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, un beau pays très soucieux du développement durable et partenaire potentiel pour notre pays dans les domaines , , & .Vive le ouvert sur le monde

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Specific face a lot of problems due to the very nature of mineral extraction in handling plants of powder houses, plants etc. Can be mixed with plain water in a ratio of 1:1000 to 1:2000 for application.

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Honestly about everything… today was a superbad day to me. An untrusted employer. Used tons of excuse not answer my question.sound very shady in alot of ways. Humans dont know they are the main problem children access internet learn tons of vulgarity from the “celebrity” which are next to useless. Instead of good influence. They gave the next generation turn rogue. Global warming too. Aeroplane machines you named it. Somemore want to be more advance. You see this is where all the problem comes in. I have done my ranting. Good byee !!

They bitch about millennials being the generation of participation trophies but what I want to know is who tf were the ones who gave us those trophies? Ya’ll boomers were., You boomers hate us just for existing and apparently we are so powerful we can kill all sorts of industries while at the same time you call us lazy, which is it? Are we lazy or are we murderers?

So about this article on the problems with the animation industry, I think the reason I really dig is that it’s not just in-depth but it also brings up one of the problems I have with dudes in fandom.

I don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum but when guys are in any fandom, they have to make it horny somehow. That is why the MLP fandom because such a nightmare and why I ended up leaving. There was porn of every single character. Literally. From main characters to backgrounders who didn’t even have a single line, there was porn drawn of everyone. And whenever people said, “Hey, maybe we should tone it down.” they got attacked. The girl who got Molestia shut down was doxxed and harassed.

And this is still a problem. There are male fans who enjoy cartoons and content made of kids yet they can’t interact with these fandoms without being horny. Why? Not everything has to be sexual. And if you want to be horny, why not stick to things made for adults? It’s not that hard.

Honestly, I recommend reading the article. It’s a good read.