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An unexplored Gold mine.

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Six Ways Not to Compensate Your Pastor

Six Ways Not to Compensate Your Pastor

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When I converse with church members who have responsibility for overseeing pastoral compensation, I can expect a few typical reactions. First, the members speak in hushed tones, as if the subject of compensation is a forbidden public topic, only to be mentioned in the confines of need-to-know and confidentiality. Second, I will run into one or more misconceptions about pastor’s pay. Third, I…

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anonymous asked:

Is 6% of the total income gained by a book that is published online a fair deal?

Ashley MacKenzie: Six percent of total income, or of total net profit? Is it an e-book only offer? The lack of details makes this difficult to answer.

Michael Mammay: That’s a ridiculously low amount if you wrote the book. If you’re a short story in an anthology, that’s much more reasonable. E book only rates range from 25% of receipts (big-5) to 50% (some small presses) to 70% (Self-pubbed on Amazon with a price of $1.99 or higher)

Margaret Owen: Yeah, I agree, and the way it’s phrased as “total income gained” is also a red flag to me. That seems to leave room for non-standard parts of the calculation — e.g. refusing to pay royalties until the book’s sales pay for its marketing budget. Royalties should be presented as a percentage of sales, end of story.

Jim O'Donnell: Crazy. Amazon gives 70 or 75% of digital sales and the lowest I’ve seen from publishers on digital sales is 25%, and I want to emphasize that is the low end. This questioner dude (ambiguously-gendered-dude) needs to come up with a creative way to say no (dude is a writer, they should be able to come up with something witty) then report the publisher to Predators and Editors.

Elle Jauffret: 1) “Total income” is too vague to answer that question. Royalties should be calculated on gross/net revenues, price per unit, or fixed amount (there can be variations including minimum sale amount, etc…).
2) Is the writer the book’s originator/creator or the book’s ghost writer?
3) Was an advance given?
4) Best way to know is to check the standard contracts from recognized publishers (when/if available) and/or to talk to an attorney.

Sheena Boekweg: Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. Run away.


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Portfolio Update // 2.20.19 // Dividend Digest Is Up $800+?!
It is 2.20.19 and I believe it is time for a Portfolio Update! My Dividend Digest portfolio is up $800! How long will it last?! The market has been treating ...

A portfolio update for 2.20.19! My M1 Finance portfolio is up over $800~


#Freedom is recognizing we all have the same 24 hours. You are more than your desk #job, you are more than your #income. Your #outcome is born of your decisions, fears, and your authenticity. What lies between all of this is your reality. What people #label each other as is often the result of the #lie they tell themselves everyday to keep them from seeing how much time they are spending doing something but accomplishing nothing. Even with the highest promotion, position, or accreditation, a lack of growth is the slow death of the spirit. So before you say you know who I am, why not try to figure out why you still don’t know who you are. Maybe then you’ll see why it is that you’re so tired, unfulfilled, and in need of a #vacation you can’t afford to take. Freedom is not the result of the escape, it’s not having to escape. #HipHop #WOFTD

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Said all in the video, but a friend of mine is a golfing fanatic. He spends thousands of thousands of dollars a year on new clubs and every new golf gadget that comes to market. The problem is, he will not spend a dime on golf lessons. Hence his golf game remains the same, even though he has the latest and greatest in golf equipment. If he invested his money in golf lessons and used last year’s clubs, he might be a much better golfer.

The same nutty phenomenon occurs in the game of money, billions of people invest their hard-earned money in assets such as stocks and real estate, but invest almost nothing in information. Hence their financial scores remain about the same.

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