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Dua Lipa performs IDGAF on The Voice

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Il Divo + Cards Against Humanity (Part 4)

I just started a new job have mercy on me

[Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]

The ultimate trump card. 

the focus in the scene was never on the be/cho reunion itself but clarke’s reaction to it…… if that doesn’t tell u be/cho’s relationship is just a narrative device for bellarke like i dont know what else to say

martian-invader  asked:

❝You will reveal to me the whereabouts of your older female sibling, or you and your companions will...❝ A momentary pause, wanting its next word to be vocalized have more additional weight towards the other. ❝Depart this world.❝

His lips peeled back in a toothy sneer that befit the words emblazoned across his back. Nobody threatened the people close to him. Human or… whatever the hell this thing was. It didn’t even look particularly threatening, yet it still had the absolute gall to proclaim it would kill him and the pair of misfits he lived with? The ones he saw as family? Unforgivable.

“I don’t know what Whip has to do with anything, but you won’t be touching her. Or the others.” The words were frigid, a stark contrast to the flames that had now sprung out to wreathe his right fist. Those felt downright hellish, his anger stoking them to burn fiercer, heating the surrounding air to uncomfortable levels. The crimson tongues snapped in the martian’s direction, like barely leashed attack dogs eager for blood. This was a very visceral last warning and chance to turn tail. “I won’t let you.”

This pic is really basic lmfao BUUUT I highly recommend this book🙂🙂

everyone :   tag   your   character   hate !
me :   why   would   you   hate   any   of   these   qts ?

I. D. G. A. F.

(And for those kiddos who never learned cursive, that’s: IDGAF). K? K.

When I finally let go

Sometimes I smile at the thought of you. Yes, your memories still make me smile. I can’t deny they are good memories because they made me happy in the moment we lived them. I sometimes even laugh as if I was crazy because I remember one of our jokes. Ours. Was it all really ours or only mine? Did you loved me too or was it all an illusion? That question doesn’t have an answer for now. I guess time will tell me..

When I finally forget you. When I stop smiling at the memory of your hands over my cheeks or your sweet voice saying that empty three word phrase. When I stop caring. When I stop worrying. When I let go of you, I will know if you really loved me or not because the feeling won’t be there, and I will be able to see your flaws.

Ppl be automatically mocking any post that calls something out for being ableist, no matter how valid it is, and honestly?? Square the fuck up or shut the fuck up!!

tfw you’re working on a comic and you see a popular artist is working on a similar idea…………………

someone in any horror: *screaming in pain while dying*
me instantly without a second thought: same

how cozy

every time I wake up I find myself with more than what I went to sleep with like I’ll fall asleep with one blanket and two pillows and when I wake up I got one blanket on one leg and another blanket on my body while clutching a smaller blanket and pillow, one new pillow behind me and three I don’t even own under my head like…

how do I accuse all these objects while I am asleep?? I am the Bedtime Dragon ™️


Anybody who posts about the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, Kanye West or the royal wedding can catch this unfollow button real quick.

Help me write a thing

Hey help me out here, what combination of skeletons would make a good fluff chapter?

no guarantees as to how the interactions would turn out, but i think there will need to be more fluff in the future (talking about ten+ chapters down the road, so you wont see it for a while) but i think itd be more fun to get input from you guys.

dont forget that suggestions for embassy exploits are always accepted and if i like your prompt EE will get a whole chapter around it!

anonymous asked:

You didn’t have to be such a bitch in your response to the ask

Yeet !

OPEN TO: males (18-22, natalie is 18 fyi)
SUGGESTED CONNECTIONS: boyfriend, best friend, friend, acquaintance

“Hold on,” Natalie suddenly pulled back from the kiss that was getting more and more heated by the second, smoothing down the skirt of her dress that had started riding up her thigh. “Is this going where I think this is going?” she asked, resting her hands on his shoulders. “Because you should probably know that I-” the girl bit her lip nervously and drew in a deep breath, “I’ve never had sex before.”

once  i  finish  remaking  my  icons  it’s  over  for  you  bitches

lmaoooo my dad got me im fuckin. in trouble. but like, who cares!!!!! im close to 18 anyway!!!! fuck you