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I'm very pleased with this It's just a few comments I made on a news report yesterday, related to my assertion that was KEY to facilitating & 9/11 Link to report with my comments: PLEASE read the last comment it is

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[ 12:37 AM ] admin nicole said:

so like are the boys not coming home at all tonight HDJSJSJDJ YALL FR DISAPPEARED OH DEAR

ok i’m not gonna get deep into The Discourse, but i just want to say that i’m saddened & (quite frankly) disturbed by the amount of Kiroranke hate i’ve seen recently…. especially when so many ppl are still out there acting like Ogata never did anything wrong & deserves redemption :///

like i’m not saying Kiroranke was a perfect person (or that he never did anything worthy of criticism) just that he’s a FAR more sympathetic character than someone like Ogata could ever hope to be (one of those characters is a revolutionary fighting for the rights of indigenous minority groups while the other is a literal sociopathic murderer; i don’t see how this is even up for debate at all… & if you really can’t see the problem here it might be time for some serious introspection). anyway!! trying to paint Kiroranke as some sort of horrible villain who deserved to die is NOT a good look.

Also i said it at the start of my blog when there were nobody here but this blog is open to ask if you are encountering similar difficulties and want support or simply talking about it please dont hesitate nobody judge here you can talk about it without any worries.
Yes it’s not a blog only for me to vent, if my experience can help anyone in need i would be glad.
You can also ask if you have any question (in respect of course)



Please spread this. It is about how Aboriginal Australians were very advanced famers, engineers and scientists. The best video for black history month!!!

Doing a clean out

So recently (or for a while),

I’ve been contemplating my simblr blog– whether to delete it altogether or start a new. There are many things I want to post but don’t feel I can? I’m gonna be doing a clean out (small one) and making this blog primarily JUST my series, with the occasional cc. I’m currently making another account for my townie makeover series— which I hope you guys will like– I’ll make a post soon with the link if anyone wants to follow and support that blog too. I’m doing this because I feel like I’m holding back from things and it’s making me quite depressed, by not feeling any form of joy from my posts besides my series. I hope you guys understand this and continue to support me. LOVE YOU ALL.


anonymous asked:

hello! i just gotta ask, would you do a moodboard for anyone from persona 5? i just wanna make sure is all!

Yep! I’ll do any source really even if I’m not too familiar with it, I mean there’s a few exceptions but personas fine with me^^

Omg I’m watching this commercial for Lume, a natural deodorant and I just

This Guy Seems A Little Disingenuous...
Hello guys and gals, it's me Mutahar again! This time we sit down and just talk about what's been happening on this site again and some of the points brought...

Update on #YoutubeWakeUp

Local deep-web explorer and tech Youtuber Mutahar (SomeOrdinaryGamers) describes the “plot holes” in Matt’s child exploitation video.

Summary of the Video:

  • Every platform has issues with child exploitation at this scale, as motivated pedophiles will find their way around a website’s TOS. Singling out Youtube in this situation seems disingenuous.
  • Youtube’s CEO (Susan  Wojcicki) will most likely not take action nor will understand the issue, given her responses in the past to users pointing out the rampant issue of pedophiles.
  • If Youtube issues a “fix” it will most likely be another “adpocalypse” that breaks the functionality of the website for content creators, just as it was in the past.
  • Youtube’s primary staff, CEO and staff, needs a restructuring and needs people who will actually understand and work with the community to fix these issues. The issue cannot be viewed algorithmically, but must be looked at in a more genuine light.
  • This is not saying that the points Matt made in his original video were wrong, but they were reactionary and disingenuous in the grand scheme of things.

Can everyone who’s sent in a request please send an ask confirming they sent one in?

I’ve accidentally deleted a request without looking at the username, and I need to get it back :( please send an ask in as soon as possible!


Watch this if you have any interest in working with children, in medicine, have any desire to understand and help people who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, or just want to improve the well being of others.

A new thing

So since I’m being useless and not writing any requests right now (I’m sorry) I would like to maybe do something else. So what I’m thinking is like,,,where you guys send me an ask creating a scenario with a member and an AU,, and some speech ya know. And I respond as the member? Kind of like role play I think? Idk. If y'all think it’s stupid then we don’t have to i just thought it may be fun lmao. If you want to send me a little something though, feel free!! It has to be smut tho.

Hello everyone

This is Shi here to announce the opening of our Deviantart account. We will be posting some adopts from the blog there, as well as new adopts exclusive to DA. This new opening also mean’s we now have the capability to except DA Points for adopts, But we will also continue to offer Paypal for those who prefer it. 

Please come and see us, we can’t wait to see you there!

If you had a shitty day, remember:

- you ARE loved

- someone has a crush on you

- someone thinks about you before going to sleep

- you ARE funny

- you are not alone

- you probably made someone laugh this week

- the weekend is right next door

- you’re not going to fail at school

- there is someone in the world for you

- there are people out there that actually care about you

- you will succeed in life

- and last but not least, you are absolutely beautiful in every single way