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The Sedona Conference has updated its commentary on information governance – advising firms to steer away from a siloed approach to but rather focus on a company-wide collaborative process. Read more here:

| Mark Suki: "ytv close up: Johnny Orlando • April 25th • 7PM • @/ytvofficial hosted by me, Suki! "

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[|18.04.19] Atualização do Youngmin no Instagram do ab6ix_official. "[:46/]O reality show começa em 30 minutos!! Go! Go!" © Kor-Pt: AB6IXBrasil *Não retirar sem os créditos~

[] 18.04.19 - Atualização do smtown_giftshop com braceletes de aniversário do Johnny, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, Jungwoo e Jisung.

[] 18.04.19| Atualização do ab6ix_official com o WooJin | [:45/] Eu recomendarei um tipo diferente de música hoje ~ Kassy <The day was beautiful> é uma ótima música que eu encontrei recentemente ~ Você trabalhou muito hoje também ~ ㅎㅎ +++

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[] ลิซ่ากลายเป็นศิลปินและนักแสดง kpop ที่มียอดติดตาม+ยอดไลด์รูป IG สูงที่สุดในเกาหลี 🔗

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Hi I love weird bags

(ig: pinegreentea)


>> level 1 : start the game? <<

Loading bad decisions
The earth vibrates at its mistakes,
another stupid player

wired up, tired out, camera image flash
The teeth of wicked wild dogs,
Gigabyte you

>> Level up << run.
Do you run away, or never sever scars?
The tangled wires and synapses firing
in constant photosynthesis

rat racing, dream chasing, terror

>> game over <<

you take your first breath and everyone’s there to watch as you cry about it
You take your last and everyones there to watch and they cry about it

if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there does it really fall? if the power shuts down in an abandoned world does it really matter?

If you break down and there’s no witness  can it be called a virus?

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horclogium  asked:

“I’m sure we can put those lips to better use.” ( she says jokingly but 👏👏👏 )

flirty // suggestive meme. // @horclogium

      a whiplash of a woman — often times so innocent, the so-called ideal, beautiful and demure. then other times she’d say things like this and it’d take him off guard, stealing the teases from his lips and effectively rendering him speechless. maybe he was a bad influence —

    but he wasn’t exactly going to complain. when she talks to him like that, jokingly or not, a chill shoots up his spine; a smirk soon replaces momentary surprise. she should know that he takes his innuendos very seriously, and he could hardly let a moment like this pass without testing the waters.

      ❝ well, then, shall we go somewhere more private? or should i drop to my knees right here and now? i’d love to prove my use to you.