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Grayson: You don’t know when to stop.

Ethan: That’s not true. I know exactly when I should stop, and then I don’t.

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Emma: I’m supposed to be this responsible young adult right now

Emma: but tbh

Emma: Idk how to adult

Emma: I just want to drink chocolate milk and find Pokemon

  • Ethan: All odd numbers have n ‘e’ in them.
  • You: Babe, its three am.
  • Ethan: T-H-R-E-E
  • You: GO TO SLEEP
  • You: There are no snacks left in the kitchen.
  • Grayson: I'm literally right here.

Kidnapper: We have kidnapped your son.

Grayson: I don’t have a son?

Kidnapper: Then who just asked us for warm milk and made us cut the crust off his pb&j?

Grayson: Dear God, you have Ethan.            

I’m really down for people to send me concepts.. only if you want to…. if you’re bored.. cuz I am… also an emoji anon would be nice… idk don’t mind me I’ve been alone for the past 4 days and I’m kinda sad and lonely. Might delete this because probably no one’s gonna do it. I still love all of you :))


600 of you are following me. 600 people are putting up with my shit. What the heck. How? I can’t even put up with my own shit on a daily basis. I just wanna say that I love every single one of you and that idc if it’s lame or you think it’s not much, but like… it blows my mind that 600 people are just… my buddies now you know… also like… if you wanna talk and be friends… I’m always here :)

You: I can’t believe you broke up with me just because your bird doesn’t like me

Grayson: I didn’t say she doesn’t like you

Grayson: I said she thinks you’re weird

  • You: Hey, I need you opinion about this couple, do you think they should date? Because I think they’d be perfect!
  • Grayson: Let me see a picture of them first.
  • You: *Walks up beside Grayson and pulls out a mirror with the both of them reflected in it.*
  • Grayson: Um, this is just a mirror, not a-OH WAIT THAT WAS SO SMOOTH!

James: I’m gonna be honest, I feel like you don’t like me

Ethan: I’ve told you multiple times that I don’t

  • Ethan: everyone always acusses me of having a favorite sibling in the family.
  • Ethan: which is not true! i like Grayson and non-Grayson equally.