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As night falls on the Jamia Millia Islamia campus, four men begin a sit-in they have kept up for over a month now. Protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), the four have been sitting inside

Diploma In Cyber Security - Certification Issued by Govt of India. Duration - 6 Months Class Mode - Weekend Class Reach Us - 98400 00930 /

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[FOTO🔥200128] Actualización de . ¡Te veo mañana en el concierto! #🦊 _ Cr. realstraykids Trad. Eng. StrayKidsGlobal Trad. Esp. JeongINChile 🔥 🐼

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Looking forward to sunny day . . . If stray cat come to you, please share some food and love at least, if you cannot share your roof. . . .

The exceptional experience of owning an INFINITI but at a pre-owned value. Enjoy special offers on all our demo vehicles until January 31. See the link in our bio for more details. . . .

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Mais uma participação no ótimo programa INpedidos, da ! Hoje fiz questão de ir como um verdadeiro torcedor do Lakers para, obviamente, homenagear o ícone que nos deixou Kobe Bryant! Amanhã sai a íntegra no meu canal de YouTube!

ผมที่ตื่จมาตอนเช้าแล้วเจอรูปน้องอิน 🥺 แงงงง เขินไม่ไหว😳😳 น่ารักไปป่ะยางจองอิน แม่หวง!!🦊💕

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e o sol ri-se


Peace in California by Courtney Istre

As I board the plane back home.
I promise I’ll be back.
For nothing’s more undying than the want to overcome my past.
I waved goodbye to the ocean.
I picked up some wants that I didn’t know I needed.
I tell myself I will come back home.
Then, I found places I wanted to go to.
I swear I will dare to travel to places unknown.
'She can't say no': the Ugandan men demanding to be breastfed
A study is looking into the coercive practice in Uganda, amid calls for government to address the issue
By Louise Hunt

One man told the researchers: “When breastfeeding, I feel like I’m being looked after like a child, and this becomes addictive. I feel like a prince.”

Women did not seem to have much choice in the matter. “It appears to be a hugely coerced behaviour from the people we spoke to,” added Merritt.

When asked what might happen if she said no, one woman replied: “I fear that my husband might go elsewhere if I wouldn’t let it happen.”

Thomas admitted that resistance could result in the women being beaten. “She can’t say no because you become obsessed, it’s hard to stop. If women say no it can cause violence, it’s a big issue,” he said.

The behaviour has been linked to gender-based violence in the Karamoja region in north-east Uganda. “The principal nutritionist has claimed that it is a common practice there in the form of violence, that when the men get drunk some went for the breasts forcefully,” said Rukundo.

Health professionals, including midwives and nutritionists, told researchers about cases where babies had to be given formula milk because partners wanted the breast milk, and where women came to clinic with infected or bitten nipples caused by a man suckling. There are also risks to babies of cross-infection from the man’s saliva.


i’m about to start throwing rocks

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Love is Truth

Beware…. of thinking certain ones will always be there. Belief in fear… you’ll always be scared..

The only thing bigger than you …truth, don’t dare.. that doesn’t make your word more important than their’s… keep your passions due bound and the pleasures in the rear. Mr. Bell, your vision sounding like a church in here!

It’s spiritual.. I never asked myself, “what do you want for you?” Their wants won’t compliment the vision? What can a pretty face do? More than a community tool that they all use to screw. Adultery hits like no hammer… easier to confuse the two….so what is new? Different face? Same cycle…. who knew?! If you don’t see God with them, they’ll be Casper booboo!

Truth knows your heart like your greatest desire. In your short, whole life you’ve pursued it with fire. Know when a soul doesn’t compliment attire, and the solo doesn’t care who it falls on in the choir.

Life has the most joy when it all compliments this, and make sure you’ve paid God a couple visits.

And when that blessing comes you see light enough to HEAR. Let go, set your sails, and then, let Him steer..

woojin : look i really did try my best

hyunjin : *wailing* but you didn’t

hyunjin : he won’t even look at me, what exactly did you tell him

woojin : well i listed out some of your likes such as the fact that you like pineapple on your piz-

hyunjin : why on earth would you tell him i like pinapple on my pizza?! i told you changbin despises a pineapple on his pizza more than anything, he thinks it’s a barf!! what am I supposed to do now, you good for nothing hyung *grasps his head*

woojin : well i’m afraid you doomed