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✨ILLUSOS BACKSTORY EPISODE 22✨  MENACING. But anyway, they will STAND by you today 💜  

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- Limoncello Panettone Has refined taste where it matters; the guy is an information freak, so he knows about all kinds of stuff. Lemon is not unpopular, but it's something a grownup rather than kid would like – maybe an acquired taste? Limoncello liquor to spice it up

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Some self indulgent doodles - v - I like thinkin that Formi was a former Grinch but with Illuso he learned to enjoy the season✨

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ajarfullofink  asked:

Hi there! I would like to request a matchup if you please. I'm the type of person who listens to a large variety of music. I'd categorize them mostly as 80's/90's hits (Whitney Houston, Journey, Bonnie Tyler, etc.), Pop (Gorillaz, Melanie Martinez, etc.), Hardstyle (Zatox, KSHMR, etc.) and EDM (Avicii, David Guetta, etc.) I also listen to a lot of Spanish music. (Even though I can't understand a word of it.) and I occasionally listen to Lofi playlists while studying or getting ready for bed.

I match you with…



Originally posted by kin-sama

I’d say his music taste is pretty varied too! But, when it comes to favorites, he leans way more towards electronic type music like what you mentioned. Some of his favorite other stuff can be considered 80s/90s hits too, because he likes some classic rock bands and some 80s/90s pop! Also, I headcanon him to be Spanish. Like, European Spanish. So he definitely can appreciate Spanish music! As for the pop and the lo-fi, not his first choice, but he certainly doesn’t mind it!!!

Panettone HCs - La Squadra

Panettone is common for Christmas and New Year’s in Italy.

[Doing this for fun. I’ve only tried fruits and chocolate, but apparently there are more flavors!]

Sorbet & Gelato - Fig and Chocolate Panettone

Few things figs have been associated with in art: knowledge, male genitalia, anti-censorship. They both were murdered because of seeking the knowledge of the boss’ identity. The anti-censorship part also fits, because they wanted to unmask the boss, and their mouths were literally shut. Male genitalia *cough* BL *cough*. I added chocolate in there because you know what Cioccolata did. Hints aside, dried figs are quite popular on New Year’s, and figs are a common fruit in Italy.


Formaggio - Chocolate and Orange Panettone

I think traditionally panettone has dried fruits only, but mixing chocolate and fruits has become common in these past 2 decades because chocolate is also very popular. Formaggio seems like a down to Earth average guy, so he probably likes what’s popular or what tastes good. Fruits are good, so is chocolate, so mix them together? He probably is a bit on the gluttonous side, and likes to indulge in anything chocolate.


Illuso - Limoncello Panettone

He’s the rat man apparently? But I believe he has refined taste where it matters to him; the guy is an information freak, so he knows about all kinds of stuff. Probably has places in his mirror world where he keeps “treasures” of the world hidden away, like some little mermaid. Lemon is not unpopular as a flavor, but people are divided in either liking it or not. Also seems like something a grownup rather than kid would like – maybe an acquired taste? I’m choosing limoncello liquor to spice the flavor up a bit.


Prosciutto - Pandoro Classico

Some consider this a separate dessert from panettone; it doesn’t have dried fruits or chocolate pieces. I’m going with this for Prosciutto because he seems to detest anything that isn’t plain or classic. (Milk in my coffee? Heresy!). It probably pairs up well with espresso, which seems to be his coffee of choice.


Pesci - Panettone Biancorubino

Pesci is the “uncool” guy of the team according to Prosciutto. So I tried to find something unconventional (not very common) and that would piss off his aniki. This panettone has white chocolate and cranberries. “But white chocolate isn’t chocolate, Pesci! You have to order dark chocolate, or at the very least milk!”


Melone - Apricot Panettone

Funny the only decent picture I could find included ginger and dried grapes as well, so even better. Dried apricots are usually used (haven’t come across any peach panettone), so it’s the closest we have to peaches. Peaches in art are associated with eros and a willingness to give oneself away. Grapes are sometimes associated with debauchery, which fits Melone.


Ghiaccio - Chocolate Panettone

I was going to joke lemon because he’s sour, but… I HC him as one of the youngest members (he’s probably 18 or 19 in Vento). He’s a bit of a child at heart and impulsive. Chocolate is his comfort food and helps him calm down.


Risotto Nero - Panettone Moscato

Sultanas and caramelized fruits are common in Sicily and liquor is often used to accompany desserts. This panettone has sultanas soaked in Moscato Wine, so all in one. I don’t think Risotto drinks often, but when he drinks he probably loosens up a bit.


Update to this with regards to Prosciutto and Pesci

This blessed anon enlightened me on this fight between panettone and pandoro:

“I read your panettone HC and I must disagree on something: Pesci is the one who eats the pandoro. The panettone vs pandoro battle can be vicious. My dad’s family are pro panettone and refuse to even buy pandoro. A pandoro eater in a panettone only househould would of course be considered the uncool guy and bullied by Prosciutto, who only buys traditional panettone from traditional stores in Milan every year.:

So alternate version:

Pesci - Pandoro Classico


Prosciutto - Panettone straight from Milano


annoyedfox  asked:

Boyo, A, B , I with my rat Ilusso please? ;_; (love ya)

Anything for ya babe :3c

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

Any of Illuso’s more rough or cheeky nature fades away after sex, instead leaving him vulnerable and cuddly. He pulls his partner close to him and softly peppers kisses over the crook of their neck and along their shoulders, taking his time to sleepily trail his lips over their skin.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

This man loves his long, soft hair! Especially so when his partner pulls on it or cards their fingers through it. He’s also partial to his chest and stomach/abs and shows them off for a reason.

He likes it best when his partner is smaller than him, the size difference and power aspect of it brings out something primal in him, and having a bit of an oral fixation he adores their soft lips, whether pressing them to his own or running his thumb gently over them.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Compared to a one-off, he’s much more intimate and gentle with someone who he’s in a relationship with. He gets a little lost in the sensations but keeps them pressed close to him and tries to check in often, running a hand soothingly down their back.

Old Red Paint (Fire Escape): Reimagined

You might remember the minific I wrote for La Squadra Week forever and a day ago, “Old Red Paint,” about Melone/Illuso. Well, it didn’t come out quite the way I’d wanted it to, and I’d like to think my writing has improved a bit since then. So, to do my favorite JoJo rarepair some justice, I decided to redo it. This time, it’s a college AU (because y'all know I’m a sucker for a good college AU) but it’s the same scenario.

So, without further ado, enjoy this reimagining of “Old Red Paint.”

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anonymous asked:

HC's for La Squadra with an s/o with a lot of back scars, that came from a past traumatic event?

Hi there darling! Sure thing :3 Here we go! I hope you’ll like it :3

La Squadra di Esecuzione with a s/o who has a lot of back scars 

(under the cut for length!)

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