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Here's an overall look of the level of Knight's Guard. The city has been taken over by the undead and it's up to you and your friends to save it. Knight's Guard Demo available now on Itch

Creatura Update 0.6 is live! Biomes, full new tier of animals, new Vivarium tab and new customizations. Create and evolve unique aquariums, using real DNA and science!

Wow... So I forgot to post stuff about the game project for a looooong time 😅. Well, the game is pretty much ready and will be published on gamejolt in a couple of days!

FINAL SPECTRUM's old character select screen. These were actually two of the very first drawings I made of Aila and Bennic.

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Supreme Courtship: Comedy, Adventure, JUSTICE!
Order in the Court! This comedy visual novel puts YOU on the Supreme Court! Befriend the Justices, argue cases, and solve a mystery!



Please give it some love. My partner and I are low key losing our minds trying to promote our tiny indie game that is trying to make the world (or at least America) a more positive and educated place. 

If you like: 

- The Supreme Court

- Indie games with heart and soul 

- Comedy ala Phoenix Wright 

- Liberalism 

Then you might just like Supreme Courtship! Check it out on Kickstarter and spread the word. We’re desperately looking for streamers (we have a FREE DEMO) and in general people who can get us in touch with any publications, podcasts or people that can help get our message out there. 

Love you all, and sorry I’ve been such a ghost lately 


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In the latest video of What Remains of Edith Finch, a baby gets waterlogged and a young man has trouble distinguishing reality from fiction. Things are really starting to amp up!

1st Progress Update!

It’s about time we talk a little bit more about the game we’re developing. Most of you have read our blurb about it (if not, it’s in our blog’s description). Here’s an expanded list of features our game will include, as well as the progress we’ve made behind the scenes!

Features of Aperture:System_Override

  • Help Wheatley and GLaDOS work together to get GLaDOS back in charge and Wheatley out of the Mainframe!
  • Point and click your way through 8 unique locations scattered across the digital frontier of Aperture’s Mainframe!
  • Interact with the various Programs and AIs that keep Aperture running!
  • Solve puzzles using items you find on your adventure!
  • Delve into the characters of GLaDOS and Wheatley as they learn to work together throughout their adventure!

The graphics style of Aperture:System_Override will mirror the classic pixelated adventure games of years past. We’re talking lots of areas to explore, animated NPC sprites to interact with, and awesome cutscene animations to watch between levels. We’re super excited about it!

Progress Behind the Scenes

  • We’re constantly working on the storyline, and have 3 of the main scenes already scripted!
  • We’ve got the beginning and endings of the story nailed down too, and are working to fill the rest with meaningful plot points that will provide engaging entertainment as well as purposeful character development.
  • We’ve taken on new artists and are working on finding the look and feel of the game!
  • We’ve been brainstorming the puzzles and interactions that the game will feature!

Also, the image up top is concept art of what Wheatley is going to look like inside the digital world! The bowtie is a special secret! ;)

We’re only 4 months into development, so we still have quite a ways to go. However, we’re putting our hearts and souls into making this a fangame worth playing!

Stay tuned for more exciting details!


It seems like we are just a little fluff of dust in a much bigger world, and the bigger balls of fluff don’t have it much better than us….
How to Make Mobile Games with Phaser 3 | Ep. 18: Game Over Screen
Episode 18: In this episode you will learn how you can launch two Phaser 3 scenes in parallel to create useful overlays such as the Game Over screen. You can...

Episode 18 is DONE! In this episode you will learn how to build a Game Over screen using a secondary Phaser 3 scene as the overlay:

HELP WANTED: Concept Artists & Level Designers

⭐ Have you ever wanted to help develop a video game?

⭐ Are you a fan of Portal/Portal 2?

If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, We Need Your Help!

We’ve been fleshing out concepts for the last 4 months and are now at the point where we need Concept Artists and Level Designers. We are looking for individuals with skills in:

  • Background Art (Static images that make up the game environment)
  • Character Sprites (Animations for different views of the characters)
  • Object Sprites (Non-animated images for things like items)
  • Level Map Design (Mapping out which rooms lead to where)

If you haven’t heard what we at Still Alive Interactive are making, here’s a blurb about the game, Aperture: System_Override:

Using a passing satellite to signal for help, Wheatley accidentally gets zapped into Aperture’s Mainframe! When a glitch in the system misassigns him as Admin and locks GLaDOS out, the unlikely duo must work together to restore balance in the system before it’s too late!

This is a hobby-level project so anyone of any skill level is welcome to contribute! All of us contribute when we have the time; we’re just doing what we can, when we can, and we make sure that everyone has a chance to contribute!

⭐ If you are interested in joining Still Alive Interactive and helping bring this game to life, please message us through our blog @aperture-system-override! Let us know how interested you are and what skills you can offer!

⭐ If you’re not able to help, fear not! You can help simply by sharing and reblogging this post! Someone who follows you might be able to help us!

⭐ You can also follow this blog to get periodical updates on the progress of the game’s development!

We look forward to working with you!

- Still Alive Interactive
NAO CHAN... PLEASE DON'T CRY... | Nurse Love Addiction Part #69
What's wrong, Nao-chan? Why are you crying? You did nothing wrong... Buy Nurse Love Addiction here! ▲

Feel free to poke fun at the fact that this is my first video that’s Part #69 of a let’s play.