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Tears under my make up - that feeling when you scream inside and you are going through existential crises. Thanks to my friend Plamen for helping me with the letters.

水原希子17号 インスタにあげたターミネーター16号イラストのコメント欄にて オジンオズボーン篠宮さまから 案を頂き描きました‼️ 確かに実写だったら水原さんが似合うかも?!てゆーか  この17号になら殴られたい!☺️   

I really need a studio so bad I’m going to be picking wood chips out of things for months follow me on Instagram instead twitter sucks

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WIP. Vulture inspired by old Bugs Bunny cartoons and Disney's Junglebook.

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“ THE BLACK BOOK” . Mas info
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Chip got the chance to bake his first thing that wasn’t just a measly cupcake.

It’s a chocolate “extra pulverizing hellfire plasma flamethrower of demonic magnificence” cake (with some strawberries).

He made it for Pumice Puma, who is clearly enjoying it.

Bizcocho is also enjoying it, obviously.