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appoints new High Commissioner to

World Cup trophy will see a new winner or any of the previous holder will lift the trophy again? Your prediction!

Expo Paint & Coatings-2019 3 days of Technical Conference and Workshop. Date : 10 - 12 JULY 2019 Call US @ +91 9845363225 / 9986436557 More Info : Address : Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. Book Your Space Now.

World Cup trophy will see a new winner or any of the previous holder will lift the trophy again? Your prediction!

मोदी राज में भारत रच रहा है नए कीर्तिमान, मिशन मंगल के बाद इसरो की योजना शुक्र ग्रह तक पहुंचने की > मंगलयान की तैयारी के बाद अब शुक्र ग्रह होगा रवाना 2023 में भारत का झंडा शुक्र ग्रह पर लहराएगा, मोदी हैं तो ये भी मुमकिन हो जाएगा...

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What are the best states in for ? Interviewing 41 CEO's, taking into consideration the ease of doing business have compiled the top 10 states and we added capacities from 2018. Is there any correlation between the two metrics?

India's World Cup 2019 Schedule! For which match you are more excited!

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Rajasthani tikkad

Amazon flight booking in India

Recently e-commerce giant announced that Amazon now provides services of booking domestic flights along with services fro shopping, money transfers, bill payment and mobile recharges all can be done in this one single Amazon app for people in India (IANS, 2019).

This service is launched with online travel and leisure activities platform Cleatrip who partnered with Amazon. People in India now can purchase domestic flight ticket on Amazon with out any additional charges in case customers cancel the ticket. Customers would only required to pay for the cancellation fees.

In the Amazon mobile app and on the website, flight icons can be found on the Amazon Pay page. This has made people in India to have more convenient lifestyle in daily living and travel in the country.

I believe other countries would love to have this services on the platform/app that they are using not only for shopping. Starday is a platform like Amazon for people around the world can shop online. Starday has investments for people who need for daily living around the world’s. In Japan we have our own stores and storage. Delivery service is also properly arranged making sure purchased items will deliver to customers in time.

Arm Chair Exit Polls 2019


BJP: 250-260. No majority on their own.

Congress: 110-120. Not even close lol

Others: remaining.

Places of interest (to me):


DMK clean sweep in all 3 constituencies. Central Chennai will be a tough fight though.


Kanhaiya Kumar will lose but vote share for communists will raise significantly. Easy victory for bjp.

Delhi (all):

AAP: 1-2

Congress: 0-1

Rest for BJP.

(Credit for BJP sweep goes to Rahul Gandhi instead of BJP. Literally divided the anti bjp vote and made it a cake walk for them)

Atishi losing is just sad. Not even going to be close. Reflects on our choices than her.