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Spend all your hard earned money on nothing but blank pictures. You could not get more pathetic than this. Prove yourself worthy of being the lowest a loser can possibly be.

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, I may agree on some and may not agree on some other that you post. I don't comment on . But you are completely spamming my homepage. Don't advice me to unfollow you for that. My admiration towards your singing and being multilingual can't let me do that.

5 quick happiness tips 1) Don't listen to gossip 2) Ignore what people say about you 3) Design your own life 4) Look for the good in every situation 5) Develop an attitude of gratitude

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Maybe not a . Definitely a . “Our analysis has concluded truebennett exhibits problematic tweet activity and patterns similar to a trollbot account.”

Which idiot wants to be ripped off harder than ever? I'll drain your bank account dry with nothing but blank pictures.

माकडांना उत्तर देण्यात ऊर्जा वाया घालवु नका

~ Yes of course I got your text- I’m just choosing to ignore it. Don’t make it weird 😂😄

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👭🎂🦄💅🏼🎤🍹🎈 wertyuioooopa ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:"?><`123435678909-=[];'/.," தப்பிய — ோட prisión en سجينا الهروب من iosta é Deep-Pr™ 👭🎂🦄💅🏼🎤🍹🎈 qwertyuioooopas ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:"?><`123435678909-=[];'/.," தப்பிய — ோட்டம்

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Truly nice to know a lot of new people with strong personalities but also I think it’s time to step back for a few days cuz I’m really attached to that one person’s voice and I partially made another person feel unwelcome cuz I was trying to gently encourage them to sleep instead of staying up to talk to the Americans

I just want to superfluously shout out my neighbor who’s entire back yard is a garden and who brings over fresh veggies daily and the lettuce I had on my #tacomonday just now Gardening neighbors for the win.

It’s your birthday tomorrow, another one celebrated without you here.

You would’ve been 71…how crazy is that.

I know you never wanted to get old, you were stubborn with change,especially if it meant growing up. I miss your laugh, I miss the memories we should’ve made. I miss you.

yesterday my best friend and I decided to go play mini golf,

Her boyfriend (🙄) face timed her during it for the second time that day and was very angry (or as he said, disappointed) to find out she went to play mini golf without him. She explained it was because he was hanging out with his friend and she was with (me) hers, so she didn’t want to pull him away from his friend to be with her.

He hung up and she was obviously upset and then just a few holes later hE CALLED AGAIN just to remind her about how disappointed he was.

I would like to hang out with my best friend alone without having her toxic ass boyfriend try and be involved EVERYTIME, thanks.