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break the skyline. Let's see if people in have the and in . We are keeping an American idea alive by, Bringing Great Things To Life. I will add all the other links tomorrow.😬

The original pencil sketch was done by my daughter, MRA, artist, writer & photographer...There is a story about mud puddles, rain & creativity...Fathers, Heroes and Kingz...The Marathon Continues...

It is I am not a big Lego builder myself but, my children love them! So I support the habit lol how are you celebrating today? What did you build?

We love having Ms. Chown lead activities! We used plasticine to represent memorable characters or scenes from our favourite books!

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Recycled materials are great for dramatic play, imaginative play, and imitating adults! And once they’re broken, they’re gone and easily replaced!

when the 5 year old walks into the kitchen and says she converted a tank top into a skirt.. it’s def in the genes.. ❤️

talks about the use of , digging into an & asking questions to learn more about a subject matter to develop story ideas.

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Use Your Imagination to Manifest Your Desires 
Do not allow fear or failure to prevent your success. You are a powerful creator and can use your imagination to manifest your desires. Every spare moment we are creating with the images in our minds. Learn to create “pictures of the life you desire.” Reach for the stars. Follow this three-step process to start imaging the life you want.

It’s not the crafting words so much that I like about writing. I like becoming another person, getting in their head, immersing in another world so thoroughly I forget about this one. I lose track of time and space in the present and live in another reality.

I do try to describe the reality I experience in the most accurate way possible, however….

Outside The Box

(a random night thought)

Often the world is too caught up with metaphors that we tend to overassociate analogies into our lives and ‘romanticize’ (I hate this word but yes, romanticize) just everything we find fit, seeing them better when integrated with pleasant, kind of poetic, rhythmic, flowy and at times high-falutin descriptions. From this we turn a blind eye to the parts very literal, far from complex and where 'overdoing’ is a foreign tourist. This coming from me might sound a little bit hypocritical as I also am very fond of lexical creativity (because who doesn’t like a little flick of magic felt between fingers, like you could own the world with endowing them the right words to make them alive. Who doesn’t like being imaginative too much it feels like Shakespeare is a close relative?) but, there is always a fine and visible line where we could split ourselves between territories of choosing metaphorical over literal or literal over metaphorical or balance both without favoring one too much over the other; and definitely not growing accustomed to viewing things outside the box so much that we forget what’s inside it.




Evolution did not make us intelligent. It taught us to create new things that would make us less miserable.

I am no statistician nor have I co-authored any research paper. The reason for pointing out this naked truth is to warn you lovely readers to not take up seriously whatever I say. All the stats and metaphors used are decorative and backed completely by my own imagination. So let’s look at reality. 

The 7.7 billion humans who are scattered around our massive blue planet have an undefined purpose behind pursuing all dreams and goals. “We live because of the consequences and not for the experience we get by doing something.” This blatant fact can be argued in favour of the brilliant premise which presents that the perspective we gain after going through a situation enhances our ability to learn more about the world and also reality is not as dramatic as we thought it would be.

Every time we get ourself occupied with a certain thing no matter the extent to which it enchants us with its beauty or annoyance alike, we are never satisfied with that much of it. People who argue they live for a certain experience would be very grumpy as soon as they have to die after that. Nobody wants to see just a part of something. Going beyond and exploring the unknown is what has brought us to an era where we would be fortunate enough to see and maybe even travel in flying cars. Aeroplanes were not enough that flying cars had to be made and that too electric ones!

My point is, whoever says experiences are what makes our life meaningful is ignorant about the reality that it does not change anything except for creating more avenues for changing times. Experiences could give us an adrenaline rush or teach us a lesson to carry forward, or even make us capable of doing extraordinary things, but everything happens because of the consequences we are subjected to. Situations merely present themselves as a ripe apple. It is the consequence of either eating it that fills our stomach or letting it rot that makes it worthless is what fuels the reality we fear the most.

You could say that consequences stems from our experiences, what we do or don’t, or think as right or wrong ultimately prepares us for the next task at hand. Theoretically you could derive it, but practically experience is a static component to the equation of life that under controlled terms and conditions gives somewhat a similar outcome to all the participants who agree to contribute in this study.

To make things simpler consider this example. Let us suppose there is a group of enthusiasts who are adrenaline junkies and love to get new experiences. Each one of them wanted to go for bungee jumping on the mountains. After experiencing, each one had an elevated serotonin component, the hormone responsible to ensure our pleasure. Since everyone tried the same thing, was there anything different? Let’s decode this using the premise stated above. 

Here, bungee jumping is experience and elevated serotonin or happiness is the outcome. Since the experience is similar for all the participants and the happiness outcome can be categorized in a specific range for all the participants, does it indicate the consequences that will lead all of them to the reality can be similarly predicted? It is not as you expect.

The consequences for each of the participant will be different even if they have had similar experiences. Why is it so? More importantly how can that happen? We made to sure to keep everything constant, even stabilized the outcome by constraining our participants who were only adrenaline junkies then how could the consequences be different for each one of them? That is because reality is trickier than April’s fool day.

The dilemma can be answered through a simple principle. An experience can determine the possibility of the reality but only deciding on how to react on the predicted outcome would lead us to the truth which is nothing but a series of consequences to our decisions. In short, decision making leads to consequences that in turn shapes our reality. No matter how much we try to predict our future, our actions are variables that are determined only when we are subjected to a specific situation. As the God of physics has rightly said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, our reality is subject to change depending upon how positively or negatively or even moderately we react to our experiences.

A person can positively react in the hypothetical example above and may go on to do many more bungee jumps. He may moderately react and be satisfied with one experience of bungee jumping or may look forward to one more in the future. Lastly he may negatively react by never wanting to do bungee jumping since he/she can finally cross it off from the wish list. So the consequences for all three participants will be different as they will be going different ways even when the outcome of all the three of them being happy is the same. Hence reality is always uncertain. 

There are so many fascinating things happening around us without our knowledge. It is only when we are brought to notice about these details do they surprise us. As rightly said, the devil is in the details and details are way more fascinating than how much we credit them.

There are times when I feel as if a wind has blown into the Library of my imagination. Books are blown open and pages are scattered. Illustrations come to life, the words on pages spill from their books and take form as waterfalls and trees. I find I am surrounded by mountains and planets and dragons. Lights that dance in the sky like foxfire, rhymes flow easily from my lips as if they were writing themselves, and the tiniest glimmer of light sparks into existence behind my eyes as I am filled to bursting with more dreams than I could possibly count. I live for the moments when that wind comes to play.
—  Author of the-fae-folk Blog

I can’t believe this is our baby boy 2 years ago. He looks basically the same to me and almost sounds the same until the end…. BLUEBERRIES 💕💕 I feel so lucky every day to be his mommy. Some days may be trying and not feel so rewarding but then I’ll get a smile, a hug or asked a silly question. Then that reminds me why it’s so perfect 💕
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