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Stay competitive by picking more orders, in less time, with fewer errors.

What is the Industrial ? And why the stakes are so high. (Network World)

- Where Is IoT Headed in 2019? Not surprising, there is a lot to say about Enjoy! Security by design, not patches & bolt-ons. Critical as IT & OT converge

- Supply is a choke point for Exotic principles & materials make it impossible to share existing infrastructure. Enjoy! We're working the challenge

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Shift reports eliminate communication gaps and automatically record relevant details for efficient operations.

Why governments need to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. (World Economic Forum)

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Premier of episode 4 of our free web series “Learn IoT development” using MediaTek LinkIt will be aired soon

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Amazing #lightening talk - “The #Future is #Now” at the @amoCRM  #amoConf at @thewarfield in SF covering #IoT, #Voice, #AI, #QuantumInternet, #DesignerBabies, #ReverseAging, and more w/ @speaktoiot. ICYMI:

IIoT Monitoring platforms will help Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers/ Rentals to provide value added solutions to profit driven end user markets such as Chemical, Commercial Building, Mining industries and more.


Biz4Intellia User Dashboard - Industrial IoT Solutions

This video is just for a demo purpose that will show you all the feature sets of our industry agnostic pre-configured IoT Solutions and how it has already disrupted various industrial verticals by giving them smart solutions.


Buzzing around Hannover Germany in April. #iiot #hm18 #windturbine #tbt (at HANNOVER MESSE)

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South Korea had 631 #robots per 10,000 #human workers, the most of any nation | #Robotics #IoT #IIoT #ArtificialIntelligence #Datascience #MachineLearning @wef @datascienceus

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