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making some old illustrations to a gif. and something fun is coming 👌🔥 get ready Siauliai city 🌶🔥 . . . . …

If you are starting your career as an illustrator, here’s your guide on how to make money as an illustrator!!! Read more at By

Happy dots (Feria de abril) * I would like to collaborate with apparel brand. Please contact me!! Busco la marca de moda para mis ilustraciones!! Contact me plz!!!! …

Hope can watch the finale of tonight at 9pm It was such a great job to work on as an in the Here’s another piece of I’ve done of the actors, “Lauren”

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Nuestros alumnos de diseñadores , terminaron su curso de con . Gracias por depositar su confianza en nosotros! !

0時に名なしの似顔絵をUPし誰も当てられなかったら終了って企画 昨日は遠藤憲一さんでした。声がよくナレーターとしても引っ張りだこですがやはり怖い演技をさせたらピカイチだと思います。 4/25 83

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My Hero Academia Crossover- the Starshine characters (my OCs) visit UA High! (Inspired by another conversation with my friend John on this very topic)

I bet that Deku would want to know everything about their powers- and while I think Daniel would bond with Kaminari and Jirou over music and memes, he would probably relate the most to Deku.

I know that Lizy would immediately befriend Iida and Yaoyorozu. I call them “Team Know-It-All”

And then I feel like Lynn and Todoroki would just get eachother. They’d take one look at eachother and not need to say anything they just understand what the other has gone through. Then they’d stand in the back together and judge people from a distance.

All settled into my new space at MART HX. 

I’m relishing the extra space and privacy. A makeshift skylight-within-a-skylight provides a surprising amount of lovely natural light, so it’s especially great now that the days are getting longer.

JuviaXTsuyu - A Fairy Tail/My Hero Academia Crossover

The speedpaint:


Sharing A shell-Fun Read Aloud Books  Show some love to my new YouTube channel Fun2Read4Kids…The idea for the channel was two fold…Ellie thinking it would be a great idea and a channel that that would be the complete opposite of The 9/11 Blacklist on my Discovery Studios YouTube Channel…Like,Subscribe,Comment,Share and hit that notification bell so you never miss the great stories.

I’m rediscovering braids and rainy days. I am saving and I am spending and I am- in that regard- pretty broke. I used to wonder what you do on a Tuesday and now I declare that you make the most of these weird Wednesdays. I’ve complained about owning so many books but never reading and now, after 4 hours of listening to Stephen Fry read me “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” I am awaiting the mail with fervor and draining my coffee cup with less of a necessity to stay awake and more because I actually made a decent cup for once- though I bemoan the fact I wasn’t paid to do so. But the quiet morning I’ve spent breaking expensive pens and wearing no pants at least shows a pleasant picture of someone who embodies spring and looks forward to the humidity of summer nights wandering about with just a little more purpose than in March. And maybe I’ll wear denim. I haven’t worn denim in a while.

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