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Here's you, before & after assuming a no assumptions-lifestyle. You just built a golden gate across the swamp of your judgements and assumptions based lifestyle. This can be you if you read & implement my tweets.

you take out Wooziโ€™s wisdom teeth and he returns years later to say thanks he couldnโ€™t have become a singer without those babies GONE!

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you come out out of toe addition surgery. when you come out you can't find ben engelmann and the doctor says "who do you think gave you the toes?"

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Flirty BTS

A/N: The Bangtan boys as different types of flirts based on their zodiac sign


Virgo; Touchy flirt

·         RM (The real Kim Namjoon)

·         Jungkook (Justin Seagull)

Libra; Touchy flirt

·         Jimin (Chim Chim)

Sagittarius; Sexy flirt

·         Jin (His name is Seokjin) (His nickname is Jin) (So his stage name is Jin)

Originally posted by jjilljj

Capricorn; Awkward flirt

·         V (Taehyung) (Jack come back)

Aquarius; Awkward flirt

·         J-Hope (That one happy dude wearing a flower on his head) (Infires)

Pisces; Giggly flirt

·         Suga (Min Yoongi) (Agust D) (The unbothered king)

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"Oh, fuck" - Malia Tate x reader

Teen wolf imagine

Being the new kid and Malia finds your scent addicting

Four years.

You’ve been on this earth for four years after having been thrown out of heaven.

It wasn’t your fault though. That’s what you keep telling yourself. You got sick of your job. Being the angel of death took its toll on you. Especially since you’re the one who fetches the souls, delivering them to the gates where their final destination is to be deliberated. Heaven, purgatory, or hell.

You had no qualms taking the souls of those who died old, or those who died in wars–they knew there was a slim chance of surviving in the first place, or those who died because of illnesses–their time just came, but when it came to fetching children and babies, and all those innocent civilians who became collateral damage to calamities, warring factions, even those blasted fights between superheroes and supervillains (you never really liked the Avengers that much)…. After four thousand years, you finally had enough.

So what did they do?

Why, they threw you down to earth. It wouldn’t have been that bad but you found yourself in a teenage body.

And so for the first half of your first year, you wandered the land of mortals. It’s not all bad seeing that you’re always in it fetching dying souls, thus, you’re updated to pretty much everything that’s been going on but then mortals can be really persistently annoying.

That’s how you spent your next years with the Winchester brothers hunting demons and supernaturals with your help. Hey, being a fallen angel do have its perks. With those two always gallivanting around, they could always use some assistance. You lost count of how many times you had your wings almost cut off in the midst of saving their asses. You stopped counting when you reached twenty eight.

You then realize that you may be immortal but you’re not invincible. By the time a demon you were hunting got lucky and managed to injure your oh-so-valuable wings, you finally called it quits. You’re an angel, not a stupid mortal, and despite being very old already by human terms, you would rather live another millenium or two, thank you very much. So you bid the idiotic brothers you’ve been very fond of, ride your motorcycle without any thought and drive to wherever your good ol’ truck,an advance earth birthday present from the brothers, takes you.

And that’s how you find yourself standing just outside of Beacon Hills High School.

Scott and Stiles bump into Lydia as she makes her way to the Principal’s office.

“What’s the rush?” Scott looks at her in question.

“Oh good, you’re here. There’s a new student I’m supposed to be showing around today. I almost forgot about it until Mom had to remind me, said she’ll send me a message once the new student arrives” she explains. “I was thinking of contacting you. Student can be supernatural for all we know.”

“Did I hear that right? You forgot about something? I was about to tell Scott about that. Dad said he wants to know if the new girl in town is someone he should get his eyes on. With all the supernatural cases going on, who in their right mind would think of moving here?” Stiles intercedes. “Apparently, he met her this weekend. Buying some stuff at the hardware store or something.”

Lydia rolls ger eyes at Stiles but doesn’t say anything.

“You have a point there. Why would anyone want to move to Beacon Hills? Fine, let’s check it out,” Scott agrees.

Lydia leads the way flanked by the two boys until a body collides against Stiles who lost his balance and bumped into Scott.

“Whoa whoa, what happened to you?” Stiles grabs Malia’s arm. She turns her head sideways while sniffing the air.

“Do you smell that?” she asks, not answering Stiles.

Stiles and Lydia both look at Scott, the only werewolf with them. And someone else who can trackwhatever scent that is.

Scott takes a whiff of the air scrunching his eyebrows, only to turn his attention back to Malia in confusion.

“Smell what exactly?”

Malia sniffs again before closing her eyes.

“That scent,” she turns her head forward. “It smells soooo good. It’s a bit spicy, but cool, like mint. With something sweet..” she trails off before opening her eyes. “I can’t exactly explain but it smells really really nice.”

Scott shakes his head, pressing his lips together. “I don’t smell anything like that.”

“Could it be another supernatural?” Stiles ask

“Maybe it’s a new perfume someone sprayed. Something you like, Malia? I don’t smell anything like that or anything out of the ordinary,” Scott points out.

“Okay, Scott, why don’t you come with Malia and find out what she’s smelling while Stiles and I look for the new student. We’ll invite her to have lunch with us. That way, we can keep your eyes on her find out if she’s a threat or whatever,” Lydia crosses her arms.

Malia quickly grabs Scott’s arm and drags him as she follows the scent. Lydia and Stiles follow her seeing as they’re taking the same way to get to the Principal’s office.

Malia scrunches her nose, her eyebrows furrowing as she sniffs every now and then. She stops upon reaching the hallway, students rushing about here and there.

“Where is it? Where is it?” Malia mumbles to herself as she whips her head back and forth looking at the students in passing.

She closes her eyes trying to track it again when the scent hits her. She opens her eyes and fixes her gaze at the door of the principal’s office door.

Scott on the other hand, smells nothing but Malia’s excitement. The sound of her rapid heartbeat flooding his ears.

“There! That’s where it’s coming from!”

Malia doesn’t even bother dragging Scott anymore. She bumps into students uncaring as she sees a Y/H/C girl in a denim jacket wearing a pair of black headphones exit the office doors, attention fixed on a piece of paper.

“Malia!” “Malia, you can’t just–” “Malia, wait!”

Lydia, Stiles, and Scott’s voices did nothing but to deter the werecoyote from reaching you.


John Waite’s Missing You blasts through your headphones as you head out of the office. The Principal, Natalie Martin, printed out your schedule and told you that her daughter who’s also a student will give you a tour and show you to your classes. After waiting for five minutes, you figured you’ll just make use of the picture of the school map you took and find your locker and classes on your own. You’ve always hated waiting for mortals, especially females, they can take longer than necessary.

And that’s how you ended up just outside the principal’s office with a copy of your schedule in hand trying to figure out what rooms you should look for on the map first. However, you felt a presence just beside you making you turn your head.

All you see are blue circles before you blink. You then take in the sight of brown. Your eyes widen as the realization that these are human eyes hit you, making you quickly take a step back.

You bite your tongue not to curse. You may be living in the human world and had become exposed to its cultures but your angel side still finds it inappropriate to curse, especially out loud.

You blink again, now a foot away from the human. A brown-haired girl with brown eyes looks at you unblinking. You could’ve sworn you saw blue eyes but shrug it off.

“Are you Lydia Martin?” you take off your headphones and ask the girl in front of you unsurely. She doesn’t look like anything like Principal Martin but you can’t think of why she’s standing in front of you, just in front of the principal’s office.

The girl closes her eyes and inhales deeply. You were about to ask her again, thinking she must’ve not heard you but then you notice a strawberry blonde girl and two boys hurrying their way to you, well, specifically the girl in front of you.

“Sorry about her, she’s just really excited to meet you. She used to be the new girl too,” the girl smiles at you unsurely before pulling the other girl a bit away from you. “I’m Lydia Martin. I’m supposed to be showing you around….”

“Y/N. Y/N L/N,” you fill in for her.

“Right, Y/N. These are my friends, Malia,” she gestures to the girl who’s now looking at you again, then points to the two boys “Stiles and Scott.”

You nod before giving her your schedule.

“These are my classes. You can just point it out to me and I’ll get to them later. I need to head to my locker first. I’ve seen it earlier so there’s no need to actually show me around.”

“Mom will kill me if I let you wander on your own. Now let’s see,” she drawls on while grabbing your arm leading you to the lockers. You can feel Malia’s presence just beside you while the boys follow. “You’re in luck! We have almost every class together. And wow! You’re in AP classes except English!”

“English is not my first language,” you shrug. “I pretty much prefer Latin.”

“You don’t have an accent,” the boy behind you, Stiles, states.

“I’ve been speaking English for years. Just not that good at it when it comes to literature,” you tilt your head to look at him.

When you turned your attention to Lydia, you notice something causing you to stop abruptly and turn your head towards Malia.

“Did you just sniff me?” you look at her incredulously.

“You smell good,” she states bluntly.

“Oh uh, what she means is….” the boy named Scott drapes his arm around Malia’s shoulder and pulls her away a bit causing for her to growl at him.

“What she means is that your perfume smells good,” Stiles states as he saunters to Malia’s other side. “The bell’s about to ring so uh… We’ll see you two geniuses later. Come on, Scott, Malia.”

They all but drag the girl with them.

You then turn your attention to Lydia who rolls her eyes at the three.

“Your friends are weird.”


Overall, Beacon Hills isn’t as bad as you expected. Or maybe it’s just your desperation for normalcy speaking for you. But so far, you’re enjoying it.

When lunch came, Lydia led you to a table. Not long after, you felt another presence take the seat beside you and you turn only to see Malia smiling at you. Scott and Stiles both take a seat beside you. And another girl, who you found out is named Kira makes an appearance.

At first, you found her weird but after a few minutes of feeling how Malia seems to fight off the urge of wanting to cling to you–her fingers brushing against your arm a lot of times than you’d care to count and quickly pull away when she realizes she’s doing it, or how her head seems to be always tilted towards your as if wanting to lean, and her just all being unable to sit still, you finally relax and move closer to her. You even took it as far as gently pulling her head and leaning it against your shoulder.

You swear you heard her purr.

After that, she clung to you until the bell rang. Only letting you go when Scott actually pried her fingers off you as you guys reach their classroom. Lydia and Kira both giggling finding it amusing.

“It’s nice seeing Malia warm up to you this early,” Kira smiles as she places her arm on your shoulder.

“Careful, Kira. Malia might get mad,” Lydia teasingly tells her. You didn’t notice how the strawberry blonde girl fixes her eyes on the hand on your shoulder making Kira chuckle before letting go.

“What do you girls mean? Malia seems really nice,” you furrow your head in confusion. “A bit weird but nice.”

“Oh it’s nothing. Malia just hates everybody at first. We’re surprised how easily she took a liking to you,” Lydia replies as you three take a seat.

Before you can ask them any further questions, the bell rings followed by your teacher’s entrance.

You finally arrive at your house, parking your truck and turning the engine off. It took you, Scott, and Stiles ten minutes to pry Malia off away from you just so you can open your truck’s door. Kira and Lydia didn’t bother helping after getting tired of reminding Malia that they’ll see you at shool tomorrow. It felt as if she was holding on to you for dear life. If you weren’t an angel, you probably broke more than a few bones with how strong her grip was.

In order to appease Malia, you invited them for a sleepover as soon as you finish repainting everything.

You were heading straight to the fridge to get a bottle of water when your phone rang. You took it out reading Sam Winchester on the caller ID.

“Hey there, Sammy,” you say as you open the bottle.

“Put it on speaker,” Dean’s voice rang out.

“Hey, Y/N! How’s everything?” Sam asks.

“Nobody giving you any trouble there?” Dean adds up.

“Everything’s fine. I made a few friends, I think. And no, Dean. Besides, it’s not like I can’t handle myself,” you point out.

Sam hums before pausing.

“….you told us you’re in Beacon Hills, right?” he trails off. “We researched about it and the place seems to be sketchy. A couple of deaths every now and then. Have you noticed anything weird?”

You drink a bit before setting the bottle of water down.

“So far, nothing stands out. But I’ve only been here for a few days, barely a week so I can’t say….” you contemplate. “There is something weird though. But not that kind of weird.”

“What type of weird exactly?”

“There’s this girl I met…”

“Ooooh, a girl!”

“Shut up, Dean!” you chuckle. “She’s really clingy. As in she keeps on touching me. Not only that, but this morning when we first met, she keeps on sniffing me. She told me I smell good.”

“I didn’t know you use perfume or colognes,” Sam thinks.

“Exactly, I don’t,” you point out. “What’s weird was I thought her eyes are blue at first. But then it’s brown. And I swear I heard her growl at her friend when they tried to pull her off me. And when I moved closer to her, I think I heard her purr….”

The line went silent so you finished your water. You squeeze the plastic bottle, playing with it.

“I dunno. I must be imagining things. Maybe I just miss going on hunts with you guys.”

Another silence.

“Sam? Dean? You still there?” you call out over the phone.

“Y/N…. Did you say that her eyes turned blue?” Sam’s voice sounded a bit unsure.

“Yeah, I think so,” you nod absentmindedly. You stop realizing they can’t see you.

“And she’s really really clingy and touchy?” Dean adds up.

“Yeah,” you take a pause. You scrunch your eyebrows waiting for their response.


“What, Sam?”

“I think a werecoyote just recognized you as her mate.”



You drop the water bottle on the floor when realization finally hits you.

“Oh, fuck.”

anonymous asked:

Since I'm in the mood for Christmas, may I request fem!s/o bringing Rachel to s/o's Christmas family dinner? Not like, just the the parents but the whole family, where only the mother know about their relationship? (The family in not homophobic owo)

(x female!reader)

(Note: we donโ€™t have Christmas in Russia, so it was a bit difficult for me ^^;)

~ Letโ€™s say, your mom was very happy when you told her Rachel would be with you on this dinner. She was already asking you about Rachels favourite dishes and such, and she was also reassuring you that everyone will accept your relationship fully.ย โ€œShe makes you happy dear, you have nothing to fear, reallyโ€. And so, youโ€™re determined to tell everyone who will be on this dinner about you and Rachel.ย 

~ Sheโ€™s scared a bit too. She doesnโ€™t know all of your relatives, on;y your mom, so sheโ€™s kinda doubtful. But she understands that sooner or later you have to tell your folks about this, and so, you two agreed to tell them.ย 

~ Everyone is surprised to see Rachel, but theyโ€™re happy; sheโ€™s yourย โ€œclose friendโ€, after all. Rache; is very good at acting and talking, and she has her natural charm, so everyone of you relatives love her already.ย 

~ After some time, your grandmother started talking about your future, about family things that teens usually hate to hear, and so, you took Rachels hand under table and squeezed it. She got it, and so, after your gran stopped talking, you two rise up from your seats.

~ Rachel wanted to start first, but you decided to take the lead.

~ย โ€œRachel is not just close friend. Sheโ€™s my lover, sheโ€™s the light of my life, and sheโ€™s my family. I love her, she makes me happy. sheโ€™s the best girlfriend in the worldโ€.

~ Your mom is proud of you.ย 

~ Yes, theyโ€™reโ€ฆ shocked a bit. You started to think they hate you. Rachel noticed your terrified look, and so, she hugged you tightly, covering you from their piercing gazes.

~ Your father speaked first. They didnโ€™t expect that, but theyโ€™re happy for you. And so, Rachel is welcome in your household at any time.

~ Some of your relatives started asking questions how youโ€™ve met her. Some still confused about this. But theyโ€™re accepted it, accepted Rachel and accepted you.

~ Rachel is proud of you too.

~ย โ€œYou did amazing, (Y/N). And youโ€™re amazing tooโ€.

~ gay panic

stray kids masterlist

headcanons :

fics :

































“London and the Friendly Ghost” by Char Louise

London Bridges’ favorite television program from childhood to adulthood was “Ghost Catchers” on the GCN - Ghost Cable Network. After watching the third episode, he knew he wanted to be a paranormal investigator. London made his dream come true in college, but every investigation never went according to plan. One night, London unintentionally picked up a new friend that followed him home. The friendly ghost, Wesley, wanted to teach London a thing or two about the paranormal because the guy was clueless and was an embarrassment to both humans and ghosts. Read their misadventures; you will laugh.

I wake up just before the twilight hours begin, and across from me, tangled in the sheets, my husband sleeps. Carefully, I ease myself out of bed and to my running shoes, gliding down the stairs and out of the house like a ghost, my water bottle ready for me on the kitchen counter. I take a sip, pre-workout surging through me, and let the pavement disappear beneath my soles.

The houses around me are slowly flickering to life as our neighbors get ready for work and their children get ready for school. I wave through ragged breaths, pushing myself to speed up hills, not really keeping track any more. The stars fade, skies turning blue, and I turn the corner back.

I let myself in, kick off my shoes, and start the coffee maker, then go back upstairs to slide in bed next to my husband. The sunlight from our massive windows illuminates him. Ethereal, angelic, sculpted like clay. When I wrap an arm around him, he turns to me, opening his eyes for a moment before pulling me in.

“There’s coffee downstairs,” I tell him, and eventually, we make it down to pour ourselves a few mugs. I cook tofu omelettes filled with vegetables and review my lesson plans for the day while he reads the paper. I look over now and then to find out what’s happening around us, and we chat about a few events. After a quick shower, I get dressed in a well-fitting suit, formal but not overly serious, with a tie and pocket square to match the season.

Finally, I kiss him and take off for work, greeting my elementary students and the other teachers outside. Desks fill up, and I interact with each student to make sure they understand the material, handling the class with the skill and confidence I have gained through years of experience.

During the lunch break, my husband comes from his own work to join me. We laugh and talk as I grade a few quizzes and simple assignments, and he tells me about his morning.

The rest of the day goes by smoothly. Students leave on buses or with family, and I take care of after school duties before going home. My husband has made dinner, or we go out to eat. Some weekends we take picnics in the park, or go to local cafes. Often we go on hikes, to lakes, and other places that keep us active.

I have a healthy relationship to food and exercise. I genuinely love myself and care for my well being. I maintain a good relationship with my therapist. I see friends and family often. Things are not always perfect, but I always have support to get back to optimal functioning.

Recovery is a path I am glad to have taken.

Likes Me More โ€ข cth

Title: Likes Me More

Reader Pairing: Y/N and Duke bc fuck Calum

Rating: its fluff

Description: Calum canโ€™t get over the fact that Duke has found another lover.

Originally posted by alli-irwin94

โ€œNo he doesnโ€™t, Y/N. Stop saying that.โ€ I rolled my eyes at my best friend. โ€œYouโ€™re just jealous, Cal. Huh, Dukey?โ€ I said in a high picked voice, scratching the dog behind his ears. โ€œYeah, daddyโ€™s just mad that you like someone else more then him.โ€ Calum took his turn to roll his eyes. He huffed, crossing his arms. โ€œWhatever.โ€

I laughed at Calum, Duke playfully barking at him. I moved from my position on the couch to sit on the floor, Duke jumping and laying on top of me. I patted his head, his tongue darting out to lick me. โ€œI shouldโ€™ve never introduced you two.โ€ Calum mumbled. I didnโ€™t know if he wanted my attention or the dogโ€™s, but he wasnโ€™t getting either.

โ€œCalum, stop being jealous of me,โ€ I giggled, his face immediately changing. โ€œWho said I was jealous of you?โ€ I cocked my eyebrow at him, his foot kept nudging into my thigh. โ€œOh, so you wanna be the one on top of me instead of Duke?โ€ I smirked. His face erupted in a deep blush, his eyes looking away as his arms crossed.

โ€œNo, fuck off.โ€ I laughed loudly, riling Duke up as he pounced off my stomach towards the door to go play outside. Calum took the opportunity to fling himself off the couch, laying his head on my chest and holding onto me.

โ€œGet off me, you weirdo.โ€ I laughed. โ€œYour dog wants me to go outside and play with him.โ€ Calum looked up at me with a fake frown, his lips pouting. โ€œWhy can you stay here and play with me?โ€ I couldnโ€™t help but giggle at the whiny boy on top of me, his question making me blush slightly. โ€œGet off, you big dog.โ€

He furrowed his eyebrows. โ€œIโ€™m not a big dog,โ€ He challenged, setting himself up off my chest. He leaned his head down quickly, licking a stripe up my face. โ€œNow I am.โ€ He giggled, my hand flying up to run his spit off. I trailed my wet hand down his face, laughing at his grossed out reaction.

โ€œCalum, thatโ€™s your spit. Why are you so grossed out? This should be what grossed you out,โ€ I giggled. Before he could ask what, I craned my neck upwards, licking his cheek. Fits of giggled displayed from my mouth as he shook his head.

โ€œDisgusting,โ€ he muttered playfully. His fingers triled up my sides, beginning a tickle attack. I couldnโ€™t help but squirm around under him, laughing from the euphoric pain it caused. โ€œCal, Cal, please s-stop.โ€ He shook his head quickly, tears running down my eyes.

โ€œNot until you say โ€˜Calum Hood is the sexiest man alive and Duke loves him moreโ€™.โ€ I strained to breath so I could say it, his fingers running up my sides.

โ€œF-fuck! Calum Hood is the hottest man alive and Duke loves him more!โ€ I said breathily, giggled still leaving my mouth. โ€œSexiest.โ€ Calum corrected.

โ€œSexiest!โ€ I screamed, laughing. His fingers stopped their assault, placing themselves on the sides of my head to hold himself up so I could breathe. As i reaches up and wiped my tears from laughing so hard, I saw him stare at me.

I just smiled softly at him, not sure if he was gonna make a move at all. He leaned his head down softly, his lips grazing my own before fully capturing my bottom lip between his own. It was slow and passionate, definitely longing. It was a long awaited kiss, something both of us have dreamt of for a long time without the willpower to do it.

I felt his hands run up my side again, making me scream out in giggles, pulling away from the kiss. โ€œThatโ€™s for not saying Iโ€™m hot and not sexy.โ€ He chuckled.

We heard a low growl emit from the side of the room, Duke soon running and pouncing on Calum, playfully biting him. He kept barking until I stopped laughing, moving Calum off of me. โ€œSomeone still likes me more, no matter what you make me say.โ€ I laughed.

Calum got up and sprinted around the room, trying to get Duke off of his feet. โ€œHow the fuck does he like you more? Duke, I- Duke! Fuck, stop! Ow!โ€ He chuckled, the small dog continuing his attack. I got up from the floor, walking towards the boy and his best friend.

โ€œCโ€™mere, Duke.โ€ I called. The dog ran to me quickly, earning a pat on his head. โ€œHe likes me more.โ€ Calum groaned. โ€œNo he doesnโ€™t.โ€ I smiled, โ€œYes he does.โ€

Calum rolled his eyes, grabbing both of my hands in his own, his eyes staring at them. โ€œHow about a compromise? Maybe you can be his mommy, and he can love us equally.โ€

I smiled down at our hands, looking up at Calum and smirking. โ€œIs that your way of asking me out?โ€ I asked, knowing his full intent. He blushed extravagantly, turning to look into my own eyes bashfully. โ€œI donโ€™t know, did it work?โ€

I pretended to think for a moment, my head cocking to the side, eventually looking down at Duke. โ€œIโ€™d say so.โ€ He smiled widely, his thumb rubbing against my own. โ€œThen yes.โ€ I looked down at the dog, a different sight than the bashful boy.

โ€œWhaddya say, pup?โ€ The dog barked loudly, wagging his tail and running in a circle, prancing quickly.

โ€œIโ€™d say itโ€™s a yes.โ€

Coughs-John Murphy Imagine

Originally posted by dinahisonpoint

Request: Anonymous: Hello! :) Could I please request a modern murphy x reader imagine where Murphy is sick but too proud to admit it and pretends to be fine until the reader has to force her love and care onto him haha. I love fluff and im trash

Warnings:None, Sorry it’s like extremely short, but I hope I made it fluffy enough for you :)

All night you could feel your boyfriend tossing and turning beside you, trying his hardest to muffle his coughing. You were sure because of his ego he would try and mask his cold so you couldn’t “smother him”, even though you knew he loved it and wouldn’t admit it. But oh were you determined to take care of him.

When you get up you see John drenched in sweat and your eyebrows knit together looking at him with concern.

“Hey Babe you feeling? You look hot,” you say, making me break out in a smirk.


“Shut up you know what I mean you look like you’re breaking out in cold sweat. Like you have a fever,”

“I’m fine, Princess no need to worry about me,”

“If you say so Tough Guy, but don’t come to me looking for chicken soup and snuggles when your boss sends you home. You can always admit defeat and call in sick.”

“I hope you’re ready to eat your words Sweetheart because- ,” he cuts himself off with a sneeze. “

“What was that?”, you question smugly.

“Just allergies.”


“I promise Im really-” he sneezes again while you raise an eyebrow.

“I heard you coughing last night, just give it up Babe,”

He sighs knowing he’s defeated. “Fiiiine,” he over exaggerates laying back down, you smile and go to get the thermometer.

After checking his temperature, you go and get an ice pack to cool him down, and some meds with a water for him, sitting it on the table beside the bed.

“You’re the best,”he says with a small smile.

“I know,” you joke, kissing his cheek.

He shakes his head as you lay next to him and pull him into your chest. Much like how he’d never admit he enjoys you taking care of him, he also won’t admit that when you start coddling him he acts like such a baby when he’s sick.

Not that you minded you loved this boy with all your heart and wanted him to feel the best he could, and if it required you to deal with him being needy while sick so be it, it was all worth it. Especially because when you would undoubtedly get sick after caring for him, he always returns the favor and takes such good care of you.

Yโ€™all I didnโ€™t see the VMAs but I know mi papi chulo, amor hermoso Shawn looked like a freaking full course meal holy frick que calor he looks beautiful in the pictures

Repost if you agree

And btw if anyone can send me a link where I can watch it, that would be great. Gracias

ps weโ€™re still getting married

get the word out haha

Soft Lance Headcanons

Itโ€™s 3:50am and I want handsome, brave, selfless Lance to be happy all the time. The beginnings of self-love under the cut.

  • Lance often appears loud, boisterous, and arrogant to mask his anxiety and self-doubt
  • But as much as he is loud, boisterous, and arrogant, he is also adventurous, free-spirited, and incredibly self-sacrificing
  • You love him openly, honestly, and wholeheartedly for all that he is
  • The first time you tell him that, tucked away in the quiet of the castleโ€™s rear, is the first time you have ever seen him at a loss for words
  • because this precious boy isnโ€™t told nearly enough times how wonderful he truly is

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Sherlock: John, what milk did you say to get?

John: The one with the blue lid, Sherlock

Sherlock: The one with the blue lid, I thought we had green?

John: then why ask, just get the milk

Sherlock: okay umm

John: are you serious? You can do almost anything in the world yet you can’t even buy a drink we use on a daily basis

Sherlock: you were the one who forced me to come shopping with you

John; you didn’t have to come y'know

Sherlock: oh well in that case I’ll head home, here take your blue lid, I’ll see you later

John: See you later, oh and….behave.

Sherlock: If by behave you mean don’t deduce people on the way out or cause a scene then I intend to do the exact opposite

John: Sherlock – !

Sherlock: goodbye, John

I Still Love You (Yoonkook Poem)

Originally posted by no-ass-namjoon

Why are we even together?

Itโ€™s been almost forever

Your temper never changed

Instead, you became more deranged

We donโ€™t have enough love to go around

Youโ€™re always pushing me to the ground

You say Iโ€™m weak and you say youโ€™re strong

Everything in my world is going wrong

Instead of hugs, there are kicks

Instead of kisses, there are hits

I cried as you pushed me and I fell

While all you did was curse and yell

Because of you, I fear

The fact that itโ€™s crystal clear

I still love you

hot seat

pairing: reader x cai xukun

genre: fluff

prompt: “i fell in love with my best friend.” (drabble game)

Originally posted by xingcandy

Parties are dumb as hell.

You stand by your opinion as time and time again, you’re proved right. But yet, you still find yourself at the occasional party, mainly because of him. Cai Xukun.

Inevitably, being friend with Xukun means attending a fraction of the millions of parties he was invited to each weekend.

Tonight is no exception to the rule: you’re nursing a flimsy plastic cup of what appears to be some concoction of sugary soda and cheap vodka, pausing to take large gulps in effort to make it go down faster. Eyes flickering to Xukun, who is over in the living room socializing with a cute basketball player you recognize as Ziyi, your mind travels to your history.

You’ve been friends with Xukun for well over a year now, having met at your university orientation event. Immediately the two of you had taken a liking to each other, your laidback selves finding solace in each others’ presence.

Days were spent lounging around, reading books and napping. Xukun liked to make music, and you’d lay around lifelessly on his couch as he edited his latest work, ears perking up whenever sound emitted from his speakers.

As for when you fell in love with Xukun, you’re unsure.

It could’ve been that time he planned out an elaborate birthday surprise for you. Or, it could have been triggered by something smaller, perhaps a particular day in which you’d napped together.

Either way, there was no denying that you were head over heels in love with Cai Xukun, and he would never know. 

Luckily for you, Xukun is pretty thick when it came to realizing your affection had surpassed the boundaries of pure friendship. It was in the lingering touches, or the way you couldn’t help but stare at him when he was focused on reading.

It didn’t irk you in the least bit that he has not and will never find out that you were madly in love with him. It was worth the sacrifice, in your justification, as your friendship was much more important to you than getting closure by confessing.

Your daydreaming is cut off by someone snapping their fingers in front of your face. You blink repeatedly to bring yourself back to reality, a very mischievous looking Lin Yanjun grinning down at you.

“Y/N! Come play a game with us in the other room.” He tugs you to a group of people sitting in a circle. “We’re playing Hot Seat.”

Xukun is seated in the circle, having left an empty space for you apparently, and he pats at the floor next to him to signal for you to sit down with him. You give him a smile and sip from your drink, nothing on your mind in particular besides how pretty and shiny Xukun’s eyes look tonight.

Your face gets warm when you feel Xukun’s fingers playing with hand haphazardly, pointer finger tracing circles all over.

It’s the alcohol, you tell yourself: that’s why you’re red. You weren’t that easily swayed…right?

“Alright, I’m just gonna spin this bottle. Y’all know how to play the game.” Zhengting, a boy from your literature class, flicks his wrist quickly, sending the empty beer bottle into fervent circles.

You lean back, sipping from your drink comfortably as you watch the bottle start to swivel around, indicating it was close to stopping. Surprisingly, the bottle wiggles until the mouth of it is pointing squarely at Xukun.

“Cai Xukun! Alright! Sit in the middle, pour out a shot, and get ready to drink, my friend.” Yanjun is giddy, smiling devilishly at Xukun.

Everyone takes turns going around and posing a question.

“Weirdest place you’ve had sex?”

“A dressing room.”

You’re not surprised by this at all, barely blinking. You knew Xukun had had a fuckboy phase before university, so you’re certain nothing he says today will phase you in the least.

“How many girls have you been with before?”

“I honestly don’t know. Not that there have been too many to count, just that I can’t count right now considering I’m not in the clearest state of mind right now.” Xukun shrugs, hazily running a hand through his hair. 

“Ever met someone off the internet to hook up?”


“Have you been in love before?”


Now this, this surprises you. You’d never actually addressed this subject before with Xukun, and you’d just assumed that he had never. From what he had told you about what he had been like before he met you, you’d gathered that he just wasn’t the type. And since you’d met, he’d never really expressed any direct interest in a girl in that way.

“Who was it?” The next person digs further, and you’re secretly glad as you’re curious to know more.

The air hang heavy over the group as Xukun lifts the shot glass up in silence, forcing it down his throat with a wince.

Your jaw unhinges itself. He chose to drank because of that? Something’s fishy.

Questions you already know the answer to are posed until it circles around to you.

“I don’t have a question.” You look sheepishly at Yanjun, who has established himself as the proctor of this game. “Everyone’s already asked everything spicy.”

Yanjun looks like he’s too buzzed to care at this point. “Yeah, you’re right. Moving on! Let’s spin again!”

The game continues on, but through all the other questions, only one lingers in your mind. Who the hell had Xukun been in love with? You were dying to know.

So after the game concludes, you make sure to guide Xukun alongside you to stand on the chilly, small balcony of the apartment.

“So.” You look at Xukun, trying to send him a message with your eyes as to what you were about to say.

“So.” Maybe your silent messaging skills were not as good as you thought.

“Are you gonna tell me about your first love or what?” You place your hands on your hips.

“What is there to say?” He shrugs.

“Why did you keep it from me? I’m kind of pissed.” You glare at him. The drinks you’d had are making you much more overdramatic than usual, but rightfully so. You wanted to know, needed to know before you went insane from all the possibilities running through your head.

“No, you never explicitly asked.” Xukun has a point there. You hadn’t asked him, but simply because you hadn’t thought there was anything to ask about.

“Fine. Now I’m asking. Who was your first love?”

Xukun falls silent, leaning over the railing of the balcony with his hands gripping the metal, eyes scanning the starry night sky. A full minute or two passes with no response.

“Come on, Cai Xukun. I tell you everything! I literally pour myself out to you and you can be so cryptic sometimes I wonder if I actually really know you and —”

Your rant is cut off by Xukun uttering a few words softly, so soft you barely hear it.

I fell in love with my best friend.”

Your heart stills. Xukun is still looking out into the distance, and your eyes try to search his face.

You can’t help but feel disappointed. Who was this best friend he had had, and why was she so lucky to have earned his love? What set her apart from you?

“W-who was she?” You stutter, mentally cursing yourself for letting how affected you are slip out.

Xukun’s voice is still small. “Not was. Is.”

Huh? What was he trying to say?

That he’s…still in love with her?

Your heart has sunk to the bottom of your stomach by now. You feel like you’re going to vomit, and not because of the vodka.

“Oh.” You try to smile, but it’s so forced you’re certain you look crazy right now. “Where did you meet her?”

“Orientation.” He looks over at you, eyes holding your gaze intensely.

You falter again. He had met her in college? And on the same day as you? What? Your mind retraces its steps, thinking over all the girls you’d met together at orientation.

“Was it that girl with the pink hair? Or the one with the short hair? Or–” Your mindless rambling is cut off by Xukun turning to grip you by the shoulders.

“No, you numbskull. It’s you, Y/N.” 

Your mouth falls open. I-It’s you? You wanted to pinch yourself right now. You had to be dreaming, right?

Xukun’s eyes are searching yours, and when you resurface from your whirlwind thoughts, he leans in and presses a passionate kiss to your lips, a kiss full of determination and longing. You swear fireworks are going off inside your eyelids, tingles running up your spine.

Your lips mesh like they were molded in the shape of each other, meant to interlock perfectly.

The glorious few minutes of kissing comes to an end, unfortunately, when Xukun pulls away to assess your reaction.

“I love you, Y/N.” He tries, voice shaking.

Smile spreading on your face, you pull him into your arms.

“I love you too, Cai Xukun.”

a/n: we love a good party drabble lmao. this is not proofread i just woke up from a crazy feverish nap that was like 7 hrs bc i am hella sleep deprived n overworked lol so i will update masterlist and proofread tmrw or somethin’