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Eureka moment with a solution for a major issue I had w/ the physics engine for 💡🕺 Even the moody has now a big smile on his face 😁

A little bit of work done every day, even small updates. Here's the start of my inventory system I'm working on.

Have you ever thought "I want to play a platformer game but in on my phone, but very beary?" Then this game is for you! Its called I had alot of fun! Thanks for watching!

When what you're working on in your game is going really well.

Four terrifying episodes of occult and otherworldly horror inviting you to investigate Victorian England's deepest, darkest secret. But The Last Door: Collector's Edition on store and save 50%

Animus Card Game Spotlight: Hua Mulan – A secret operative sabotaging the tyrannical rule of an oppressive government corporation. Illustrated by Nivea Toliver

A sassy walk cycle as pixel practice... Not quite satisfied with the head, but I'm working on it. 🐓

Animus Card Game Spotlight: Crocella, The Languid – Demon of Sloth: she hypnotizes prey with her glowing antennae until they get close enough to devour them.

Do you want to find us at so you can play and our other games? Then we've got you! We're at booth #11204 this whole weekend! Just check out our handy map.

Do you want to find us at so you can play and our other games? Then we've got you! We're at booth #11204 this whole weekend! Just check out our handy map.

Do you want to find us at so you can play ? Then we've got you! We're at booth #11204 this whole weekend! Just check out our handy map.

Do you want to find us at so you can play and our other games? Then we've got you! We're at booth #11204 this whole weekend! Just check out our handy map.

Back when gaming studios actually gave away cool stuff with their premium editions

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I’m working on many in-game rewards that you can unlock through loot chests! The Phaser 3 sticker is a placeholder for now.

Day 52-54 - Title Scream

17th January 2019


I tried to heal a bit for the past weeks and ran some errands I postponed to January. Since Tuesday I’ve working on the prologue again. Time really helps to detect the cringe (ノ~o~)ノ

I realized that I needed a longer break but tomorrow is the deadline for the “Deutscher Computerspielepreis” (German computer games award) and I just wanted to try my luck and enter Mirrorboy for the junior’s protoype category. I’m not used to putting my work out there, except for online uploads, but I Mirrorboy has some pretty important themes for me and I hope it will help some people when its out. I can’t spoil anything here though. But I’ll drop some hints here and there in the future. (ノ゜▽゜)

Thuuus, I began making a title screen. And OH BOY. I’m definitely not a graphic designer. (I NEEDED TWO WHOLE DAYS TO DECIDE ON THE FONT lol, I don’t know how pros do it eh) But it’s okay as a prototypical screen I think. Tumblr is a little weird when I want to upload a .GIF so you won’t see the little animation here. And apropos .GIF. I posted a .GIF way back once on this blog. It was the screenshot with the space-like background. One is able to right-click to play it but I don’t think people saw what was hidden there. The post title was “Mysterious Boi” because I introduced a new character haha. I’ll just drop him here now.

Have a good week!


Where are bluegreen, blue, purple tiles? Did you remember them in that order?

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What’s up blog. Freedom2Fight here. Was testing the new, smarter camera.

Previously, it only knew to lock-on on a specific player instance. If the instance were to be destroyed, the game would crash.

This is all in preparation for being able to switch between the 3 protagonists seamlessly.


It looks like Equaland will be available on Google Play sooner than we expected! We will share the big news as soon as it happens! 😆

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I decided to add damage display numbers when you hit an enemy. Do you think this works in this type of game or should I remove it? #doomsdayclock #ninjajamesroberts #njr #ninja #manga #anime #drawing #action #adventure #localartist #comics #videogames #gamer #console #indie #indiecomics #indiedev #gamedev #gaming #art #artist #pc #artistsoninstagram #traditionalart #digitalart #illustrationartists #originalcharacter #characterdesign

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Working on the story manager when suddenly…is that a hot dog vendor in the detectives’ offices? 😂🌭

This week I’ve been working on what I call the “story manager.” Essentially, it keeps track of your main mission and other side stories that you may have found. Whenever an action is performed, it checks to see if it applies to any of the missions. If it does, it triggers an action, such as begin a conversation, add an NPC to a map, or begin playing music. The visual representation of this is the Notes app, where Erik can check on the progress of each story.


Equaland 2 is a number puzzle
All you need to do is make all hexatiles have the same number. If you did, you’ll see one of these. 😆

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Writing Update 01

Hey guys! Averxy here!

So today I’ve been working on one of the character routes, and it’s done! It’s at around 10,500 words. From here I have to write the endings, and after that it’s just editing! This means that in the next few days I’ll be working on the other route, which has a lot of work left that needs to be done.

Minyan and I have also decided on adding animation to the backgrounds! Just a few small things here and there to really bring the world to life. This game isn’t huge, but we want there to be a lot of small, nice features to make it great.

So, all in all, here’s my task list for the next week:

  • Write the endings for the completed route, then edit it
  • Continue writing the other characters route

This is basically what my tasks are going to be from here on out, but those are the two specific things I’m going to be focusing on.

Wish me luck! See you next week!

“Did you hear that?”

“I didn’t—”

Suddenly I hear soft foot falls, though neither of us are moving.

Her voice drops to a whisper. “We aren’t alone.”

“Do you think it’s—”