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Someone: Sometimes Minhyuk can be a straight up dumbass.

Hyungwon: *chokes*

Someone: What?

Hyungwon: Sorry, I just thought I’d never hear “Minhyuk” and “straight” in the same sentence.

Seokmin: Imagine laying in bed and instead of pulling on your legs or whatever, a demon straight up just smacks your ass.

Hoshi: I mean…What does the demon look like?

VIP: shawol, you know that mailman you got fired? he didn’t steal your Playboys. Army did

Army: *standing up* well, a thunderstorm didn’t break the window. MONBEBE DID!






Harling: I want to fucking get out of here

Wonho/Jaehyun vs Shownu/Taeyong

wonho, inbetween of answering questions: woah, you’re really handsome

jaehyun, staring blankly: …the question please

[ Meanwhile ]

shownu, doing absolutely nothing: h-

taeyong, already dying: hahahasofunnyhahahahmarrymeplshahaha

Unpopular Kpop opinions that no one wants to hear (part 2)

  1. Kpop is becoming more westernized and you can’t change my mind.
  2. BigHit isn’t really the best company.
  3. People should stop saying an idol’s acting skills are at the same level as Leonardo DiCaprio when the idol can’t even act well.
  4. There’s nothing wrong with your favorite song from a group being a title track.
  5. I really hate it when an idol does a certain “racist” thing, and everyone is like “racist piece of shit, she/he doesn’t deserve to have fans, etc.” If it’s blackface or direct racism, I would obviously understand, but if it’s just the person saying the N word or being ignorant of the race, people would have to understand too. I don’t think people understand that U.S.A is NOT the only country in the world. I am a latina and I can tell you that those type of things don’t exist in my country and they don’t teach U.S.A’s history in schools. Imagine what is like on Asia, a continent that is really uninformed about almost everything. I bet you that you can’t name a single historical event occurred on Asia. Yes, they gotta learn, but you also gotta know that U.S.A isn’t the only country in the world and people don’t need to know the full history of your country specifically.
  6. Just because someone doesn’t stan a girl group it doesn’t mean they’re “meninists”.
  7. Kihyun is one of the best male vocalists of the 3rd gen.
  8. The “soshi bond” or whatever, is fake af. I mean, SNSD might be close but not omg close af and sisters forever.
  9. You are not superior for stanning underground kpop artists.
  10. I can’t really get into K-dramas. I’d much rather watch a C-drama because those are better imo.
  11. An idol isn’t just visuals.
  12. I personally won’t stan a group just because of their personality. Stanning a group must be a full package.
  13. Not all of the kpop groups have to be intimate friends or lovers to get along. They’re just co-workers after all and there’s nothing wrong with them not being close, especially with larger groups like NCT or WJSN.
  14. I’ve lost interest in Got7.
  15. ASC is one of my favorite variety shows, idk why it gets so much hate.
  16. Just because an idol doesn’t hit highnotes, it doesn’t mean he/she is a bad singer.
  17. Weekly Idol is a great show and it makes me laugh my ass off, bUt, Doni and Coni were kinda rude as MCs imo.
  18. Mark is the best rapper in SM.
  19. You are not superior just because you like Kpop. At the end of the day it’s just a music genre like any other.
  20. Twice’s recent songs are their best songs.
  21. NCT will be the strongest boy group on the 3rd gen.
  22. Idol school was a waste of time. It was just a bunch of talentless girls that were in there just because of their visuals.
  23. Hard work does not equal talent in the Kpop world.
  24. Holland got most of his recognition because of his sexual orientation. He is a brave guy and I think he has a lot of potential, but his music could be better and you’re not automatically homophobic for not liking his music.
  25. Girl groups are not superior to boy groups and Boy groups aren’t superior to girl groups either. They both have their charms and they both contribute a lot to the kpop world.
  26. Somi should go solo.
  27. Solo stanning isn’t a sin, just don’t bash the group your fave is in and don’t say your fave is superior.
  28. Companies will never be perfect, there are there to gain money after all.
  29. Face by NU'EST and MAMA by EXO are the best kpop debut songs by male groups.
  30. The light by The ark and Into the new world by SNSD are the best debut songs by female groups.
  31. Idols don’t owe you anything, stop being delusional.
  32. I know I will get hate for this one but I don’t care: It was a bad move from both E'Dawn and Hyuna to reveal their relationship. They got hated to death and they even lost their jobs at Cube. I know Hyuna is probably going to sign in with Jay Park’s company but what about E'Dawn? Those two don’t deserve what’s happenning to them and I really hope their relationship isn’t affected by this.
  33. Korean standards are stupid, but we just can’t change them within the blink of an eye. It’s an entire culture and I really doubt we can change their perspectives in seconds. Do their standards need to change? Yes. Do we have to force them to change it? No.
  34. Yoona and Tzuyu do deserve to be the visuals from their respective groups.
  35. As much as I think Amber is a queen, I think people are a fan of her just because she breaks korean standards and looks boyish, and she is even more than that.
  36. Cute concepts and badass concepts are not my cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean I dislike them or the songs.
  37. Thinking an idol is hot or having fantasies with him/her isn’t bad at all. It is bad when you tag them on some of your fantasies or say it on the comments of their acc or dm them stuff like that.
  38. Idols’ mental health should be more relevant and talked about. They might be living hell inside their minds but still hide it with a smile. We should also let them be more open about it.
  39. SM produces the best music between the big 3, YG produces the best music videos between the big 3 and JYP has the catchiest choreos between the big 3 imo.
  40. I actually really like K.A.R.D’s music, but I do admit it may be kinda boring for some people to listen to the same music. They shouldn’t change the genre but be more creative with it I guess. (?)
  41. Line distributions aren’t THAT important. But I’d obviously say something if a member doesn’t even have any lines.
  42. Streaming MVs isn’t THAT important. But obviously help if you want to do it.
  43. A song doesn’t have to be deep to be good.
  44. Ballads deserve more recognition.
  45. It’s ok if your bias from a group is the most popular member.
  46. I might get called out for this, but I don’t care lmao: I really like Jessi’s music and she is a good person too, but I think her attitude is a bit unprofessional and rude sometimes. On unpretty rapstar she was kinda harsh towards the other members, and on another occassion, on IG, this troll said that Hyuna was ugly, and she basically roasted the troll with it, which led to the fans to comment nasty things on the person’s IG, which also led to the person to delete his/her IG. That’s literally cyberbullying, from both parts. Idk, the person’s behaviour was stupid and aggressive, but as a famous person she should know the consequences from that action and she perfectly knew what she was doing. Idk, I’ll still be a fan of her but I don’t think that was the right thing to do and her behaviour should change a bit.
  47. Samuel should’ve been on Seventeen.
  48. America is using Kpop for clout.
  49. Carats and Buddy’s are some of the chillest fandoms.
  50. Stan talent, Stan Boyfriend and NU'EST

Throw shade at me or whatever idc

Kihyun: *breaths quietly*

Minhyuk and Hyungwon: let’s make fun of his height

Jooheon: where is he?

Wonho: who?

Jooheon: Changkyun. Where is he?

Wonho: I don’t know.

Jooheon: * opens cupboard to find I.M somehow fitted inside it*

I.M: *screams*


kihyun: if u come into my room again i’ll take u out 

minhyuk: on a date? 

kihyun: .. sure 

Theory: the illuminati exists except they’re all idols planning to take over using finger hearts and bodyrolls

Shownu/Hyunwoo as your boyfriend

Hey guys how is everyone. College is killing me and I’m on the verge of changing courses. Please request guys, I hope your all doing well :)

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Being Together:

  • He is that cute type of boyfriend
  • Especially when your alone
  • He would hug you from behind when you cook
  • When your out an about
  • He would hold the door for you
  • He would take photos of you
  • He wouldn’t be much into couple outfits
  • Unless you beg
  • He would be that type of boyfriend to order food for you

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  • He would be an affectionate person
  • Especially when your together
  • Hugs you from behind when your cooking
  • Cuddles up to you at night
  • When your alone
  • He will hold your hand
  • He’s not the affectionate type in public.
  • He’s more of a private person so don’t expect much from him.

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  • Not that much of the argumentative type.
  • If your upset with him or he’s upset with you
  • He will give you some space
  • Space is good he believes
  • If you really hurt him he maybe a little distance
  • But he wouldn’t be salty or angry he will need space
  • He will still do things for you

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  • His kisses where always soft and meaningful
  • He would always nuzzle his nose with yours
  • Sex with him would be passionate
  • Always slow
  • Unless he felt the need to go rough
  • But it wouldn’t be too rough
  • If you wanted to try something new he would give it ago
  • Within reason

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  • He would send a little text everyday so you knew he cared
  • Even if he was tired he would send something
  • Even a pictur3 of his for head
  • He would ring you once a week to have long deep conversations
  • He would cry when you would surprise him
  • Especially when you turn up to a concert after 6 months of not seeing eachother.

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As a father:

  • Everyone knows what type of father he would be .
  • A father always on the sofa watching his kids play
  • Attempts to play with the toys but gives up
  • When his children get older he would give the best advice
  • He would sit down and listen
  • Giving thy best advice
  • He wouldn’t be that annoying father
  • He would be there if you needed him.
  • But overall he adored his kids.

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He would be the most laid back boyfriend; he would fit every gap in your heart. You wouldnt even need to expect so much from him he loves you in his most awkward shy way, but you would mean the absolute world to him. His children would be a gift to him as he didn’t think he would have his offspring.

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  • Minhyuk: Jooheon tried to set me up with a girl
  • Kihyun: What happened?
  • Minhyuk: I said no, so Jooheon brought her to Wonho
  • Minhyuk: I can't believe Wonho was the second option
  • Kihyun: You're right. You should've been the second option.

kpop fan culture: we just over here stanning a bunch of crackheads and having the best time of our lives


Me @ my followers : guys I’m bored… send me some asks

Me actually : i have shit to do but I’m procastinating so you guys might as well keep me entertained while i waste my life away :)

me at me: are u rly gonna stan another group

Wonho: Netflix and chill

I.M: Blockbuster and cockthruster

Minhyuk: imax and climax

Kihyun: Church and praying for forgiveness

  • I.M: Now before I tell you my idea, are any of you allergic to porcupines?
  • Monbebe: i’ll speak French between your legs.
  • Carat: that’s the hottest thing someone’s ever said to me.
  • Army: i’m just picturing someone yelling BONJOUR up your ass.
  • Exo-L: none of you should EVER have sex.


  • Jooheon: You’re not talking any sense into me. You’re just cheering me on to disaster.
  • Changkyun: Is that not half the reason why I’m your best friend in the first place?