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When watering , don’t let water accumulate inside the . It will shorten their bloom time. ’s weekly and are posted!

Check out these kids from Tree House Family Resource Center in Bonne Bay North and their huge lettuce harvest! Now they're going to try out peas in their system; can't wait to see it!

Gutted that my pitcher, Mr. Pitchy, has gone to plant heaven. My VFT, Mr. Chompy (I'm not a creative person) is kicking butt though & the sundew are taking over the house.

Need a little heat for your winter snacks? You can grow some jalapeno peppers in your SucSeed unit and get the seeds right from us! Follow the link here to start on your hot hot peps:

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Indoor Herb Garden What do you think about this idea? Would you like to have this in your kitchen?

Another winter vegetable - brussels sprouts! Fun fact: frost can actually improve their flavor! To get started on brussels sprouts for your grow unit, follow this link:

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Bought a blue hyacinth at Aldis of all places. A few days later and she’s growing beautifully.


🙏🌳🙏 Forgive me for the summer time (complete with sundress) tease 😆. But I want to give you an update on my little pots of hellebores. I’m planning tomorrow to pot up even more of these little late winter darlings. I’m thinking about hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner party, and giving these away as little ❤️ gifts. Plus, I am going to start feeding them with a regular diet of @espomaorganic liquid Bloom to give them a bit of floral encouragement. So, this week’s WHY NOT TRY? Tiny pots of seedling hellebores. What say you?
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My little harvest from 2018

Homegrown, harvested & dried basil, parsley, mint, bay leaves, thyme & poppy seeds

As well as my avocado seed that’s sprouting last year,

This year I have a lot of seeds I intend on planting. This is all new to me so super excited about how well they’ve done this year.

Feeling very green fingered

Say hello to my small, but growing peperomia family! I love them for their thick, succulent-like leaves and beautiful foliage. Starting from the top left, I have a couple pilea peperomioides which have been probably the more difficult plants hat I have kept. The bigger pilea is doing much happier and sturdier, while the small baby one has been on the struggle bus a little bit. They seem to be hyper-sensitive to overwatering and too much sunlight, so I’m trying to find the right balance for the young, delicate leaves of the baby pilea. To the right of it is my peperomia hope, which is absolutely gorgeous and has super thick, coin like leaves. It’s growing new leaves and doing super happy! The peperomia obtusifolia currently propagating in water is a cutting I took from work. As soon as I saw it, I immediately fell in love with its thick, waxy leaves!

The emerald ripple peperomia on the bottom right was a plant I got in October. I literally got it in a 2.5 inch pot, super tiny. Since then, it’s grown several new leaves, and loves being misted every day. Finally, the parallel peperomia plants are also cuttings from a friend that I stuck directly into soil. I have had it for around a month now, and I finally saw some new growth happening yesterday which is very exciting. These leaves feel almost feel like cardboard, which is so interesting.

Peperomias are getting super popular, and it’s many people’s favorite plant family, for a good reason! Will update again.

Jackfruit Seedlings update! They’re going strong, the first pic was from Nov. 21st, and the second is from Dec. 28th. I pinched one, as you can see, and it’s got little branch buds now- it’ll be interesting to see how that one develops. I’m thinking that I’ll need to transplant soon. I didn’t expect them all to sprout when I planted them, so it’s a bit crowded.


Transplanted my peppers indoors

[Image description: a small sapling is shown, with a total of four leaves. The sapling itself is about 6 inches tall, and it’s largest leaf has formed the characteristic violin shape. Which actually looks more like the silhouette of an upside down per with a very narrow neck.]

Look at what I got for $4! It was 50% off, and it has a lot of growing to do, but I’ve wanted a fiddle leaf fig for a long time.

Now to baby it, because I hear a lot of people struggle with them. They apparently want bright light and high humidity, so that’s what I’ll give it.

[Image description:  two photographs, each a closeup of a chunk of Monstera deliciosa stem. In the first image, if you look closely, you can see the top tip of a green shoot starting to emerge from the soil; it is at most half a centimeter tall. In the second image, the same shoot has grown into a tightly furled leaf, approximately 5 centimeters tall.]

Well, hello there my little friend!

Behold, five days of growth! Bringing forth a bit of joy in these dark damp days of winter.

[Image description: close up of a growth tip of a ‘Fuzzy Bunny Ears’ Tradescantia, aka, inch plant. It’s leaves are a purple-ish green hue, and covered in short, scraggly white hairs, giving it a fuzzy appearance.]

'Fuzzy Bunny Ears’ Tradescantia, one of my favorites, though it doesn’t feel as soft and fuzzy as it looks. I do enjoy that slight purplish tint. I started this one from a cutting trade made through the mail. It’s been a bit slow to establish, but that’s to be expected as it’s the winter here. I expect it’ll really take off in the summer.