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I just felt like drawing a couple of tattooed girls and some peonies, illustrated using procreate ✌️ * * *

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Operation tidy up the studio this weekend. Preparing for the Älmhult art trail It is happening next weekend. Have lovely weekend ahead.💕

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A post shared by Ingryd Ilustra (@ingrydss_) on Aug 25, 2019 at 3:41pm PDT

[english bellow] Tenho passado cada vez menos tempo nas redes sociais, não consigo me sentir culpada por ter tirado este tempo tão importante pra mim. Tem sido período muito intenso. Cheio de novidades e pequenas maravilhas da vida. (também iniciando no #dtiys)

Toda vez que tenho vontade de voltara ser super ativa no instagram, principalmente, me sinto como a menina no desenho, em uma caixa de exposição, pronta para ser admirada(hahaha) e julgada.

Mas esta caixa na verdade não existe, fora a tela dos celulares…


I’ve been spending less and less time on the social media apps, I can’t feel bad about had taken this time that is being so important to me. It’s been very intense period of my life, full of new things and small wonders.

(Also initiating on #ditys )

Every time that I think on coming back to be super ative on instagram, mostly, I feel like the girl on the drawing, in a exhibition box, ready to be admired (I hope hahah) and judged.

But this box in fact doesn’t exist, outside of the screens of smartphones…