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  • Kit: Oh no. You don’t want me. I’m a handful.

  • Ty: [excitedly] I have two hands!
  • Matthew: I would do anything for you, Jamie.
  • James: Tell me my hair is better than yours.
  • Matthew: I would do almost anything for you, Jamie.
  • Magnus: You're working on a Saturday?
  • Alec: The Institute is understaffed, Magnus. It's all hands on deck.
  • Magnus, taking off his shirt: Well, how about you keep your hands on me instead?
  • Alec: Yeah, that sounds like a better idea.

Cristina: Mark is the best looking Blackthorn

Emma: Julian is the best looking Blackthorn

Aline: Helen is the best looking Blackthorn

Kit: I’m the best looking Herondale

  • Magnus: Do you like my outfit?
  • Alec: Not as much as I like what’s underneath it.
  • Magnus: *gasps*
  • Alec: No, I need your chair. Get up.
My main problem with you, Clary, is that you’re short. And historically short people are sneaky backstabbers. Like Napoleon, or Paul Shaffer.
—  Alec Lightwood

Sophie: If you’re not in love with Will by now, you’re probably in love with Jem

Tessa: Bold of you to assume I’m not in love with both

Art club quotes but TSC pt.1

Julian:*Holds sculpture of clay* See this? *Crushes it* that was my hopes and dreams.

Kit: Every time I see a male nude I become gayer and gayer. 

Emma: What you do is have a dance off and then while doing the tango stab them, then you automatically win. 

Mark: *Climbs into trashcan* This is my home now, I finally found where I belong. 

Livvy: Okay but if we are going to start a cult we have to wear Gucci. 

Kieran: Yes the kiln is so hot you can burn a body in here, I don’t recommend it not because of the smell but when they flesh dries it will ruin the tables. 

Gwyn: *Walks into darkroom* Oh right that’s the doll. I don’t know where she came from but sometimes I find her limbs in the ceiling. 

Ty: Could you imagine dancing to toxic and all of a sudden you got stabbed? 

Christina: Hallmark movies are absolute crap but I still watch them because you guys make me lose hope in humanity. 

Jace: Stop talking.

Simon: You know I’m not good at that.

in the begin of their relationship
  • Alec: there’s only one thing worse than dying
  • Alec: *rips off the card so it says “Jace dying”*
  • Magnus: *gasps* Jace?!
  • Alec: no
They say the devil’s in the details, so let’s summon the devil!
—  Some dumbass Shadowhunter, definitely. Probably Clary.
  • Horace: I am your Inquisitor and from now you will refer to me as such.
  • Kit: Okay, Such.

Emma: C’mon, I wasn’t that drunk.

Julian: You tried to color my face with a highlighter because you said I was important!

Emma, tearing up: Because you are!

  • Kit: I've stolen many things in my life, but you've stolen my heart.
  • Ty: ...You've done what?
after tftsa
  • Simon: Alec said he liked me. But he also made it clear what he’d do to me if I ever hurt you or did anything bad. In fact, he described what he’d do in very graphic detail. Then just like that, he switched to some random, happy topic. I like the guy, but he’s scary.
  • Izzy: He’s out of line! He has no right to threaten my boyfriend. I’m nineteen. I am an adult. I don’t need his help. I can threaten my boyfriend myself.
  • Emma: I'm going to bed.
  • Cristina: It's noon.
  • Emma: Time isn't real.

Jace: Why you gotta steal my swag

Simon: I wouldn’t even know how to begin to steal a swag

  • Jace: Let's play a game of whose life sucks the most. I'll win. I always win.