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Leach generated the text, images and for Dudley Castle Hill and used complementing materials for each post to match the look and feel of each site.

MYSTICAL FAIRIES (PORTAL TO THE LAND OF FAE Book 1) Kindle Edition by Judy Mastrangelo (Author) Paperback: Mystical Fairies describes the Fairy World, showing the fantastic Beings who inspire and uplift mankind. , , ,

UIT DE OUDE DOOS – Vanwege ons 20-jarig jubileum laten we oud werk zien. Het logo alle illustraties voor de IJsselsteinloop waren een sponsorproject.

Holiday Art Request #5 Personal Portrait. Original photo provided by requestor

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Instant 🖌️. Série (1/7) Les en littérature Fantasy et SF Alan Lee - illustrateur anglais. Travail au fusain ou au crayon. Pour la couleur, il utilise l'aquarelle.


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Mid grade book '(The illustrations) help the children visualize the story better and thereby increase the enjoyment level'

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Edward Henry Wehnert (1813-1868)

Illustrasjon til eventyret “Kjærestefolkene” av H. C. Andersen.

Illustration for the fairytale “The Top and the Ball” by H. C. Andersen.


Just working on some stuff.

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There are times when I feel as if a wind has blown into the Library of my imagination. Books are blown open and pages are scattered. Illustrations come to life, the words on pages spill from their books and take form as waterfalls and trees. I find I am surrounded by mountains and planets and dragons. Lights that dance in the sky like foxfire, rhymes flow easily from my lips as if they were writing themselves, and the tiniest glimmer of light sparks into existence behind my eyes as I am filled to bursting with more dreams than I could possibly count. I live for the moments when that wind comes to play.
—  Author of the-fae-folk Blog