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Duh ☺️🙈 (Ngedit sambil senyum2 sendiri wkwk jangan hujat aku 🤭) Saking rindunya aku sama uyun 😭 What do you do when csy look at you like this? 🙈

“ the power of holding a life-sized 3D model of your own heart in your hands, while your cardiologist discusses your treatment plan and walks you through your upcoming procedure step-by-step.” — on printing

is 6 points ahead of the previous and backed so if the media was behind Trump!

u see yunhyeong oppa lookin at u while drinkin and u blush bc hes so kyeopta.. he then comes to u.. : annyeong y/n: omo oppa 😳 he then punches u in the face bc u took his drink .. he then stormed out u cried the end</3

# you are an oven. kevin slides cookies inside you after eric rips you in half to expose your boiling hot stomach. the feel of eric’s rough fingers against your handle drives you insane as you take the cookies like the good little slut you are

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waking up to discover that the life you thought was real never was. That your life is actually lived somewhere else, and the you thought was lost will go on .

近いのに最近知った笑 小さいけどオシャレでかわいいお店✨フレンチトーストのBLTサンドめっちゃおいしかった😋💕フレンチトーストがうまい!←写真取り忘れたし笑 他の買ったのも食べるの楽しみ😋

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The Last Dragon

Daenys Targaryen x Glorfindel

Crossover: Game of Thrones and LOTR/Hobbit



Summary: After Daenery’s death, her daughter Daenys, flew away with Drogon. Feeling lost without her mother beside her, but what will happen when Daenys find a portal that will lead her to a certain world, where dwell elves, dwarves, humans and other races

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 1,323

Putting my hands on my waist, a content sigh falls from my lips seeing my wonderful job. There’s a huge blanket surrounded by soft pillows, a basket full of food was neatly aside with the rest of stuff for eating.

I’ve been all morning preparing the lunch for nine elves and building a nice cozy place in a small clearing that I know, it was between Alqualondë and Tirion. Glorfindel said nonstop for me to stop and let the servants do all the work since I was pregnant but I just rolled my eyes and went finish my work, wanting to impress the feanorians.

“I must say…you really did a great job here! But also, you always do a good job.” Glorfindel said a while wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his chin on my shoulder. I smile proudly and nod “I know…Let’s hope that they like it.” I put my hands on his and squeezed a little.

I turn my head to the side, seeing my dragons lying around on the tall grass, basking on the sun. “I want to give you Viseral…” he turns me around and looks to me in shock “What?!…” a small smile appears on my face, I cup his cheek gently on my hand “I want you to be his rider…Daenerion and Arcturion will be for our children.” I say softly. “But I’m not a Targaryen–” “You had become one since you married me…They had accepted you as one of us a very long time ago, Glorfindel.”

There’s a long silence between us, the sound of the wind waving the trees and the birds chanting in the distance made my soul at peace but something didn’t want to leave my mind. “I will need two people to ride Daenerion and Arcturion in the battle…it will be easier to have all the dragons with one rider.” I say a while playing with Glorfindel’s hair “And who did you think?” he asks a while giving me a kiss on my forehead.

I let out a deep breath and look to his ocean blue eyes “Well… I think that Aredhel will love this idea, she always likes to take a challenge and I think that Daenerion will be a big challenge for her…and the other person that I thought was Ecthelion…” I notice a smirk growing on my husband’s lips “What?” I asked in confusion, he shakes his head “Nothing…only thinking the face that he will make when he heard this. Flying never was his best skill…he’s afraid of heights.” he chuckles. A sigh falls from my lips “Well then I have to think of another person. I will not force him to fly!” he nods and as he was about to answer, the sound of hooves hitting the ground grabbed our attention.

Turning back, I see all the feanorians had arrived. I smile politely and bow my head “King Fëanor! Lady Nerdanel! Sons of Fëanor! I glad that you had accepted my invite.” I said. They all dismount from their horses and walk to us, I straighten my body, trying to not quiver under Fëanor firm gaze. “Lady Daenys and Lord Glorfindel! I was very pleased with your invite. Thank you for having us.” he said, his voice was rigid but I noticed a light gentleness in there.

I gently nod and motion them to sit on the soft blanket “Please, have a seat! I’ve made a tasty lunch for everyone!” I say cheerfully.

Everyone took a seat and grab their plates with the food I’ve made which was cooked vegetables with some dry fruits and mashed potatoes.

After eating, I present the twins to the dragons, letting them pet the dragons “They are so warm!” Amras said excited, his twin nods and looks back to his older brothers “Come! They are so marvelous!” they nod and came slowly to us, eyeing the dragons suspicious.

Maglor was the first to extend his hand, stroking softly Arcturion warm scales, whispering gentle words to him. I stay looking to the two of them with a small smile on my lips, seeing how gently Maglor communicates with Arcturion. I think I found the perfect person to join us in the sky…

Turning back, I walk towards to where my husband, Fëanor and Nerdanel were.

Nerdanel smile gently to me “Your husband told us now that you’re pregnant with twins! That’s wonderful news. Congratulations!” her voice was full of happiness and joy.

I grin and wrap my arm around his waist “Yes! It took us by surprise but we are thrilled with the news.” I say a while looking to Glorfindel, my violet eyes full of love.

We stay there talking a while the sons of Fëanor pet and play with the dragons. I and Nerdanel start talking about the pregnancy, she told some good tips for how to raise twins and what I should do care for them. I must say, I’m really enjoying her company, she has a motherhood aura coming off from her, making me feel loved and peaceful.

Glorfindel and Fëanor had been talking, sharing some battle strategies. I was shocked when I saw Fëanor let out a small laugh as Glorfindel said a joke. Everyone warned me about how Fëanor was a serious elf, always rigid and prideful. Not caring about any other elves except his sons and wife.

He lets out another laugh and clean with his long finger a tear from his grey eye “I didn’t laugh like that for a very long time, Lord Glorfindel!… Thank you…” that took everyone off guard, me, Nerdanel and Glorfindel look at him with shocked faces. He looks down and rubs his large hand on the back of his neck, taking a deep breath.

He then looks to me, his eyes of relief and joy “Lady Daenys! For so long, everyone looked at me and my sons with such distaste and anger…i know that the things I did and force my sons to do were horrible and for that I should not have been reborn or have this hospitality that you have given me…” he let out a breath and bend his knee “Lady Daenys! The House of Fëanor is with you! Even after the war, I and my sons will be beside you when you need aid…I’m honor to say that I will fight beside you on the battlefield against the ice demon!” I could feel tears start rising up to my eyes, seeing Fëanor and his sons in front of me with their knees bent. Never in my life, I thought that I would see this, the most prideful and selfishness elf in all Arda, bending his knee to me.

I took a deep breath and put my hand on his arms “Stand up, King Fëanor. I’m thankful to have your House with me…I know how do you feel for I also been through almost the same…living the consequences of my grandfather. I’ve lived almost all my life in exile with my mother…with men all around the world trying to kill us.” I smile softly to him “In all those years, I’ve learned to forgive… because everyone deserves a second chance.” when I finish, I feel a warm hand on mine, giving me a gentle squeeze. Looking up, I saw Glorfindel smiling softly to me, I move my gaze again to Fëanor “And Fëanor… all I want from you is a friendship!” I say with a big smile.

Fëanor chuckle and nod “Thank you…Daenys.” I nod and we return to our lovely picnic. Glorfindel kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear “You are a true miracle.” I let out a small giggle and put my hand on my flat belly. I can’t wait to meet you two…

Hey Guys!! This new chapter is a little small, sorry!! But I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think!


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You and Arthur are close friends. You have feelings for each other but don’t say anything, you’re both too shy.

You’re out one night and notice a shooting star and point it out to him. He asks if you made a wish. “Nah, I don’t believe in that stuff.”

He says he wished for something, you ask what.

“For you to be my girlfriend,” is his answer.


Summary: Some broad tries to move in on your man after you’ve had a few too many drinks.

TW/CW: Alcohol, swearing, and fist fighting type stuff.

A/N: I’m scheduling out posts so that you guys still get some content while I’m away. For now, I’m going to just do prompts but I’ll try to come up with two more parts to Just Like A Stark sometime this week. So yeah, hope you guys enjoy! Love y’all!


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    The Stark charity party is in full swing. Nat, Wanda, and I have been dancing around and having drinks. Lord only knows where the men have gotten to. I tug Nat onto the dance floor again and sway my hips to the song. We dance for a couple more songs before returning to the bar for vodka shots.

    Wanda knocks back three shots and Nat shows her up with 5. I laugh before ordering 7, “Ladies, be prepared to lose.” The bartender sets out my shots and I knock them all down in a row. My throat has lost all feeling by this point of the night. The girls’ cheers have died down and Wanda tugs my arm. I look up from having my head in my hands and follow her line of sight.  

    A tall, busty, blonde in a too short silver dress is making her way over to Bucky. I rest my chin on Wanda’s shoulder and ask, “What’s she thinking?”  

    Wanda concentrates for a second before turning to me with eyes wide, “She thinks she can get her hands on him now that you’re not around.”

    I raise my eyebrow but even in my wasted delirium I know to give Bucky a chance to get rid of her himself. Nat tries to push me towards them but I stay put. She looks at me confused, “Aren’t you going to go protect your territory?”

    I shake my head, “Give him a chance to take care of it. I don’t want to start a scene.” The girls continue their observing in silence. The blonde is getting closer and closer now that she’s introduced herself. Soon, she’s standing right beside him with her chest pressed against his side and running her hands up his chest. He says something to Steve that I have to get Nat to translate from lip reading, “Apparently ignoring her won’t work.”

    He turns to the chick and pushes her off of him. However, she’s persistent. She moves closer and wraps her arms around his neck. I draw the line when she tries to kiss him and he narrowly avoids it. I squeeze past Nat and Wanda and march over to the scene of the crime. I walk up and yank the girl away from Bucky. It isn’t hard to do because she is in stiletto heels and I in my combat boots have better balance. She turns to me with a nasty glare across her face. She is a good foot taller than me but I square my shoulders and stand my ground anyway.  

    “What do you want, you little brat?” she spits.  

    I smile sadistically, “Just taking out the trash. It smells a little skanky in here don’t you think?” She is fuming with rage but I pretend to not notice, “Back off from my man or I’ll leave you in pieces.”

    She huffs but doesn’t leave, “You’re just mad that I am hotter and taller than you and could have your man easily if he wasn’t so scared of you.”  

    I circle her like a lion stalking prey. She realizes too late to not let me behind her and I dead leg her. She falls as Nat and Wanda laugh. I walk up to Bucky and kiss his cheek before wrapping my arms around his waist. Out of habit he wraps his arm around my shoulders but whispers to me, “Don’t do anything stupid, (y/n).”  

    By now blondie has gotten off her butt and stands staring at me, “You listen here, you little bitch. I could rip you to shreds. Now give me what I came for, damnit.”

    I laugh and tilt my head at her, “Listen, Honey, I could take you down in a heartbeat and you wouldn’t even see it coming. He’s taken so fuck off.” She still doesn’t leave so I crack my knuckles before looking to Bucky with, “I’m sorry,” written on my face. I turn back just as she reaches to pull my hair and catch her wrist. I twist it and throw her over my shoulder. She lands with a painful thump and I dust my hands off, “Lightning quick reflexes trump height, Sweetheart. Now, do you finally get the memo or do I need to actually break some bones?” She gets up and finally stomps off.

    I walk back over to Bucky and he pulls me into a hug. The crowd that had gathered to watch the catfight, disperses and the party resumes. Nat and Wanda have disappeared to their boyfriends. Bucky pulls me tighter and whispers in my ear, “I can’t decide if I want to scold you for causing a scene or praise you for being such a badass.” I pull him closer but don’t say anything. He gets the hint and pulls me towards a quieter area.

    Once we have gotten away from the noise and sat down, he looks at me in concern, “What’s wrong, Doll?”

    I look down at my hands and pick at my nails as I mumble, “I thought I almost lost you.

    He chuckles softly, “Doll, you have my heart. I don’t think I could get it back even if I wanted to.

    I look up at him and smile, “Thank you. Thank you for always loving me and me only. Thank you for putting up with my territory issues.”

    He laughs softly, “You seem to be extra lovey dovey tonight.”

    I smack his shoulder but suddenly am hit with a wave of nausea. I run towards the trash can and barely make it. I empty my stomach into the can. It doesn’t hold much, just all the peanuts and liquor I had consumed in the past three hours. Bucky waits patiently as he rubs my back and holds my hair out of the way. When I am finally done, I wipe my face with a napkin and look at Bucky with a look that says, “I don’t feel good,” and, “I’m sleepy,” all in one.

    He tilts his head, “Time for bed?”

    I nod, “I think I may be slightly more drunk than I thought.

   He laughs as we head for our bedroom to clean up and hit the hay.

lady killer ~ machine gun kelly

word count: 2475

request?: yes!

@bakerkells​: “Can i get the song often with mgk?”       

description: in which the self proclaimed “lady killer” will do anything to try and get the one girl who won’t even look his way

pairing: machine gun kelly x female!reader

warnings: swearing, smut!

based off of this song

if you’d like to check out my song prompt list thing that i’m doing click here!



She was really driving him insane. Colson wondered if she was doing it on purpose, or if she truly understood what she was doing to him. Sitting there in her tight dress, all her goods nearly popping out, draped over some asshole that was whispering things in her ear to make her giggle.

(Y/N) was Colson’s stylist. She had started working with him and his crew just a few months ago. From the moment Colson laid eyes on her, he knew he wanted her. And Colson was used to getting what he wanted, especially when it came to girls. He was a lady killer, women had a hard time saying no to him. So you can imagine his surprise when (Y/N) laughed in his face the first time he tried to hook up with her.

“Are you serious?!” she had asked. “You’re technically my boss, and I take my job very seriously. Besides, I’ve heard the stories about you. I’m not gonna fuck you just so you can dump me like those other groupies you’ve hooked up with.”

Rejection was new to Colson, but at first he didn’t let it get to him. That same night he ended up going home with another girl that had been all over him. But after he had sent the girl along her way, he realized the sex had been different. He wasn’t thinking about the smoking hot girl he had had pinned under him. Instead his mind was on (Y/N), and how much he wanted it to be her.

He never gave up. He regularly flirted with her, which was easy to do when she worked for him and regularly got to see him in very little clothes since she was his stylist. But she was persistent in saying she wasn’t going to sleep with him. Somehow, she was the only girl able to turn Colson down continuously, especially when he was throwing himself at her.

He didn’t think he was going to run into her tonight. He had gone out with his friend group for a night off after a long tour, and happened to spot a familiar face across the bar.

“Yo Kells, you good?” Slim asked him. Colson barely heard him. He was so focused on the guy with his hand on (Y/N)’s thigh. Slim followed his gaze to see what he was looking at. “Oh fuck, that’s (Y/N)! I didn’t realize she was seeing someone.”

“She’s not!” Colson snapped.

“Sure looks like she is,” Rook commented. “At least, she will be. She’s totally into that guy.”

Colson was sure his friends were just trying to get a rise out of him, and it was working. He slammed his drink down on the table that the group was sitting at and stood, knocking his chair back onto the floor. Against his better judgement, he approached (Y/N) and her companion. He was unsure of what he was going to say or do, he just knew he wanted to get that asshole away from (Y/N).

“What the fuck are you doing?” was the first thing out of his mouth when he finally reached them.

(Y/N) looked up at him in shock. “Colson? What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” Colson responded. “Who’s this fuck face?”

“Excuse me?” (Y/N)’s companion asked.

“You heard me, fucker,” Colson hissed.

“Colson!” (Y/N) snapped. “This is none of your fucking business! Go back to whatever girl you’ve been sucking face with.”

“Is this like an ex or something?”

“No, he’s just my boss. Don’t worry about him, Hayden.”

Colson snorted. “What kind of name is Hayden? Sounds fucking stupid.”

Hayden nearly threw (Y/N) to the floor as he stood up to get into Colson’s face. “Listen, I don’t know what your problem is, Colson, but my lady asked you to leave us alone, and I’m asking you the same thing. Leave us the fuck alone.”

“I hate to break it to you, pal, but she isn’t your lady. She’s mine. Even if she wasn’t, I’d be doing a favour by saving her from a small dicked fuckhead like you. You’ll never be able to pleasure her like she deserves.”

Hayden swung at Colson. Colson dodged the blow and swung at Hayden, hitting him square in the jaw. (Y/N) screamed and tried to get between them to stop them from fighting, but her attempts were null. As Hayden attempted to get to his feet, Colson took hold of him and hit him again, affectively breaking his nose and causing it start bleeding. The crowd around them had backed away to watch the fight, although it was short lived once the bouncers came and took hold of Hayden and Colson to throw them out.

(Y/N) followed the two outside. She approached Hayden first, who shoved her away and said some choice words that made Colson even more angry, before walking away from the two. (Y/N) turned her fury onto Colson, hitting him repeatedly until he was finally able to constrain her.

“Get the fuck off of me!” she hissed. “You’re a fucking asshole! Why the fuck would you do that? What happens between me and any guy outside of business hours is none of your concern!”

“It is my concern!” Colson snapped.

“No it’s fucking not, Colson!” (Y/N) exclaimed, frustrated. “You’re just making it your business because you want to get into my pants! I can’t take it anymore! I fucking quit! I don’t want to be anywhere near you, I don’t want to ever hear from you again, I don’t even fucking want to hear your name said ever again!”

She hit Colson again for good measure before pulling away. She ran her fingers through her hair, looking in the direction that her date had just gone. She truly didn’t mean for the night to turn out like this. Sure, she didn’t have any intentions of second date with Hayden. In fact, she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to finish their first date. He had started getting handsy the moment they got to the club, and it made (Y/N) feel uncomfortable. But then she had seen Colson, and a spark of jealousy had lit inside of her. She knew he was there to find some girl to hook up with, it was a regular occurrence after all. She wanted to make him jealous, but she didn’t expect for him to get physical with Hayden.

Not that she’d ever admit it to his face, but (Y/N) did find herself attracted to Colson the moment she had met him. But she had heard the stories, everyone had of course. Most his conquests were plastered all over social media or tabloid websites. (Y/N) wasn’t looking for a hook up, she wanted something real. So, although it was hard to do, she kept Colson at arm’s length and constantly rejected any of his advances. Doing this, and then having to watch him hook up with other girls was hard, but she knew it was better off this way than to finally give in to Colson, and have to watch him throw away whatever happened between them as if it were nothing.

Noticing the sadness and frustration on (Y/N)’s face, Colson started to sober up. He realized what he had done, all because he was jealous of a girl that was nothing more to him than his stylist. He sighed heavily to himself. “(Y/N), I’m sorry.”

The words caught (Y/N) by surprise. She turned to look at him, shocked. “Really? The great Machine Gun Kelly, the self proclaimed lady killer himself, is apologizing for ruining the date of a girl he’s been trying to fuck for like a year? You really must be drunk.”

“I mean it!” Colson insisted. “What I did was wrong. It is none of my business who you want to go out with. I just saw that fucker with his hands all over you and…well…I was jealous. I acted without thinking. I really am sorry.”

(Y/N) looked at Colson for a moment, before crossing her arms at him. “Why do you want to hook up with me so bad? Have you ever gone after other girls like this before?”

Colson shook his head. “No, this is new to me. I don’t get it either, there’s just…something about you.”

(Y/N) scoffed. “It’s probably because I’ve rejected you so often. I’m the ultimate hard to get or some shit, right?”

“No!” Colson exclaimed. “Fuck, it’s not that at all! Believe it or not, (Y/N), I really do want a relationship. Like an actual relationship. But it’s hard to find a real girl who wants Colson Baker and not Machine Gun Kelly when you’re famous and the only girls surrounding you are groupies. You’re the only girl I’ve met who isn’t throwing herself at me. You’re different, and that’s so goddamn sexy.”

(Y/N) considered what Colson had told her, and it all started making sense. He had a hard time trusting women as most of them just wanted to sleep with Machine Gun Kelly the rapper, so he just gave into these women and fucked around with no worries of consequences. (Y/N) wasn’t like that. She didn’t just want to fuck him, she wasn’t into just hooking up.

“So,” she started, “you don’t just want to hook up with me? You want to actually maybe try and start something between us?”

“Yes,” Colson responded. It was the first time he had said it out loud, and it felt nice to finally be able to admit it.

A small, sexy smirk crossed (Y/N)’s face as she approached Colson again. “Well then…what if we started something back at your place?”

The suggestion took Colson by surprise, but he recovered quick enough to mirror (Y/N)’s smirk and to hail a taxi.

The ride was excruciatingly long as the two tried to keep their hands off one another. The last thing either needed was a story about how Machine Gun Kelly was getting busy in the back of a taxi with his stylist. They could barely wait when the taxi pulled up to Colson’s house and he paid the driver. They both almost ran to the door in excitement, (Y/N)’s lips attaching to Colson’s neck as he attempted to unlock the door.

When the door closed behind them, Colson shoved her against the wall and starting kissing her hungrily. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close to her. Colson ran his hands under her dress, pulling it up around her waist and pulling at her thighs to get her to jump. (Y/N) wrapped her legs around Colson’s waist, feeling his hard bulge rub against her. She whimpered at the contact, making Colson smirk.

“You want this dick, baby?” he asked.

“Fuck, you know I do, Colson,” she managed to moan out.

“You’re lucky I’ve been dreaming of this moment for months, or else I would’ve give it to you so fast and so easily,” Colson teased, kissing her again. (Y/N) nipped at his lip, driving Colson crazy. He carried her over to the couch and threw her down onto it, wasting no time in unbuckling his pants. “Wait, I don’t have a condom or anything.”

“I’m on birth control, it’ll be fine,” (Y/N) insisted. “Please just fuck me already.”

Colson smirked and rolled (Y/N) onto her stomach, pulling her so that she was standing bent over the couch. He pulled aside her thong and pushed himself into her, earning a moan from both of them.

He started thrusting slow at first, allowing (Y/N) to adjust to him, before beginning to roughly thrust into her. The sound of his skin connecting with hers rang out through the silent house, soon being drowned out only by (Y/N)’s screams of pleasure. She gripped whatever she could get her hands on, which at the moment was the edge of the couch, holding on for dear life as Colson pounded her.

Her legs were shaking and she felt as though she wasn’t able to stand up much longer. Her eyes were rolling with pleasure and she tried to bite her lip to quiet down a bit, even though she knew that it was only she and Colson in the house. Of course, there had been plenty of times when (Y/N) had fantasized about fucking Colson, but none of those fantasies could ever measure up to the real thing.

“Fuck,” she moaned when she was final able to form words. “God, I’m so close, Colson.”

“Let it go, baby, I won’t be too far behind.”

Unable to contain herself anymore, (Y/N) let out one last moan as she felt herself hit her climax. As he predicted, Colson wasn’t far behind as he finished inside of (Y/N).

They were both breathing heavily as Colson rested his head against (Y/N)’s shoulder, kissing the exposed skin around her shoulders and neck. (Y/N) shivered in pleasure as she rode out her climax. She whimpered at the loss of contact as Colson pulled away from her, and finally collapsed onto the couch. She watched as Colson left the room, holding up a finger to say “One second”. A moment later, she could hear water running down the hallway.

“Are you running a shower?” (Y/N) asked.

Colson reappeared, now shirtless as well. “Duh. Do you not shower after sex?”

(Y/N) shrugged in response. “Well yeah, but usually not right away.”

“That’s fucking nasty, dawg. I just busted in you and you weren’t planning on showering? Nasty.”

(Y/N) laughed and rolled her eyes. “Alright, fine! But I’m sitting down. My legs feel like putty.”

Colson smiled and walked over to the couch. (Y/N) squealed as Colson picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, where the shower was already warm and running for the two. As she said, (Y/N) sat on the floor and attempted to clean herself that way. She looked up at Colson as he put his head back, letting the warm water run over his body.

“Were you serious about becoming something more?” she asked. “This wasn’t just a way to try and hook up with me.”

Colson looked down at her, a smile on his face. “Well, let’s put it this way, you’re the first girl to stick around long enough to get a shower with me. Most girls would’ve been kicked out by now. I was even considering asking you to stay the night, that’s very rare. Does that answer your question?”

(Y/N) smiled back at him. “Yeah, it does.”

Key imagine

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“ y/n I love you. From the first time I saw you, I knew you were the one for me. ‘‘ Key spoke into the mic looking straight at you. “ You were the when I was happy, you were there when I was sad, and most of all you were there when I needed you the most. “ He continued tears falling from his eyes. “ you make me feel loved, wanted, and most of all, you make me feel alive. I enjoy every moment we share together and I never want that to end. “ He said and reached into his pocket and took out a small velvet box. Everyone gasped when they saw it. He dropped down to one knee and held the now open box out in your direction. “ y/n l/n Will you marry me? “ he asked. “ I’ll be waiting backstage for you and your answer. “ He smiled at you with tears in his eyes.

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friends to lovers with steve harrington?

Stevie!!!!!! ✨💗✨


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You did not like the pompous ass that was Steve “The Hair” Harrington and you were not afraid to show it by being openly hostile. If it was for Robin and her clear bias towards him - “I’m his friend, (Name), come on, don’t be bitchy.” - you would have never even thought about giving him a second chance. And he looked so stupid in his Scoops Ahoy uniform. You almost felt bad for him. Almost.

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Hii! Can I please request #47 and #52 with Ed Nygma?💜

Prompts: “You’re the first person who has understood me.” and  “I know this isn’t very romantic, but…” “It’s romantic enough for me.”

A/N: I hope you like it!! ♥

Word count: 419

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The rain came down from the sky, much to Ed’s dismay. He wanted to surprise you with a beautiful sunset like weather forecast had promised to show up - but no, this was Gotham which meant rain. Ed hadn’t taken an umbrella with him, and now you both were soaking wet, standing at the beach on wet sand.

But yet, you smiled at Ed. It was everything else that Ed had wanted this evening to be, but you still smiled. And Ed couldn’t understand why.

“Why are you smiling?” he asked, tilting his head slightly as he looked at you. He was a genius, but this was something he hadn’t expected from you. You grinned.

“C’mon Ed, this is like from a romantic comedy.” you answered to him and looked to the sea. “You tried to arrange a pretty date for us, but the rain decided to try and ruin it. But what if rain wanted us to warm up each other? What it was just trying to help?”

Ed’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, not quite deciphering why would you like the rain on a moment like this. But even though your date had been ruined in his eyes, you seemed to enjoy it - and he decided to stay in his original plan.

“Y/N… I have something to tell you.” he began and bit his lip. You turned to look at him, still with a smile on your face. He took your hands in his own. “You’re the first person who has understood me. And that’s why I’m going to ask you something.

“Ed, that sounds like you’re going to-” your sentence was cut short when Ed went down on one knee, digging a little, emerald-green box from his pocket and presented it to you.

“Y/N L/N… will you marry me?” he asked as he opened the box with the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. The raindrops got it to shine even brighter, and you just stared at the ring, before you lifted your eyes back at Ed.

“Ed, I…”

Ed smiled sheepishly. “I know this isn’t very romantic, but…”

It’s romantic enough for me. Oh, Ed. I’m going to say yes and would have said yes even if you proposed me in a trash can.” you told him with tears in your eyes, before Ed stood up and put the ring in your finger, before leaning in for a kiss.

“I love you, Y/N.” he whispered, and you smiled against his lips as the rain slowly faded away, knowing it had done its job.

Pizza Pie Tries(Chad Michael Murray)



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Your husband, Chad, had pulled you out of bed from your day of snuggles at 12pm. It was supposed to be a sleep-in day after he finally managed to pull some free time. He had been working on the set of Riverdale for the last few weeks and spent some time at Comic-Con for a One Tree Hill reunion. 

You hadn’t been together in over a month, and now that you were finally able to share a bed again, he wanted to drag out of it. “What is the meaning of this?” You mock complained. 

“As much as I’d love to lay in bed all day, we’re gonna have to eat soon.” 

“Why can’t we order in? Stay in bed even longer?” 

“I was thinking we could make something together,” he suggested, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into a kiss, knowing it’d sway you to his side. 

“Fine,” you pout, “But only for you.” 

“Thank you,” he smirked and leaned down again to peck your lips. 

He begins to pull away, but you pull him back into your chest and kiss him once more. “Now you can go,” you smile and turn towards the bathroom. Chad chuckles behind you, shaking his head at your antics. 

Joining your husband a few minutes later in the kitchen, your dressed in proper cooking attire: sweats, but your face was washed. “What first, chef?” 

“Dough,” he said taking out the premade unrolled dough. “For pizza. Start on the sauce?” 

Chopping up different spices and mixing in the seasoning, the sauce was ready by the time Chad had rolled out the dough. You spread the sauce over it and he sprinkled the packaged cheese, tossing some peppers and pepperoni on top. 

You slide up onto the counter as he slid the pizza into the oven, Chad coming up to join you a moment later. “Can’t wait to eat, I’m starving.” You wrap your arms around his neck. 

“Me too,” he agrees. “But I think I’m hungry for more than pizza,” he suggests, sliding a hand down your thigh. 

“Well that’s too bad,” you poke his nose. “I’m hungry and I’m not doing anything on an empty stomach.” 

“Can’t say I didn’t try,” he pecks your lips. 

“Maybe after,” you shrug. “Maybe in the shower.” 

“I like the way you think,” his smirk grew. 

“I had a feeling you would.”

cafe cutie (½) ryan sitkowski x reader


Request from @ryansitkowskiswifey

“Can I have imagine where Ryan is dating a college student and it’s difficult/complicated with both of their busy schedules but they make it work? ”

It’s more so one specific date and sis is supes busy but it’s kinda cute 🥰 thanks again for requesting, enjoy!

Song: good old-fashioned lover boy by queen

tag list: @thisplace-ishaunted @ryansitkowskiswifey @alilpunkrock @theoneandonlykymberlee


I stepped into the Starbucks and shook my head, trying to get the snow out of my hair. I sighed and looked around, noticing Ryan sitting alone at a table across the room. I smiled at him as he looked up at me, making my way over to him.

“Hey baby, sorry I’m late, my class went a little over what it normally does.”

He stood up and hugged me after I dropped my backpack into the chair.

“Don’t mention it, I know how busy you are.”

I shrugged my jacket off and out it on the back of my chair.

“I’m gonna go order, do you want anything while I’m up there?”

I asked as he sat back down.

“I’m not quite done with mine yet so whatever you want is fine.”

I nodded.

“Want a cake pop?”

He laughed a little.

“That sounds great.”

“Awesome I’ll be right back then.”

I walked up and stood in line for a second, there was only one person in front of me so it didn’t take too long. I ordered and waited, looking down at my phone and laughing at the picture Ryan had sent me. Then the barista called my name. I walked back to the table and handed Ryan one if the two cake pops I got.

“Here’s your pop my good sir.”

I said as I sat down and he laughed at me.

“Thanks baby.”

I bit into mine before opening my bag and pulling out one of my note books. He leaned closer to the table to see what I was studying.

“So, how was class?”

I looked up him before taking another bite.

“Pretty good actually, I got my last test back.”

He raised his brow.


I sent him a sly smile.

“And I got a hundred on it.”

He smiled widely and offered me a high five.

“That’s awesome baby! I’m so proud of you.”

I wiggled around in my chair and did a small victory dance type thing.

“Yeah you are! All that studying with you really helped.”

He finished his pop and put the stick down on the table.

“What are you working on now?”

He asked as I flipped the page of my notebook.

“I’ve got a new creative writing assignment to do, got any advice on how to write a children’s story?”

He laughed and took a drink if his coffee.

“Not a clue but I’d be more than happy to help you figure it out.

I smiled and took a sip of my tea.

"I’d love that ry, when are you free next?”

He sat and thought for a second.

“Not sure, but tour just ended and we aren’t planning anything anytime soon, so I should be free for whenever you need me.”

I flipped another page and scanned it.

“Oh that would be great, I’ve been so busy lately. My schedule has been packed, that’s why I asked you to come have coffee between classes.”

I watched him take another drink.

“I know, I wanna spend as much time with you as possible before we start another tour. But at the moment I’m all yours whenever you need me.”

I stopped flipping pages and put my hands in my lap, looking at him endearingly.

“That means so much to me Ryan thank you.”

He leaned forward and I did the same, kissing him gently.

“Anything for you baby, I wanna be here when you need me and college is stressful.”

I nodded in agreement before jumping at my sudden phone alarm going off. I picked my phone up and turned it off as he took another drink, watching me intently.

“Shit! I’m gonna be late!”

I started packing my things back into my bag but then I paused.

“I’m so sorry Ryan,  I hate to dash but if I don’t make it on time my professor will count me absent again.”

He set his cup down.

“It’s fine y/n, you have to get to class. I’m just glad I got to see you before hand. And maybe we could hang out later or something.”

I continued shoving my things around in my bag.

“I are you sure ry? I have so much homework.”

I pulled my jacket on before slinging my backpack on  my shoulders. I frowned at him as he handed me my coffee cup and stood up.

“That’s fine, like I said, I can help if you want and if not we can video call or something just so you won’t have to be alone.”

I smiled at him and leaned into him as he kissed my forehead.

“Thanks baby, that means a lot.”

He moved back before kissing my lips quickly.

“Now, go kick the rest of today’s ass.”

I laughed at him.

“Thanks, I’ll talk to you later baby.”

I walked quickly out of the Starbucks, holding my jacket tighter around my body. It hadn’t stopped snowing yet and I could see my breath in the air as I paced down the sidewalk. Then I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out and smiled down at it. It was a text from Ryan. It said “Don’t forget that I love you.” I sent him back a heart emoji like I always did, specially when I was in a rush and didn’t have time to actually answer him. I sighed as I pulled the door open to the back of the library where my class was, shoving my phone back in my pocket.

“I love you too ry.”

underworldsheiress  asked:

Hi, just saw your prompts list. And I was wondering if you write for Marvel. If yes, could you please write a Bucky one roommates!au, with enemies to lovers with the prompt 23. (The upside down book)?? If no, I am sorry for bothering you. Thanks for the attention.

Yes I do write for marvel! ✨💗✨


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James Barnes was your roommate - how did this happen is beyond you, but sharing an apartment with someone in New York wasn’t unheard of. And to say you liked him at the start would be untrue - you were over the moon. He was handsome, polite, and a soldier, and if your mother was there with you she would have gushed and urged you to marry him instantly. However, the politeness and chivalry was only a bit of an act, as he, as it turned out, was not perfect (no one was, but damn it if he didn’t seem like he was at first!) and even a bit rude, standoffish, kind of annoying. You two did not get along at all. 

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You will be fine, darling (Part One) (Demetri Volturi)

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Word count: 2142
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A bright yellow Porsche screamed to a stop a few feet in front of where Bella paced, and you simply stood still, the word TURBO scrawled in silver cursive across its back. Everyone beside you two on the crowded airport sidewalk stared. “Hurry, Bella, (Y/N)!” Alice shouted impatiently through the open passenger window. You both ran to the door and threw yourself in, Bella in the front, you in the back.
“Sheesh, Alice,” Bella complained. “Could you pick a more conspicuous car to steal?”
The interior was black leather, and the windows were tinted dark. It felt safer inside, like night time. Alice was already weaving, too fast, through the thick airport traffic, sliding through tiny spaces between the cars as you cringed and fumbled for your seat belt.
“The important question,” Alice corrected, “is whether I could have stolen a faster car, and I don’t think so. I got lucky.”
“I’m sure that will be very comforting at the roadblock.” You muttered, earning you a trilled laugh from Alice.
“Trust me, (Y/N). If anyone sets up a roadblock, it will be behind us.” She hit the gas then, as if to prove her point. You looked outside the window and  watched as first the city of Florence and then the Tuscan landscape flashed past with blurring speed. You started thinking about how you even got in this position. You were a distant relative if Esme Cullen, and when everyone of your family had passed away, she took it upon her to take you in. You soon figured out what they were of course. They never slept, ate or stood in the sunlight. Their bodies were hard as stone and just as cold. It was only after two months living with the Cullens did they come out. Edward had read your mind and figured out that it was best to come clean. You were shocked at first, but with the thought of them being vegetarian made the fear slow down a bit. However, you didn’t know why Alice had dragged you along on this trip. You didn’t like Bella one bit. Ever since Edward and her started dating she has brought nothing but trouble to the family. But you tried to enjoy the beautiful scenery anyway. This was your first trip outside of the country, and maybe your last, too.
“Do you see anything more?” Bella asked, taking you out of your thoughts.
“There’s something going on,” Alice muttered. “Some kind of festival. The streets are full of people and red flags. What’s the date today?”
“The nineteenth.” You said, getting slightly involved in the conversation.
“Well, that’s ironic. It’s Saint Marcus Day.”
“Which means?” Bella asked, making Alice chuckle darkly.
“The city holds a celebration every year. As the legend goes, a Christian missionary, a Father Marcus, Marcus of the Volturi, in fact, drove all the vampires from Volterra fifteen hundred years ago. The story claims he was martyred in Romania, still trying to drive away the vampire scourge. Of course that’s nonsense. He’s never left the city. But that’s where some of the superstitions about things like crosses and garlic come from. Father Marcus used them so successfully. And vampires don’t trouble Volterra, so they must work.” Her smile was sardonic.
“It’s become more of a celebration of the city, and recognition for the police force after all, Volterra is an amazingly safe city. The police get the credit.” You filled in. You had heard the stories and read the history books in Carlisle’s library.
“They’re not going to be very happy if Edward messes things up for them on St. Marcus Day, are they?” Bella asked, making Alice shake her head, her expression grim.
“No. They’ll act very quickly.”
"He’s still planning on noon?” Bella checked.
“Yes. He’s decided to wait. And they’re waiting for him.” Alice said
“Tell me what I have to do.” Bella pleaded. Alice kept her eyes on the winding road, the needle on the speedometer was touching the far right on the dial.
“You don’t have to do anything. He just has to see you before he moves into the light. And he has to see you before he sees me.” She explained.
“How are we going to work that?” Bella asked. A small red car seemed to be racing backward as Alice zoomed around it.
“I’m going to get you as close as possible, and then you’re going to run in the direction I point you.” Alice explained. “Try not to trip,” she added. “We don’t have time for a concussion today.” Bella groaned and you chuckled softly.

The sun continued to climb in the sky while Alice raced against it.
“There,” Alice said abruptly, pointing to the castle city atop the closest hill. You stared at it, feeling the very first hint of fear. The Cullens didn’t drink human blood, but the vampires living in that city did. They couldn’t care less about you, you were only food. You took a deep breath and kept the panic attack that arose in the pit of your stomach to a bear minimum.  "Volterra,“ Alice announced in a flat, icy voice.
The car began the steep climb, and the road grew congested. As the car wound higher, the surrounding cars became too close together for Alice to weave insanely between them anymore. The car slowed to a crawl behind a little tan Peugeot.
"Alice,” Bella moaned.
“It’s the only way in,” Alice tried soothe her. But her voice was too strained to comfort. The cars continued to edge forward, one car length at a time. The sun beamed down brilliantly, seeming already overhead. The cars crept one by one toward the city. As you got closer, you could see cars parked by the side of the road with people getting out to walk the test of the way. At first you thought it was just impatience. But then you came around a switchback, and you could see the filled parking lot outside the city wall, the crowds of people walking through the gates. No one was being allowed to drive through.
“Alice,” Bella whispered urgently.
“I know,” she said. Her face was chiselled from ice. You looked at the people as the car was crawling slowly enough to see, and you noticed that it was very windy. The people crowding toward the gate gripped their hats and tugged their hair out of their faces. Their clothes billowed around them. The first thing that stood out was that the colour red was everywhere.
Red shirts, red hats, red flags dripping like long ribbons beside the gate, whipping in the wind, the brilliant crimson scarf one woman had tied around her hair was caught in a sudden gust. It twisted up into the air above her, writhing like it was alive. She reached for it, jumping in the air, but it continued to flutter higher, a patch of bloody colour against the dull, ancient walls.
“Bella.” Alice spoke quickly in a fierce, low voice. “I can’t see what the guard here will decide now, if this doesn’t work, you’re going to have to go in alone. You’re going to have to run. Just keep asking for the Palazzo dei Priori, and running in the direction they tell you. Don’t get lost.”
“Palazzo dei Priori, Palazzo dei Priori,” Bella repeated the name over and over again, trying to get it down.
“Or ‘the clock tower,’ if they speak English. I’ll go around and try to find a secluded spot somewhere behind the city where I can go over the wall.” Alice continued
“Palazzo dei Priori.” Bella repeated once more.
“Edward will be under the clock tower, to the north of the square. There’s a narrow alleyway on the right, and he’ll be in the shadow there. You have to get his attention before he can move into the sun.” Alice continued her explanation as Bella nodded furiously.
Alice was near the front of the line. A man in a navy blue uniform was directing the flow of traffic, turning the cars away from the full lot. They U-turned and headed back to find a place beside the road. Then it was Alice’s turn. The uniformed man motioned lazily, not paying attention. Alice accelerated, edging around him and heading for the gate. He shouted something at you, but held his ground, waving frantically to keep the next car from following your bad example. The man at the gate wore a matching uniform. As you approached him, the throngs of tourists passed, crowding the sidewalks, staring curiously at the pushy, flashy Porsche. The guard stepped into the middle of the street. Alice angled the car carefully before she came to a full stop. You didn’t pay much attention. You knew Alice was careful and would find a way inside the city. The most important thing right now was to keep your panic under control and to not draw any attention towards you.
Alice soon drove into the city, and a sigh of relief could be heard in the car. The street was very narrow, cobbled with the same colour stones as the faded cinnamon brown buildings that darkened the street with their shade. It had the feel of an alleyway. Red flags decorated the walls, spaced only a few yards apart, flapping in the wind that whistled through the narrow lane. It was crowded, and the foot traffic slowed our progress.
“Just a little farther,” Alice encouraged Bella, whom was gripping the door handle, ready to throw herself into the street as soon as Alice spoke the word. She drove in quick spurts and sudden stops, and the people in the crowd shook their fists at you and said angry words. She turned onto a little path that couldn’t have been meant for cars; shocked people had to squeeze into doorways as you scraped by. Alice found another street at the end. The buildings were taller here; they leaned together overhead so that no sunlight touched the pavement, the thrashing red flags on either side nearly met. The crowd was thicker here than anywhere else.
Alice stopped the car. Bella had the door open before the car was at a standstill. She pointed to where the street widened into a patch of bright openness.
“There we’re at the southern end of the square. Run straight across, to the right of the clock tower. I’ll find a way around.” Her breath caught suddenly, and when she spoke again, her voice was a hiss. “They’re everywhere?” Making Bella freeze in place. “Forget about them. You have two minutes. Go, Bella, go!” she shouted, climbing out of the car as she spoke.
“What about me, Alice?” you asked as soon as Bella had disappeared in the crowd.
“Enjoy the festival and try to blend in. If we haven’t returned by midnight, call Carlisle and get out of here as soon as you can.” She said, pulling you close in a tight embrace. “Be careful, little sis.” And with that she was gone.
You looked around you and quickly snatched a red cloak from a wall, leaving a ten euro bill under a stone. You wrapped it around you and followed the crowd towards the centre of the square. You did see Bella run for a split second before disappearing in the darkness of the alley. You bit your lip, unsure whether to feel relieved or worried. That was until you felt a firm grip on your arm. You looked up only to be greeted by a pair of red eyes.
“Follow me, please.” The vampire holding your arm displayed a bulky body shape with dark-coloured skin, with Brazilian/Mexican facial features, and black dreadlocks that run down to his neck, though he wore it up. You swallowed and felt your anxiety rise up again. The vampire led you towards the alley you had just saw Bella disappear into and quickly heard Edward’s voice.
“Greetings, gentlemen,” Edward’s voice was calm and pleasant, on the surface. You took a quick peek upward and saw two dark shapes detach themselves from the gloom.
“I don’t think I’ll be requiring your services today. I would appreciate it very much, however, if you would send my thanks to your masters.” Edward continued as the vampire dragged you towards the group.
“Demetri, Felix. This human was also in the car. The vampire scent is all over her.” The vampire holding your arm said.
“Thank you, Santiago. Now, shall we take this conversation to a more appropriate venue?” a smooth voice whispered menacingly.
“I don’t believe that will be necessary.” Edward’s voice was harder now. “I know your instructions, Felix. I haven’t broken any rules.”
“Felix merely meant to point out the proximity of the sun,” the other shadow said in a soothing tone, calming you down in a weird way.


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Request; Can you write this one with Daniel please 😂😂 it’s sooo good

Scenario; E8- I get your name during secret Santa at work and use the same wrapping paper for my gift to my friend, so…sorry about all the sex toys.

warning; sex toys?


“All right, so everybody is part of this, I hope everybody knows how secret Santa works.” One of the factory workers says holding a bowl filled with small papers, (Y/n) let’s out a groan and lays her head on the desk in front of her. “Take a piece of paper, don’t say who it is and go out and buy them a gift, you can give it to them whenever.” They say. “Pass it around.” The bowl started moving around the room as everybody took out a piece of paper with someone’s name written on it, even the drivers were involved.

“Here you go.” Somebody said placing the bowl next (Y/n)’s head, she lifts her head up and pulls out a piece of paper and passes the bowl to the person sitting next to her, she unfolds the piece of paper.

“Oh… great, what would he like?” (Y/n) asks getting up from her desk, she picks up her bag. “Okay, well I’m officially off the clock, see you guys tomorrow.” (Y/n) says while leaving the office, she leaves the building deciding she should stop at the mall to go buy the present, she already had wrapping paper at home.

After stopping at the mall and getting a present for Daniel (Y/n) arrived home and went to wrap it so she could take it for him tomorrow when she went into work, she wraps the box and places it next to another box that was the exact same size as the present she had gotten Daniel.

“Maybe… no, I’ll remember who’s box is who.” (Y/n) says to herself before going to the kitchen to start on her dinner.

The following morning (Y/n) was in a rush as she overslept and grabbed one of the presents and hurried out of the house to get to work, when she arrived at work she went looking for Daniel.

“Has anyone seen Daniel?” (Y/n) asks.

“Which one?” One of the works asks.

“Ricciardo.” (Y/n) says.

“Oh yeah, he’s viewing the cars.” They said, (Y/n) quickly makes her way to the viewing room and spots him.

“Daniel.” (Y/n) calls out, Daniel looks up from a car he was looking at and spots (Y/n).

“(Y/n), hi, can I help you with anything?” Daniel asks, (Y/n) and Daniel knew each other but nobody would call them friends, they just knew each other and sometimes greeted each other in the break room, but it would be foolish of (Y/n) to say that she didn’t find Daniel attractive.

“Uh no, Do you remember yesterday? The secret Santa thing?” (Y/n) says, Daniel nods his head.

“Yeah, I remember,” Daniel says, he spots the box underneath her arm.

“I pulled your name and decided to stop by the mall yesterday and get your gift.” (Y/n) says and hands him the box.

“Oh thank you,” Daniel says. “This is kinda big isn’t? And a little heavy.”

“If you don’t like it, it’s okay, I need to go, see you around.” (Y/n) says.

“See around and thank you again,” Daniel says as (Y/n) left the viewing room.

After viewing some of the cars curiosity got the best of Daniel and he decided to go to the break room and open his gift, he sees (Y/n) making herself some coffee when he entered the break room.

“Hi.” Daniel greets.

“Hi, still haven’t opened it?” (Y/n) asks.

“I’m about too,” Daniel says placing the box on the table in the break room, he unwraps the wrapping paper and takes out his keys to open up the tape, (Y/n) looks at the box noticing it didn’t look the same as the night before, Daniel pulls the box open revealing what was inside.

“Oh fuck.” (Y/n) mumbles when she spots the pink rabbit vibrator, she quickly places her cup down on the countertop and rushes towards the box.

“Wait, what?” Daniel says unsure, (Y/n) quickly closes the box in a rush.

“Shit, I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.” (Y/n) says.

“Oh wow, you know… if you wanted me to pleasure you all you had too was ask, not send me a hint.” Daniel says pushing her hands away from the box to open it again.

“No, no, this box wasn’t meant for you.” (Y/n) says trying to pull the box away from him.

“Hey, hey, it was a gift, it’s rude to take a gift back,” Daniel says.

“But this isn’t yours.” (Y/n) says.

“You gave it to me,” Daniel says and pulls out the chocolate body paint. “Oh, body paint, should we try this?” Daniel asks and held it up next to his face.

“No.” (Y/n) says.

“Is this a sparkling vibrator?” Daniel asks reaching for the pink sparkly vibrator, (Y/n) quickly pulls the box away from him and shuts it.

“Not yours… I’m sorry, this isn’t your gift, I’m really really sorry about that, I made a mistake when I left this morning.” (Y/n) says, Daniel places the chocolate body paint down on the table.

“Oh come on don’t be like that,” Daniel says. “We can test them out.”

“No, they are for my friend, this is her present.” (Y/n) says.

“We can still test them out and then you can go recommend one to her or all of them if they’re good,” Daniel says reaching for the box to pull it back, (Y/n) slaps his hand away.

“Nope… nope, look I’m sorry about this… I only had one kind of wrapping paper and this is a mix-up.” (Y/n) says, Daniel opens the box once again. “No, Daniel.”

“No, (Y/n),” Daniel says while pulling out a purple bullet vibrator. “Oh… maybe you can show me how you use this?”

“Daniel… please.” (Y/n) says.

“It was a gift, you can’t take back a gift it’s rude,” Daniel says. “You might as well just stop fighting it, my gift from you.”

“Dan…” (Y/n) says knowing she’s fighting a losing battle.

“Oh come on… you can’t tell me this is fate at work? Why else would you have grabbed the wrong box?” Daniel asks. “Or maybe you did it on purpose… you wanted me to find this.”

“No, no, no, now you’re just overthinking.” (Y/n) says and reaches for the bullet vibrator in his hand, he pulls his hand away from her and out of her each. “Dan.”

“Nope… my gift, I’m really thankful for these.” Daniel says pulling the box back in front of him, he places the bullet vibrator back into the box and then picks up the body paint. “This might be more useful than the others because my hands are better than any of these,” Daniel says and puts the body paint back into the box. “I’m free to test them out tonight,” Daniel says smiling wide at her.

“Please… please, I’m asking you nicely.” (Y/n) says.

“Okay… tell you what, I’ll come over tonight and then you can decide if you want these back or if I can get to keep them.” Daniel says, (Y/n) lets out a sigh.

“You’re not going to give them back to me… I know you.” (Y/n) says.

“I might just surprise you, see you tonight,” Daniel says picking up the box and leaving the break room to the box filled with several different sex toys to his car.

Kim Taehyung imagine

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“ Taehyung! Stop flirting with y/n! “ “ I wasn’t flirting *Winks* “

Match made in heaven ( Reader x Charlie Sloane)

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It was begin February, winter was starting to calm down, but it was still chilly outside. Here and there were still some snowy places as you needed to look out where you’d run. You were chasing Ruby and Jane as you were playing a game of tag. Jane ran straight towards her brother as you were on her trail. She grabbed Billy, turning him in front of her as she hid behind him. You came running over as she kept using Billy as a human shield. – “That’s not fair, Jane!” – you called out as Billy got turned and twisted into every direction that it almost made him dizzy. You grabbed Billy to pause him as Jane let go of him and rushed off. You puffed out annoyed as you let go of Billy and continued your pursuit. Moody laughed a bit beside Billy as he found the sight of it funny when Billy was used as a shield. – “Shut up!” – Billy playfully called out as he slapped Moody against his back.

You stopped chasing after Jane and went for Ruby who froze for a moment from seeing Gilbert. You snuck up on her as you tapped her on her shoulder. She cluelessly turned around, meeting up with your grinning face. – “You’re it!” – you called out before running away. Ruby stomped her foot frustrated against the ground as she found herself stupid for stopping just because Gilbert was near. You were laughing and running as you saw behind your back that Ruby was tagging Jane. You knew she was now going to run after you. You kept looking over your shoulder and barely paying attention to where you were going as you suddenly bumped against someone. You panicked as you tripped over your feet. The person grabbed you tight as he turned around with you as if he was dancing with you, just so you could keep your balance. – “I’ve got you Y/n!” – the person spoke as you looked up, to who was holding you. – “Charlie!” – you replied as you saw him smile sheepishly at you.

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