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Attending IoT & Industry4.0 Expo in Dublin tomorrow? Drop by the main stage & hear our Marketing Manager Edel Griffith talk "Custom ASICs enabling Edge Computing in IoT"

? Our open operating system now runs on Microsoft . Together we unleash the power of and to turn it into business value ➡️

RT : We’re looking forward to seeing our own Nisarg Desai - - speak at the upcoming Expo, 1/29-2/1 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

RT : Wir veranstalten einen -Anwenderworkshop zum Thema: in der Industrie. Die Anzahl der Teilnehmer ist stark begrenzt, deswegen melden Sie sich schnell an. Anmeldung & weitere Infos unter: …

RT : Manufacturing is where the real opportunities for will come to life. Here's how it could soon be a game-changer for the entire industry.

RT : Is it possible to perform local and remote attacks against radio remote controllers and take control of industrial machines? We test them out here:

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Premier of episode 4 of our free web series “Learn IoT development” using MediaTek LinkIt will be aired soon

Stay tuned…

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Amazing #lightening talk - “The #Future is #Now” at the @amoCRM  #amoConf at @thewarfield in SF covering #IoT, #Voice, #AI, #QuantumInternet, #DesignerBabies, #ReverseAging, and more w/ @speaktoiot. ICYMI:

IIoT Monitoring platforms will help Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers/ Rentals to provide value added solutions to profit driven end user markets such as Chemical, Commercial Building, Mining industries and more.


Biz4Intellia User Dashboard - Industrial IoT Solutions

This video is just for a demo purpose that will show you all the feature sets of our industry agnostic pre-configured IoT Solutions and how it has already disrupted various industrial verticals by giving them smart solutions.


Buzzing around Hannover Germany in April. #iiot #hm18 #windturbine #tbt (at HANNOVER MESSE)

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