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Not even kidding... download . It’s got a sweet beat and it’s fun!

I personally, love this couple! I add green olives too because

From my memoir. I speak my truth, at my own pace. I am no longer who I was when I wrote it. about naming them or the places I grew up anymore.. or who caused more damage by re-victimizing me or who left me behind to be abused further.

Estou desiludido com o rei Se ninguém se lesionar não mudo até ao fim do campeonato !

My MIL pretty much hates my guts and is ridiculously passive about it and it used to REALLY bother me. But I am so DONE caring. I am done being on my best behavior. Imma do me!

What about social media makes people want to share everything. Like unless its fascinating AF

💯💪Sometimes you gotta put it in their faces if you want them to support you! My new project is available for stream everywhere link below available here:

💯💪 My new project is available for stream everywhere link below available here:

Hey , I need this pin or a version of it. Do you have any on board??

Combien de j'aime pour Dua Lipa au Pukkelpop ?😍 + 📸 : Photos : How many likes for at ? 😍

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Cliск Hеrе аnd Trаdе Louise Nudеs ph0t0s!!!

sending out inbox stuff now and then starters will follow via a queue, the
blog’s had a slow start thanks to sudden stuff but I’m here and ready to party.


Dua Lipa - IDGAF (CATVLYST Remix)


Dear @jasmineculwick ; I love you lol #glade #airfresheners #sniffit #stank #holidayscentsarenotthebusiness #walmart #mygirl #idgaf

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I joked that I would have to watch/read Fullmetal Alchemist as research for the paper I am writing. It just hit me that it is no joke. I need to reference actual moments within the series. I have to marathon Fullmetal Alchemist within the next eleven days.

People I want to have a beer with:

- Julien Baker

- Lindsey Jordan

- Courtney Barnett

- Mitski

- Marika Hackman

- Greta Kline

- Julia Shapiro (honestly with all of Chastity Belt but she cracks me up)

- Dustin Payseur

- Adele Nigro

- Lockett Pundt

- Carrie Brownstein

- Victoria Legrand