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What can you imagine? Can you imagine some wild possibilities? He will surpass even the wildest possibilities we can think of.

OCTOBER 17, 1933: Albert Einstein arrived in America after he and 1000s of other Jews fled persecution in Nazi Germany. Einstein, who won the 1921 Nobel Prize for his theory of relativity was barred from working in his homeland/books burned/was on an assassinations list.

: students are continuing to enjoy Eric Carle books in the music room! Recently, we pretended to be Clumsy Click Beetles and Very Busy 🕷 in music.

Have you got the highly-anticipated new title from Liane Moriarty yet? You'll love it, but you may never look at health retreats the same way again…

Thanks, for kicking off today's conference with a call for imagining potential.

Michael trying to impress you on a date on tour, he brings you on stage and starts to play your favourite song. He messes up and pulls a face making you giggle “ that was meant to happen “ he laughs trying to play it cool ~ 💖

you and Luke going to the beach for the day, “ come on, come with me I’ll teach you “ luke giggles trying to grab your hand to get you to surf with him. He runs after you scooping you up and carries you back to the sea making you squeal loudly ~ 💖

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Imagine Soundwave introducing Megatron to his sister for the first time

    “Soundwave, where are you taking me? It’s been a long day.” Megatron followed the shorter, yet no less powerful mech through the streets of Kaon. Darkness enveloped the city by this time of night so not many others were out. Usually Mechs or Femms, with the money for it, would be stumbling out of bars overcharged and heading home around this time. but the streets were oddly empty, which didn’t help Megatron’s nerves about this situation one bit. It had only been the day prior when he and Soundwave had come to a draw in their gladiatorial battle to the death and he was beginning to believe the ever silent Soundwave was setting himself up for a rematch, one off of the books and out of the pits where the owners couldn’t stop their fight simply because it went on for to long.

     Yet, even at Megatron’s questions, Soundwave remained silent. He lead him further and further down the empty alleyways of Kaon. Slowly an abandoned looking building came into his line of sight. Megatron recognized a few of the people standing out front as fellow gladiators from the pit. They seemed to be acting as bouncers into this well hidden “abandoned” building. What was going on? Was he in danger being here? Would he be able to find his way back to the main street if this was a trap? One of the bouncers greeted him and opened the large doors as Soundwave entered without a single moment of hesitation. Megatron followed closely behind. If this was some trap he wasn’t about to be seen as weak, or scared of the situation he found himself in. the long hallway they were walking through was almost completely devoid of light, and seemed to be at a slight slant downwards. They got to another set of doors and it opened up to an extremely large room, almost as large as the pits he and Soundwave had just traveled from, yet this stage was inverted. Instead of the crowd looking down onto a blood bath, hundreds of low caste Cybertronians, femm and mech alike seemed to be gathered around a small elevated platform. What in Primus was going on here? The crowd seemed to talk among themselves, though there was an almost tangible sense of excitement and anticipation coming from every frame crowded into the large underground stadium. The lights were all still almost nonexistent. If they were here to watch a battle they would have a hard time doing so in the darkness, but what else could a crowd of low cast bots like himself be doing in such a large gathering? Suddenly what sounded like a sparkbeat, loud enough to thrum through the entire foundation, radiator all around him. Chimes like those the higher cast have outside of their homes jingle in a melodic sensory overload Megatron has only ever experienced the few short times he has been to the cities of the higher cast. Music, he realizes somewhere deep in his processor, this is music. Art of any sort, music included, was illegal for the lower cast to consume. Who was bringing them all this show he wondered as the stage slowly came to life, lights of purple and blue seem to sparkle into existence as a woman is illuminated on stage. Everyone listens quietly as it all slowly starts to pick up into a base thumping and exciting beat, the colors of her own biolights and the stages lights around her changing with the energy of the music surrounding them all. The femm on stage seemed to look very similar to the mech that had escorted him here. A mask usually covered the entirety of her face, during some bits it only seems to cover her eyes and above. She’s not nearly as gangling at the mech standing next to him but he can see the resemblance in their coloration and patterns.

     “Why did you bring me here Soundwave?” Megatron could barely remove his optics from the sight of the femm dancing and bouncing to the beat of her self created art.

     “Worthy of meeting her. Splitspark.” His sibling, his sister. This was an extreme honor coming from someone like Soundwave. Rarely did he speak, and Megatron wasn’t even aware the mech had a sibling to begin with. She was breathtaking and ethereal with her energon hair flowing like she was under water, bouncing to the beat like waves.

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Imagine coming out to your father, Sirius, and him telling you that he loves you now matter what.

Author’s Note: When Sirius was taken to Azkaban, Andromeda raised you. Voldemort was killed during Harry’s Fourth Year just shortly after his resurrection, and you and Harry were legally transferred into your father’s care after having his record cleared.

Prompt taken from HERE.

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Gen Fic X Reader

Sitting in the kitchen with Harry, your knee bounces nervously beneath the table. An untouched cup of tea sits before you and you feel like any moment you’re going to burst into tears.

“Just tell him,” Harry says. “I can tell you right now that it won’t matter to him.”

“Easy for you to say,” you mumble. “You’re the last of your name, Potter. You don’t have to answer to anyone. And you’re straight.”

“Y/N, this is your dad we’re talking about. Sirius Black. Padfoot,” he muses. “You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

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Fix You ~ S.P. (Part Two)

A/n: It’s good to be back :) I’ll be finishing this up and trying for Tattoo again soon.

Word Count: 3275

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Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you. And high up above or down below. When you’re too in love to let it go. But if you never try you’ll never know just what you’re worth.

Seeing him was actual murder. He sat in his seat and I sat in mine, but it wasn’t really mine because it wasn’t next to him. He talked but didn’t laugh or smile. He seemed unfocused and uncommitted and… depressed, really. Not angry or motivated or hard or bad ass like everyone spoke of. Not happy and determined and protective and chill like I knew him to be. Simply there, existing and breathing and hating every second that he did so.

It had been an entire week since the unofficial break started. The first day after it all happened, I think we both tried to go to each other so many times. But there was something stopping us. We had been fighting so often… How long could we keep it up?

This had been it. This time I’d walked away and left, which I’d never done before. I’d moved to the couch or he had or we had sat in our places at the bed and glared at the wall and refused to touch each other, but neither of us ever left angry. But I had left.

So either now we fixed our shit and got over it all and made it through…

Or we broke up for real. And it was over.

Could we make it through? Could we swallow our pride and figure out whatever the hell was going on? Did both of us want to? If we faced it, would we see that it would be better to leave each other’s lives? At least as boyfriend and girlfriend. At least as two kids in love against all odds. It was terrifying, thinking that maybe all that would happen if we tried to fix this is that we would find out that it wasn’t worth fixing.

I saw my own fear reflected in his eyes every time either of us went to go to the other and our gazes locked.

So, we avoided it. Avoided it like the plague. And we had avoided it successfully for a full ass week of complete torture.

Laying my head on the table, I closed my eyes and let the cold surface cool off my heated skin, slowing my rushing blood and spinning head. I felt a hand on my back and I looked over tiredly as someone sat down next to me. “You okay?”

Oh. “Hey, Moose,” I offered, unsure. I lifted my head. “I’m fine.”

The big teenager had a soft, sad look on his face as he looked at me very tenderly. I felt myself relaxing in pure surprise at the ability to be so soft and caring. “I… when I lose Midge, I-” His voice cut off and he looked down for a second. “I don’t know what’s going on with you and Sweet Pea and I know that we’re not like friends or anything, but it’s been like looking in a mirror to see you by yourself and so sad all the time. And Sweet Pea has become so… quiet. You’re both miserable. And I know I can’t help him, but I might be able to help you.” He looked up and our eyes met, but there was genuinely nothing romantic about it. He kept a respective distance and let his hand fall away from me completely the second he had my attention. “I know what it’s like to lose someone who means a lot to you. Both someone you can’t get back, like when I lost Midge. Or… I kind of had this crush on Keller for a while.”

A laugh escaped me and we were both surprised now. The awkwardness melted away and he settled next to me for real as I teased, “What, you’re gay?”

Rolling his eyes, he shook his head. “No, I just told you I cared about Midge. Like. I really did. I really liked her.” His eyes grew sad and I felt an instant tenderness for the huge boy I’d never seen in the right light often enough to know just how GOOD he was. “I’m not gay. But I’m now straight either?”

“There’s a term for that,” I input. “Bisexual, my friend.”

He smiled. “Maybe that’s it… I came over here to help you and it’s you who’s giving me the help.”

Laughing again, I shrugged. It felt good to laugh again. To not be alone. This was nice. “What can I say, man? It’s just what I do.” We both looked at each other, smiling, and it was a moment of peace and quiet and friendly exchange I had really been craving after avoiding everyone since I knew they would pressure me to face Sweets.

There was the harsh and sudden sound of scraping against floors and Moose and I both looked over - a few people did - to see Sweet Pea standing suddenly amidst his table of friends, all of him who looked at him with worry. He looked angry, his body tense and his eyes full of pain, scrunched by his twisted facial expression. He didn’t even look at me, in a way that it screamed he wanted to but he was avoiding the action on purpose. He turned sharply and stormed out of the cafeteria, his feet and long legs working as hard as they ever had to make him walk as fast as he could, on the brink of a full sprint.

Panic and worry filled me and I looked over at Moose to pretend like nothing had happened but my new friend shot me a look and I only sighed. “Don’t be dumb,” he scolded softly. “Go get your man.” I paused only a half second longer before I shot him a grateful smile and nodded, standing and jogging after Sweet Pea had headed.

For a second I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find him. I ran through the halls, my head whipping back and forth around every turn. It was a relief when I heard the basketball though. Wondering, I jogged to the gym and opened the door. Sure enough, Sweet Peas was shooting hoops in jeans, the only thing he’d changed about his usual school outfit was that he’d abandoned his flannel on a bench and was playing in just a faded black t-shirt.

Walking over to him slowly, I crossed my arms over my chest. He paused, looking over when he sensed me and then looking away again to keep shooting baskets, his jaw working. I stopped about three steps away from the huge circle of space he was moving around in, watching him. “Hey.”

He didn’t respond and I sighed, shaking my head. I wasn’t sure what to say. Why was he so mad? Were we about to get into another fight again? If this was how we would always be, surely it would be a sign when after a week apart the first thing we did was fight?

My eyes watered and I sniffed, raising my hand to wipe away the slipping tears I hated to feel. When I looked back, Sweet Pea had frozen completely, his face shattered in pain at seeing me upset. Our eyes locked and I stopped moving too. “You’re crying,” he whispered. “I made you cry.” I was surprised. The idea of losing him had made me cry. The prospect of the best thing in my life turning spoiled and forcing me to let it go made me cry. But him himself? Where did he get that? Pea faced me. “You were so happy when talking to Moose…” I don’t think I was supposed to hear it. I don’t even think he meant to say it out loud. But I did and he had and instantly, I was moving to him. He dropped the ball, wrapping his arms around me as I jumped at him. My arms went around his neck and my face buried in his shirt.

“I love you so much.” I didn’t realize I was crying until I spoke. His arm s tightened around me. “Moose was helping me out, trying to comfort me and give me advise. It was completely platonic, TRUST me. I know you hate North Siders but they’re not at all bad. Really. He was just being a friend since I was shutting everyone else out. And I love you so much, Sweets. No one could ever make me as happy as you do. I love you so much. I cried because I don’t want this to be over. I don’t want this to be the end of the story. I don’t want to fight with you anymore or fall apart any further. I just want to love you forever and have you love me back.”

My words came out shaky but he was the one crying not. I was steady but he shook under me and I leaned back, wrapping my legs around his waist. His arms shuffled carefully to move under me, holding me. With hands occupied I wiped away his tears which hadn’t officially fallen yet. “Now we’re both crying,” he scoffed, rolling his eyes.

A soft smile pulled at my lips. “That’s what happens when you love someone so much that the idea of losing them hurts you. Hurts enough to make even the angriest kind and the toughest soft and the most guarded cry.”

Sweet Pea laughed. “Dramatically poetic as always,” he teased.

“Of course,” I declared, a smirk settling on my face now.

His smile wavered as his eyes landed on my lips briefly. “So are we good?” he asked, his voice strained. I nodded, my hands moving around the back of his neck to intertwine into his hair. “Like good good? Actually good? No more fighting good?”

My smile fell. “Why did we fight so much?”

He shook his head. “I really don’t know. It was just dumb things. It was like I was always on edge and this stupid school change and everything going on, I just- I want you by my side. I want you next to me and available and I need you. I need you at night and at school and in the day and I know I can’t have you all of the time but I do. I want you all of the time.”

Running my hand across his jaw, I tilted my head. “What if we set up a weekly date night? One night, every week, we do something just you and me all day. Rekindle that romance.” He chuckled and I winked. His eyes suddenly flickered to my lips again. “What do you say?” I asked, my voice growing breathy and quiet as I felt the overwhelming need to kiss him arise. I was trying to focus on fixing this and making us work and getting over this bump in the road but all I wanted to do was forget it all and stop stressing out and kiss him.


Maybe that was it.

His eyebrows crinkled at my odd expression. “Do you think that’ll work? We might drive each other crazy with all that time together,” he teased. “Maybe we should just have sex.”

“Maybe we should.”

His eyes went wide. “Really?”

I nodded. “I’m dead serious, Sweets. Like actually. We’ve ben stressing ourselves out with all the details and how it all works and trying to make sure it’s all good instead of just making it all good. Just… love me. And I’ll love you. And we’ll take it one day at a time. And fuck the rest.”

Sweet Pea got the most devious expression on his face. “Cheers to that.” He suddenly jerked me and I screamed as I landed over his shoulder.

“What the hell, Sweets?” I seethed.

“Fuck the rest right?” He called back. “Let’s go have sex!”

“Sweets we have school!”

“What was that? I can’t hear you over our plans to fuck everything else!”



As I blushed and hid my face in his back as the bell rang and Sweet Pea carried me through the halls screaming about how we were going to have sex and fuck everything else and live while we’re young and I had never felt both more humiliated and more in love with him, what mattered was the smiles on our friends’ faces. The two thumbs up Moose gave me. The cheering that some of the students did. The tension that lifted and the happiness that returned.

We were okay. THAT’S what mattered. I would get him back for making me look like a moron later… Wink wink.

Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you. Tears come streaming down your face when you lose something you cannot replace-

The flash light beam fell across the ground as I stumbled, the branches catching at my shirt and hair. My footfalls were loud and hard but seemed silent compared to the painfully loud stampede of people behind me. Penny had set the Ghoulies after me after I’d talked to her about the bullshit she was pulling not reigning the Ghoulies. Her stupid gang rats had been leaving marks on my Serpent family she had under her thumb thanks to- sorry, no, I won’t blame Jughead…

But as I tripped again and my life flashed before my eyes as I caught my footing and picked up my speed, trying not to give my position away or fall and loose the ground I had on them, I really couldn’t help but hate Jughead.

Why had he been so reckless? Made her hate us so much? Why hadn’t he… done… something else? Anything else? I didn’t know what but something!

Why had I been so stupid that I thought I could change Penny’s mind with snarky smack talk? It had started out so well. I may have even gotten on her good side for a second and she seemed ready to take me seriously. And then that stupid Ghoulie, Tik-Tok, had bated me until I snapped and said a bunch of stupid shit. Now here I was.

Just as I was sure I was home free, just a block or two worth of space between me and the White Wyrm, I got tackled to the ground. “Nice flashlight,” a female voice sneered in my ear. Tik-Tok. We wrestled on the ground for a long time, the flashlight long gone from my hand and casting long beams of harsh light across the ground. One of our faces or feet or hands would interrupt the beam every other second or so and it created a flashing light, like in a club or at a party.

But with more grunting and blood and pain.

The good stuff.

Long story short, I lost the fight. Her friends ran up to surround us but she snapped at them to let her handle me. She straddled me, her knees pinning my arms, and her fist came in contact with my face. Over and over and over again and until my vision was nothing but stars, black spots fading them instead of anything my eyes could possibly make out. Tik-Tok and I had a history. I suppose she was enjoying herself.

Just as I was about to black out, there was a distant sound of fighting, as if I was hearing it through a tunnel or I was underwater. My ears were ringing and I couldn’t make anything out, but the punching had stopped. I lay there, trying to breathe as the weight on my chest was finally lifted but I was too weak and messed up to move.

She had gotten me good…

Arms scooped me up and I fought weakly, my hands brushing a chest and my legs twitching as I tried to wiggle away and kick and scream. The voices were too far away and inaudible and I groaned - more feeling it than hearing it - as pain flared through me as I was moved around. Finally lips pressed to mine and I relaxed, knowing who they belonged to immediately.

Sweet Pea.

I finally gave in and slipped into nothingness.


My boyfriend had gotten the whole story from me once he had cleaned me and I was awake and responding well and the world stopped spinning and I ate some food and got some water in my system. He didn’t yell at me but he did lecture me for a solid three and a half hours. I took it, knowing he was refraining from yelling for my benefit and taking it as a compromise.

The worst part was going back to school. My face was every level of completely wrecked, my nose broken and my lip split and bruises forming everywhere.

All of the North Side kids looked at me in a way they never had. They looked at me… how they looked at the others, I guess. How they looked at Sweet Pea and Toni and Fangs and Jughead.

Not that the kids deserved it, but it was true. And they had always looked at me like some kind of ally and now they looked at me like I was a stranger. An enemy. It made my stomach turn and I stuck close to Sweet Pea all day. I felt uncomfortable in these halls. Out of place and off balance. Like the world was tilting but only I could feel the gravity shifting. The carpet hadn’t been ripped from under me yet but someone had grabbed it and was shaking it, getting ready to pull it free.

It was when Sweet Pea and I parted ways and I was in class. I walked up to Cheryl. “Hey, I wanted to ask about what we learned yesterday? You usually understand this stuff and I was confused about-“

She recoiled from me, her face twisting in disgust. “Get the hell away from me, Serpent Trash. When did I give you permission to talk to me?”

Shocked, I took a step back. “I… ask you about this kind of stuff… all the time…”

The Blossom girl sneered. “Get. Lost. Or did I not make myself clear?”

I didn’t even finish class. I grabbed my bag with two class periods after this and I straight up left. I ducked out and rushed down the hall. The teacher called after me but I didn’t even pause. I just kept going and going and going, someone screaming, “SERPENT WHORE!” behind me and making me even sicker.

I barely got home before I had to rush to the toilet and throw up.

Sweet Pea came home later to me curled up in bed. “…Babe?” He moves to me, slipping in bed next to me. “What’s wrong, Princess?”

Covering my face, I quietly relayed the events in class with Cheryl and all the looks people were giving me. “And I know that you guys deal with this all the time and have even got WAY worse than me but… I feel like I just had a whole half of me sliced off and was told I’m not allowed to have it anymore. I lost my place with the North Side. I just-“ I sighed, trying to swallow the lump in my throat and get the tears in my eyes not to fall. “I’m glad I still have you guys. Turns out they were never really my friends.”

Sweet Pea lay down, pulling me into him. I curled up and buried my face in his chest. “I’m sorry. That’s… terrible, honestly. But you’re right, you have us. You’re one of us, Y/n and that won’t ever change, okay? You will always have the Serpents. And me.”

The tears began to fall. “Thank God for that.” I looked up, wiping my tears away. “I love you Sweets.”

He beamed. “I love you too.” His voice was soft and his yes were soft and I LOVED IT. I loved him. I really did.

We spent the rest of the day cuddling.


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Imagine this for me. They’re at a dance club. He’s in the balcony with Corbyn who is going on about something Zach has done. The club is loud. She’s there with a date on the dance floor. He’s been watching her all night trying not to stare. He’d always said that if he dated someone else in the biz, it would be Selena, but God this woman looked so amazing in these lights. She looks up from the dance floor and their eyes meet. Could Ariana Grande be the one? Suddenly she’s disappeared into the crowd and he finds himself running down the stairs to find her.

shane x reader

“Can you write the moment when Shane says “I love you” to his husband farmer for the first time after a big dispute, because he just doesn’t want to loose him ? Thanks. <3”

thanks for the request! this was fun, and i just love shane

as i edit this i realize i made it gender neutral farmer not husband and i apologize but it’s like 11pm

Shane awoke to the sound of a door slamming. He jumped out of bed and walked into the living room, where his partner was standing. They had their arms crossed and an angry look on their face.

“I just talked to Gus,” Farmer said.

Shane’s eyes went wide and his breath hitched.

“You’ve been drinking again,” They glared at him, with the slightest hint of sympathy.

“You’re overreacting.”

Those weren’t the words Shane had planned on coming out of his mouth, and it took a minute for his mind to catch up to his mouth.

Y/N stared in shock, not sure how to react.

“I’m concerned about you,” They reply, a harsher tone in their voice than before.

“Well don’t be! I’m a grown man!” Shane raised his voice and the farmer visibly winced.

“We’re married now! We might have a family some day. You’re falling back into old habits!” Farmer retorted. They storm over to the fridge to see that it was loaded with alcoholic drinks.

“This is unbelievable. You promised me!” They gesture to the fridge. They felt their eyes growing warmer by the minute. The couple were silent for a minute before the farmer spoke up.

“I think I’m going to spend the night at Robin’s,”

Shane felt his heart stop. He silently prayed to Yoba that this was some twisted joke the farmer was playing. They’d start laughing and hugging him and kissing him.

But they didn’t.

Instead, they grabbed some clothes and their toothbrush.

“Please don’t leave me!” Shane pleaded. Y/N only shook their head and continued walking closer to the door.

“Please! I love you too much to just watch you leave!” Shane put his head into the palms of his hands and silently cried. He was pretty sure the farmer had left anyway. That was, until, he felt two arms wrap around his torso from behind. The couple sat like this for a few minutes in silence. Shane felt the farmers grip loosen when they stood up. Y/N grabbed Shane’s cheek and made him look them in the eye.

“I love you too. And I don’t know what I was thinking. I could never leave you, okay?” They pulled him into a tight hug.

“We will get through this, together. I’ll stop drinking if it helps you,” Farmer said, still holding Shane.

“But just remember, I will always love you. No matter what habits you have, no matter what your job is, or your clothes, or whatever. I love you for you,” Y/N kissed Shane on the forehead.

“Come on, let’s go make some pepper poppers.”

Shane smiles softly at his partner and wondered how he got so lucky.

“He Loves Her…And Her Baking Skills.” (Part 6)

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Pietro Maximoff x Baker!Reader

Summary- Flashbacks with Y/N and her aunt, We learn something shocking with Wanda

Waring(s)- Talk about family not understanding someone, uh CHEATING.

Word Count- 1079

“She’s gonna hate me, Brother!”Wanda cried out to her brother, “Why would Y/N hate you Wanda?”He said hugging his sister, “You would to if you knew who I’m now dating!”She screamed, Pietro didn’t understand what his sister was talking about. He thought she was dating Vision.

-Flashback Y/N is 16-

All you wanted was to leave. You hated your hometown and the people in it, your family didn’t get you at all. They just wanted you to go to college and be doctor or a lawyer, you wanted to just open a bakery and bake away. Make people happy with your cakes or cupcakes or cookies, but they wouldn’t let you do that.

You sat at your bedroom window looking out, it was Fall and the leaves were beginning to fall onto the ground. It was beautiful, you heard your Mother yell something about going to your aunt’s house, so you quickly made your bed, smoothing out your sheet and comforter that you adored because of the baking utensils on them.

Changing into the leggings and sweater that you loved so much, you ran down your stairs and saw your Mother standing there. “Hey ma.”You said walking past her to grab your boots and sticking them on, “Come on, we need to get to your aunt’s house.”Your mom said handing you your small over the shoulder purse. “Thanks.”You said following her out the house.

You loved your aunt, she was the one that got you into baking in the first place. Plus after you made yours and your aunts favorite cookies at her house, you, your mother and aunt were picking up your aunt’s daughter and grandson to go to the pumpkin patch.

-End of flashback-

Smiling to yourself thinking of that day from October years ago. You hadn’t seen your aunt in 2 years because of living in New York, you just never got the chance to go back to your hometown and see her, you missed her so much it hurt.

“Your smile is the most beautiful thing, princessa!”Piet said standing in the doorway of your shared room in the tower, you chuckled at his cheesy words. You stood up, “I have to get going work calls!” Pietro’s smile falls “I thought you had a week off?”he said, “I do but Lillian called and said a huge cupcake order came in.”You kissed his cheek and then said “But I promise, this is the only day I’m going in!”You both smiled at each other.

On your little walk from your room to the the elevator your mind slipped to the owners of ‘Sage + Magnolia’, your new bestfriends, you really wish you and Piet can always have a relationship like that, they’re just so cute and lovable. You really think their the best couple to be around, always smiles and small kisses here and there. Being there for anybody that needs to talk, the couple had to be your biggest support system now besides Piet, Wanda or Amy.

You reminded yourself to tell them that you wanted them to come to tonight’s dinner, about 2 in the morning aka like 8 hours ago, you hadn’t been able to go to sleep so you made them a both cookies. And because you just loved hanging out with the blonde and blood redhead. Plus movie nights was also tonight and they seemed to love everything you and Piet did so you thought it best to invite them.

You pushed the medal button to ground floor, but it stopped early, Wanda and Natasha’s floor, Nat stepped in the elevator, “Hey Y/N!”Nat said smiling at you, but before the door’s closed you pushed the open button. You still had a few minutes before you had to go to the bakery and you wanted to know who Wanda left Vision for. “I’m gonna go say hi to Wanda really quick!”

Practically running to her room and almost running into the door. You just opened the door not really caring Wanda was one of your bestfriends, but what you saw when you opened that door was a sight you wish you would of never saw. Wanda was laying in bed with Elizabeth, “Elizabeth? Wanda?”You whispered, both girls looked like a deer in headlights “Why?”Your eyes going wide “WHAT ABOUT YOUR GIRLFRIEND? ELIZABETH HOW COULD YOU, WANDA WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO BELLA?!!!” You knew for a fact the two girls who had become your bestfriends were still together.

You couldn’t even listen to them you just quickly ran out of the doorway and went to work. After getting there you started helping Lillian with the cupcakes and you heard the bell signaling someone had walked in. You looked up seeing Isabella standing there, with a smile on her very pale face, her short blood red hair falling in curls around her face. “Hey girls!”It hurt you seeing how happy she was, knowing that soon her whole world would crash around her because of Elizabeth and Wanda.

“Hey Bella, would you like a cinnamon bun?”You asked the girl, “YES PLEASE! I’m so hungry I forgot to grab something before I left the house this morning.”She said coming around to the back and sitting on one of your stools, you handed her the fork after the sugary goodness. You knew you couldn’t say anything to her but if hurt your heart, she was now one of your closest friends and hiding something like this from her felt terrible.

-Flashback Y/N is 16-

Hearing your Mother say, “We’re here.”You opened your eyes having just been listening to the radio, you loved days like this, driving in the fall with the windows down, the cold air a nice change to when you go in someone’s house and they have the heat blasting. Both you and your mother unbuckled and she turned off the car, you saw your aunt standing at her door waving at the two of you.

You waved back, “Hey Auntie!”You said hugging her, “It’s so good to see you Y/N!”She said then grabbed your hand and took you into the kitchen, all the baking stuff set out. They mixer you had talked her into getting sat of her marble counter, the measuring cups said in a perfect line of her table. “I already set everything up!”Your aunt said walking over to get her cookbook that had everything you needed to know in it.

[06: 45] Seungkwan just let’s go of the luggage he’s holding, causing it to drop on the airport floor with a soft ‘bam’, to run towards you as he spots you in the crowd. Taking big strodes, so he could be with you faster, he catapults into your arms. In this moment he couldn’t care about all his fans looking at the two of you, their eyes piercing through his back. Some happily confused, others clearly jealous. But he didn’t care.

All he cared about was to feel your arms tightly wrapped around him, your hands playing with the beginning of the hairline in his neck, to lay his head on top of yours, smell your scent and run his hands across your back. You both agree three months apart is way too long.

You hate Mondays. Or perhaps you just hate working on Mondays, you can’t be sure. Either way, You’re never in the best of moods when Mondays roll around. Everyone has long since learned to stay out of your way on a Monday, unless they come baring gifts. Preferably edible ones.

It’s looking to be another boring day, until a pro Hero suddenly barges into the building, heading straight for you with urgent strides. Apparently, not only are you being targeted, but you are valuable enough, to require nonstop protection from pro Heroes.

Gods you fucking hate Mondays.

Imagine - Harry Styles

Gente, eu não tinha muita certeza se a ideia que eu escrevi era como o pedido, mas achei divertido colocar a (S/N) como a terceira vampira. E já peço desculpas por romantizar o final. Espero que gostem! Beijos 🎃

Pedido: Oooi ♥️ acho que esse vai ficar muito legal com o Harry 😍🎃inspirado no filme “Amantes Eternos”

- Quantas vezes vou precisar dizer que q última coisa que eu quero é estar com esses humanos extremamente desagradáveis e que não cuidam da própria vida? – Eu murmuro e gesticulo para que Gemma me deixe em paz.  

- Eu sinto muito que você se sinta assim. Por mais que eu me sinta esgotada com essa vida sem sentido, ainda gosto dela, ainda posso conhecer novas pessoas e me divertir com elas, quando estou entediada demais, as mato.  

- Sinto que se fosse possível, eu morreria. – Deixo meu corpo jogado sobre a poltrona cor sangue. – Já cogitei diversas vezes sair a luz do dia e deixar que o sol consumisse cada parte do meu ser.  

- Não diga isso, Harry! Somos jovens demais para acabarmos com nossas próprias vidas.  

- Já temos um século nesse marasmo! Os primeiros anos foram agradáveis, divertidos; mas hoje, não vejo sentido em me divertir. - Eu digo e vejo minha irmã revirar os olhos impaciente.  

- Vi que nada que eu disse fará você mudar de opinião, por isso, estarei indo passar uma temporada em Nova Iorque, com os que ficaram lá para aproveitar a vida como se não houvesse amanhã.  

- Você vai me deixar aqui sozinho? - Pergunto indignado.  

- Vou, e não sei quando irei voltar. Essa sua tristeza me perturba demais. - Ela suspira. - Sinto muito que as coisas tenham chego a esse ponto para você, mas para mim já basta odiar os humanos, não preciso odiar minha própria existência.  

Dito isso Gemma sai do salão onde escolhemos morar e some no breu que a noite se encontra.  

Suspiro derrotado.  

Como se já não me bastasse a tristeza da existência, agora eu tinha o abandono. E pelo pior angulo, era o da minha irmã.

As semanas se passam e eu deixo de me alimentar, saio o mínimo possível até decidir que a rua não é mais um ambiente para eu ficar; sinto os últimos resquícios do sangue humano no meu corpo e a cada dia, eles enfraquecem mais, até não sobrar mais nada.  

Até eu sentir minha pele começar a se desfazer. Até eu sentir que nada sobrou.  

Do quarto, onde estou coberto de pó e jogado sobre a poltrona vermelha, ouço o barulho forte de chuva, o vento batendo contra as janelas do meu lar.  

Há dias, em que eu consigo ouvir os pássaros cantando sobre as árvores próximas ao quarto em que repouso.  

Abro os olhos para ver o sol que consegue iluminar o ambiente por diversas frestinhas. Fecho os olhos, e quando os abro novamente, já é noite.  

O baque da porta de entrada soa alto demais e o resto de adrenalina que há no meu corpo me faz ficar em alerta.  

- Onde está o meu cantor favorito? - A voz que ecoa até os meus ouvidos me deixa mole, e se eu tivesse um coração saudável, ele palpitaria de forma violenta.

Eu continuo imóvel sem forças para absolutamente nada. E ao saber da presença dela, sentia como se realmente não tivesse sobrado nada, nem uma gota.  

- Harry, você não está aí? - A ouço suspirar. - Droga, eu vou matar a Gemma!  

Falo um esforço tremendo e arrasto meu pé sobre o chão. Em segundos, (S/N), meu primeiro amor, entra pela porta estreita e arregala os olhos a me ver.  

- Ah, Harry! Eu não queria acreditar! – Ela corre até meu corpo e acaricia meu rosto com um lenço delicado.  

De sua bolsa, (S/N) tira algumas bolsas de sangue e rasgando com os dentes, coloca sobre meus lábios. Sinto o liquido umedecendo meu interior e fortalecendo cada parte do meu ser.  

- Vamos, Harry! Reaja! – Ela dizia sacudindo seu corpo, ansiosa.  

Subo minha mão suja até a sua e a acaricio. Fecho meus olhos saboreando o sangue; meu corpo fica em alerta quando o saquinho é afastado da minha boca e seus lábios tomam os meus. Ela senta sobre minhas pernas e eu a abraço.  

- Eu estou todo sujo. Me deixe ao menos tomar um banho e trocar de roupa. Prometo te dar todo amor que você merece quando estiver limpo. - Digo dando beijinhos rápidos em seu pescoço e ela ronrona em resposta, deixando meu corpo completamente arrepiado.  

Saindo do meu colo, (S/N) segura minha mão, recolhe suas coisas e juntos saímos do lixo que o salão havia se tornado.

- Onde está me levando? Eu disse que queria tomar um banho…  

- Estou hospedada em um hotel no centro da cidade; trouxe roupas para você vestir e eles têm o melhor chuveiro do mundo.  

- Desde quando você está na cidade? E em um hotel?  

- Cheguei ontem pela madrugada, e com o sol ainda é meu inimigo, pensei em me abrigar antes de sair atrás de você; e que lugar do mundo é melhor que um hotel em uma cidade que mal conheço atualmente. - Ela dá de ombros sorrindo.  

Ela cumprimenta todos na recepção e sinto os olhos curiosos para mim, mas apenas seguimos pelos corredores até entrarmos em um quarto com decoração impecável e muito organizado.  

(S/N) me empurra para o banheiro e diz que irá deixar roupas para eu usar na porta.  

Depois de limpo e vestido, saio do banheiro e o cheiro de sangue me faz sentir fome, e (S/N) logo vem ao meu encontro com os lábios vermelho rubro.  

Eu a beijo deixando que minha língua entre em contato com a dela violentamente. Sugo seus lábios e em seguida desço os beijos para seu pescoço.  

Seus lábios deixam ruídos prazerosos escaparem; acabo me deixando levar e mordo seu pescoço com força e vejo sua pele de vermelho, passara para um roxo e desaparecer novamente.  

A jogo na cama e me desmancho no prazer que seu corpo pode me dar mais uma vez. Eu e ela fomos amantes por mais de cinquenta anos, até que o meu eu desmoronar e ela se afastar completamente de mim. Mal sabia eu que seu corpo seria capaz de me reestruturar mais uma vez.  

- Além de vir aqui salvar você de um fim trágico, quero convidar você para viajar comigo. - Ela diz nos meus braços, completamente nua depois de chamar por meu nome diversas vezes. - Vou viajar pelo mundo sem rumo, conhecer cada canto desse lugar imenso. Quero aproveitar minha existência, e quero ter você ao meu lado mais uma vez.  

- Eu estarei com você, meu amor. Onde você for. - Digo com sinceridade, exigindo do meu próprio ser que guardasse e protegesse essa mulher com meu próprio corpo.  

- Eu até consigo nos imaginar fazendo amor nas costas italianas ou então nas margens do rio Nilo. - Ela diz mordendo meu pescoço e eu sorrio.  

- Não sei se vou conseguir esperar até chegarmos lá. - Eu confesso a agarrando.  

- E não precisa. Estou aqui para você.  

Little Lucy III (NSFW)

A/N: This fic is old and I decided to FINALLY share it. It’s only four parts and will be posted on Wednesday. I’m taking a break from my other works because of midterms. So I hope you enjoy.

Summary: Everyday Kylo thanked God for sending you to him. You were something different, something fresh. Like now, as you two walked in the autumn breeze back to your apartment, your eyes were glued on him lovingly while everyone else stared at you: ‘The most beautiful being God himself created.’

Little Lucy Masterlist

Kylo stood in the hallway catching his breath as he felt himself getting dizzy. Slowly, he made his way to your kitchen to get a glass of water. He pulled the pitcher as he shakily poured the water in the glass before gulping it down. Heat seem to grow inside as if his insides were on fire, so he picked up the picture and guzzled it down having trails of water slip from the corner of his lip. He began to hear a ringing and swore he was going mad. It was non-stop and growing louder as he moved out of the kitchen. Kylo followed it and realized it was coming from the red phone in your room. Brown eyes just stared at it; should he really answer it? I mean look what happened when he did the first time. What the hell! That’s where it was coming from anyway. His large hand wrapped around the phone as he pressed it to his ear. “Hello?” He blurted out. A sigh in relief left from the other line. “I was so worried something might have happened, is everything alright? Did you make it back in one piece?” Y/N asked. His eyes widened at one piece as his hand shot down into his pants and then he relaxed. A giggle left your lips as you could honestly think the only thing he would care about would be his dick. “Yeah, it’s all good up here.” He scratched the back of his head. How weird it was to say that and to know where you were. “You can stay there if you’d like. I can’t visit but I can call.” “O-Ok, that’s great!” He cringed at how eager he sounded, but everything was still so confusing in his mind and the fact that you might not make it to your anniversary had his heart feeling heavy. “There’s a spare key in the draw of the nightstand, you can stay as long as you want and make yourself at home. But Kylo, just don’t, don’t tell anybody.” Kylo was taken aback that you would think he would but he understood how big this was if he did. “Of course, I won’t. I love you.” Those three little words, that for someone like you couldn’t even believe it would ever be said to you and meant it. “I love you, too.”

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