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Vini “colti”.

Thinking about a new kitchen or bedroom. Something a little different? Pop down to our showroom and visit our friendly team. We are open Monday to Friday 9-5pm and Saturday 10-4pm.

"Eco-Friendly Planters" by Travis Koss; Chicago, Illinois, United States

Coffee and Doom, that’s how my mornings were looking in 90s, in these student days. Well, in a little less fancy interior...

Our technology enables you to assemble profile structures for medium to heavy loads without additional machining - many potential application options and simple

Usability problem: when the buttons to select a service (vacuum vs air) are positioned in reverse order of the actual tools, making mistakes almost inevitable

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Trapezoid Legs - Narrowing - 1" x 2" Steel Channel- for low tables and cabinets or benches - 4-14" tall.

For just $118.00
1" x 2" Channel legs, made of hot rolled steel - bottom is 2" flat stock, top is 3" flat stock with 6 holes drilled for screws/bolts. They are available in different heights ranging from 4" to 14" Pictured is the 8" leg - the top will be 15" wide for all height variations, and the bottom will be approx 12-¼" wide - the angle of the channel is adjusted to suit the height requested. These are best suited to be used in the shorter heights as cabinet legs, but, they can be used for wider benches and such, too. Listing is for 2 legs only. Comes raw, clear coated or flat black. Need something custom? Let us know!