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‘Arrebato’ es el título del #17 de opticks es su autor ‘Una mala idea no salva una buena realización’ conócelo mejor en Opticks Magazine

My illustrated maps of Manchester, London & Glasgow are now available via my website for the first time. As featured in hundreds of hotel rooms across the country I have adapted the artwork and due to popular demand printed very limited numbers

건널목에 서서 신호 기다리고 있는데 군밤 트럭에서 게리 무어의 ‘Parisienne Walkways’가 흘러나왔다. 겨우내 손님 거의 없던 군밤 트럭과 게리 무어… 겨울이 또 이렇게 가나 보다. . .

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ツマがアップルミュージックでの今年の夢を語った #昨日のハイライト プレイリストで目立ちたかったらSpotifyのほうがいいのかも…。

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Lime Creek Powerplant’s maintenance equipment for monitoring the generators and output. You got all the things. Screens with graphs both bar and line, code text walls, giant digital clocks set to 8, mouses, walkies, everything you’d try to pretend to know there is.

Androlyx Art [Tabbes and My Version]

“I believe that music is the international language, and it keeps us together. I hope that my music can make, at least someone happy.”




Romantic bath. 
“Passion, feelings, pleasure… everything intensified, multiplied, passed from one to another. Forbidden in society, but so natural by nature… a bond created by nature itself, which is stronger than a rope.“

Brotherly AU. Connor and Richard (RK900) are twins, who are very addicted and close to each other, love each other.
It took a lot of effort to create this artwork.