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Wow @stevegabry Smash has everyone!

Okay, Listen

So I just finished watching Jacksepticeye play Sally Face and chapter 4 got me bamboozled. But I cant shake the feeling of there being another way to save the people in the apartment.

Notice how Sal didnt want to kill Mrs Packerson when Todd and Larry suggested it. I believe he is a passive person. Why now kill innocent people? I have at the moment a few theories.

1. Addison was lying of there not being another way and the demon or cult was trying to get rid on everyone who suspected them (or Sal was possessed but I dont have evidence for that)

2. Sal didnt want Larry’s death to go in vain. Think about it. Those two were practically brothers (and legally since I’m pretty sure Sal’s dad married Larry’s mom) so they were extremely attached. Two characters with lost love ones who relate to each other. And when Sally found Larry was dead he was devastated. That’s why Sal went through with what was demanded of him. Larry sacrificed his life to take the cult and demon down or he thought it was best like probably Sally did when he killed everyone.

Theres a chance Sal survived the electrocution, I’m sure there are cases or it happening where the voltage wasn’t high enough or malfunctioning in the machine. I dont know, maybe Sally Face is dead but hey

We gonna have to see in Chapter 5. Let me know what you guys think. :)

 A little change of pace today as new sprites are still in the works. Thrilled to unveil this WIP sneak peak of one of our crucial backgrounds, the luxurious Tearoom! A popular common area in the coven where Sanguinaria’s vampires mingle or lounge sideways on couches while bemoaning eternity (hi, Claude👋). 🧐☕️🖤🃏🍵

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[Image Description: Illustration of a decagonal tearoom. Heavy crimson brocade curtains cover the windows on every wall. Lit by a purple flame chandelier, an intricately laid, copper tea service atop a blood red runner is the focal point of the room. Two sumptuous red Victorian chairs sit on either side of the table with a settee in the rear. On opposite walls: a chest of drawers and writing desk; lush flower bouquets top both. A statue raven perched on a branch sits on the wooden chest against the back center wall. An opulent wine red and black carpet sits atop the diamond-checked marble floor.]

The Witness

The Witness is a puzzle game about solving tiles which have variously complicated mazes on them. Oftentimes, the tiles will involve special mechanics such as the path you draw being mirrored on the other side of the tile, or the requirement that you hit certain spots in the maze before tracing the path to the end. Each area of the island The Witness is set on introduces a new mechanic that one uses to solve the puzzles in that area and oftentimes in other areas. Once all the areas of the game are complete, the ending incorporates elements from every area in a true test of the player’s skill.

The true genius of The Witness does not lie in its puzzles, though, as odd as it may sound. After one has completed the game, or perhaps partway through, a player may notice that certain things in the environments are shaped exactly as puzzles. If they are traced in the same way as the tile puzzles, a similarily shaped light comes on upon one of many black obelisks scattered throughout the game. 

Although completing all of the environmental puzzles yields no additional reward, there is a secret ending that is easier to find if the player is use to looking for the paths. This ending is, in fact, hidden in the very start of the game - finding it creates a moment of realization for the player that they have in fact been missing many of the real puzzles despite solving so many tile mazes. This ends up tying into the main themes of The Witness; although there are many set paths and options that are predetermined for us, sometimes following such order so closely causes one to miss the forest for the trees.


The Letter - Horror Visual Novel - Lullaby [Part 43]