) for 30th Anniversary celebration. Happy half not so belated and half super early birthday, Simpsons. D’OH!!!🍩🍩

Bonus: as Maggie is now a newborn

Early Childhood - Dressing Frames

Being able to dress and undress oneself is one of the major steps to independence. To help children learn how to dress and undress themselves, we provide frames on which all the different kinds of clothes fasteners can be found. It is very difficult to practice buttoning your coat buttons when you are wearing the coat, but if you have a frame with the buttons on the table, you can see the buttonholes; you can practice on the frame and when you learn to do them on the frame, it is not so difficult to do them on your own coat.

Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow - Newborn Infant Anti Roll Pillow – LIMBA-TRENDS

Flat head syndrome is a real pain and occurs very commonly when babies sleep on their back leading to a dent in their skull. This miraculous Anti Flat Head Pillow will prevent this from happening. Material: CottonPackage Weight: 0.049kgPackage Size: 12cm x 17cm x 19cm ✅Highly recommended by paediatricians and clinics a