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Hoping this weekend dredges up some fun and opportunities for you all. Have a good one! . . . . .

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is a Professional’s ! 👨‍💻 LinkedIn is a popular network among professionals. They exchange various ideas on and profession.Also, share an inside look at their and culture,in a somewhat professional and sophisticated manner

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With the ever changing and evolving beauty and cosmetic industry here are the aesthetic treatment trends that will be big for 2020 !! &salonstaff

~~~ FLOODING ~~~~ SEWAGE ~~~~ DRAINAGE ~~~ Is this how you think, perceive, visualize your neighborhood ? It should be, it's wet , flat, with lots of clay underneath !!!

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The aeronautical sector requires Mexican companies with high added value. promotes the formation of specialized capital and Innovation Centers in Aeronautics. Note in Spanish attached.

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Some cities are monitoring the with regulation, but homeowners might still be nervous about inviting guests into their homes. Our Merilee Karr was in the speaking about setting high in the industry 👉

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Abi Roach leaving HotBox after 20 years, Friendly Stranger is taking over

like most major cities has ‘industry pockets’. When selecting a home for your , aside from price and convenience, you should consider the and if it ‘fits’ with your . Find the perfect location for you here

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