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Commission of a JOJO OC STAND aka LSD aka Light Shining Darkness. Character belongs to - -

Sixth of a series of ten sustainability posters I recently illustrated for food company Compass UK. Art direction and design by Danny Pinhas at Mr.D

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"I'm afraid of time… I mean, I'm afraid of not having enough time. Not enough time to understand people, how they really are, or to be understood myself🔥...continue reading on instagram

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Idk why this was the first thing I drew to do with tdp but this is what happens when I’m stressed. So have Runaan and Gren sassing Viren and Aaravos. Guess they don’t like being trapped in a coin/dungeon.

An illustration of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry, inspired by Tolkien’s “The Adventures of Tom Bombadil”.

“Old Tom Bombadil had a merry wedding,
crowned all with buttercups, hat and feather shedding;
his bride with forgetmenots and flag-lilies for garland
was robed all in silver-green. He sang like a starling,
hummed like a honey-bee, lilted to the fiddle,
clasping his river-maid round her slender middle.”


This drawing is very particular for me. I took a moment to finish it. I did it to recreate an emotion I had for my boyfriend. But being into work and far away from him …got some trouble to handle things. So the feeling and the emotion in the drawing was keep changing, the Colors, the style.I was lost into a non-understanding situation.

You can see that the first sketch is full of tender, love, admiration …then you can see in the process video that I didn’t knew how to turn this drawing.I wasn’t familiar with the first emotion. I wasn’t feeling it anymore. So it change, things change to finish into a whole new emotion. The girls seems like waiting something. She don’t look tender anymore..there is not admiration neither.. she looks kinda in pain and not surprise of this.

I think it’s interesting to see how my emotions changed during the whole process of the drawing and how it affect it.(Everything is okay now of course. But I share with you an honest part of my heart. And maybe it can make you understand how artists feelings can change a same piece)


William Matthew Hart (1830-1908) was an English bird illustrator and lithographer who worked for John Gould.

Hart started medical training, but was unable to complete his studies for financial reasons. He began working for Gould in 1851, beginning an association that was to last thirty years. Early during this period he made the patterns for the lithographic plates for Gould’s work on hummingbirds, as well as working on The Birds of Great Britain with Henry Constantine Richter.


tfw you’ve been practicing how to lisp to play a dentally challenged half-orc in a dnd campaign ur in w ur coworkers. this Tupper Ware. she desperately needs to find an orcodontist (orc orthodontist) to take her braces off. her familiar is named Meek.

p.s. happy friday the 13th ooooooOOOOOO



ADOBE NEO-CUBES is a series of Cubes inspired by the Adobe Suites logo designs. The Photoshop Neo-Cube is part 1 of 4 featuring the pen & magic wand tools.  The Illustrator Neo-Cube is part 2 of 4 featuring the Type & eye dropper tools. The After Effects Neo-Cube is part 3 of 4 featuring the Puppet Warp tool & a customized timeline with a scrobber. The Indesign Neo-Cube is part 4 & is the final Cube of the series, featuring the Hand & Rotation tools.

The series is realized by Katt Phatt (2015).