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This week’s blog says, “This is the Time to Shine Your Style.”

WHAT IS THE RIGHT BUSINESS CASUAL? There seems to be a big confusion about what is the right business casual . Many professional men think jeans, chinos , t-shirts and joggers is business casual . It’s not, it is the weekend wear.

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SPRUCE UP YOUR SUMMER WARDROBE by adding few band collar shirts in your wardrobe to give you a smart business casual look . You can wear them tucked in or out. They are also great to combine with a blazer ( jacket ).

SMART BUSINESS CASUAL LOOK: You can wear a good quality polo shirt with a Navy or Black blazer ( jacket ) . Polo shirt will add a casual touch to your outfit and jacket will give you ‘authority’. Don’t wear loud colors .

This is the bigger purpose of being an image consultant, speaker and trainer. Another day with 120 grade 10 and grade 1 girls... inspiring them to dream big and create actionable steps to achieve them

It’s ! While the rest of the year you may be the poster child for financial restraint, Splurge Day is an opportunity to treat yourself or someone else. Enjoy!

Don't take half a bite! Do not eat half of what you have placed on your fork or spoon. Eat every bite completely. When in doubt, just take smaller bites.

With Seemal Hashmi, talented host of City 42 News discussing importance of proper dressing and grooming for professionals men & women. The purpose of my media appearances is to create awareness about proper dressing.

“Self CONFIDENCE is the best outfit. Rock it and own it.” It is time you up your swagger quotient! Be unapologetically you. Be INTENTIONAL in how you portray yourself. And go ahead ... add a bit of swagger!

If you or your company is aiming to develop and connect the brand to people this is a learning program that can help you gain ideas and techniques from the top image consultants in the country. Register today!

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We say Yes and it depends. It’s important that we understand the function of Carbs in our diet. We need them for a sustainable lifestyle. It makes no sense to declare Carbs the enemy.
Thanks to my friends @20fit_australia for sharing this message! In a world of changing ideas on food and nutrition it’s a minefield out there! Great words of advice from Josh- a great personal trainer but also a fantastic sport nutritionist!
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7 Trending Careers in the Beauty Industry in India

“The first impression is the last impression.”

Sounds clichéd, doesn’t it?

But it is not just a stereotype. Whatever we say or do, the way we look and talk, leave behind a lasting impression on the people we interact with.

The need to look the best is not just limited to family events or weddings; it has moved way beyond that. Be it the corporate world, fashion or mass media, people are becoming conscious about the way they look and prefer that everything should be on point.

With the demand for such services on the rise, the beauty industry is growing by the day and with it the need for skilled professionals. So, if you want to be a part of this lucrative industry and make a career, read on.

1. Make-up Artist

What do you call a person who completely transforms the look of a person from plain to ravishing? A Sorcerer? No, a Make-Up Artist! Make-up artists, or Aestheticians, are artistic individuals who specialize in the application of cosmetics and have a good sense of colour and shades. As a make-up artist, you could specialize in various makeup application techniques like airbrushing, light bending, theatrical, special effects, prosthetics or high definition.

Career Opportunities as a Make-Up Artist

There is a high demand for skilled make-up artists to work with actors/actresses, theatre productions, film sets and various media houses. Where the usual employer is the entertainment industry (Film, Theatre and Fashion), professionals are also required to work with salons, modelling agencies, fashion designers, etc. You can also write your own column or blog, and even become an editor for beauty and style magazines.

2. Cosmetologist

While the face is fundamental to a person’s allure, beauty extends much beyond the face. Cosmetology seeks to achieve a more holistic form of beauty by directing treatments and care to the entire individual – including the face, hair and body. A Cosmetologist is an expert who provides services like hairstyling, application of makeup, massage therapy, skincare treatment and nail art. They are different from make-up artists in the sense that they get an education for all beauty treatments.

Career Opportunities as a Cosmetologist

A Cosmetologist generally has knowledge of all beauty treatments and services, but some do specialize in one or more of them. As a Cosmetologist you could work in high-end salons, beauty/skin clinics as a skin/hair expert, wedding or event stylist, salon manager, hair stylist, etc. You could also become a Sales or Marketing Specialist in the cosmetics industry, teach in beauty schools/institutes or start up your own salon.

3. Fashion Photographer

When you come across pictures in a magazine, demonstrating a model’s flawless skin or the vibrant colour of a lipstick, doesn’t it make you want to buy the same products? It is a photographer’s job to make them look striking and present them in the best manner possible. Fashion and beauty photographers work with models, designers, cosmetic brands, magazines, spas and salons to shoot clothing, accessories and beauty products for promotions. The career requires a keen aesthetic sense, creativity and adept photography skills.

Career Opportunities as a Fashion Photographer

You could work with various fashion designers, beauty and fashion brands, Magazines etc. There is a huge demand for photographers in the media and entertainment industry as well. Dabboo Ratnani and Atul Kasbekar are examples of fashion photographers who have reached the pinnacle in this field, and work with famous actors in Bollywood. Dabboo Ratnani also launches his own calendar with prominent Bollywood celebrities in them. So, if you have the required skills, this career can be highly lucrative.

4. Beauty Blogger

If you want to showcase your skills to a large audience in one go, just put it out there on the Internet! The same holds true for the beauty industry as well. Be it text or video, blogs can help you flash your knowledge of personal care, makeup, beauty and fashion to the entire world. Beauty bloggers write articles or create videos to inform and delight their audience. You can blog on a range of topics including product reviews, beauty/makeup techniques, makeup tutorials, beauty tips and trends, etc. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Career Opportunities as a Beauty Blogger

The traditional way to go about becoming a beauty blogger is to start your own blog or channel, and build it from the ground up. However, if you do not wish to dive right in, you can also begin your career in this field by working with or freelancing for beauty magazines, established beauty blogs, beauty brands and designers as a writer or editor. As you work and gain the skills over a period of time, you can venture out on your own.

5. Hair Stylist

“Having a bad hair day?” This question is generally used to depict a bad mood. It also illustrates how much your hair depicts your personality, appearance or even mood. People today are concerned with the way their hair looks and are paying more and more attention to styling them. This is where hair stylists come to save the day. Hair stylists are artists who give your hair just the perfect look through cutting, trimming, styling, and other techniques.

Career Opportunities as a Hair Stylist

There are a lot of opportunities available for a hair stylist. You can work with actors, theatre productions or on television sets for giving characters the right look. Not only the entertainment industry, hair stylists are in huge demand among the general public as well. Whether it is an event, a party or a wedding, hair needs to look perfect!

6. Image Consultant

The way you look, how you carry yourself, the colours you wear, how you eat, the way you talk – all play a part in presenting an image of you to the outside world. Image Consultants help you ensure that this image is just right. They work with businesses or individual clients and make changes to their looks, improve communication skills and social etiquette to give them a more polished appearance and persona. Such experts are in high demand in the corporate sector as well to provide training to employees on client interaction.

Career Opportunities as an Image Consultant

Any individual who is interested in this field can work in various sectors like airlines and hospitality industry, fashion industry, corporate and retail sector as a wardrobe consultant, fashion stylist, makeover consultant or image consultant.

7. Nail Technician

Nails are an extension of what one wears, and thus Nail Art is the latest craze. It is fitting to describe this field of work as Nail “Art” because these professionals practice their creativity to create beautiful nail designs that showcase the wearer’s personality and style. Nail Technicians are professionals who specialize in this domain and beautify their clients’ fingernails and toenails. Their work includes manicures, pedicures, nail shaping and synthetic nail treatments. It demands a lot of creativity and thought in coming up with novel and innovative ideas.

Career Opportunities as a Nail Technician

You could open up your own nail salon or work with other top salons, spas, resorts, etc. that provide such services.

Being at the best at making people look their best, sums up the beauty industry as a whole. So, do you have what it takes to bring out the beauty in others?

Have any more careers in mind in the beauty industry? Share with us in the comments below!


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