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Our little birthday girl had her “1st Birthday” photo shoot this weekend BUT before that, we took a family photo!

Masoor Dal Gosht Recipe In / / Masoor Dal Gosht Banane Ka Tarika/ Masoor Dal Gosht Recipe / Masoor By Video Link:

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the team @ the Deputy High Commission in works with & companies to explore commercial collaborations across Space upstream & downstream applications. 🇮🇳🇬🇧

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ICU में भर्ती Shabana Aazmi की हालत पहले से बेहतर, कल मीडिया को संबोधित करेंगे Javed Akhtar

🇮🇳🚩❤💯 स्वप्न वयावर नाही तर जिद्दीवर अवलंबून असतात...💯❤🚩🇮🇳

A maiden triple hundred under his belt for against Hyderabad in their Trophy Group A clash, senior batsman said while it is difficult to make an comeback at this stage, nothing it impossible.

Airforce () 30-MKI fighter aircraft equipped with BrahMos to be deployed in northern sector (forward bases) as per threat analysis, says Air Force Chief of are supersonic cruise missiles that can hit targets as far as 300 km away

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Cream on Top Handmade Pottery Coffee Mug

For just $37.98
I made this mug on a Potter’s Wheel and fired it in a Woodfire Kiln. One layer of glaze on the exterior lends to a view of “Cream on Top” while the other side definitely shows the random and mysterious effect that the high temperatures, licking of flames and flow of ashes and smoke throughout the kiln. The mug weighs 14.6 oz. it is 4 1/2” tall, 3 1/4” wide at the rim and 2 1/4” at the base. This beauty holds 20 oz of your favorite beverage! International buyers please email me prior to making a purchase so I can confirm shipping cost information. Please note you will be responsible for any Customs charge. Please check with your postal office for more information prior to making a purchase. Thank you.

Father spouting garden variety antisemitism right now jazakallah

Hes going on to my mother about how ‘Jews’ control the banks, businesses, food chains in America …

And we’re not even in America. We’re Muslim Indian expats in Arabia. 

Always be suspect of antisemitism in your gentile communities. We are NEVER EXEMPT, as thousands of Jewish people have been saying.


After watching her status update:
“I can sleep in heaven now”🌻❤️
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To the story uninitiated

Well there is nothing much to say

The feeling was like standing next to the bay

The bay undiscovered

And Undisclosed

The secretive and mysterious

But greatly fictitious

The smiles were sent and received

Some unknown bonds were weaved

No acquaintance

Just some glances

Exchanged and forgotten

Trapped inside the heart’s bottom

Might be mutual

Nevertheless one-sided

Weakly stronger

Strangely familiar

Craving for a little more

But Denied from existence

Just some other one

barely something

That Felt like everything

Marked by needs

Claimed by regrets

Rejected by destiny

And Desired by vanity

A few moments

And a lot of dreams

A mixture of fear and guilt

Was the foundation where it was built

I Never found its ending

No matter how important was its climaxing

Was it worthy of all of this?

What if It was inaugurated…

- Chitravansh Vidisha

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