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Rams this Patriots that. Yards, passing, tackles, sports sports sports Am i doing it right.......

Just be who you want to be...grief and sadness are very personal and intimate experiences. Don't let the world tell you how to one can be you in your just be free, just be baby

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Have i just randomly ordered myself a quite expensive wig for no reasin other that to have long red hair? Yes, yes I have.

Cold open was a bit lazy &"un"inspired. was off his game. Like his last day & in mode. That was him on . was to watch btw. Maybe this episode was a warm up. Lucky for them saved the day Okkuuuuurrrrr.

Sun goes down and it comes back up and the world keeps spinning no matter what~ -hold on

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If you ask me for my help and advice and then do the complete opposite in your life, DO NOT EVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN.. Even if you are family.. 😒 I’m literally soo sick off answering the same fucking question..

I was so tired today that I knocked out on the couch for a nap. This bitch these pass 2 weeks never leave me, always by my side a bitch cant nap in peace

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Who gets to this point?

i know hilarie left the show for damn good reasons but i refuse to believe peyton wouldn’t be there for brooke’s wedding. or that her & lucas wouldn’t be there for haley when she lost her mom. & for all the good & bad things that happened to their friends/family throughout the rest of the show. 

aka, my peyton is canon divergent.

also I’m not gonna follow a ton of ppl back because SIDEBLOG and I don’t wanna clog my main dash w/ stuff unrelated to my oc so. Literally just hmu/send me memes/etc whether we are mutuals or not


I already know. If I’m wrong then prove it.
What did I say.
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