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The other half of the book

You were hanging out with Taehyung, Hobi and Jimin They were all trying to get your attention with their dancing skills —— hobi: Y/N look at me!! Jimin: nooo Y/N I need your attention Taehyung: don’t look at them Look at me

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all the people Imagine what they're thinking Hope this makes you lol.Laughter is the best Rx. In no way is this intended to hurt anyone~Without Humor~life is dull. Enjoy Your Life! STOP the Hate

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Ahh, la inspiración, esa especie de vientecillo que se levanta tenue en tu interior y se desvanece casi al instante. Lo bonito es poder capturarlo para que no se escape, al menos durante el tiempo que necesitemos para dar forma a alguna buena idea.

“ one two three “ you count Michael down as he moves his hands from his eyes to face you holding a new guitar for him. He covers his mouth shaking his hand in shock “ oh my god no you didn’t “ he says getting emotional and tears start to fill his eyes ~ 💖

after hours of looking round the house Calum finally finds his Christmas present you had hidden from him. He gasps and picks it up shaking it trying to find out what it is, before he could open it you walk over and take it of him making him groan ~ 💖

“ come on one hint pleaseeeeeee “ you wine trying to find out what Luke’s got you for Christmas. He giggles and shakes his head “ please I’ll tell you one or your gifts ! “ you huff making him laugh. “ I already know what I’m getting “ he winks making you storm of ~ 💖

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Imagine you being sick and Hyejoo taking care of you and sleeping next to you to make sure you don’t get worse

Person A: Yo B, I have this poll to do and I want you to choose which word you like the most. One is ti-

Person B: Tiddy.

Person A:

Person A: Can I take back all those dates.

Useless fact about me: My favorite word is canoodle/ing. You guys?

Only Oreo Cookies

“Dean: What are you eating?”

You: Oreo cookies

Dean: You finally found them, they have been sitting in the cup board for sometime and wondered when you were going to eat them all.

You: More like you were hiding them from me

Dean: I was not

You: Yes you were

Dean: Sam told me to hide them

Sam: What did I tell you to hide?

You: The Oreo cookies

Sam: Well yeah because once you see them then thats all you will be eating and spoiling your dinner

Dean: Where do you think your nickname came from? Cookie.

Sam: And there is no more milk”

You and your brothers laugh while talking more about the memories you three share,

Being Married to Meredith Grey Would Include…

  • Let’s be honest
  • You guys would’ve been friends before the hospital
  • And throughout college, and into the hospital
  • So, originally people didn’t think you two were friends in intern year
  • Anyway, when you two started dating, that was a surprise
  • To everyone at the hospital, especially Webber
  • And you’d guys would most likely be married around the same time her and Derek would’ve
  • But without the complications of the entire thing
  • So, you guys would’ve adopted kids (if you’re a girl)
  • Or you guys would’ve had kids of your own
  • Probably the same three kids
  • A lot of drinking every night that you can get your hands on
  • Playing with the kids
  • Oh my god, nights out with the kids!
  • Making Meredith laugh every chance you get cause it’s contagious
  • Actually getting the approval from Ellis (that was a shocker)
  • Dancing a lot, to the point where you guys are actually good
  • Sharing surgeries
  • Fighting over the interns— especially the good ones
  • Holidays with Meredith are a blast! Only because of you, you’re the life of the party!
  • All in all, it would be dull at times, but pick up because you’re always together

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“Jensen! What do you think you’re doing?” 

“What does it look like I’m doing?” 

“I swear to God, Jensen. Not today…” 

IMAGINE Sebastian being all smiley when you walk into a room

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“What you looking at there Seb?-”


“Huh, I’m sorry, what did you say Chris?”

🌺Headcanons and Imagines(xreader) are open for Supernatural, Harry Potter(the marauder’s era and Newt Scamander), Marvel, only Headcanon a The Lord of The Rings, and for The Hobbit. 🌺

Being Derek’s Little Sister & Dating Mark Sloan Would Include…

  • Aha
  • Like everyone saw what went down with Addison and I’m sorry but
  • I feel like Derek would hover, a lot
  • So, when you two first started dating, Derek was the only one kept in the dark
  • Until one night you got drunk and it slipped
  • Derek flipped his shit
  • And he kept you two apart for the longest time
  • Then Mark snapped back, and suddenly you were back together
  • Being lovey dovey around Derek would be awkward, and would rarely happen
  • However, when it comes to fighting
  • Ahhh
  • Like Mark might be a bit scary on his own when you fight
  • But Derek can tell when there’s something wrong between you two
  • Because you might be careful around him
  • Not this careful
  • So Derek would turn the older brother, and very angry cause you’re his little sister
  • So that wouldn’t end well
  • Even after the fight Derek would still be fuming
  • Anyway, the entire experience would be a roller coaster without any knowledge of what’s coming next

14x08 Coda Adjacent

Ok, I don’t really feel like writing a full fic for this, but I had an idea of how they could solve this Empty thing and I made it Destiel, for reasons. Without killing Cas. Because, duh.

Non existent fic summary! Slash non existent episode summary!

Sam and Dean figure out about Cas’ deal, because of course they do. Sam offers support, Dean gets pissed, like he feels betrayed and shit. Basically in a “how the hell could you do this to me?” “Damn it, Cas, how many times are you gonna make me watch you die!” Kind of way. But they both agree to help Cas get out of the deal.

This leads to research, so much research. Like all the research. They try and see if they can kill the Shadow (Death’s scythe) yada yada yada, Dean finds himself face to face with Empty!Cas, still wearing the old trenchcoat. He asks Dean if he likes the updates he made to Cas’ outfit. Dean ignores him. Instead he tells the shadow to release Cas from his deal. The two talk and it’s clear that the shadow is losing it. He’s twitchy, he’s wild eyed. Like, when Cas woke him up, he released him, but he didn’t get to go back to sleep. So now he’s alone in the empty, surrounded by nothing, and it’s messing with his mind. It’s why he put himself under in the first place. Everybody sleeps in the empty because he can’t handle being awake. But now he can’t sleep, and he wants Cas back so he can share his same fate, because he won’t let Cas sleep.

So Dean tries to convince the empty that bringing Cas to the empty won’t help him sleep either, to just let him go. The shadow, of course, gets all up in Dean’s face and tries to fuck with him. Dean is the big hero, who’s gotta rescue Cas from the big bad monster and all that.

“Sorry, Prince Charming, But this isn’t a fairy tale and true love’s kiss won’t rescue the fair maiden. It might actually condemn him.”

Dean continues to try and convince the shadow to let Cas off the hook, and eventually makes an agreement that if Sam and dean get the shadow to go back to sleep, the shadow will leave Cas alone. The shadow wants Cas to suffer, but he wants to go back to bed a lot more. Dean eventually points out that Cas will annoy the shadow more than the shadow will terrorize Cas. So the shadow agrees.

Dean gets brought back to the bunker, and he tells Sam and Cas that they now have a way to save Cas. Cas is upset that Dean put himself in danger for him, Dean is mad that Cas made the deal and didn’t tell him. Basically, Dean can’t really be happy without Cas and Cas can’t get that through his head.

Insert man pain, and we set up Team Free Will trying to figure out how to put the shadow back to sleep, and yes: they consider NyQuil.

Secrets (S.M. Blurb)

Anonymous asked: Ummm okay so could you write a blurb with fairy/elf princess!reader (your can choose elf or fairy) x prince!reader where they’re both in love but she isn’t meant to marry him she’s arranged to marry another prince from another land? And they have to sneak around the castle a lot to hang out or whatever but then maybe at like a ball/event Shawn has a conflict with the other prince? Idk you can change it however if you want. Also your writing is amaziiiing and I love all of it ❤️

a/n: I really hope this is suitable for your entertainment, lovely anon! I wish I could have written something better, but I do really love this trope! Thank you for the wonderful request! 

||Masterlist In BIO||


She supposed the whole thing was really just bad. Perhaps she was being punished for yelling at her parents in front of the court just a few weeks ago, a slap on the hand for her outcry against her duty. Whatever the reasoning was, y/n could not stop herself from staring at the Prince of the Northern Mountains, his Highness Shawn Mendes. He sat in the chair just down the ballroom, his body slumping in a kingly manor across the armrests and the plush cushion. His eyes gazed upon her, lids slightly low and lip pulled between his teeth as his people spoke to him, feasting upon the wine and deserts. Yes, this was a very bad idea—especially since the deserts, the wine, the gifts and music were all there to celebrate the coming of her marriage to Prince Marcus of the Southern Isles.

Had she known Shawn would be here, she would have played sick and sat in her room for dinner to avoid this exact situation. She had met the prince upon a vacation months ago, her family visiting his beautiful mountainous kingdom for a political banquet. He had taken her around all the most beautiful spots of the land, to picnics and plays, hot springs that she blushed when thinking about. Yes, he had shown her very much.

She softly stood from the table in which her family sat at, letting her sparkling gold gown fall behind her as she walked to the table filled with fae cider and tarts. She hummed to herself, dipping a finger into the golden liquid and placing it into her mouth, her lips letting the pointer finger go with a soft pop!

“Delicious enough for you,” a smooth voice cooed next to her. She turned her face slightly, eyeing the Northern Prince from the side of her face.

“Very,” she said with composure, a soft smile touching her lips.

“Is your little southern man here,” Shawn mumbled, looking out amongst the crowds of fae, humans, orcs, and more—all whom were here to celebrate the wedding.

Shawn,” she said quietly, letting her hand softly touch his fingers on the table. “You know how I feel about all this.”

He nodded, letting his fingers tighten around hers. “You sure I can’t just marry you at some village church.”

She laughed, shaking her head. “No,” she smiled, looking at the handsome prince. “No, because you will marry a lovely woman, someone who will give you more land and money than I can.”

“I don’t want another woman,” he said with straightness, looking deeply towards her. “I want you—all of you completely.”

That night, the Northern Prince had his wish as he entered the chambers of the princess after the guards changed their shift. The small pixies sang sweet melodies into the night, and the stars shimmered brighter than they ever had.

The next day, all had gathered into the Main Hall to welcome Prince Malcom to the kingdom. Y/n stood beside her mother and father, her face contorted in seriousness, her eyes trying their best to not look at Shawn who stood across from her in the hall, eyes straight on her.

Malcom exited the carriage as he arrived, letting the maids take his things as he strode up, face in pure self-adoration. He moved to the royal family, bowing slightly before them and letting his eyes rake up and down the princess. Shawn felt himself clench his teeth.

“Princess Y/n, Queen and King,” he began. “Your kingdom is so…quaint.”

“I’m glad my quaintkingdom pleases his highness,” y/n said with a little too much of a sneer, resulting in a cough from Shawn, his lips turning to a smile. The crowd shuffled awkwardly, her mother’s eyes drew wide at the response.

Marcus smiled tightly, moving away from the family and following the king down to his chamber. The crowd dispersed, and y/n mother grabbed her daughters arm and pulled her to the side.

What was that,” the queen yelled quietly, her eyes bright and angry. “How could you say that!”

“What,” y/n said with irritation. “Mother, he insulted the kingdom, you have heard the things he says about the fairies, about our people—then this!”

“I don’t care—he is your future husband, and you will respect him.”

With that, the queen made her leave towards the rest of the guests, leaving y/n huffing in the corner. Shawn moved towards her, touching the white crown placed comfortable amongst his curls.

“Well,” he said, leading her down the opposite direction and towards the stable doors. “That was fun.”

Y/n rolled her eyes, sighing and letting her body fall slightly into Shawn’s.

“I hate him,” she mumbled. “You know, he said that fae should just revert to her natural selves—cooking and cleaning for the human folk. He said that in an interview, just months ago, no he’s marry me! I mean, the nerve!”

Shawn pulled his brows in, anger lacing his bones. “Let me take him, you know I’d win.”

She smiled up at the him. “I know you would.”

Shawn smiled as they walked into the royal stables, moving towards the princess’s white mare, brushing the mane and hair of the animal. Shawn moved over to y/n’s side, moving around her and grabbing a handful of hay, lightly letting his hands hold against her backside.

“Shawn,” she giggled, looking around. “What do you think you’re doing.”

“We could do it right here,” he mumbled into her ear, pushing her against the dark wood of the stables. “Our natural state.”

Her mouth widened and dropped open with shock, her body ablaze as his hands roamed up and down her sides, pulling a shaky breath from the small fae.

Shawn,” she said quietly, letting her head fall back against the wood as his lips moved along her neck, jaw, and lower between the opening of her dress.

“Yes, my love,” he mumbled, biting her skin softly, leaving a potent purple mark. “What do you need from me—tell me and I’ll give it. I’ll give you the world.”

Shawn!” she cried out as she pushed her into him, his mouth falling open at their connection. She pulled her leg around him, pulling him closer to her as she ripped at the silk fabric that he wore on his back.

That evening was the final ball before y/n was to be married. She gathered her peach gown into her hands as she walked into the ballroom, all eyes gracing her as she moved towards her family. Marcus sat from the table, eyes unimpressed by the fairy princess before him. After moments, the music began happily amongst them. The attendees danced rhythmically to the sounds, and y/n stood bored on the side of the dance floor, Marcus to busy speaking to a group of young flower maidens. He smiled at them in the way Shawn did, and her heart constricted against her chest. Was she wrong for this? Maybe she was, maybe she was horrible for doing what she did.

Shawn watched as Marcus touched the three flower maidens hands at the gala. Y/n stood to the side, watching as her fiancé fraternized with the girls. Y/n tried to move closer, to speak to Marcus, but he merely pushed to the side, ignoring her presence. Shawn felt the bubble of anger yet again, going against his better judgement and walked towards the prince.

“Can I help you,” Marcus asked with irritation as Shawn interrupted the conversation. 

“You think you can treat a woman like that,” Shawn sneered, drawing a soft murmur suddenly from the crowd. The Queen and King looked up, eyes drawing forward at the sudden disruption. Y/n touched Shawn shoulder, her eyes wide.

“Prince Shawn,” she said in a hushed voice.

“Yes, Prince Shawn, shouldn’t you know your place?”

With that, Shawn pulled his fist back and pushed it straight into the Princes perfect nose. There was a loud roar from the crowd, and Shawn stepped back, pulling out his silver northern sword and raised his silk sleeves upward.

“Perhaps you should teach it to me,” Shawn smirked.

Y/n moved forward, placing her hands softly on Shawn’s shoulders.

“Shawn,” she pleaded. “I don’t want you in a jail!”

Shawn?” Marcus seethed. “What in gods name is going on! Guards, apprehend this buffoon, and take my bride to our chambers!”

Y/n quickly turned around, her eyes wide. “W-What!” She backed up into Shawn, he protectively held her waist.

“Our. Chamber.”

“We aren’t married.”

“If I have to listen to another complaint, another imbecilic speak as you do!”

“Enough!” The king yelled out, his voice booming through the room. “Guards, take Prince Malcom to his carriage.”

Y/n’s eyes widened at her father’s request, as did Malcom’s. Before there were any voice taken from his lips, the guards apprehended him and pushed him out of the doors. His curses were heard all throughout the castle.

“I will not have a man of any kind, disrespect my daughter,” the King demanded of the court and guests, looking at his daughter.

“Now, shall we continue this ball, or has my wife created an event that we should not appreciate?”

The music grew with that, everyone seeming to slowly return to what they had done. Shawn’s hand held tightly against y/n’s side, and her breathing steadied as the air around her smoothed, her hands softly grabbing on to Shawn’s.

“He’ll probably declare war,” Shawn mumbled into her ear, slipping the sword into his sheath. “You’ll need an army.”

She looked at him, her face bright red and hot.

“I have an army.”

Her lips parted, and she didn’t stop him as he led them both to the King, Shawn smiling and bowing so much he almost hit the floor.

“Good King, I’ve come to talk politics.”


That Get’s On My Nerves *Edinson Cavani smut imagine*


“Babe didn’t you used to have something like this?” I asked picking up an item

Turning around to look at Me, he raised an eyebrow, looking at it before shaking his head, “Nope, not that I could recall” He said going back to look through the clothes

“You sure? I could’ve sworn you had a piece like this”

“No Y/N I didn’t, maybe it was one of-”

I sighed, “Don’t say it”I muttered  

“One of your other dudes” He said nonchalantly

I came around to the other side, “Why do you always say that?” I asked him

He shrugged, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”

I closed his eyes, before opening them and speaking once again, “You know what just forget it”

I didn’t pay him any attention, as I continued to look through the clothes. After finding a good amount we headed to the check-out and then paid for them.

The two of us didn’t spend a lot of time at the mall following seeing as we kept getting stopped by his fans. The last stop we’d made was to the food court and then back to the house.

Once we got to the house, I started putting my clothes that I’d bought away, once I had finished I ventured back outside to the kitchen counter to eat my food.  “So what’s up your butt?” I asked him

Edinson turned to look at me, “Whatever are you talking about?” He asked feigning dumb

I gave him a bored look, “What you said earlier in the mall about me having other guys? What the hell was that about?”I asked

Edinson shrugged, “So you’re saying there’s no one else other than me?” He asked

I nodded my head slowly, “Uhm duh Edinson, I’ve been in a relationship with you and only you for the past two years” I told him

He nodded his head, “Sure I am”

I rolled my eyes, “Look dude I’m not going to argue with you for the three hundredth time this week”

“I’m not arguing, just asking questions” He said

I sighed, Edinson didn’t say anything for a little while, and neither did I we kind of just let the silence engulf us along with the tapping of my foot and his tapping on the counter.

“You know I just find it funny that I supposedly have dude, and you don’t do anything wrong?” I said crossing my arms

A part of me was screaming to just let this conversation/debate end and drop it, but the other part of me the much louder and bitchier side said let’s let out everything that’s bothering you today.

“And what wrong would I be doing anyways?” He asked

“What wrong would you be doing, how about going out and staying out all late hours of the night and posting photos and video with other women and then ending them with those? You don’t think people talk and post things on the internet Edinson?” I questioned him

He rolled his eyes, “I’m not doing anything with those women, they’re just asking for pictures and stuff” He said nonchalantly

I scoffed, “Right, and is the stuff that they’re asking for to suck your dick?” I asked “ Because we all know that’s your favorite thing to see a girl do to you, since you’ve been caught multiple times in that position” I said

Edinson didn’t say anything but I could tell his was angry by the pulsating vein in his neck, and the way he was gripping the counter. In comparison to his appearance his voice was the same, “No escarbar en algo que va a traer heridas viejas” He said

(A/N: basically it says don’t dig into things and bring up like old wounds)

I stared at him, “Seriously? You’re going to do this right now” I said crossing my arms

“Todo lo que hice pasó cuando nos separamos”

“Edinson” I said getting even more irritated then I was earlier.

“Si no puedes entender, no deberías aprender”

I let out a loud groan, “Stop saying things in a language I can’t understand you prick, if you’ve got anything of a real man inside of you, you’d say it in English” I said crossing my arms

Edinson’s expression which had been of anger suddenly changed into one that I couldn’t read, as he began advancing towards me slowly. And now as much as I wanted to back up and apologize, the bitchy and petty me was still standing and looking up to him because of the height difference between us.

“What did you just say?” He asked

I raised an eyebrow, “What? So now you speak English?” I asked scoffing

“Y/N did you just call me a prick?”

I nodded my head slowly, “I did you prick, what are you going to do about it?”


“OH MY GOD EDINSON!” I yelled out as a wave of pleasure hit me

Edinson’s and I’s groans, moans and grunts could probably be heard from outside of this house but the two of us really didn’t care. All I cared about was the rearranging he was currently doing inside of me.

“Next time…. think twice before calling me…..a prick” He said in-between thrusts

With each thrust he would push me down further into the mattress making me arch my back and everything feel 10x greater. When he pulled out the two of us were panting, basically wishing for air to enter the both of us a lot faster than the rate it was going at.

Turning on my stomach I looked at Edinson, and moved his hair that was currently sticking to his sweaty forehead. “I think mad sex is the best sex” I said

He chuckled, “Let’s just have loving sex from now on, this ones tiring”


“Are you saying my loving sex is boring?”He questioned

“When we have mad sex you get all sweaty and glisten, and your voice changes. You become more demanding, and ugh! You’re just so sexy”I said going back through the memories

“Hacer el amor es mejor que jodidamente enojado” He said

I looked at him, “Edinson”

He let out a breathy laugh, “More emotion equals better sex”


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a/n: hello im back with some more blurbs! just a little disclaimer i tried my best to write about a girl with a stutter, i do not know anything about stutters and am not trying to offend anyone or anything 


Shawn sat alone on his large white couch as he stared at nothing in particular out the window. It’s been raining all morning which foiled his original plans for the day.

It’s his first week back and he wanted to do something special for his girl and he had planned to take her staking in Nathan Phillips Square and then out for food but unfortunately they woke up to rain and needless to say, they were both disappointed.

Now, he sits alone trying to think of something to salvage this date while she was elsewhere, probably finishing up some school work she had been putting off.

Sighing, he got up from his comfortable spot and retrieved a dusted book from the shelf Y/n had bought from Ikea and put together when he was gone.

She loved to read, it was pretty much her favourite pass time when Shawn was away. There wasn’t much else to do, from a young age she hasn’t had many friends so when Shawn is gone she resorts to reading and school.  

Shawn on the other hand probably hasn’t picked up a book since he graduated high school all those years ago. He doesn’t care to read, nor does he have the time.

He flipped the book around in his hands a few times before he could practically see the light bulb going off in his head. He’s been meaning to read this book for a while now, and what a perfect time to start reading it now while it’s raining?

“Babe,” He called as he ventured down the halls of the condo, finally finding her sitting cross-legged on the bed, laptop perched on her lap, glasses resting gently on the top of her head.

“H-hey,” She smiled once she noticed him standing at the doorway. “W-what’s up?”

She patted the spot next to her before pushing her laptop to the side as she made room for him.

“Will you read this to me?” He asked as he handed the hard covered book to her. It was one of his Harry Potter books from the box set he got when he was a teenager.

“Y-you want me to re-read this out loud?” She wondered, looking between the book and her boyfriend several times.  “N-no way.”

“Please babe,” Shawn pleaded, sprawling himself across her outstretched legs. “It’s so gloomy, the perfect reading setting as you always say.”

She shook her head once again, “S-Shawn you know I ca-can’t read out l-loud. I’ll stutter.”

“Yes, you can.” He reassured her, grabbing a hold of her free hand as he adjusted himself so he could look up at her. “You said you wanted help with the stutter, and I know you love to read. Please?”

“N-no.” She sighed as she set the book down next to them. “I’ll r-ruin it for y-you.”

Y/n almost never missed an opportunity to read, but she almost never read out loud. Never. She preferred to read it in her head that way she couldn’t mess up all the words. The only time she ever read out loud is when her teachers in high school would pick her and even then, she was mortified.

“You’re never going to overcome this if you don’t try,” Shawn commented, handing her the book once again. “Just one chapter and after that, if you want to stop, we will stop.”

She looked at the book, debating whether she wanted to do this or not. She’s always been picked on for her stutter, but she knows Shawn would never do that to her.

Sighing, she opened the book to page one and began reading.

She has read this book many, many times, and honestly, she knows every word inside and out, but when it comes down to actually pronouncing them out loud, she was struggling. A lot.

She barely made it two pages before setting the book down in defeat.

“I-I can’t d-do it,” She huffed. “Y-you had to help m-me so much.”

Shawn was quick to grab the book from the bed once again as she looked away from him, embarrassed that she couldn’t even get through a few pages of a book she’s read millions of times.

It was much easier to read inside her head, the words came out perfectly, it didn’t take her a couple tries to get the words right.

“You were doing so good,” Shawn tried again, placing the book back into her lap. “Please, don’t stop.”

“Stop l-lying Shawn.” She sniffled, “I want to s-stop.”

“You’re never going to overcome this if you just give up.” Shawn reminded her, knowing how much his girlfriend hated her stutter. “Just try a few more pages.”

She playfully rolled her eyes, not wanting to admit that he’s right, and reluctantly opened the book to the page where she left off.

After about half an hour she was able to get through a full chapter with some assistance from Shawn here and there. It was hard at first, but as she kept reading she found it was getting easier and easier to pronounce the words.

Sure she still stuttered but she was slowly becoming more comfortable with pronouncing some words.

“Okay,” She sighed once she finished the last sentence of the chapter. “Now I-I’m actually done.”

She set the book down next to them and focused her gaze on Shawn who had decided to lay his head in her lap while she read, eyes closed, almost ready to fall asleep at the sound of her calming voice.

A smile rested on his face as she began to rake her hands through his curls.

“See?” He spoke, “That wasn’t so hard after all.”

“No I g-guess not.” She hummed, “Y-you were right.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

Catching up with Peter, Part 12

The next morning, 9am.

Detective Carisi was at his desk, with his already third cup of coffee. He didn’t sleep last night, spending the beginning of the night in a bar and ended it driving for hours. Detective Rollins was tired too but only because the baby had been kicking in her belly all night long. Detective Tutuola was feeling great like always, he spent the night with his son, his son-in-law and his grandchild. Nothing could make him more happy.

The lieutenant was in her desk when she got a call to let her know about a victim. She took all the informations she needed and left her office. “A woman was raped last night in her hotel room. Fin, Carisi, with me.” She ordered. The detectives got up and took their coats.

“Liv, can I come?” Amanda asked.


“Come on, it’s in a hotel.”

“Okay but if someone ask, you’re just here to observe.”

The squad took two different cars. Olivia and Fin were together and Sonny was driving Amanda. “Rough night?” The woman asked to her co-worker who was yawning.

“Don’t do the detective with me.” He just said. He was closed, it was the first time Rollins saw him like this. So she decided not to go further. Both of them had no idea where they were going, they just followed Liv’s car. When they finally parked, Sonny’s heart stopped before racing in his chest. The Roosevelt hotel. Amanda got out off the car but Sonny didn’t follow. “Carisi, you coming?” She asked.

“Y-yeah.” With shaking hands, he opened the door and went out of the car. He tried to put things into perspective but he couldn’t. He had no news of you since he left his building with you behind. He didn’t know what you’ve done after that. He didn’t care last night but right now it was all he could think about.

When he saw Liv hitting the fifth floor button in the elevator, he almost fainted. In the back of the elevator, he crouched down. “Carisi, you okay?” The lieutenant asked. He nodded but he definitely wasn’t. The elevator’s doors got open, Amanda offered his hand to Sonny to get him up. There was officers and paramedics at the end of the hall. It was your room. Sonny took a few steps back, almost fainted again. Liv and Fin went on the scene but Amanda stayed with her friend.

“Sonny, what’s going on?”

“It’s her,” he whispered. “I-I can’t.” He had tears in his eyes.

“Who? Do you know the victim?”

“I just don’t know her, I’m falling hard for her,” he thought to himself. “Yes, I-” He was sweaty and shaking. She had a water bottle on the purse and gave it to him. He sat there, in the hall.

“Who is she, Carisi?” Amanda softly smiled.

“I don’t know how to explain,” he thought for a second, “Let’s say she is a friend.”

“a friend you’re in love with, right?” He didn’t answer, just looked at her with his wet eyes. “I’m gonna see how she is and let her know you’re there, okay?” He nodded and Amanda walked to your room, she was surprised when she recognized you. You were on a stretch, crying, with a black eye, bruises in your neck, and dry blood around your noise.

“We’re going to take you to the hospital, to do a rape kit, alright?” Olivia said and you nodded. The paramedics started to walk you out of the room and a blond woman stood next to you. “Hey, Sonny is right there in the hall. Want to see him?” she asked. You shocked your head for a no. They brought you to the elevator, Sonny got up. When your eyes met his, you instantly turned your head away. He stayed here, helpless as they drove you to the hospital.

“Okay so,” Olivia started with her squad around her. “Carisi you are out of this case, so Amanda you’re gonna leave your desk for a few days. And of course, Stone can’t take that case either, so we will have to find another ADA. For now, Fin, go take the tapes from the bar, the elevator and this hall. Amanda you go to the mercy hospital, and wait for the rape kit’s results. And I’m going to let Peter know…” She looked at Sonny, “You go home. And if you investigated on your side, I’ll take care of you. Got it?” Sonny nodded but of course he was going to investigate on his own. All he wanted was to find this guy and shoot him.

“Mr. Stone, Lieutenant Benson is here.” Carmen said.

“Let her in,” Peter put his pen down and greeted Liv as she walked in his office. He stood up, “You better stay sit.” She confessed.

“Why ?” He asked, confused. She got closer to his desk.

“We- Hum, we have a rape victim.”


“Let me finish, Peter.” He put his elbows on the desk and looked intensely at her.

“It’s Y/N. Your ex girl-” She got cut by Peter’s fists hitting the wood of the desk. It made her body jump. Peter stayed silent for a moment, trying to analyze what was happening. His body kinda frozed just like his brain. She saw anger tears in his eyes, he bite his bottom lip so hard. “Wh-Where is she?” He almost yelled.

“Mercy Hospital.” Peter took his coat and rushed out of his office, Olivia followed him. He didn’t even wait for the elevator, he took the stairs. Olivia almost fell as she tried to follow him but he didn’t care, he didn’t even notice it. “Peter!” she stopped him outside the courthouse. He had tears on his cheeks. “How is she?” He cried.

“Physically she is going to be fine. But-” Again, she got cut by Peter walking away. “Let me drive you.” Driving him was a way to keep an eye on him.

The ride to the hospital seemed to last for hours in Peter’s head. “What do you know?” He asked, bitterly.

“You know I can’t talk to you about it, Peter.”

“Liv, she’s my-” He yelled but stopped himself. What are you? How can he describe it? The love of his life? His soulmate? His one and only one? The one he is supposed to die with?

“I will catch this guy. I promise.” Peter knew Liv would do everything to catch him but that wasn’t enough in his head. He didn’t want to see this bastard behind bars. He wants to see him in a casket. How could someone do this to you? The most wonderful person in the world? In his world?

Amanda stayed with you the entire time. She held you your hand to reassure you when you were having a panic attack after the rape kit, she took you in her arms when you cried. “Is there something that came back to your mind?” She asked when you were a bit calm, in the bed. “I said everything to your Lieutenant, I don't… Remember that much.” You confessed, trying to remember your night. But the last thing you actually remembered was having a drink with a blond guy. “Can I ask you a question Detective?”

“Sure, anything.”

“If I had sex with someone before… This.” You paused, holding your tears. “They will find his DNA with the rape kit?”

“It depends. Did you have a shower after your relation with this man? Was it-”

“It was consensual, sure.” You felt comfortable enough with Amanda to tell her the whole story. “He wore a condom but you know, he-”

“Used his mouth?” She helped you finish your sentence. You nodded.

“There’s a chance they will find his DNA yes. But scientist makes difference between sperm and saliva. If you worry for him, you don’t have to. Okay?”

Shortly after, Peter rushed to your room. Amanda moved from the bed as he got close to you. He stayed silent, just looking at your bruises. You had a neck brace on because of your disease. He put his hands through your hair and brought your forehead to his. Both of you were silently crying. “I wanna go home” you broke down in his arms. “I’ll bring you back to Chicago myself when you can, okay?” You stayed in his arms for long, very long minutes. You could feel his heart beating as fast as yours. He lay on the bed next to you, rubbing your hair so you could have some rest. After crying a lot, and because of the meds, you fell asleep in his arms.

It didn’t wake you up when Sonny got to your room. He stopped his way when he saw you sleeping in Peter’s arms but he didn’t leave either. “How is she?” He asked Peter.

“I know her by heart, she will tell us she is fine even if she is not.” Sonny sat on the chair across the bed.

“Liv put me out of the case.” He confessed, bitterly.

“And I can’t do the prosecution.”

“What are we going to do, Peter?”

“Find this piece of shit. Put him away.”

“What do you mean?”

Both men looked at each other. They were thinking the same. But they are a cop and a lawyer. In both minds, one part was reasonable and the other was going crazy.

“We don’t like each other anymore, Peter. But we do have something in common.” Sonny looked at you. “Her.”

“Are you in love with her?”

“You really think it’s the time and place?”

“I need to know, Sonny.”

Sonny sighed. “I know for a few days only, I can’t say I’m in love with her. But I do feel something for her.”

“I love her since I’m 22, the day I met her. She was 15, it may sound horrific, but-” He sadly smiled, remembering the day you met. “Gabriel brought me to his home after training to have a drink. We had won. She hugged her brother to congratulate him and she hugged me too. I was so surprised by her reaction, I didn’t move. But her smile… It was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. After, she did puppy eyes to Gabe to drink a beer with us but he didn’t want her to drink alcohol. But every time he wasn’t looking, she drunk mine. And every time she gave me that wonderful smile, my heart stopped.” Tears fell from the corner of his eyes. “After 13 years, her smile drove me still as crazy. I’d do anything for that smile.” His voice broke. “Even accepting if you are the one that makes her smile.”

Sonny didn’t respond. Both of them stayed here until you woke up. Peter did actually fell asleep too, all his sleepless nights came back to him. Sonny stayed there, texting Amanda to get some informations she wouldn’t give to him. But it didn’t matter, he would find a way to investigate.

You woke up in Peter’s arms but Sonny’s voice made you jump. “Sonny…” He moved next to the small bed, and shh you. You started to cry again. He got closer to you, put his hand on your face and kissed your forehead. “I’m sorry,” he confessed with tears in his eyes. “if i-”

“No!” you cut him. “Don’t say it, don’t even think it.”


“Dominick, shut up please.” You whispered, not wanting to wake Peter up. “There’s no If.”

“Avec des si, on referait le monde.” You whispered to yourself.

“What ?”

“With “if”, we could build a brand new world.” Peter translated. “French expression.”

Between the two of them, you didn’t know if you should feel embarrassed or secured. They apparently were doing their best to stay calm in the same room, which was all you needed right now. “Coffee anyone?” Amanda said, as she entered your room. The two men jumped on the coffee but also on the detective. They wanted to know the latest news. “If I tell you anything, Liv is going to kill me before killing both of you.”

“I don’t care!” They both said.

“Guys, leave her alone. I trust her. So do you.”

She softly smiled to you. “For now, I have to talk to Y/N. Sonny, go take some of her clothes and Peter, buy us lunch. Hospital’s food is the worst.”

Amanda is like Olivia, when she said something, you obey. Peter and Sonny kissed you on the forehead before leaving, even if they didn’t want too. But it would let them time to think and talk about what they want and have to do. Amanda sat next to you on the bed. “How long?” You asked, looking at her belly.

“7 months.”


“Nope, I’ve already got a 2 years baby girl named Jesse.” she smiled.

“That’s nice,”

Seeing pregnant women and mothers always make you think about your own pregnancy and the abortion.

“Carisi is the one you had sex with, right?”

“Y-yes.” You said, looking down. “You found his DNA, right? Please don’t tell me it’s the only one?”

“It is unfortunately. That guy used a condom. But-”

“If you found this guy, the defense will use the reasonable doubt about this kit, won’t they?” Amanda looked surprised about what you said. “Dated a lawyer for 4 years and I helped him to study from the beginning.”

“Huge story between Peter and you, right?”

“You have no idea.“ you paused. "am I ruining their friendship?”

“Let’s say I really hope all the three of you will be happy in the end.”

So do you.

Movie Date (Hannah Baker Imagine)

Requested By; Anonymous

Notes; Hope you like it!

Summary; Reader asks out Hannah to the movies. And they have a great time.

Warnings; none! Just fluff

Word Count; 1,616 words

Pronouns; Female/Male (hinted towards feminine)


Biting the inside of your cheek, you fiddle with the end of your t-shirt nervously. Although, you’ve done this maybe once before and it didn’t go as well as you’re hoping this one will go. But that still doesn’t make the butterflies in your stomach inexcusable.

Really, all you have to do is go up to her and ask her out on a date to the movies… or maybe not the term date, maybe you should use ask her to hang out instead.


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A/N: This request for single mother reader x Chris has been sitting in my inbox for months and finally got motivation to write it. Since it was not specific which Chris I will leave that up to your imagination. 

Warnings: just bad editing. fluff and angst

“Mommy mommy when is your friend coming over?” Y/D/N yells, pulling you from your deep thoughts.

“Soon baby. Did you clean your room like I asked?”

She nods her head excitedly and runs to grab her favorite stuffed llama from the living room. “Can Leelee have dinner with us too?” She asks holding the plush toy against her body tightly.

“Of course she can.” You say as you finish setting the table.

Tonight was the first time Chris was going to meet your five year old daughter. To say you were nervous was an understatement. Chris and you had been dating for just under eight months. You held off from him meeting her until you knew things were going to be serious. There was no need for your daughter to get attached to another man just to be heartbroken again. You and her father broke up when she was only a month old. He remained in her life until about two years ago. Every time you had plans for him to take her, he made up some stupid excuse. Still, he would call her every Sunday, until about a year ago. It broke your heart to try to explain to your daughter why her daddy wasn’t around anymore. Chris was more than understanding to your situation. He didn’t want to pressure you into meeting her too soon. He always reassured you that when he did, he would be more than happy to get to know her.

As you were checking on dinner, you heard a knock at the door signaling that Chris had arrived. You take a deep breath and walk over to the door to open it. Your heart fluttered when you saw your boyfriend standing there with a bouquet of flowers in his hand along with a stuffed animal.

“Hey you.” You smile as you move over to let him in.

“Hey yourself.” He says as he leans into give you a quick peck on your cheek. He already promised to keep the PDA very minimum when Y/D/N was around. “These are for you.”

You smile as you take the flowers and smell them. “They’re beautiful. Thank you. Are you ready to meet Y/D/N?”

“Of course. I gotta say I’m a little nervous.” He says letting out a small sigh. “I just hope she likes me.”

As the words left his mouth, your daughter came running up to the two of you. “Hi.”

“Hi there. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Chris says as he kneels down to her level. “I thought I would give you this.” He says as he hands her the stuffed horse.

She squeals with excitement as she takes the stuffed toy out of his hands. “A friend for Leelee!”

“Who’s Leelee?” He laughs at her excitement.

She proudly shows him her stuffed llama friend. “This is Leelee.”

“Wow. I bet they’re going to be best friends.” He smiles.

She giggles and runs back into the living room to go play with her new friend.

“Her pictures don’t do her justice Y/N. She’s stunning.”

“Thank you.” You smiled.

“She looks just like you.”

You look down and blush. “Come on. I hope you’re hungry. Dinner is just about ready.”

“I’m starving.” He says as he follows you to the kitchen.

After the night Chris met Y/D/N, she had him wrapped around her finger. He loved every moment of it. Y/D/N absolutely adored Chris and always knew how to get his attention. He would drop whatever he was doing just to have a tea party with her, play with her toys, and just spend time with her.

Four months after their first meeting, she slipped and called him dad. It broke his heart to see the regret in her eyes when she realized her mistake.

“I’m sorry. I forgot I don’t have a dad.” She said with tears in her eyes as she ran to her room.

You and him got her to cheer up after a few minutes when Chris suggested they all go out and get ice cream together.

However, when that night rolled around, Chris couldn’t get her words out of his mind.

“Hey. You okay babe?” You ask your boyfriend while you both were lying in bed.

He sighs and squeezes you tightly. “I just feel so bad what Y/D/N said today. It just broke my heart.”

“I know. She’s been doing so well lately. She hasn’t had a father figure in her life for so long. She really enjoys spending time with you.”

“You ex is a moron for not wanting her in his life. She’s such an amazing girl. You’re the best mother you know that? She is the luckiest kid in the world.”

You smile and wipe a tear that rolled down your cheek. “You’re so good to us.”

“I just want you to know Y/N. You’re it for me. I love you with all of my heart. Y/D/N too. I want you guys to move in with me. I want to marry you. I want us to be a family.”

“I want all of that too Chris. I love you so much.” You say as you lean in to kiss him.

Another three months go by, and you’re settled into Chris’s house. Your daughter adjusted to the move very well and loved the bigger bedroom she got. Chris had proposed about two weeks ago and the two of you were planning a small wedding within the next six months. You and Chris were also working on him being able to legally adopt Y/D/N. He hired a lawyer to sue your ex for all the unpaid child support over the years. They tried to make a deal that if he terminated his parental rights, then he would not be required to pay the thousands of dollars he owed. Things were looking good. Your ex was willing to cooperate and that would allow Chris to eventually be able to legally adopt Y/D/N.

Chris was overjoyed when the lawyer sent over the information about the adoption. It should be a quick and easy process once the two of you were married. Tonight you were going to tell your daughter the wonderful news.

After dinner Chris took her and sat her on the couch. “Honey I have a very important question to ask you.”

“Okay?” She said as she squeezed her stuffed horse that he had bought her months ago.

“Sweetheart you know I want to marry your mommy right?”

“Yes. Mommy says I get to wear a big pretty dress and throw flowers!”

“That’s right honey. And after we get married I was hoping you would be okay if I adopted you.”

“What’s adopted?” She asks confused.

Chris looks up to you again for reassurance. You nod your head, signaling for him to continue.

“Well it means I want to be your dad. Is that okay honey?”

It was hard to read your daughters face at first. She looked confused at first, then tears started forming in her eyes. You could sense the anxiety from your fiancé by her lack of response. But after a minute, she flung herself into his arms and started crying happy tears.

“You’re going to be my dad?”

“If you want me to be baby. I love you so much.”

“I want you to be my dad. I love you too.”

Chris started crying and that set you off as well. Everything was perfect. Or so you thought. After you all settled down from the news, you decided to celebrate together by watching her favorite Disney movie. You couldn’t help but admire the man in front of you. He cuddled on the couch with Y/D/N on his lap, both of them had a smile on their face. Your phone started going off pulling you out of your day dream.

“Sorry guys. I’ll take this in the kitchen. Be right back.” You say as you stand up and answer the phone.

Chris peaked into the kitchen and noticed your face dropped the second you answered the phone. “Keep my spot warm honey. I’ll be right back.” He says before he goes to check on you.

“Okay daddy.” She said not turning her head away from the t.v.

“Babe? What’s going on?” He asks you

You dropped your phone on the table and started crying. “It’s my ex. He changed his mind. He won’t sign the parental termination papers. Now he wants to fight for custody.”

Chris felt his heart drop, but he put on a brave face and pulled you in for a hug. “Hey. We will figure this out okay?”

“He’s trying to take my baby Chris. What am I going to do?” You sob into his shoulder.

He rocks you back and forth trying to calm you down. “We fight. And we will win. I won’t let anyone take my family away.“

A/N: I know I’m evil. There may or may not be a part two. Let me know what you guys think :)