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“You got this, girl!”🌈✨

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Made some pins during class. Featuring: The Doctors (with 13th), my CT avatar, and two cephalons. Ordis and Suda from

My little waterproof sour lemon stickers came in a day ago and they're now up in my shop! My 10k sale is still going on, 10% off orders $10+. It ends Dec. 18th!! 🍋🍋🍋 . . .

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Class project - Recreate the style of another illustrator (The mysterious Joaquin Pertierra) in the creation of 3 posters for The Exorcist.

仕事で使うことの多いワードですが、バージョン2010より標準でPDFを作成可能になりました。ということで印刷の現場にもワードで作られたPDFが入稿されて来ることがあるのですが、これ要注意です! ゲラがないと絶対に分からない ワードで作成したデータの正しい姿を知っているのは作成者だけです。その作成者もワード形式で保存した姿しかほぼ頭にありません。PDFで保存する際にミスを犯し、すでに自分が作成した姿と異なった姿のPDFを入稿していることが…


La neige qui gèle sur sa peau, le douloureux froid mordant sur ses lèvres mais le cœur vibrant remplis de promesses lui donne vie.Désespérément à la recherche d’une simple étreinte.

Combien de temps peut elle rester là, sa nudité comme unique habit, avant que son cœur ne s’étouffe.

Juste une étreinte


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: The Graphic Novel. Original work by Lewis Carroll. Adapted and Illustrated by Madeline England

Rating: ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤

It was an interesting adaptation of the original book. I loved the style and the colors used for the illustrations. They feel magical and eerie at the same time. I also loved that the Wonderland took place in a urban city, which is a first for me. The story was difficult to read since it was handwritten, and the flow was sometimes confusing. The design of the characters as humanoid was interesting, but there were some parts it didn’t make sense with the story, for example the Mouse long tail/tale. I still enjoyed it, and I loved seeing this new Wonderland.