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We at JNU have a of and to care to the who or . Call @ 0141-2981400 for for any emergencies.

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So are we supposed to be heading in a direction where we all as a society feel bad for the ? Fuck that and fuck them! etc

A quick sketch that was done as a cover idea. A favorite story of mine is the Pied Pied of Hamlin-Kate Greenawayโ€™s illustrations are tops-and one day (Iโ€™m determined) Iโ€™ll sneak him in somewhere! โ€”- โ€ฆ

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They'll start w Then mandatory & Then mandatory of to prevent Then mandatory 4 the poor & disabled Then they'll have mandatory 4 the &

You COLD as hell!! I cried going thru your exhibit, percolated & did a lil' footwork. ๐ŸคฃDEADASS has a positive role model to look up to - one who makes art for the and the . LOVED the merch too!!๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ”ฅ

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been ill from undercooked chips from McDonalds twice now. This needs to be resolved asap.

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not even my friends want me. i’m such a disgusting and terrible person. i just hate myself for being so naive and thinking at least three people liked me.

Damn it!

I got so distracted and upset by the PiP letter, trying to figure out what to do and going over my Budget that I missed a Doctor’s appointment.

I’ve got a really bad cough and soapy taste in my mouth that’s been going on for a month.

It had started to get better after I saw the Doctor but got worse again after the pills ran out.

I’ll have to phone in the morning to see if they have any free appointments again.

Dearest Taylor

So, I’m ill. Like, proper sick. I can’t speak my throat is so bad, and I’ve been sick. I’m also dizzy and we haven’t checked my temperature but I’m shivery and I’m pretty sure I have a fever. But I have to go to school - exam year! - and I’m pretty miserable. So thank you, darling. Because the only thing that’s gonna get me through today is the announcement tonight. Thanks for giving me a reason to wake up today! I love you!

Time for some cathartic blogging.

I hope this can help someone. I think it may help me.

Here’s the gist of it: healthy, relatively normal life up until I am approx. 22 years old. I start feeling terrible and no one believes me. My doctors don’t listen, they tell me it’s stress, etc. I’m the classic girl isn’t believed by healthcare sob story with a dash of “it’s all in my head” who starts to believe it. Fast forward. After 2 years of fighting I find out that the conditions they’ve been ignoring are severe anemia, diabetes type 1 (rare onset in adulthood), anxiety, depression, IBS and more. Not to mention I still don’t know why my hair is falling out, I can barely stay awake unless my patient depends on it for life -

Oh, and my patients. I’m a nurse. I struggled with unknown illness during nursing school and I’m working an oncology floor at night while it’s finally coming full circle.

It’s a lot. I wasn’t ready. I know this sounds like a rant/bitch fest, and it IS. I sometimes examine where I’m at and become very frustrated that this is my unexpected lot in life. Don’t get me wrong, I have an amazing life, family, partner - and it’s awesome. But every trip to the doctor is a daily struggle to convince them I’m not crazy and that yes, it IS me again and despite being a drug free, young, working professional, I AM SICK. And I’m so tired of having to fight tooth and nail for treatment.

So it’s time to document the journey. If I find answers and survival techniques, maybe somebody else will.

Captain Tired

- Running nose!
- Sore throat!
- Dizzying!
- Headache!
- Fever!

- BY YOUR POWER COMBINED, I AM CAPrtheurkhtha ktheu… snirfle… i am Captain Tired.


- Fatigue !
- Migraine !
- Fièvre !
- Gorge sèche !
- Nez qui coule !

- PAR VOS POUVOIRS COMBINES, JE SUIS CAPaarhteuheu teuheu… snirfls… je suis Captain Patraque.

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6