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thanks for Saturday! Also, thanks for sponsoring. It’s very important to have programs like these for our children. • • Our boys posing for the camera 😊

Happy Fathers Day to all the awesome dads out there! But a special Happy Fathers Day to my dad! Who’s funny, supportive, and who always makes sure we are all having a fun life!!! . .

Our Australian offices are celebrating month by hosting a series of information and sessions about creating an workplace for all associates. Learn more about how our local team got involved on our :

So encouraged by clear messages to advance a growth agenda that cares for and for the . I joined their pledge for more growth that will help to deliver, with support and evidence. Young people engagement makes the difference!

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Hi We successfully delivered a Charleston session for people with hearing impairment & other complex , so much fun great & feedback. Contact us to book your dance , bollywood, thriller, jazz, grease.

Are you the 1st to grab the Sunday paper Home section? Sure sign this PT Production Designer is for you! Supplement current FL work or get practical experience. team, quick pace, ideal for aficionados.

I’m actually very disturbed by this. I can move, but the east side of is full of older people & folks in wheelchairs who thought they came early & got good seats! What’s up, ? Not truly .

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TONIGHT at 7:30pm we welcome back local designer/curator Gerae Stack for another installment of the Bedroom Floor cabaret series. -- BUY TIX --> --

We can't wait for CoreFest, our fully , to return to next weekend! There will be three stages of music and entertainment, camping facilities, games, activities and more!

Thanks for a great day out at the 2019. Team BuDS may not have finished on the podium but we thoroughly enjoyed ourself at an and event!

Members of Team BuDS in blue polo shirts receive their Certificate of Commendation from the mayor of Aylesbury in his civic regalia

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Flowers are given to the glory of God by John Erdos and Louis Koay in celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary of John’s parents, John and Nancy Erdos. – at Cathedral of Hope

I'm so lucky to earn a spot in our first Arabic course at Intel! Does your organization encourage an inclusive work environment as well?

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Kundalini Woman’s Set
Quiet meditation in rock pose 3min
Life Nerve Stretch L-D-B; L/R 3min
Camel var./ Camel pose 3min
Shoulder Stand L-D-B 3min
Archer L/R 5min
Baby 3min
Bow L-D-B 3min
Locust 3min
Cow L-D-B 3min
Cat L-D-B 3min
Stretch B-O-F 3min
Corpse 8-10min

#flamenco #yoga #kundalini #dance #speedyyogini #inclusive #alwaysbedancing #alwaysbedancingflamenco #olenamaste #evecostarelli #natickma #smallbusiness #kundalinifusion #peacemoji #iameve #innerpeas #todayskriya (at Natick, Massachusetts)

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Okay so first, I want to make a series of sketches of common poses that are beautiful and striking, but with body types and features that are different than the skinny white girl with long ass hair

because I have learned in the last 7 to 10 years that beauty is relative and have started to appreciate all kinds of looks like now when I walk alone on campus I’m constantly looking around and seeing all these STUNNING people (it’s literally everyone, I’m talking about everyone) and I’m constantly wanting to just grab a sketchbook and draw every passerby but I’m not a quick enough sketcher for that so I will have to do this from references, and I want to call the series “let’s reevaluate what beauty is” and I just want to draw all kinds of beautiful people but!

Secondly, I have terrible commitment so it’s probably going to be a series drawn over the span of 3 to 5 years, especially considering all the tons of ideas I always get,

and 3rd I don’t want to draw incorrectly or anything that may be offensive so! This is where I need y'all’s help.

  • Send me things to avoid drawing when drawing different ethnicities, body types, skin types, gender identities and
  • which types of poses to avoid with which types of people,
  • I will then compile a masterlist of these rules and reference them as I draw so I don’t offend anyone as far as possible.
  • Also, send me your type of beautiful if you want a sketch made of a certain feature or ethnicity or culture, and I will hopefully get to it eventually.

Tl:dr I wanna draw all kinds of pretty not just skinny white girls in pretty/flattering poses to show the beauty in every type of person and I need you guys’ help.


made a bunch of (very messy) pride flags because i couldn’t find any with gilbert baker’s newer 9 stripe version AND the philly pride stripes, let alone those 11 intersecting with the trans flag colours.

feel free to use with credit, but if you plan to make and sell merch, please contact me first! thank you!

here’s a few more:

Just a reminder that people from all backgrounds, cultures, sexualities, etc are all welcome here and that this blog is a safe place. 

I may not be able to completely grasp what your thoughts and feelings are, but I can sure as hell listen and find other resources for you if needed.


“The Mage Stone,” a book for open minded people. This fantasy novel, filled with liberal propaganda, centers around a pansexual mage princess during a time of impending war between mages (oppressed for thousands of years) and humans. She ends up on a journey to discover hidden secrets from her past and fight back against the adversity which her fellow mages have faced for so long. Currently FREE for Kindle Users until this Thursday!

(Image description: omnisexual, bear, aporagender, agender, polygender, queer loving queer, leather girl, progress rainbow, relationship anarchy, and genderqueer lesbian pride flags with the words “the future of pride is radically inclusive” centered in white text.)

can’t speak for conservativism but liberal social justice is such a popularity contest…nobody wants to tell the truth or say certain words because it means people won’t like them anymore. everything is inclusive, boundaries don’t exist because no one wants to make anyone feel bad (“no shaming!”). everyone’s perspective is “valid” even when it makes no goddamn sense…

but anyways good morning


Pride Kirbies! 

The other pride Kirby artist was an aphobe so I made my own, more inclusive version! I’ve got plenty more flags that I wasn’t able to fit on one post so feel free to drop me requests. If I don’t have it I can make it! Any single or double flag combo is available!

Free to use. Don’t delete my caption! Credit is appreciated! <3