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Just a reminder today..We all at one point or another. Know of someone in need? out, be , and mean it. Need a hand? Just ask. You have more than you .

wondering what it means for some people 👨🏻‍💻I can when asleep 😴 even but I cannot “see” in my or hear unless it’s via my ears, only realised 2 years ago not everyone was the same 😮

Very excited for this event. So many different types of artists coming together under one roof to celebrate their creative talents. This is beautiful!

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the whole world having God’s Word in their heart language… that’s our goal for 2019! See how God can use us to make His Word accessible to BILLIONS across the globe: .

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Imagine - feeling exceptionally horny for Jacob all day.

It’s not the easiest life, being in a relationship with an assassin. As much as you’d like a sense of normalcy now and again, to dress up seductively and prepare a romantic dinner in time for when Jacob comes home - not to mention to actually know when to expect him home - you knew from the beginning what was to be expected.

And you’re okay with that.

You trust him to take the correct precautions when he’s galavanting around London. It just makes the times when he comes home at an hour you’re awake all the sweeter.

As luck would have it, he manages to return home in the early evening, calling out your name as he closes the door behind him. You barely give him chance to step out of the hallway, assaulting him with hugs and somehow managing to utter “welcome home” in-between eager kisses to his cheeks.

He just chuckles, removes his hat and settles his hands at your waist, leaning down to reciprocate the kiss, his tongue parting your lips and curling into yours, eliciting a sweet moan from you. You arms travel up his body, hands connecting behind his neck as you melt your body into the kiss, your chest arching into his needily.

Breaking apart, he rests his forehead on yours, wetting his lips - an action that never fails to drive you mad.

“What’s gotten into you today?” he teases.

“With a bit of luck, hopefully you.”

His face drops in response to the vulgarity of your words, a mix of horror and disgust before his smirk breaks the mock repugnance, and you find yourself laughing along with him. He hums and taps you on the nose, pressing his growing lust against your thigh as he murmurs, “I think you’ve been spending too much time with me, love.”

“Well we could remedy that, darling.”

“And have you screaming some other bloke’s name into the night?” He pauses to lace your neck with lip bites, paving his way to your earlobe before continuing in a deep husk. “I think I’ll pass.”

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Imagine: Announcing that you are pregnant to Héphaïstion. Héphaïstion smile in tears and kiss your tummy.

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Five Hargreeves Imagine - Drunken confessions

For @residentnightvale

I walked into the Hargreeves’ house to find Five, I hadn’t heard from him in a couple days and I was getting worried. I walk into the living room to see Five sitting at the bar alone. He hears me enter the room and spins around on his seat.

“Y/N! What are you doing here? Come have a drink with me!” He exclaims, waving me over, I take the seat next to him at the bar.

“Five, how much have you had to drink?”

“I don’t recall”

“Well, where have you been these past couple days? I was worried about you” Five stares at me intensely for a few seconds before speaking.

“You’re really pretty you know” he says as he rests his chin on his hand.


“You’re pretty! I think you’re the prettiest person I’ve ever seen”

“You’re just drunk Five” you sigh, Five leaps up and puts his hands on my shoulders, leaning on me for balance.

“I’m not just drunk! I like you” As he says this, he starts swaying, too drunk to be able to stand properly.

I wish Five liked me, I really do. But he is too drunk to be making declarations like that, he’s probably going to regret it at soon as he sobers up.

“Come on Five, let’s get you to bed”

Five leans on me as we stumble into his bedroom, he collapses on the bed in a drunken heap. As I begin to walk out the door Five calls out to me.

“I was afraid to tell you” I turn to look at him, as he continues speaking.

“That’s why you haven’t heard from me these past few days, I was nervous to tell you I liked you”

“I like you too Five, I have since I met you”

Five looks up at me and gives me a boyish smile.

“Come lay with me?”

As I lay down on the bed, Five immediately puts his arm around me a pulls me closer, kissing my cheek. He quickly falls asleep, his arms still wrapped around me. I too close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

I wake up to see with my head resting on Five’s chest and his arm around me. I look up to see Five staring at me.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” He says softly

“No, don’t worry. So, did you mean what you said earlier?” I ask nervously

“Of course I did, so, can I please take you out for coffee?”

Relief floods my body, as I smile up at him.

“I’d like that”



Losing your V card

David Dobrik x reader
Vlog squad

Warning: SMUT

We were all chilling at David’s, chilling on his huge couch. We’re all just having a chill day, some people are editing and I was trying to finish some work I had to do. There was the light buzz of chatter and I was glad I’d come today.“

I’m out of ideas at the moment, I don’t have a video for Tuesday” josh sighs so I turn my head away from my laptop to listen in as do many other people.
“You could do another losing your v card” David shrugs.
“I’ve done most people though” josh huffs.
“Y/n hasn’t done it” Zane teases and my eyes widen.
“Would you wanna do it y/n?” Josh asks hopefully.
“Uhm. Not really. Sorry Josh” I sigh.
“Oh come on, we all want to hear about it” Todd teases. This sets everyone off teasing and trying to convince me to do it.
“It’s not that I don’t want to do it, I can’t” admit and they all seem confused.
“Sure you can, you don’t have to worry about what other people say” Corinna assures me patting my leg.
“I can’t do it because I’ve never had sex” I huff and they all go silent.
“You’re 22? And you’re gorgeous” Corinna asks shocked and I shrug.
“I’ve never found anyone I wanted to do it with, there have been chances. People have offered but I just can't” I blush, my eyes not leaving David’s. He had been silent the entire time. 

When everyone else remains silent I huff and stand up, walking away into David’s room. I flop on his bed and bury my face in his sheets because it smells like him. There’s a knock at the door and then David comes in and closes the door behind him. He tiptoes over to the bed and I shoot up.
“Sorry, I’ll get out. I know you hate people in here. I just needed to get away” I ramble and he shushes me. He crawls onto the bed next to me and pulls me down onto his chest, wrapping his arms around me.
“I’m sorry that happened” he apologises. “They’re so nosey” he jokes and I smile a little, snuggling closer to him.“Why’s the real reason you’ve never had sex? You’ve had boyfriends before and you catch everyone’s attention when we go out, you’re gorgeous” he mumbles and I sigh. “I’ve known you for years I know when you’re lying” he chuckles.
“I can’t tell you the truth” I frown.
“Why not?”
“Because we’ve known each other for years!” I groan hiding my face in his shirt.
“What? Just tell me” he giggles.
“I’ll ruin our friendship” I mumble and he stiffens.
“Tell me” he whispers.
“I haven’t slept with anyone else because I really want you to be my first, I know it’s pathetic and stupid but I’ve had a crush on you since we were like 15. You never seemed to notice or you did and you don’t feel that way about which is fine, but every time I lay in a bed with someone else I can’t help compare them to you and how they don’t even match up to you” I rant and he stays silent, allowing me to ramble.
“I never knew you felt that way” he whispers and I shrug.
“I knew you wouldn’t ever feel the same” I reply quietly, sitting up from his chest. 

I go to stand up and feel the bed move as he shoots up and grabs my waist to prevent me from standing. So now he’s sitting behind me with his arms locked around me and his face close to my ear.
“I did feel that way about you, I dropped so many hints back then, I wanted so badly for you to be my first but then I went and just did it with Stephanie to get it out of the way.” He mumbles. “I still do feel that way about you?” He whispers and I freeze.
“You wanna fuck me?” I squeal and he laughs.
“I mean I’d hope it’d be more romantic than that, I’d make love to you, make your first time memorable and I’d hope you’d be my girlfriend while we do it” he says and my eyes widen turning around to him.
“You want me to be your girlfriend?” I ask and he nods. “Omg yes” I grin leaning in to kiss him. He smiles into the kiss and flips me onto my back. We make out for a second until he pulls away.
“I’m gonna make your first time so special” he grins and then pecks my nose, moving off of me. He stands and helps me up too. 

When we join everyone else again they all start apologising.
“Were so sorry y/n, me especially I shouldn’t have pushed it” Josh says and I shrug.
“It’s ok, it’ll happen someday. I’m just sorry I can’t help with your video this week” I let out a breathy laugh and everyone laughs.
“Hmm, you and David are perfect for each other, always thinking of content” Zane teases pointing his finger at us sassily. I look at David and he smirks. I blush and look away, keeping in my mind that they don’t know that we’d just got together.

After everyone leaves, I stay. It was the weekend so David didn’t have to post so we were just laying on his couch. He whines and makes grabby hands towards me so I giggle and crawl over into his lap.
“It feels nice that I can kiss and cuddle you anytime I want now” he smiles. I smile and lean up to press my lips to his. When I pull back he lets out a breath before lifting me up and running to his bedroom. He hands me a merch jumper and I change quickly before we go to bed. The next couple weeks are agonisingly slow. I’m waiting and waiting for the day that David takes me into his bedroom and has his way with me but the only thing we do in there is sleep.

One day I walk in the house and it’s silent which is a weird occurrence for David’s house.
“David, Natalie?” I call out and no one replies so I frown. David had just texted me to let myself into his house. I almost slip on a rose petal and squeal. I hear David’s roaring laughter and grin, knowing where he is. Regardless I follow the petals into his room. I open the door and the room is dim other than a whole bunch of candles. My heart starts beating faster as I hear slow and sensual sensual music. As I walk in further I see the bed has petals displayed in a heart formation and in the dim light of the room I see David, in only his underwear shifting from foot to foot showing me how nervous he is.

“David” I whisper. “You did all this for me?”
“I’d do anything for you” he whispers coming to stand in front of me. His hands go to my shoulders and gently push my jacket off. A shiver runs down my back as he moves his hand to my back and pulls the zipper to my dress down. The straps fall off my shoulders and is soon a pile on the floor. I blush being so exposed to David but he reassures me with a cute little grin. My hand moves up his stomach, over his chest and around his shoulders as I take in the sight of his body that nobody else gets to see. I play with his long hair as he leans in to kiss me. I grin against him and he pulls me into him so every part of our bodies are aligned. My eyes widen and I squeal a little when his hands travel to my ass and he gives a gentle squeeze. He laughs and lifts me up onto his waist. I swoon as I see his biceps bulge and flex as he carries me over to his bed. 

We collapse back onto the petals and his mouth instantly attaches to my neck.
“After tonight, everyone is going to know you’re mine” he mumbles and I bite my lip at the sound of his deepened, rough voice. Almost as desperate for my touch as I am for his. I arch my back into him as his hands move to my back again, this time reaching for the clasp on my bra. He looks at me for approval and when I nod he expertly undoes it. He slowly drags the straps down my arms and I let out a breath as he pulls the fabric away from my chest and flings it somewhere in the room. He ogles at my boobs and I try to cover them but he holds my wrists.
“You’re so so beautiful” he mumbles connecting his mouth to my nipple. I gasp and claw at his back.
“David I know you want this to be really special, but I really need you right now” I moan and he pulls away smirking at me.
“This is just as nerve-wracking for me as it is for you”
“And how do you figure that you’ve had sex before” I tease and he rolls his eyes.
“But I’ve never had sex with you. I’m just as nervous, I don’t want to hurt you and I’m not as buff as other guys” he admits looking away from me. He flops down on the bed next to me and I sigh, lifting myself up and throwing one leg over his waist holding his face in my hands.
“Other guys aren’t my incredibly hot, cute, hilarious boyfriend.” I joke and he rolls his eyes. “And I think you don’t give yourself enough credit” I bite my lip trailing my hands down his stomach sitting back on his thighs to admire his body. His eyes widen and I grin at him. 

“so what’s really bugging you?” I ask raising my eyebrows at him.
“It’s gonna sound stupid, but what if I’m not big enough for you and you don’t want to be with me” he mumbles and I start laughing. He looks offended so I calm myself down.
“1 I have nothing to compare it to” I tease and he hits my thigh making me giggle a little before continuing. “And 2, even if it was the smallest one in the world I wouldn’t care, it’s yours.”i giggle and he blushes. “Plus, from why I feel growing underneath me it’s not little” I smirk and his entire face goes red, I shift in his lap for emphasis and he groans.
“Ok, ok” he laughs and then it starts to get serious as he connects his lips back to mine. He rolls us over so I’m underneath him again and discards both of our underwear. He moves away and to put a condom on and I take a deep breath. He comes back to me and aligns himself.

“Are you ok baby?” He whispers his hand smoothing over one of my boobs and squeezing. I slightly jolt at the contact and nod. He pushes into me slowly until he fills me up. I wince a little and he notices so he goes to move out, making me wrap my legs around him immediately.
“Just stay still for a moment, you’re huge” I moan and he grins. His previous worries being forgotten. 
“Ok you can move” I smile tapping his butt. He gently moves out and then back in a couple times finding a rhythm and it instantly gets me moaning and holding onto his shoulder blades.“David” I gasp and he stops moving.
“What, what happened did I hurt you?” He panics and I laugh.
“No it felt really good” i giggle and he blushes. He starts moving again lacing our fingers together above my head with one hand and the other holding my leg that’s wrapped around his waist as he moves down to kiss my neck. His thrusts are getting sloppy and I know he’s close.

“Are you there yet baby?” He whispers and I nod. He connects our lips and we passionately kiss as our orgasms wash over us. I pull away biting his lip slightly and arch into him as I’m moaning his name over and over. It seems to spur him into his own orgasm and he stills for a second before moving slowly again for a couple seconds to milk the feeling. He pulls out and I gasp at the loss of contact. He rolls to the side of me, pulling the condom off and reaching over me to put it in his bin. I turn my nose up at it playfully and he smiles at me sleepily with a shrug. He pulls me into him by my hip, our sweaty bodies slightly sticking together. I trace shapes on his bare chest as one of his hands move up and down my back. His other hand he brings to my chin and lifts it up so he can lean down and connect our lips.

“Was that ok?” He whispers when he pulls away making me scoff.
“I couldn’t imagine feeling any better than that. It was amazing” I blush. He pecks my lips then lays his head down. We fall asleep wrapped in each others arms.

The next day- after a slow and romantic morning wrapped in our little after-sex bubble and going home to shower and change, I was on my way back to David’s where a lot of us were congregating to hang out. I seem to be the last one to arrive when I walk in and take my shoes off. I walk around the couch and people send me smiles as they notice my presence. I drop down into a bean bag with Corinna, her cuddling into my side instantly.
"You look really good today y/n” Erin compliments and I smile at her, opening my mouth to respond before everyone chirps in.
“Yeah baby you have this kind of glow” Zane says.
“Who got you all in loooove” Heath smirks and I blush.
“What? Nobody” I laugh, sneaking a glance at an oddly quiet David who is looking down with a small smile.
“Are you sure? I know that smile, that’s a boy smile” Carly grins.
“You look like you just had sex” Todd jokes but my face pales. Everyone laughs off his comment until they see my reaction. 

Suddenly they’re jumping up and screaming.
“You had sex finally?” Corinna smiles. Everyone goes silent waiting for my reply. I look at David and he shrugs so I look towards Josh.
“You wanna film that video now?” I grin and that sets everyone off again. Once everyone has calmed down they’re looking towards me for gossip, their cameras pointed towards me.
“So who was the lucky guy?” Zane pouts dramatically. I bite my lip and look towards David again, seeing where he stands with the situation. Heath catches onto our intense stare and his mouth opens wide.
“David? You gave your virginity to this idiot?” he laughs and I bite my lip. Everyone waits for confirmation. David rolls his eyes and stands up, coming over to where Corinna and I are cuddled up and picks me up so my legs are around his waist. He walks me off towards his bedroom shouting behind him.
“Yes. Now if you’d all kindly leave we could get to business again” he jokes for the sake of the vlogs. He walks back to the living room and sets me down but stays behind me with his arms over my shoulders. I hold onto his forearms as he sways us a little bit.
“So are ya’ll just fucking?” Zane asks pointing his finger between us.
“No. we’re together. But don’t put that in your vlogs yet please” he says and everyone nods understandingly.
“I can’t believe out of everyone you chose David” Jason laughs, only now just speaking up. I shrug and lean my head up to look at David. He smiles lazily down at me pecking my lips, since I’m practically upside down its an awkward spiderman kiss which everyone ‘awws’ at.

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23, 29 with Gray filming a sister squad video

#23-is that my shirt?

#29-Give it back!

You sat patiently in Grayson’s room as he filmed with Ethan,James, and Emma, but you were starting to grow restless. It had almost been two hours since you had confined yourself to his room. 

Finally having enough, you padded out of his room, the floor cold against your bare feet. You could hear their laughs echo down the hallway as you walked and you couldn't help but want to have a little fun as well. 

You walked into the room, doing your best to stay out of sight of the camera, but you could already feel Grayson eyes on you. He watched you as Emma and Ethan bickered about the topic of the video, not even caring that when he posted the video his fans were gonna notice that his head was clearly elsewhere. “Is that my shirt?” Grayson suddenly yelled, drawing everyone attention. 

You smirked, pulling at the bottom of the shirt that you had stolen from his room why you waited for him. “Maybe.” 

Give it back.” He said, hopping from the couch and running after you. 

A squeal escaped your lips as you ran to escape his arms. “no.” You laughed, bolting towards the door as he chased you. 

“Give it.” He laughed, chasing you into his room, just like he planned. He quickly slammed the door shut trapping you in his room once again. Before you even knew what was going on, his beefy arms were pinning you against the wall as his lips ghosted across your neck. “Give it back.” He growled as he lifted the shirt from your body. 

that snap of grayson turning the music down to tell E what he was thinking gave me serious boyfriend vibes so here’s what i think life would be like with boyfriend gray

- these random thoughts that he gets in the car prompting an hour long discussion that continues even when you’re parked back at the twins’ house and E comes out to see what’s taking you so long to get out of the car (he shields his eyes just in case – he’s learned his lesson from last time)

- you calling shotgun in his porsche and ethan shooting you the side eye as he grumpily opens the back door

- him wheeze laughing and you crying with laughter at inside jokes while everyone around you just eye rolls you both fondly 

- when he’s in a bad mood, him coming and laying himself across your lap wherever you are, you not looking up from whatever it is you’re doing but the contact from your hand stroking through his hair immediately makes him calm

- in fact he loves head scratches so much he’ll just head butt your hand lightly when you’re watching a movie or just chilling out to get you to run your hands through his hair and he just closes his eyes with a little contented smile on his face

- this insecure little baby boy jokingly asking “so how was it for you” and wiggling his eyebrows after sex but secretly adoring how you can’t reply beyond a weak thumbs up because you are DONE

- pet names!!!!!!!!! don’t get me started on the stupid pet names you two would cook up

- you joining the boys on their adventures and sometimes joining in but sometimes they’re a bit too crazy for you so you occupy yourself either sunbathing if they’re cliff diving or chilling nearby with snacks and a book and gray keeps glancing over at you sending you cheesy grins and waving like a goof

- him storing your favourite snacks in their cupboards and yelling at ethan because he keeps eating them 

- when you first stay over night officially, gray being super nervous and making such a fuss over you to make sure you’re comfortable and happy

- months later you still teasing him about how nervous he was on that night and him getting all embarrassed and giggly and softly throwing a pillow at your head then tackling you onto the bed to shut you up

- him bringing you treats and medicine and hot water bottles when you’re on your period and giving you his hoodies to try and make you feel better

- also him googling remedies you can try to get rid of cramps because he is a sweet angel who hates to see you in pain

- “hey y/n, watch this trick i can do!” “gray, please don’t do that on the concrete”

- the jam sessions in the car!!!!!!!!

- him saving a new album that he’s been waiting to listen to until you’re there

- you asking why he waited for you and him saying that if he listens to it for the first time with you then it’ll always make him think of you and your heart expands 10 times

- let’s be honest if you’ve gained gray as your boyfriend then you’ve also gained E as your brother and gray secretly loving that you and E do things together without him even though he pretends not to because it means you love each other as much as he does

we all deserve as much bf gray content as we can get

“You’re cute, you know that, right?”

“i want another.”

*Tom Holland*


dad!tom & daddy!tom & breeding kink!tom? today’s a “imaginative” day.

⚠️: as mentioned.. daddy!tom.. might get hot 😏 , cussing, IMPLIED smuT, fluff?

this morning you were eating breakfast with your husband tom and your 3 year old little girl.

you placed a bowl of oatmeal infront of them both, toms has fresh fruit cut up and your daughters had little dinosaur shaped candies in it. tom thanked you and eyes you as you sat down across the table from him. you looked across at him and saw he hadn’t done his hair this morning, his messy hair was always something that turned you on, and you are pretty sure he knew that, that’s why he did it. you smiled at him and he winked as a response, then you felt warm oats land on your nose, and you didn’t even flinch. all you heard was a small baby laughing their head off. you turne your head to see the mess your daughter made with her breakfast. you sighed and looked back at tom, whom was laughing hard as well.

“i’ll get it babe.” he laughed and got up, walking to the kitchen sink grabbing a washcloth, he doused it under warm water and walked to your daughter and started cleaning the oatmeal from her face, hair and then went to your nose.

he fixed her hair and whispered into her ear.

“your cute, you know that, right?”

she giggled and splashed her hands in the spilled oats on the table, he fake sighed and cleaned her hands again.

“you agreed to having one tom.” you laughed as you watched him reclean her hands 3 times and he began laughing.

“i know! i love her more than anything but this oatmeal..” he laughed harder and picked her up taking her to the bathroom.

“USE THE KIDS SHAMPOO ON HER MINE WAS EXPENSIVE!” you yelled as you grabbed all the dishes and took them to the sink washing them. after a few minutes you heard splashing and you walked to the bathroom to see tom sitting in the middle of the hot tub/bathtub with no shirt on, (yes ladies his underwear was on) covered in bubbles with your daughter sitting in his lap splashing the water and laughing. her brown hair in the shape of a mohawk covered in soap bubbles. tom turned his head to you and you saw that he had a bubble beard on and he laughed as he stood up with your daughter in his hands and he set her on the toilet lid, grabbing a towel and wrapping her up, setting her back on the ground.

“baby go to your room and dry off!” you said to your 3 year old and she muttered something along the lines of “ok mommy” leaving you and a shirtless tom in the bathroom.

you walked up to him, wiped the bubble beard off of him and kissed his lips. you began walking to the bathroom counter to put away some things.

“babe?” he said, twisting the towel up, he lassoed your waist and pulled you into his hips, your bottom against his crotch.

“hmm.” you giggled and you wriggled a little bit.

“i want another.” he bent down and kissed your neck after he whispered this into your ear.

you turn around, towel still wrapped tight around your waist, he was pulling you closer to his growing underwear.

you smirked and wriggled free. you took a few steps back and admired his body.

“you really want another?” you asked as you walked back up to him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

he picked you up by your ass and set you on the bathroom counter.

“really really bad.” he said as he kissed your lips sweetly.

you imagined how it felt the first time. nothing between you two. everything raw. you wanted that again.

“i’ll think about it.” you kissed him again and heard little feet running into the bathroom.

“DONT RUN!” your mother instincts kicked in and you jumped down and caught her just as she was about to slip and fall on the bath water that was on the floor.

you glared at tom for not cleaning it.

he gave you a look like “alright fine i’ll clean it”.

later that night after your daughter was asleep, you got dressed in toms favorite lingerie set that you have, and you layed on the bed, waiting for him to come upstairs.

he walked in and nearly dropped the bottle of champagne he had in his hands. he sharply sucked in some air and within seconds you saw a tent form in his jeans.

“so i thought about it…” you said standing up, walking over to him. you placed a sweet soft kiss on his lips.

“i want another as well.”

you went and layed back down on the bed and opened your legs a little bit, giving him a good view. he just stood there. admiring you.

“you gonna come here?” you asked giggling.

he just looked at you again and took off his shirt before running over to you, he got on top of you and boxed in your head.

one of his hands dragged down your body slowly, caressing every curve of your hips and stopped at your panties.

“are you 100% sure you want another? cuz once i’m in i won’t stop for the world.” he said, his charming accent showing through more within that sentence.

you nodded and gripped his shoulders.

“i’m gonna fill you up so nicely darling.”

you moaned at the thought and you arched your back and unhooked your bra yourself, you couldn’t wait much longer.

“eager?” he asked, kissing your neck, leaving marks here and there.

you moaned again and bucked your hips upwards towards his still growing bulge.

“take that as a yes. i love you honey.” he kissed you once again and then went at it.

warmth (possessed takumi x reader)

ask:  hey so…. could i ask for some possessed takumi n summoner angsty fluff?? regular takumi is good but. listen. i like the dangerous guys who threaten me, like Grima djsgdyskdhskdb idk man i just wanna kiss a takumi. any takumi

a/n: i just want to write something angsty rn dcnsdcn – mod hikari

you always found him by the lakes.

he sat by the water, saying nothing, doing nothing, simply blinking and staring into the depths, the wind rustling his long hair.

“you’re going to grow moss if you sit like that,” you joked, sauntering to his side.

he said nothing, and tilted his head, the only acknowledgement he gave of your presence. it was better than being outright ignored.

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Roger’s girl- Lily-May

This is another one of my Roger as a single dad fics, and it doesn’t correlate to the other fics I wrote but has the basic characters with a different storyline.



“Shut up about that fucking tour!”
Brian, Freddie and John all turned around, eyes simultaneously moving to look at the drummer in a mix of confusion and slight horror at the outburst that slightly scared and provoked each of them. They had a tour coming up in just over a month to promote their latest album which had been flying off the shelves just like A night at the Opera did. Roger was always more than excited when this happened because he usually loved going on tour, what made this time so different that he seemed to hate the very thought?
“Come again?” Brian questioned, hesitation in his voice as he wondered if there was another meaning behind Roger’s words. Seeing the drummer sighing in pure aggravation, rubbing the glasses that perched on his nose before brushing his mop of hair away from his face.

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Imagine Shinsou Hitoshi

Imagine shinsou asking you out on a date to a restaurant. Him dressing to impress since he likes you and wants to ask you out. Only for him to embarrass himself infront of you by tripping and falling and accidentally spilling a drink on you. Apologizing for a horrible date and for you to giggle and say you had a great time and kissing his cheek. Making him blush and cover his face.

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Wishes Left Unheard

A/N: This was originally posted on my AO3 account but I decided to share it here as well. I actually really enjoyed writing this cause it is a lot different from what I normally write. Hopefully, you like it!

Word Count: 618 words. 


It started on a Spring day. There was nothing remarkable about the day except for it was the first time he had spoken to me.

The conversation had been brief but it sent my heart into a spiral. It took over my mind. The smile he gave me as he left was ingrained in my brain.

It was two weeks before he decided to chat with me again. I had sat in agonizing silence each day waiting for the next time his words would grace my presence.

It took months of talking, over exaggerated laughing, and arm touching before he finally asked me out.

The date was to be simple. We were to go to Hogsmeade and have a drink in the Three Broomsticks. Little did we know that everything was on the brink of collapse.

The day before the date I had waited my whole life for, war broke out. Everyone had known it was coming but I was too involved in my dreamland to notice.

I watched as friends and enemies were slain by each other. I cast each spell in hopes of making it back to him when it was all said and done.

I ran through the crumbled hallways. Harry Potter had done it, he’d defeated the Dark Lord. All I need to do now was to find him alive and well.

Thoughts of his smile and laugh filled my mind as I raced to the Great Hall. All I wanted was to see that smile once more. It had kept me alive this long.

I skidded to a halt as the group came into my sight. The Weasley family stood there holding each other as they cried.

I felt my stomach drop and raced to see which one it had been. I hoped it wasn’t him. It couldn’t have been. I needed him more than anything else. He was the hope that had gotten you through this and he had to of made it too.

George was the first to look up and see me. He rushed over pulling me into a tight hug.
“I’m sorry,” He whispered into my dirty hair.

I took a moment to let the words sink in and the tears fill my eyes. It couldn’t be.

“No, it can’t be,” I argued and tried to break free of the hug. I had to be sure it wasn’t him.

He pulled me tighter not wanting me to see. He wanted to protect me from the pain he felt inside.

Eventually, he let go and I ran to the body. The pale face of Fred looked up at me and I collapsed on the ground. The tears slipped down my cheeks as I fumbled looking for a sign of life. I knew it was no use, his family would have already tried.

Molly placed a hand on my shoulder, “You were very special to him.” Her words only felt like another knife to my broken heart.
As I placed a shaky hand to his face a voice behind me spoke up. “You didn’t even go on a date with him, stop being so emotional.” As I turned to see who it was, tears blurred my vision. Rage burned in me but I couldn’t see who had said it.

I turned back to the body next to me and placed a light kiss to his forehead. George pulled me into another hug before letting someone lead me off. I looked back at his broken body one last time knowing it would be the last time I saw the man who had stolen my heart all those years ago and I let the regret of not making a move sooner sink in.

Roger’s girl- Decision to leave

Another one of the imagines for my single dad Roger fics. This one correlates to both the previous ones I posted with the same storyline. It is the flashback of when he decided to leave with Lily-May.

Angst and fluff. Enjoy.


Placing his jacket on the rack next to the door Roger stared at it for a moment, quickly realising why it looked odd. Lizzy’s usual red jacket was missing. A small sigh escaped his lips as he realised she must be out with Lily-May. Roger didn’t like the working hours the band had down at the studio because they needed a lot of time to write and re-write the lyrics, and then to record them all. It meant they had less time to be with their families and now Roger had a little girl who he was hardly seeing with the schedule he had. The only good thing about the schedule was that Roger had less time to see Lizzy, which meant there was less time for them to argue.
They had been dating on and off until Lizzy found out she was pregnant, and Roger would be damned if his child was growing up without their parents together, at least for the first few years or at least months. He knew he wouldn’t get to see their baby very much and if they were separated it meant even less time. So the pair had decided to make a go of things, now realising that didn’t seem to be working. Roger felt so awful that they had a daughter together and he simply couldn’t seem to make a relationship work, they were trying so hard and it wasn’t paying off. There was nothing that badly wrong, they just didn’t seem to fit into a relationship, better off as friends- or friends with benefits as they had been before. But Lizzy was desperate to make it work, she really did feel something for Roger and he knew he couldn’t just leave her for Lily’s sake.

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Ellie sat up straight on her bed, rubbing her eyes, trying to wake up faster. She hurried to put on a loose fit tank top, making her way downstairs, following the smell of burnt food to the kitchen, where you and Yukio were currently making French toasts and coffee. Well at least trying to.

When she saw what you two were up to, Ellie calmed down. Sneaking up behind you, wrapping her arms around your waist and kissing your shoulder. She then turned to Yukio, kissing her cheeks softly, still feeling sleepy.

“Y/N? Yukio?… What are you doing babes?” Ellie asked. Not use to seeing the two of you in the kitchen. “Well… hummm, surprise?” You said. “We’re making you French toasts!” Yukio answered, excitedly. “…trying…” “Why?” she frowned, curiously.

“Do we need a special reason to surprise our girlfriend?” Yukio said taking Ellie’s hand in her own and smiling at her.

“But I think I’d be better to not eat those.” you said pointing to the burnt toasts on the pan. “Sounds like a great idea. I didn’t plan on getting food poisoning today” she laughed. “Oh hush up” you smiled, holding in your laugh.

“But still… thanks for doing your best, babes.” she whispers softly, burying her face in Yukio’s neck.

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