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"We need not take refuge in supernatural gods to explain our saints and sages and heroes and statesmen, as if to explain our disbelief that mere unaided human beings could be that good or wise."~Abraham Maslow

Jamestown peeps! I am going to be in your neck of the woods today. If you want me to write you a poem, come on down to Labyrinth between noon-2pm. Enjoy the arts fest while there, too. :)

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Some things I’ve been struggling with this week lol Can anyone else relate?


There’s a feeling that I can’t seem to shake. I’ve never felt it with him before, or with anyone for that matter. I’ve never let anyone close enough for it to get this far. I’ve always chosen to live in my head when it came to relationships. To hold people at a distance and keep them in a place where I can be in control. 

But I’ve let him in and now here I go trying to fuck up a good thing. That must be what I’m doing right? Or I wouldn’t feel so damn guilty over it, would I? 

Every conversation since he left ends in closed mouth grimaces, with words getting caught in the back of my throat, and the occasional release of a quiet “I don’t know”. 

These are met with claims that I’m in a bad mood, that I hate him, and that I’m being difficult. 

Que the joke one of us makes about us breaking up.  

What is this? It’s like I’m reciting a play about two people I don’t know or even recognize. This is not us. These are not mid-twenties players that joked, made each other laugh after hard days, and answered the other person thoughtfully, present. 

Space could be good. My mind is urging me to take a step back. Maybe then I can put the pieces together and just maybe,

I can make him miss me enough to open up. 


Heading down to the south for an adventure! I’ll still be posting here, but my early Adventuring Authoress donors get access to my private travel account @adventuringauthoress1 where they’re the first to see my largely exclusive (currently my SDCC) content. Join the fun via the link in my profile. ✈️

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Do you believe in miracles? The people of Astquary certainly do. At least, they believe in Herel’s miracles, even when they -do- seem an awful lot like magic. But what is there to doubt about a boy with strange powers? Who can heal himself of the poisonous kiss of vipers? A boy who calls himself the son of the almighty Dartos?

More than the people of Astquary would think.


The Gods Have No Children, Book Two of the Godskeep Trilogy, is coming this October. Haven’t read book one? Fear not, it’s available to download for free:


Happy Reading, and may the Chosen Son give you strength.

Art by the lovely Jen Mitchell @spring-forth-from-my-mind

The Four Agreements is one of the best books I’ve ever read.
I gave my copy to a friend a while ago and should pick up another.

Some days, it’s difficult to practice the second; Don’t take anything personally. Most days, I manage it. However, some moments are challenging.
I try to focus my energy and emotions into creative pursuits, but often times feel disappointed in the results. Nevertheless, I focus on the process, which brings me joy. I’m terrified, yet still hopeful.
Happiness and pain aren’t always a product of more significant moments in life. Often times they’re the little things that build you up or break you down. A collage of experiences, woven into the fabric of our psyches.
Expectations and ego are often tricky things to manage.
What we get vs. what we think we’re owed.
I try to pour my energy into efforts I think will bring happiness to myself and others. With no expectation of results. However, there are still moments of pain as I scream into a proverbial void of indifference.


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I haven’t posted many videos here, so here’s one. A BTS from the photoshoot for my story “The Sweet Scent of Satin”. I’m not what you’d call very subtle when it comes to picking a title for my stories, lol.

You can find my stories at my bookstore,

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