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  • James/Emma/Ethan: Do you love her?
  • Grayson: For the last time, (Y/N) and I aren’t together.
  • James/Emma/Ethan: I never mentioned her name, ya know.
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  • Ethan : How’d you fall in love with me
  • You : I found your lameness amusing
  • Ethan : …bitch
  • You and Grayson: *being all lovey dovey and shit*
  • Ethan: Honestly. In front of my salad? I’m going to throw my fucking salad at you guys.
  • Ethan: *to the waitress nearby* Yes, can we get separate checks?
  • You: *accidentally bumps into a door*
  • Ethan: are you okay?
  • You: it’s fine, i’m okay
  • Ethan: *to the door* you stand in (Y/N)’s way one more time and i’ll make sure to take you down
  • Grayson: What a beautiful day!
  • Grayson: Isn’t it a beautiful day?
  • Ethan: (Y/N) texted you, didn’t she?
  • Grayson: With a heart emoji-
  • Grayson: *gazing at you*
  • You: What?
  • Grayson: If you could only see how wonderful you look right now.
  • You: And I wish you would just accept how beautiful you are.
  • James: *holding back tears* Can one of y'all propose already?
  • Grayson: it says the password is too short.
  • You: well, what did you type in?
  • Grayson: *mumbling* ethansdick
  • Ethan: *from the other room* EXCUSE ME, DIPSHIT?!
  • You: *jokingly* in every group of friends, there’s the dumb one.
  • Gray, James, and Emma: *points to Ethan*
  • You: *ready to fight with a consoling Ethan holding them back* you dont fuckin know SHIT-
  • You: W-who do I shoot!?
  • Ethan: Them!
  • Ethan Clone: No! They’re lying! Remember? I love you.
  • You: *shoots the clone*
  • Ethan: What the-
  • You: ‘I love you’ sounds like something you wouldn’t say to me.
  • Ethan : Ok, WOW-
  • You and Grayson: *staring into each other’s eyes*
  • Ethan: *opens a soda can*
  • You: we’re having a moment.
  • Ethan: I’m having a cola

Grayson: Why did the turkey cross the road?

Ethan: I don’t know… why?

Grayson: It’s Thanksgiving Day, and he wants people to think he is a chicken!

Bryant: I’ve had the worst thanksgiving ever.

Dolan: Mine was really bad too. It was like Pearl Harbor meets the movie Pearl Harbor.

  • you and grayson sitting on a couch cuddling: *sees emma and ethan give each other any kind of affection*
  • you and grayson: absolutely disgusting

Hope everyone is having a great day. Love you all!

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  • Ethan: I had NOTHING to do with it!
  • Ethan: Okay it was my idea but I don't feel good about it

Ethan:[Absent-mindedly, as Y/N walks away] You look pretty!

Y/N:[Turns around] What?

Ethan: Uh, I said you look shitty. Goodnight, Y/N! [runs away]


You: What now, Ethan?

Ethan: I don’t know.

Ethan: I just want attention.