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What a memory! Our 1st of 5 500 awards in 2004. So funny to think what I know now and wish I knew then, but that’s not possible in You lead with your passion, heart and smarts and do the best you can ⁦⁦

Ain't that obvious unlike U the does not pompously call and tell PM Modi anyway even if they had told you would have not known as our did not speak

Şirketimizin sıcak ve samimi ortamında bahar geldiğini sanıp çiçek açan meyve ağaçlarımızla uğurluyoruz Şubat 'ı.

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Do vampires get cold? Do they get hot? Are you like a lizard that has to sit under one of those heatlamps on a rock to stay warm? If you are like a lizard what is the point of a sweater if you don't produce body heat? Have you ever filled a water gun full of blood and just shot yourself in the mouth when you got thirsty throughout the night?

Okay first off, slow down. I’m a vampire not a fucking zoo attraction. Second, i don’t feel any change in temperature. I’m a walking corpse, nothing bothers me.

¿Cómo crear una S.A.?

1-Nombre de la Sociedad.

2-Nombre y domicilio de los subscriptores.

3-Los objetos a los cuales podrá dedicarse la sociedad.

4-El capital social, monto, distribución accionaria y clase de acciones, entre otros. (El capital no es exigido)

5-La duración de la sociedad, la cual puede ser perpetua.

6-El nombre y domicilio de los directores y dignatarios.

7-El nombre y domicilio del agente residente.


-La creación de una S.A. puede durar unos 5 a 8 días hábiles.

-Registro Comercial es de USD 10.00.

-Licencia Comercial es de USD 25.00.

-El costo de mantenimiento anual de la sociedad, incluyendo el impuesto y honorarios es de solo USD 550.00

-Los socios accionistas pueden ser extranjeros.

-La identidad del propietario de las acciones es confidencial.

-UNA sola persona puede ser dueña del 100% de las acciones que constituyen todo el capital de una sociedad.

Beneficio Fiscal de una S.A.:

-Si tu empresa genera dinero de ventas en el país está sujeta al sistema territorial de impuestos.

-Si tu empresa está generando dinero fuera del país, se considera Offshore y no paga impuestos.

Impuestos Anuales:

-Primera Tasa Única USD 250.00

-Impuesto Anual USD 300.00

-Morosidad en el pago anual USD 50.00

-Multa por retraso en el pago USD 300.00

¿Por qué crear una S.A.?

-Además de los beneficios fiscales, los accionistas no son legalmente responsables de lo que sucede con la S.A.

-Existe alta capacidad de reunir capital de inversión y las acciones son fáciles de transferir a los inversionistas.

-Los propietarios están protegidos de la responsabilidad personal de las deudas y obligaciones de la empresa.

Ésta información es SOLO válida para la República de Panamá y pueden variar los costos. Te recomiendo buscar información de tu país y asesorarte con buenos abogados.

Deja tu comentario y compártelo.


Shoutz out to our homie @lefthandluck 😷 Super talented & the way he killed this @prodskribbs be dummyyyyyy 👁 New #AMV this weekend, new song as well it seems, upz to our guy @my_name_is_guy666 for the shots 🎥 Follow his #YouTube #channel 👀More show announcements & content to come 👻 NEW MERCH TOO?! 😱 Thanks for the constant support 👹 #demon #bless #oni #inc #gang #lasvegas #concert #duo #rap #trap #heavy #metal (at The Truth Spot LV)

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All hail our God Shaggy and his unlimited power!


Scooby Doo (2002)

Due to the recurring meme that has sprawled onto social media and has been my favourite meme so far this year, I decided why not review the 2002 live Action Scooby Doo movie which has been with me since my childhood and has kept me entertained since. I will say the 2nd Scooby Doo live action is the better one out of the two, still the first is meme worthy and birthed a powerful Shaggy.

Scooby Doo is a 2002 live action film starring your good old favourites: Fred (Freddie Prinze Jr.) , Velma (Linda Cardellini) , Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar) , Shaggy (Matthew Lillard) and Scooby (Neil Fanning), and they instantly split up in the beginning of the film. What a twist and a heart break, huh? Well, the whole plot is that they travel to “Spooky Island” which is owned and run by Rowan Atkinson… I mean Emille Mandavarious and have to work together to stop actual monsters that roam the island and consume teenager’s souls.

Already off to a good start. This film is, simply put, entertaining. Obviously it’s not a masterpiece, but it really shows the silliness of the concept. The CGI is awful though. The monsters are designed poorly and show no creativity. However, the plot twist villain makes up for the crappy monsters…by being a worse nightmare fueled creation of poor innocent Scrappy Doo. Anyone who watched the cartoon knows Scrappy would never be so evil, they went full ugly for scrappy in the film though. We even get a lovely scene of him peeing on Daphne.

The best parts of the film is Shaggy, of course. Matthew Lillard does an amazing performance of him and really gets possessed by the character. My favourite part of the film overall is the haunted house with all the death traps and Fred telling Velma that girls like her turn him on… Wait what!? Okay…

Obviously with how much fart jokes are in kids films, it’s pretty much boring now…(thanks minions…) but Shaggy and Scooby having a fart and burp competition is next level humor.

Overall, this film is an entertaining 5.5/10. Not as good as the second, but still a hoot to watch when there’s nothing to do.


Hit 10k on D.N.D Prod. @slidinmoon 🌙 … @darktonesrecords with the host, we hope wherever you’re at you’re enjoying yourself @prohibeo, demon bless forever 🖤 Thank you for helping us get to where we’re at everybody, to infinity & beyond 👻
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