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divers have captured pictures of a body inside a 370-feet flooded in 's district, where 15 miners have remained trapped since December, an official said.

किसी ने साथ नहीं दिया तो दुखी मत होना ख्वाब तुम्हारा है कोशिश भी तुम ही करनी पड़ेगी..!!

जिंदगी बहुत खूबसूरत है इसे बेकार की बातों और झगड़ों में बर्बाद ना करें।

erases morning gains, trades marginally lower at 71.28 per dollar The rupee erased morning gains and trading marginally lower at 71.28 per versus previous close 71.24.

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: nominates 3 to key administration positions. Rita Baranwal has been nominated for Assistant Security of Energy, Aditya Bamzai for Member of Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board & Bimal Patel as Assistant Secretary of Treasury.

Rich and hearty, this Red Lentil Dhal is great as a main dish! Warming delicious, and excellent to make ahead, or for a quick weeknight dinner!

- business leader , who headed the multinational , is under consideration for heading the , according to multiple media reports.

One author encyclopedia site airs: Although BJP proved that it was the most favored party by the people in , dictated Karnataka to do what it wanted. Was that right

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Is Shahrukh Khan the only one who could play Devd…

Hello of course my fave bollywood film is based on a classic bengali novel. I break down DEVDAS with the hilarious bollywood boyz! Click to listen

Flag for Bihar contains 8 spoke Dharma Wheel (Wikipedia) and Four Point Star Surrounding it represent 4 Noble Truths and Eightfold Path, symbolizes Bihar as origin of Buddhism. Saffron and Green Represent Hindi and Islam

Indian culture We start with namaste always We give respect to everyone We run behind our Elder’s in a family may be they are arrogant for there values We run to create a new trend of Democratic mark World is moving towards to catch the new flavour in country with their Growth Inventors inventing from last decades Designers are working with new stage Of projects Actors playing new stories & tails of future Of world But why Indian culture is only eating Old Prasad with the think of new Indian has to be proud always because They are unique with old emotional taste The End always with self value And satisfaction

-jagdish Bajantri poetrysoup