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du jour : πŸ’ƒπŸ“† Votre les limites de la moralitΓ© aujourdΒ’hui. Il(elle) a envie de vivre le sexe dans tous les sens. Il(elle) nΒ’a plus envie de retenir ses pulsions sexuelles et veut baiser une vraie bΓͺte de sexe.

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Exactly thats why Im not even looking! LOL. Doesnt exist 🀣🀣😈

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i wish i had a best friend.. i’m always that one friend that just gets put to the side and it’s just?? i feel so lonely, there’s even some people i consider best friends but they don’t consider me one and it makes me :(( just want a best friend to be cute with :((( i’m always just alone

pitching: blog search by icon

I just really need tumblr to add this tool (not that they will cause they can’t even run the website as it is)

Every time you change you icon, when you upload the image, it comes with a little space to add tags about it. In my case it would be #doctor who, #jodie whittaker, #the doctor and even more broad tags like #girl and #blonde for people who don’t know the character.

On the screen they should add another search bar, next to the “search tumblr”, one that says “search icon”, it would only work for people you follow, cause it wouldn’t make sense any other way.

And then, whenever you want to check someone’s blog cause you sent an anon ask and want to see if the replied or whatever other reason, but you can’t remember their url but you do remember their icon, then you can search for it using basic descriptions you remember.

It would be so useful for people who have visual memory, or for dyslexic people.

did the FFVII writers know they were creating the greatest love story of all time when they wrote that shit–like for real, no other piece of media genuinely sparks that much emotion in me when i see cloud and zack. and the music?? did they know? how good this story and relationship was? because wow god thats some shit right there. cloud’s theme still makes me tear up a bit 

feeling better

ty to everyone who has been putting up with these posts

i know they are pitying and doom & gloom but it helps me to have a safe space to yell and process

i’m sick and i was gonna skip my next class to take a nap and shower but i remembered we’re talking about something REALLY interesting in that particular class and i just hate decisions rip

Im starting to feel miserable in college. I dont have the effort to work on the things im supposed to work on and every time i submit a project i feel embarassed to see how inferior it is than other peoples. I have no idea what i wanna do with my life and i should be looking for an internship already. I feel like i made a wrong decision chosing this grad and i dont know what to do. I feel like im not learning at all.

Hahahaha i have to drop a class because im working too much and im so stressed taking 5 stupid online classes and my mother is gonna give me so much shit and im gonna just take it bc im so far away from home