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📷 | 17.02.2019 「Comeram bem para pular muito no show? Nos vemos em breve ♥🔹LINK: Cr: VAV Brasil

| Tyler on his instagram (via tylerjblackburn's IG story)

Win FREE tickets to this weekends show! Find me on for your chance to ! Winners will be announced tomorrow, Feb. 18th!

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“이젠 프로등산러 😚 미세먼지 그만오세요”

I will never not be fucking bored with the “jedi/republic = good” and “empire/sith = evil” shit. From both canon and fandom. Give me morally complex societies and nuanced portrayals of morality struggles or give me fucking nothing.

Also the idea of characters being “redeemed” by becoming Jedi is just….. Mmmmmm no. Making them automatically sith when they become “evil” or fall or whatever. Fucking yawn. I see some wild meta I know people are more creative than that.

valentinDANCE WITH ME 👑

We created a high end environment with a family owned business warmth. Everyone’s welcomed here. Welcomed to danced, welcomed to celebrate, welcomed to venture into our beautiful world and transform their lives together with us. Come join any one of our locations and become part of the family.


Yann’s Instagram story - Feb. 16

“It’s been 30 minutes…”
Yann: So Imane, where are uh…Basile and your friend?
Imane: Didn’t you see them leave?
Arthur: They left, bro.
Imane: Why don’t you leave us alone, actually?
Arthur: As if you’re not hoping something’s gonna happen.
Yann: Yeah, right.
Imane: I am, but uh…I don’t know.
Arthur: Look at her!
Yann: Seriously.