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  • [N]: Excuse me, I demand your undivided attention.
  • Grayson: You couldn't handle my undivided attention.
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  • Ethan, after doing some dumb shit: Did I ever tell you how hot you look when you’re angry?
  • [N]: Well, I must look gorgeous right now because I’m furious!

Ethan: What’s this?

Grayson: Oh, it’s my to-do list.

Ethan: Im so glad you’re finally starting to be organiz-

Ethan: This just says “(Y/n)”

You: *holding back tears*

Ethan: Hey, are you-

You: *holds up hand* Pleas- please, don’t question it. If anyone acknowledges it, it’ll just get worse.


Ethan: *holds out arms* Come here.

You: *breaks down and falls into his arms*

Ethan: *stroking your hair*

You: Sorry. I’m not a pretty crier.


Ethan: *Taking your face in his hands*

Ethan: You’re a pretty everything.

Grayson: You spelled that word wrong.

Ethan: Okay. Then how do you spell it?

Grayson: I don’t know.

Ethan: then how do you know it’s wrong?

Grayson: Because that’s obviously not the way it’s spelled!!!

Ethan: Alright, I’m gonna attempt to make a pillow out of duct tape and brush…

Ethan: Bush…

Ethan: How you may ask? I’m just kind of find out as I go along.

  • Grayson: Sorry I'm late I was doing... stuff.
  • You, walking in with dishevelled hair: I'm stuff.

The Twins being phat moods in their video: Facing Our Phobias.

(I couldn’t find a lot for Grayson, that boy is so photogenic all the damn time).

Incorrect quote #3

Ethan: If aliens abducted me, would you try and rescue me?

Grayson: No.

Ethan: Why the hell not?

Grayson: They’d bring you right back once they realize how annoying you are.

Ethan: I can’t believe you and Nolan broke the bed last night.

Grayson: You two must’ve gotten wild.

You: Haha yeah…

[Last night]

You: I bet you can’t jump high enough to touch the ceiling.

Nolan: Try me.

James: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.

Grayson: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.

Ethan: Oh wow! My childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.

Nolan: My will to live! I haven’t seen this in years!

You: I knew I lost that potential somewhere.

Emma: Mental stability! My old friend!

Bryant: Guys, could you lighten up a little?

Dolan: Not everyone is going to think I’m pretty, and that’s okay!


Dolan: They are wrong though.

Ethan: I’m the responsible twin.

Grayson: You literally set the kitchen on fire.

Ethan: Yes, and I take responsibility for that.

You: You’d do that for me?

Dolan: I’d do a lot of things to you.

You: …For- for me?

Dolan: Hm? Yeah, that too.

You, with your kid on your arms: What are you doing?

Ethan: I… lost my key.

You: You know doorbells and cellphones exist for a reason, right?

Ethan: I didn’t- I didn’t want to wake you.

You: So you climb our tree…

Ethan: *trying not to fall*

You: To break into our house- Your house…


You: To break into our bedroom at ass o'clock …

You: But couldn’t because we locked the window…

You: And you just left yourself hanging like an idiot out of a tree, waking us up thinking there was a burglar trying to kill us?

Ethan: …Yes…

Ethan: *finds a circle on the floor somewhere and sits on it*

Ethan: Baby! Look! It’s a pentagram!

You: A pentagram has to have a star in it.

Ethan: I am the star.

Incorrect quote #1

Ethan: Turtles might take over the world.

Y/N: *sprays water in his face*

Grayson (confused as hell): What just happened?

Ethan: Oh, she just sprays me in the face whenever I say something stupid.

Cameron (high fives Y/N): Like dog training?

Ethan: Exactly!

Y/N: *sprays water in his face again*

  • Grayson: I’m friendly, I’m loyal, I’m energetic, I... I just described a dog, didn’t I?
  • Ethan: Well, yeah, but people love dogs. Why else do you think I keep you around?

Grayson: Hey, babe? What do you call a snake that’s exactly 3.14 feet long?

You: … a πthon.

Grayson: *smiling*

Ethan: Oh my God.

  • Lisa: Why is it, when something disastrous and drunk happens, it is always you four?
  • James: [covered in glitter and wearing sunglasses indoors]
  • Emma: [sporting a hickey the size of planet earth on her neck]
  • Ethan: [with a split lip and a shiner]
  • Grayson: [covered in pancake batter]