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Just Pinned to Inktober | Drawing Challenge Artist Inspiration: Jim Bryson. The girl, the flower and the strange insect. Find out more about this artist on my blog.

I’m so ill 😞 I look so rough too 🤦🏻‍♀️ send some tributes to make me feel better need to get better for Saturday ready for my night out 🤩🤩

You know you’re genuinely unwell when it takes you 15 mins to recover from the exertion of showering 🤒🤧😷

Pt time bitches...not like it’ll stop the issue but the heat is amazing do my best 💯💯

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It's almost time for the games to start! Blow off work and get here for a beer. We open at noon today and tomorrow. @sevenlittlesliders is setting up for lunch service right now!

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Vind jij het ook moeilijk de denkstromen lost te laten tijdens je welverdiende vakantie?

Woken up full of the cold and feeling sorry for myself. No I’m not tweeting about it so I get sympathy..... ok I am!

My immune system when it decides to catch a bug then turns into the flu!!😡🤧😂

3 straight Months A Philly Team been on the Cover of SI

On March 21, Int'l Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we welcome , Vice Chair of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination , for an important discussion on and .

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Education never stops, so why should you? Learn at your own pace with our online Master’s program. Apply by the Preferred Application Deadline 4/20!

If you’re besotted with the potted then the Prickly Pals sticker sheet is for you! You can find this kiss cut sticker sheet in the Paper Dream Studios Etsy shop - just click the link in my bio 🌵😍🌵 . . .

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Not feeling well

fromBrittany Greeson


I’m sick, but we are still going live on Monday, and on a side note, there is a new video coming out today at 2:15. Hope you enjoy!
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Okay world, next time you want to beat down the 98% of non-high-profile/jobbing creatives, consider this:

I’ve suddenly gotten very ill over the last 15 or so hours - but I’ve got a lot of work booked over the next month and people are relying on me so I have to get myself back on my feet. And quickly. So to stop the literal agony and suffering my body is going through I forked out an extortionate amount of money for 6 tiny tablets. And I live in a country with a decent health service so fuck knows how others could afford this shit. And because of that, I will have to cart myself round the country to shoots and castings and costume tests with not so much as the luxury of buying a cheap supermarket sandwich or a bottle of water because I am that skint.

(And I have no idea when I’ll be paid next as we all know the joys of chasing A Freelance Paycheck™.)

To try and keep afloat, this afternoon I asked the producer of a project I’ve been penciled for if they would consider upping their food subsistence (basically covering your lunch money) to covering my travel expenses too so I could buy the meds I need and wouldn’t be in debt by the end of the month. The reply I got back stated that they would have to consider going with an actress ‘more appreciative of their project’ if asked to pay more. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, they were dropping me for having the audacity of wanting to be out of pain and to avoid a bank charge at the end of the month. I chose my health, lost the job, and I am ANGRY.

So if you’ve commissioned some art that a twitter creative will have spent hours on, pay fairly. If you know your waiter/server is an actor and they were good to you tonight, tip what you can. If someone has a patreon or you see that lil 'Buy Me A Coffee’ link on someone’s blog, maybe send them some cash.

Dont expect artists to accept less.

Doesn’t have to be a massive payout, but the little you give could make the difference between their power being cut off or not. It might buy them the only food they’ve had to eat all day. It may top up their Oyster/Metro card so they can make that big interview at the end of the week. It might buy their kid a new pair of shoes that don’t have a hole in it that they’ve spent a week crying themselves to sleep worrying how they’re gonna pay for.

Idk anymore man. I’m exhausted. I’m angry. I’m in pain. And I’ve got work to do. I think we’ve struggled enough.

muted-winchester  asked:

“Germs just love you, don’t they?” (Maybe now that Cole is human he gets sick a lot.)

“Germs just love you, don’t they?” Sam signed to the Unifier, currently mostly buried underneath a large pile of blankets.

On the bedside table there was an untouched glass of Theraflu, which he didn’t want to drink, as it tasted gross.

“Apparently,” Cole sniffled.

He had been on and off sick for about two months now. Apparently, his immune system is shit, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it except lie there and wait for the cold medicine to kick in.

“Is there anything I can get you?”

He shook his head. “Just stay? I don’t… like being alone…”

Sam understood that. Sometimes there were just times when you needed other people. If that time was now for Cole, so be it. He sat down in the chair next to the bed.

“Alright… I’ll stay.”

“Thanks…. Dad’s be home soon, right? He can, uh… he can patch me up.”

“He will be… I don’t mind staying with you until then.”

There was a small moment of silence. It was nice, not being alone.

“But you still have to drink the Theraflu.”

“Damn it… Fine, pass it over.”

[ Sorry this is short + isn’t that great, I will rewrite when I have time ]

I’m living in a between stage at the moment…

I’m waiting to move out, I’m waiting for summer and I’m waiting for the fun!

I miss summer so bad on the rainy days. I do like winter but once Christmas is done I’m ready. I’m also tired of having this cold thing whatever it is. Sore throat, muscle ache and fatigue don’t motivate me. I want summer to be carefree. Down the beach and splashing around whenever possible. I can do this 💪🏻