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Are you 6-19 year old? Do you like football? ⚽ well your in Luck! Free Football 5 - 6 pm Call 0207 014 9318 for more info

Arsenal  and Sense logos and  a photo of the Coram's fields football ground

Happy Easter everyone! We hope you have a good day and enjoy the sunshine. We're with Derig in Brittany enjoying a Les Fosso' Folies. All ready for lots of workshops over the next few days.

Kristie & I enjoyed this beautiful Memphis day with , , , & !!! Super thankful for business that are and for all!

Do your celebrations include an Easter Egg Hunt? If so, let us know your tips in the comments below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

. thanks for a great spring festival! We appreciate you! Foundation for Blind Children - learn more πŸ‘‰

. is in LA starting May 20 for a week. He creates crews & made this film about () that was honored with a Caeser + won an African Oscar +. Meet with him

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Next time the girls line up & the boys then pick one to dance with consider... 1. the impact that has on confidence & self-esteem & 2. Can dancing really only take place between a boy & girl? Thank you and for being so wonderful!

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I’m not sure when you’re coming to Chicago but would LOVE for you to come to our . I would ❀️❀️❀️ to see become can be the first high school in the whole Bay Area to !

Inclusion Summit 4! 4/22 6-9pm Marriott Marquis - Great Lakes Room A

, South Africa, uses to tackle its spatial inequalities, a lasting legacy from apartheid. Read more on how the approach has spurred urban growth.

Happy Easter you lovely people! 🐣 I have returns and therefore I have a sale. πŸ™Œ Comment below to see if I have your size in stock and I will send you your discount code.❀️

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Tonight we had a tremendous night at the Frank Erwin Center downtown Austin. Over 18K people, representing 500+ churches gathered under one roof on Good Friday so worship the Lord as one ☝️ church. Powerful!
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(at Frank Erwin Center)

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(1/2)Hi, for the person who's mom owns a coffee shop, my dad sometimes needs a walker or a wheelchair and was upset last time we went out with it because the floorplan didn't really allow for it to be stored out of the way but within reach (I don't know if there's laws about that, and we're not in the US). This made it difficult if he needed to use the washroom and when we had to leave. Besides that, really good accessibility training for all employees. One of the last places I worked

“(2/2) had us do a package annually that covered pretty much everything: lgbt, visible learning disabilities and neurodivergance, deaf, blind, and wheelchair etiquette. Mostly common sense and manners, but useful for planning what accommodations are needed or if you don’t interact with people who need those accommodations often. I hope some of this helps.”

Sorry! This is a response for the coffee shop anon from a week ago. I only just saw this now. Great advice though, thanks love! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

There is a God for us

Dearest love,

There is a God for us. I see Him every day in you.

I know that people like us are looked down upon.

There are people who do not think that we can be saved by Him but…

I don’t think we need saving

If God did not want people like us around, then why would he make you and me?

I feel a God

I feel the goodness in this world that I never saw before.

I feel His light on us.

He has answered my prayers. He has expressed Himself through me.

I have felt His comfort. I have felt His love.

All because you came into my life. 

I have never loved more.

I am beginning to understand what it is to truly let go of my selfishness

What it really means to want to protect the ones you know.

The Lord has taught me many things. 

There is a God for us. The Lord encompasses all of the love in this world.




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Back by popular demand, I’m ecstatic to introduce the PRE-ORDER for
❤️Sapphics, Sea Creatures & Shiny Pins❤️ - A Colouring Book & Art Anthology - Pocket Sized Edition- the same as the original, but in A5!
Shipping will begin Wednesday 24th of April. 

Each book comes with a bonus Mermaid Sticker & Shiny Enamel Pin !

I hope you all enjoy them and send me photos of what you do !

Lots of love to all you Art Lovers,


i really dont know why people dont do more inclusive player and character pronouns in their dating sims. maybe its because im just doing robots, and their appearance doesnt change depending on pronouns, but all you have to do is use some variables!

what i did was assign possessive, objective, and subjective pronouns at the beginning of the game when you select your pronouns… like i would type [pcpos] and it would come out as his, her, or their depending on what you pick. same goes for [pcsub] and [pcob] and the other characters, too.

its really… not that hard to be inclusive

I love my job

We have conferences that we attend and the last one had two, TWO LGBTQ+ spaces. One to give a time to talk and the other to be able to have a focus group. One was too early and the other was during a session I really wanted to go to. So, I missed both.

But, I love that it is starting to be realized that straight couples aren’t the only ones that do my job ^.^


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Poetry Submission: Silenced

Author’s Note: This poem is intended to share my views on society’s reaction to victims/survivors speaking up about the abuse and assault they face. That being said, I do not think in any way that these are the responses of people on an individual basis, but rather that of society as a whole. Please do not take this an my attacking any particular group or individual - that is not my intention. In addition, I do not claim that it is only women who are susceptible to this heinous behaviour. Whilst, unfortunately, everyone can be vulnerable to these acts, this poem specifically refers to the assault faced by women.

~ Amaya May


This poem is about how women, when they speak up against the abuse and assault they face, are ignored and disbelieved. It is about how they are silenced when they speak out against their abusers, and how the world simply ignores them for their own selfishness and peace of mind. It is intended to make people realise that, unless we take action against those who wish to do us harm, nobody will ever speak up again, and nobody will ever be able to right the wrong that was done by society’s ignorance.



MENTIONS: rape/rapists; assault; victim shaming/blaming; (vague) trauma and PTSS [updated term for PTSD];


Three heads round a table

And they each refuse to speak,

For their voices only serve to remind

Of what made their lives so bleak.

When they spoke out against their abusers

They were silenced, met with fear;

Because nobody wanted to face the fact

That someone like that could ever live here.

The girls were all called liars

And other names which made them cry,

And all the while, their rapists

Were plied with falsehoods and alibis.

We say that we will listen

To victims of such abuse -

Yet when they find the strength to speak,

We shun them into recluse.

If we do not take action

Against criminals such as these,

All voices will soon be silenced,

And thoughts will turn into pleas.