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> Ilhan-Omar broke an old⛺taboo: by about (-makers) group: ,&its strong () over 's . So 링- her to 링++링+.

Sending Me while I move My sexy ass in Club with My girls is a fantastic thought. Ignore you after that is a big fantasy for you. If you're tribute will be 3 times more bigger than your dick, maybe I ll give you a smile. 💋

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went down 2/3 ish pant sizes yee

I waant to go to sleep but my mind keeps going aksjdjdjd!!!!! So im just gona type some gibberish until im tired!!!!! I have those ytp sounds stuck in my heal like you know SuuS and JoJ and they just keep happening. Pee on the way to the summer cabin in the front of the cage upside down and her husband and I will become this animal perfectly fine with me and my sister until I get a chance to win the game. The clutter and dust in the home page and click on the way to the floor when the yelling and im hearing all the old songs I used to love them. You never know if you could doubt it I cant believe their gone you dont even know what side youre on. Hey now I can give you all you say if you can turn around your dream and come back to me hry now I couldnt even let you know, I am. Im a big frienn who desperately craves afftection and love! ! ! ! ! ! ! . I dont mind being lonely so leave me alone youre acing all holy. Me im just full of hokes. Dont mind being lonely so leave me alone youre acing all holy. I dot com and im hearing all the time of the store does it mean that I have to be a good fucking idea bc now im just freaking out. My mum comes upstairs to give you a call to discuss the details of the store does as well as the thundering countdown timer and the beginning of their identity issues with the bat. Pee pee pee pee pee pee pee pee pee i want to sleep !!!!! I wanna sleep.!! Piss!

One of the most noteworthy things is, that in the recent years in which my health has gone to shit, and I became/was partly made socially death, not one person whom I still carried in my heart all that time, has started a single conversation since then. It all had to be coming from one side, or not at all, since then. I’m just glad even after all that, I still have my closest friends (as family to me) nearby. But even then I can’t help but wonder how I did everybody so wrong, that in all this time those ‘friendships’, weren’t even worthy of one single 'what’s up’. But I understand it, I think

cw dysphoria & roommates

so i absolutely love my roommates

especially my one, AM, hes also trans and we are so so similar. I love being around him and his partner. the issue is that being around me heightens my dysphoria & i thought this would stop after i got used to living with him, but it hasnt

dont get me wrong, i love living with him more than any of my other roommates i had before, but hes just so masculine that it makes me feel less masc. and i know thats not how it works, but my brain likes to tell me things

and it doesnt help that moving in here has made me notice my chest dysphoria more and i h a t e chest dysphoria so much that its killing me

and he came out to his parents and literally everyone and thats something i want and need to do before summer, when i have to go home, but its so scary and seeing whats gone on with his family is making me jealous and overly nervous at the same time 

The only thing I’ll probably die not knowing is why such horrible things happen to such amazing, kindhearted souls yet great things happen to those who truly don’t deserve them. That’s all I want to know and it’s something I’ll likely never have the answer to.

I think I’ve slipped into an alternate dimension

I just ordered some food, which was delivered by a dude who looked exactly like me, if I were a redneck dude missing teeth who wears duck dynasty camo overalls and never cut or colored my hair.

It was also a weird interaction, because he set my bag down in the chair next to my door (so when I opened the door it looked like he didn’t have any food, and I was expecting a delivery person and so was instantly sketched out but then also he looked exactly like me…), before he knocked and had his hands crammed into his overalls when I opened the door. He then seemed to be either having a stroke or was equally thrown off by coming face to face with a female döppelgänger.

Me: uhhh… hi.?

“Marla” (according to my meal tracker): uh yes. Hello. I am here… On behalf of… I am from…

*Insert uncomfortably long silence while he examines me and my house/living room*

Me (thinking this guy is trying to make sure no one steals my falafel): I’m Sarah.

“Marla”: Oh ok. *looks intently into and around my house and studies me even more.*I’m from “food delivery service.” *Pulls my food bag out and holds it toward me.*

Me: Thanks…?

“Marla”:I’m gonna have to try this Lebanese food some time…

Me: you should! It’s delicious!

He books it off my porch looking weirded out.

There was no car in front of my house. The restaurant was at least 20 minutes away.