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We haven't giving up on Vortex development. We,ve been working hard backstage. and we just got back from a game expo at Birmingham. The grind continues.

Un año más, nos volcaremos con el desarrollo : Games Industry Forum (GIF), Indie Zone, FS Play... Así fue nuestra Industry Area de 2018 en

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The proudest moment in Finally hitting that release button(for our game SUPER RECOILFIGHT, as much as we failed to market it, at all, whatsoever.) Here goes nothing.

Here is the progress for my Impasse Inversion. This is one of the attack from main character. Follow me to get update. The animation might look confusing because the animation happened really fast.

Day 505: Extemely rapid iteration on gameplay. Fixing various loose ends I didn’t tie up before like miscolored explosions, and material casts, etc. Abstracting some last few critical data so that we can bring in... a very special treat! Very, very close... >:-)

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Lightning is a Condition Skill that will lower the armor of all enemies in an area. It only lasts a short time; so take advantage quickly! <-- on Steam

Making progress! Now I have (more or less) an idea of the game topic, so today I design the main charancter and I finish some unfinished weapons! .

Cross the bridges at your own risk! If the opposing team throws a rock at the statue you can take a little time before you air drop back in to think about your mistakes.

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I wanted to draw something relaxing so tiny alien it is.

I never really planned a detail style/anatomy/design for the candy aliens so you could say this is my interpretation, but I might leave them with no strict canon detail design.

Only canon thing about them is that they are small and have a sweet food related to them and that they have multiple legs.

Working on the stamina feature and how it applies to AI.
That bar on the side is my stamina bar (it also matches the stamina of the AI for now) and as it goes down the ai starts to act differently. First they are “Tired” and start walking to their home. Then they are “Drowsy” and sit down and then finally they become “Exhausted” and lay down and sleep. This will restore their stamina. Different AI will react differently depending on their personalities. Some will just sleep wherever, others will return at half stamina others will come back later, some will be drowsy for longer and different characters will have different amounts of stamina. It’s going to be one of the major features as a part of AI personalities - how they interact with their own stamina bar.

As for the player, you will start walking slower, jumping shorter heights, and generally not be in as much control. Resting will restore your stamina but if you stay awake and outside for too long without resting then you will collapse outside and rest but not get your full stamina bar back. Really going to try and encourage players to sleep when they should. (Stamina bar will probably last around 3 full days though, so you dont have to sleep every day) 


UPDATE 5/20/19

We are going through some extreme revision sessions at the moment, but here are some more backgrounds for the game! Would you sleep in this room if you had the chance?


Some GIFS of my master project in game design called


A game about the Japanese culture inspired by Director Hirokaze Kore-eda and some other Japanese films. About a middle-aged woman moving back to her parental house after her mother died. finally opening up to remembering her past and dealing with her grief for her father and now mother as well.

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From the wonderful developers @ddraighouse these special Lunafon: Tales of the Moon Oak pins have been designed and created!

You can get your hands on these beautiful pins and many more awesome goodies by showing your support, leaving a kickstarter pledge and preordering the game by going here:


Wasteland Survival - LETS TRY THIS (Looks Like Fallout..)


These 2 have the birthdays of 2 people from the team. Fun fact: almost all the core team was born on one of the 3 last months of the year.

I am sure someone will comment here “Libra when” or “please do Libra, I NEED it” 🙃

So there you have, all zodiac signs through the MonProm characters.

Soon we will start with the Liam/Coven polaroid and the Polaroid proposed by fans.

At some point we could reveal zodiac signs of more characters. Or we could maybe reveal the specific birthdays of the characters. Dunno.

In the meantime, what about supporting Monster Prom 2’s Kickstarter campaign? Is what all cool kidz are doing these days!
Yay! It's time to have a sleepover! Wait, what are you doing? Why are you taking that off?! Buy A Sun of Salt here! ▲

Set the time per hour to .05 seconds to show this feature, I added a neat little daytime indicator, I have mixed feelings about it - mostly that its not centered on noon, and it feels like daytime is shorter than nighttime. For now it’ll be left as is.
Also, when it hits midnight it updates the day counter. It didn’t do this before but now it does update the players. I’m wanting very minimal ui.

A new game I’m working on!
This is a game about a skateboarding dog that has to take down the local supermarket manager by throwing food at him, all while dodging the trolly boys that are trying to catch him. I made that dog model and skateboard so far and I’m working on modelling the trolly boy characters and the big boss! So far finding it difficult and running into a lot of problems but I’ll keep truckin’.