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Ken Kaneki

全道展函館地区展が始まっています。 ぼくは佳作賞受賞作「イル」を出展しています。 よろしくお願いします。 1月22日〜28日 函館市芸術ホールギャラリー 一般500円 10:00-17:00(最終日15:30)

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22/365 The first entry in my new sketchbook is a tribute piece to my lovely fiancee . She's rather infatuated with octopi so I drew her in an embrace with one. 🐙❤🖌🖍✏ . .

The Black initiation and practice are helpful in healing and protecting against energies. How Wrathful Manjushri Mantra Help Us to Heal via

Think you don’t need a flu shot? Let me change your mind. Because even robots get fevers.. and 103 degrees is NO JOKE. 🙄🤖🤒

I'm ill and I don't like it 🤧 I just want to stay in bed all day and not do anything. Luckily, I've got tomorrow off🙌

Illustration for a feature story on magazine about Masayoshi Son and his company Softbank. This is a 2/3 spread opener; there are also some smaller illustrations that I will post later. Thanks AD Chelsea Schiff!

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I love my parents.

I love my parents who don’t exactly treat me like a priority. I’ve been in angonising pain and passed out in bed for 14hrs at a time and when I ask my mum to make me a doctors appointment and drive me, because it’s new doctor and I don’t know where it is, she constantly tells me she’s too busy.

Im gonna guess she’s going to be too busy to hop by the hospital too when I eventually can’t handle this pain.

sickfic prompt #39

–> submitted by @fullelven

[magic/powers au] character A has a blindingly high fever, and is hallucinating, which causes them to try to attack the hallucinations. they also have been accidentally expelling arcane magic every time they sneeze in a harmless gush of energy from their body. character B has to try to talk character A down so that they can try to get their fever under control, or face possibly having to fight their sick friend/lover to get them to stop attacking.


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sickfic prompt #37

character A starts feeling sick while they’re in a dine-in movie theater with B, and they suspect it’s because one the food. they try to ignore it because they want to enjoy the movie, but about halfway through, they realize they need to throw up. they hang their head over their tray table and vomit into the empty bowl, much to B’s shock.


Cheated… - by Michschnei

fever dreams

gently less ill today, kinda nice but also just waiting for the next stage of the cold to kick in. will it be sore throat, cough, headache, who knows? place your bets. wasted day and trying to draw a face and torso but the gosh darn proportions just aren’t behaving and that is. really goddamn sad. also there’s a spot on my face that is disgusting and just doesn’t seem to be running out of nasty or spew. almost getting concerned about it. there’s hot vimto in the house now, that’s a plus.

sent a letter to a friend. i hope she appreciates the 3rd birthday card. i took me about three hours to write because i kept having to take breaks for fever dreams. i guess i did that yesterday but i’d already written a post by then so. it has to be included in today.

strawberry and coconut are the superior kind or flavours.

i should pick up my book if i still feel ill tomorrow. that might do me some good. i should’ve picked it up today but a book is a dedication i don’t have the time for right now but if i hadn’t said that at the start of being ill i could have finished one by now. as is life i suppose. regrets and unfulfilled wishes.

Letter 1

Dear Person,  

You think I don’t notice how you look at me? The way your face seems to lose emotion when I walk into a room? The way, that somehow, I did something wrong and I am at fault. I don’t understand, what did I do? Did I say something in my young age? When I was an annoying 15-year-old? I’m sorry if I did but I’m not sorry if it still bothers you. I try to be nice to everyone, and show love and kindness, as I was taught, but sometimes that is not enough. I understand that I might’ve offended you somehow.  I wish somehow, someday, maybe we can talk, and have a nice conversation. Maybe we will. Maybe we’ll become best of friends and solve the world’s problems. Maybe we won’t. Maybe I’ll still get your stare when I come into a room and maybe I’ll still feel like I did something wrong. I hope a day comes when you’ll smile when you see me.  

Sincerely, Me

sickfic dialogue #9

“I - I can’t sleep, and I don’t feel good, and I just…I wanna go home, B…”

character A mumbles through sobs. A suffers from insomnia, and they’re overseas with B somewhere with a significant time difference from their home, so the jet lag is extra bad paired with the insomnia. on top of it, they’re starting to feel sick, and B only realizes this when they wake up to hear A crying.


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Copying with the whole blank screen with someone singing thing, so if you like this sorta thing then go follow him he’s a sweet boy. But yea, I felt like doing a lil mini cover of Please Never Fall In Love Again because I’ve been listening to it on repeat and I like how this illness has made my singing sound for this song.
#singing #video #ftm #pleaseneverfallinloveagain #ill #olliemn #bleh

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