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Flufftober Prompt #18: Eyes
  • Magnus: [shows his cat eyes]
  • Alec: Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Showstopping. Spectacular.
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  • Alec: I just got a headache from my own eyeroll.

Christina: Can someone help me fix my hair? It’s annoying me.

Emma: Ok, I will… evil grin.

Christina: Did you just say evil grin?

Emma: No…. evil grin again…

Flufftober Prompt #17: Fun
  • Alec & Magnus: [back at the Institute after a date]
  • Izzy: So, did you guys have fun?
  • Magnus: We sure did.
  • Jace: [walking by] Way too much fun if that hickey on Alec's neck is anything to go by.
  • Alec: [blushes furiously while glaring at Magnus]

Simon: I’m night-invulnerable. I have the reflexes of an Olympic-level jungle cat. I have the strength of ten, perhaps twenty men. A crowded bus stop of men! But my greatest power is this…when destiny speaks…she speaks to me.


Simon: She says hi, by the way.

Alec: [Wears dark gray]

Magnus: I see you’re breaking out the spring colors.

Alec: You’re an idiot.

Jace: Stay positive.

Alec: Oh I’m positive.

Alec: I’m not clingy.

Also Alec: If I don’t get a kiss right now I’m going to die.

Clary, imitating Alec: Go ahead without me, bro.

Simon, imitating Jace: I can’t do that bro, you’re my brohana.

Clary: Bro.

Simon: Brohana means family, brohana means no bro gets left behind.

Clary and Simon: [Burst into giggling.]

Alec: Shut the fuck up or we’re leaving you BOTH here!

Alec: Magnus.

Magnus: Alexander.

Jace: Jace.

Alec: Jace, that’s your own name.

Jace: It was the only one left.

Shadowhunters Casting Director: Any special skills?

Matthew Daddario: I look good in black.

Shadowhunters Casting Director: Excellent.

Clary: Any Shadowhunter advice for a newbie?

Alec: when work gets overwhelming, just remember that you’re going to die.


Magnus: *Yawns*

Alec: Yeah, being that pretty must be tiring.

Magnus: Then you must be exhausted.

Alec: Uh- I… what?

  • Magnus, singing: what's worse? looking jealous or crazy, jealous or crazy?
  • Alec, singing under his breath: Or like being walked all over lately...
  • Magnus: Wait. Did you just--Since when do you know that song?
  • Alec: Well, you said it was from one of your favorite Beyoncé albums so I listened to it.
  • Magnus: ...and you liked it?
  • Alec: A few songs, yeah.
  • Magnus, with tears in his eyes: I have literally never been more proud of you than in this very moment.
  • Alec: Magnus, we have children. I've been teaching them how to read--
  • Will: I'm 50% murder, 80% money and 70% a natural leader.
  • Gabriel: That's 200%.
  • Will: I'm twice the man you'll ever be.

Will when he finds out Tessa is engaged to Jem:

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* a hug preferably from Jem or Tessa *

Valentine: I know what you are!

Jace: I’m the best there ever was!

Valentine: You’re a tragedy.

Jace: Me? Tragic?

Valentine: She was leaving you, Jace. Your Clary was leaving you.



nitestorm823  asked:

I’m so in love with your blog it’s Priceless!!!!!! I actually LOL on most of them 😊 I’ve shared two of your posts to Shadow Hunters TV Fan Hub facebook page with a link to your blog. It’s a new group and I would like to add your blog on the links section once it’s forms.

Hi, thank you so much for your words! It’s so great to hear that it makes you laugh, it makes me very happy!

And sure, add the blog! The more people who get to know it the better!

  • Jace: *returning to the institute after a long time* Wait, how’s everyone doing?
  • Izzy: Clary's fine.