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Impact to large-scale implementations: Smart factories and smart cities

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As Industry 4.0 continues to evolve and companies digitally transform it’s important to understand how this advanced technology can better inform your business decisions.

How much do you know about process optimization? Here's how it could address manufacturing's top challenges today.

Automatización completa de procesos de producción viene dada por implementación de la tecnología del IoT, que tras su evolución es lo que actualmente conocemos como IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things)

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4.1 is here. SAP looks to deliver industry-specific insights by analyzing what it calls the intersection of experience and operational data. via

Leading aerospace companies are deploying advanced control and measurements applications that leverage the benefits of the IoT. See how they are turning data into knowledge >>

In the upstream Oil and Gas segment, solutions can increase the productivity of the drilling and extraction operations by 30%. In the article, we describe how exactly IIoT contributes to the segment's productivity improvements:

Unplanned machine downtime can wreck your shop's ability to meet deadlines and make money. We get it. Learn how we're utilizing predictive maintenance to optimize your production.

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I believe in a connected world. Where there is connection, however, cyber security is foundational. Otherwise the Internet of Things could do just as well as the Intranet of Things. This form of local IoT is safer allowing no entry points for bad actors who might damage systems or hold them hostage for ransom money. IoT is known to the public for being able to control your household systems. Voice commands for lights, scheduling your thermostat, etc. When coupled with data collection and machine learning it becomes a smarter system better equipped to serve you. The true potential of IoT with home automation and beyond (with the Industrial Internet of Things) is when trends are brought to your attention instead of being automatically capitalized on. When your camera system notices an unfamiliar, ununiformed person hanging around your home and alerts you to the strangeness.

Adding speech capabilities (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.) to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices is an extremely complicated and resource intensive feat even for innovative manufacturers of next-generation smart IoT appliances. As a result, IoT manufacturers are reluctant to leverage voice as a preferred human-machine-interface (HMI) mechanism. Explore and understand some of the challenges faced by IoT hardware makers in voice-enabling their devices.

Heres what I have learned!!!!

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Connected World = Socializing anything except Human.

Print(‘Connected World’)

Internet Of Things.

Few years back when we started 'Internet of People’ , when we actually started e-mailing each other, very few visionaries could’ve thought that instead of humans the machines will talk to each other over internet.

So actually it started as internet of people (e-mails etc.) then evolved to internet of people thing (supervisory controls etc.) And now we are talking internet of things (smart devices) where we are expecting the things (anything) to talk to other thing to make the life easy for humans.

We will be discussion more and more on this topic in coming posts.


Premier of episode 4 of our free web series “Learn IoT development” using MediaTek LinkIt will be aired soon

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